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The only thing that I have noticed since my first "infusion treatment" was that I was really hungry. I have never been a big eater, but at lunch today I seemed uncontrollably ravenous. The other thing was that it seemed like the more I ate, the more I wanted to eat. When I got up from the table I was embarrassed because my belly stuck out to the point that I looked like some pregnant female.

There's that stupid message thing down at the corner of the computer screen again. Just a minute, let me check and see what it is that my "keepers" want.

Looks like I am supposed to report to medical again. God, I hope that they don't poke me again!

11-25-97/18:00 hours

I just returned from my evening meal, and it was weird. I was no hungrier than normal when I got there, but when I started to smell the food it was almost like a drug to me. The more I smelled it, the more I wanted to eat, and I managed to go through six plates. By the time I finished eating my belly was bulging hugely. Tom Halpern saw me in the hallway after dinner, and when he looked at my huge bulging belly, he started laughing! This kind of scared me! He then smiled at me and said, "Don't worry kid, it's just part of the ride!"

As I sit here typing this into my diary, I am so stuffed and my big belly is so hard and round that I can hardly breathe!

The one good thing I guess was that because of the infusion treatment they told me that I would not be doing the "workout" with Jerry, but that this would resume tomorrow. I would not workout for about 18 hours after the infusion treatment. The other thing that is weird is that in spite of being so stuffed that I can hardly move, I am still slightly hungry.

I think that I will lay down and relax for a few hours.

11-25-97/23:45 hours

I awakened and it seems that whatever I had tonight has made me start needing to piss like a racehorse. I have so far been up about four times and peed for what seemed to be like 5 minutes straight. My belly looks more like normal now, but my balls are sure sore! I wonder if I strained them somehow?

11-26-97/05:45 hours

Damn, that f- - - - - - alarm! Damn! Ok, OK, OK! I won't use that word! Jeez- - ! What? You won't let me use that one either! I'm awake already! 11-26-97/05:55

I am supposed to report to medical again? F- - - ! Sorry, Sorry! Don't blow a microchip!

Damn, I feel like I was run over by a Greyhound Bus! Everything hurts! O O W W W W ! My neck, my back!

I am so sore that I can hardly move. Even my hands hurt!


When I got to medical the guy there took one look at me and said. "You look like you're hurtin' a bit there kid!" Boy was that the understatement of the earth!

" We sent out the page for you this morning because the discomfort you're in kind of goes with the infusion treatments in some people." " At least you're moving, one of Jerry's other charges Tom Halpern, was so bad off that he had to be carried in here so that we could give this stuff to him." "This will kill the discomfort completely in about an hour." "The worst will be gone in about 10 minutes." "Tom still has problems the morning after an infusion."

He handed me a glass of some clear looking stuff. It tasted sort of like sweet cough syrup, but without the real nasty part. It was sort of thick almost like motor oil, but it really did not taste all that bad.

As I left the office I saw Tom Halpern heading towards the gym. He looked at me with a macho swagger and in a snide voice said; "Havin' a rough ride kid?"

At that moment my temper flared, but I decided to handle the problem a different way. I had to get back in to the gym with Jerry today and I at this moment did not know how I was going to do it. Damn. I still hurt like h- - - and I felt like I imagined my Grandma must have felt when she was in her 80's.

11-26-97/11:00 hours

That guy was right, I slept for a while and when I awakened the pain was totally gone. There is this weird feeling left. It is like my skin is stretched tight over my whole body, and it is sort of like weird, but it doesn't really feel bad, just different from anything I have ever experienced.

There is this stupid thing for new mail on the CRT screen. I am supposed to report to the medical department on the way to the gym.

11-26-97/11:30 hours

The guy in the medical department's name is Kerry. I have a cousin named Kerry, I've never met him. But, I guess that I can use this to remember this medical guy.

At medical all I had to do was to step on the scale. Damn! I gained 10 pounds! I've only been here 5 days and I've gained 10 pounds!

Gotta go workout now, I only came back because Jerry gave me these really neat lifting gloves as a present. That was kind of nice. My ma never had the money to give me anything, and my dad, well he took off when I was about 3 years old.

11-26-97/15:30 hours

When I was working out I told Jerry what Tom Halpern had done and how it made me mad. Jerry just chuckled and said: "He did, did he!" Well, give me a few days and I will see what I can do to see to it that it doesn't happen again! I'll get back to you on that one!

11-27-97/16:00 hours

Not much to report today, my appetite seems to be getting back to normal or more normal and I feel more energetic.

11-28-97/07:45 hours

I just got back from the shower room and I noticed something changing. I don't know how I've missed it, but the hair around the base of my dick has grown a lot thicker and started to spread. I also noticed that the hair under my arms has grown and spread too. There are fine new hairs spreading out to my hipbones and fine hair around the patch that I always had at least for a few years under my arms. What a trip!

11-29-97/08:05 hours

In the shower room I noticed that there is some fine fuzz on my face. There is a little bit of fuzz over my upper lip and a little bit near where my sideburns would be (if I had any).

11-30-97/05:55 hours

They want me to report to medical for a blood "donation" and they told me not to eat first!

12-01-97/06:00 hours

The note from medical said that all is progressing well and that I might be ready for another "infusion" by the end of next week. Oh Joy! I get to have pain all over again!

12-02-97/06:00 hours

There is a mail note that I am supposed to report to Jerry's office. I hope that I haven't done anything wrong!

12-02-97/06:30 Jerry was laughing when he ushered me in to his office. He showed me a chair and asked me to sit down. I was still afraid that I had done something wrong! He said that the reason that he had called me in was related to my "little problem" with Tom Halpern.

He told me that he had just come back from medical and that Tom was due for another "infusion treatment" tomorrow. He also said that Tom had no business "mouthing off" to me because he is still a "basket case" the morning after his infusion. "So, together you and I are going to turn the tables". He also said that he had seen Tom do the same thing to another recruit two days ago. "Tom's punishment will be doing his workout without the pain killer!" He will do that workout in front of you and the other boy who's name is Lance. My blood ran cold at the thought! How awful man! That would be pain beyond belief!

I have to admit that the thought of watching this bothers me. I've done some things wrong in my life, and the more I am in here, I seem to think about my own screw ups more and more. All they have ever done to me in here is treat me with kindness, but I see now that this Jerry can be one sadistic - - - (cant use that word) when he want's to.

12-03-97/08:00 hours

God I am scared! Right now Tom is being attached to that IV and there is not a thing that I can do about it. I know what I felt like the morning after! I could hardly walk everything hurt so bad!

12-03-97/18:00 hours

I saw Tom at dinner and boy was he shoveling it in. Amazingly enough he looks even bigger than he did last time. He seemed almost happy and cheerful. There were only about eight other guys assigned to our dining area I wondered if any of them were Lance.

12-03-97/23:12 hours

Right now I can't sleep. I am for the first time since I got here really afraid. I can't even imagine what I am going to see tomorrow.

12-04-97/04:55 hours

I don't know what I am going to see today, and I am scared. God am I scared! I was not this scared when I was arrested those times in the past. I wasn't even this scared when ma cried so many times. I can see the flashing on the CRT and I am afraid to look at it. It could be me. If I screw up it could be me feeling what Tom is going to feel.

12-04-97/05:15 hours

I finally worked up the courage to read the e-mail. It was from Jerry telling me to report to the gym at my regular time.

12-04-97/13:00 hours

I reported to the gym as I had been instructed and when I got there, I was greeted by Jerry who seemed to be in a rather happy and jovial mood. This in and of itself is scary! How could one be so happy when he is about to do what Jerry is about to do!

Tom Halpern was not there yet. There was another fellow there and he, I guessed, must be "Lance". Lance was probably about my age. He was sandy haired, skinny like me, and dressed in a pair of shorts that were really "baggy" on him.

A few minutes later Tom Halpern was literally carried in by two huge guys. At this point Jerry looked at Lance and I, and said: "Ah! The guest of honor has arrived!" Tom was dressed in shorts and a white T-shirt as well as the standard tennis shoes that were expected in the gym.

The only words said by Jerry were: "Lay him down on the bench!"

Right now Tom Halpern didn't look macho, he didn't look like he had attitude, he looked like someone in a great deal of pain.

Jerry walked to one of the lockers and unlocked it. He grabbed a device that was about 18 inches long and it had two short metal electrodes on one end, two switches, and a button on it. I didn't know what this was, and by the puzzled look on Lance's face he didn't either. It was a cylinder in shape and kind of looked like a weird flashlight.

Jerry walked over to Tom who was lying back on the bench. I could see that Tom did not feel very well and was in pain. He was also puzzled in some manner it appeared as to what was going on.

Jerry spoke:

Mr. Halpern, over the past few weeks I have seen some attitude problems from you. Over the past six weeks you have lived like this was one big resort hotel. If you "tow the mark" it can be. If you fuck up, I am the one who will dole out your punishment! Mr. Halpern, I have witnessed on two occasions a total lack of sympathy towards your fellow recruits when they were in "growth phase" and in pain. You, sir are not one who has any right to complain on this front! After "infusion" you are a worthless piece of shit! You, on two separate occasions made fun of both Mr. Kilvaney and Mr. Olsen when you knew they were in pain. Mr. Halpern, you yourself are one of the worst crybabies I have ever seen when it comes to "growth phase" discomfort. On several occasions I have had to take the pain meds to your room myself because you couldn't get out of bed. These two were far more courageous than you Mr. Halpern. They made it to medical under their own power Mr. Halpern! In honor of your behavior Mr. Halpern, you are going to complete your workout today without the benefit of any painkillers!

Tom Halpern lost what little color was left in his face and in a hoarse voice replied: "Sir, I can't please give me the pain medication and in an hour I will do anything you want!"

Jerry replied: "No Tom, for the first time in your life you're going to have to tough this one out on your own!"

Now it was obvious that Tom was really scared! He wasn't crying but I could see that there were tears forming in his eyes.

Jerry motioned to one of the other fellows, which had remained hovering in the background. He said only one word, "Minerva".

The fellow returned with a machine and computer terminal. There was a very light clothing suit that looked like a leotard that a male ballet star might wear except that it was nearly transparent.

At this point the two goons removed Tom's T-shirt and replaced the top half with the light stretchy leotard material. They lifted Tom like he didn't weigh anything and dressed him in the pant like lower portion. Then they added light stocking like foot pieces and workout gloves. As they added each piece there were small plugs that were all plugged together. The final plug was then like a computer cable plugged in to the back of the machine.

Jerry then said:

Minerva is a variation on an electronic muscle stimulator. The major difference is that with "Minerva" I can completely control every movement in Tom's body. I could have used that cattle prod, but that would only accomplish one phase of what I want. I can have my assistants place Mr. Halpern's hands or feet and then the computer at my instructions will work each muscle group to failure. And today boys I do mean FAILURE! Mr. Halpern is going to get the most grueling full body workout that is possible.

There was a look of total terror on Tom's face. He was in so much pain from the "growth phase" that he couldn't easily move. He couldn't run! He couldn't resist!

Jerry then told the two "goons" to load the bar with 150 pounds for a "warm up". They did as they were told. Jerry told Tom to place his hands on the bar at shoulder width as it was time to work his chest! Tom winced still in great pain as he slowly slid his hands on to the bar. Just as he did this Jerry pushed a button on the machine. As he did I could see Tom's hands lock in a tight grip on the bar. Jerry then pushed another series of buttons and against his will Tom started lifting the weight and in perfect form bringing it down towards his chest then up again. After the fifth rep Tom was moaning and crying out in pain as he forced even the light weight up to the top of it's travel. The only control he had in his body was in the screams of pain and with the computer controlling his breathing that even screaming was difficult.

After what Jerry considered an adequate warm-up he had the "goons" load the bar with 350 pounds!

I watched Tom pump that 350 pound barbell up and down. The sweat was running off of him in rivers. He was breathing properly between the gasps and cries! His already huge chest pumped larger and larger. As the weight was lowered down to the rest on the bench the two "goons" had already gotten dumbells ready for other chest exercises. Just as his hands came into contact with the dumbell bars again Jerry pushed the buttons and Tom involuntarily responded. The weights were heavy and as Tom could he screamed at the top of his lungs from the pain he was in. He exercised in perfect form, and as I watched this I started feeling sick. I watched Jerry repeat this exercise after exercise until there was literally nothing left of Tom either physically or mentally. When Tom's huge muscles began to falter, Jerry turned a dial, which I guess turned up the voltage on the machine. Tom's screams of pain grew more and more hoarse until finally there were none. Only wide eyes and a look of impending death. It seemed like hours that this horrible torture went on. Then, it was over. Tom stiffened up with all of his muscles turning to stone momentarily and then simply "passed out". Jerry checked him and said: "This little pansy fainted!"

The two assistants placed Tom's body in a wheelchair. He was naked, and all they did was to cover him over with a blanket.

Jerry then looked at us and said: "OK boys, we've had enough fun! Time for your workouts!" As we completed our workouts which were nothing compared to the electronic torture that Tom had just endured, we introduced ourselves.

Jerry just laughed and pointing at Tom, said: "While he was here, we moved this "little cherub's" room over next to yours."

"Lance, I apologize, but we moved you over to one of the two vacant rooms next to Mike, which is 314, and "this" (pointing to Tom) goes into 316." Part of the "cure" for this man's attitude is that now until he heals up, he is going to be totally dependent on the two guys he insulted!" "He still is not going to get any pain killer, and if you think that he was hurting this morning, wait until tomorrow!" "The idea is to make him think before he opens his mouth in the future." "Sorry guys, but Tom won't even be able to go to the bathroom by himself tomorrow." "You're his keepers!" "Do what's right here. and I can guarantee that he will never ever do anything like this again!" "I'll let him have some pain killer, but only when I see personally that he has truly made amends to both of you."


Well, I finally had a chance to sit down and think about what happened a great deal more. Trying to get nearly 200 pounds of dead weight out of a wheel chair and into a bed was harder than I ever dreamed possible. Lance and I wheeled Tom in the wheel chair to a shower room near our room. We removed the blankets and in the wheel chair we used a hose and sprayer that I had not noticed before. It must have been there all the time, but it was the only way to get the sweat and other mess off of poor Tom. When we turned the hose on Tom he stirred, but he didn't wake up. The other thing that was kind of weird was that as we started hosing him down he started pissing like a fire hose. The only good thing is that Tom's cock is so big that it was off the edge of the seat and aimed at the floor by it's own weight. We were able to just wash the urine down the drain.

Both Lance and I have gained a great deal of strength and I now know that. Lifting Tom and maneuvering his dead weight into his bed would have been impossible for me a very short time ago. It only makes me wonder what is coming.


A few minutes ago Tom awakened. Lance must have heard it too because we both came out of our own rooms at about the same time. There was a strange wimpering coming from Tom's room.

When we entered the room the smell was incredible. Poor Tom had vomited all over himself. We got some towels and started cleaning him up.

Initially, Tom's face took on a look of terror as he saw our faces, but as he saw us coming in and trying to help, that part subsided. Tom kept trying to talk but his voice was gone. I guess he blew out his vocal chords from all the screaming.

Tom started whispering and he kept begging Lance and I to kill him. He couldn't move and he was so sad begging and begging.

I am afraid to input some of this stuff into the terminal, but, what can I do?

Tom then said, "You don't understand, you guys are new here". "There was this guy named Buddy, I don't remember his real name. He messed around with Jerry, and Jerry did the same thing to him that he did to me except that Jerry used the "whole enchilada" on Buddy. " "Buddy was a screw-up and he deserved it, he was a real moron, but I have never seen pain like that." "Buddy stayed in growth phase because of the failure workout." "It really messed him up bad." "He went completely off the deep end mentally!" "It was like the pain became an addictive drug to him." "It was awful, it became a war between him and Jerry!" "In a matter of about a month, he died." "It gets worse! He died of heart failure because all of the muscle and tissue growth became too much for his heart." "He started growing so fast and so big that he literally became a distorted monster." "When he died, his body weight must have been for the record books because it took a fork lift to move him." "A special casket had to be made and that thing was a lot larger than the box for a side by side refrigerator". "He was weird looking, he had literally become a monster." "His arms were XXXXXXX huge, his chest must have measured a good ten or twelve feet around, he got monstrous in height too." "See that archway over there, your guess ten feet up?" "Buddy's head nearly hit that archway." "There were other things, he grew hair everywhere and it got so thick that you really couldn't see the huge muscles anymore." "The only part of him that was not covered in hair was his forhead and the cheeks on his face." "Even the shaft of his dick was covered in hair." "His dick probably measured eighteen inches long soft." "There is a place like solitary confinement for the screw-ups." "The rumor is that before he died, Buddy literally screwed a guy down there to death while a bunch of the counselors watched." Tom then went back to begging us to kill him.


I really do not know what to make of Tom's ravings last night. If what he said is true, all of us here are the guinea pigs in some crazed genetics or hormone experiment thing.


It is time for breakfast. Tom is moaning again in the other room. He was clean. He urinated on himself twice last night. I hope he doesn't crap on himself too!


I am supposed to report to medical today, they want another blood draw before another infusion treatment


Note from Jerry, I am scheduled to work out at 2:00, but I will do it alone. Jerry is going to leave Lance with Tom and he is supposed to report to the gym as soon as I return.


Lance went down and got some food for Tom. Tom still is too screwed up to feed himself. Lance fed him his breakfast. Tom then urinated on himself again after drinking the liquid. Jerry says that this goes with the territory, and Tom will be a great deal more functional within 72 hours. Any time that Tom tried to move or any time we had to move him he screamed and cried out in pain. God, this is awful.


I went down and got lunch for Tom, I have to report to the gym in an hour. Tom is such a screwed up mess I can't believe it. The stuff they are infusing into Tom must have speeded up the hair growth because at the gym yesterday he was clean shaven with just the outline of a blue-black beard to match his very dark hair color. Now in only a period of 24 hours, there is about a quarter of an inch of dark beard on his face. The hair on his chest and belly was pretty thick before, so it is hard to tell if that has changed or not.

I felt kind of weird. Here was this huge muscular guy who was in so much physical pain that if he moved or tried to use his own muscles he simply could not do it. The dining area people had made some sandwiches for Tom and they had sent along four Styrofoam cups of protein shake stuff. What seemed a little scary is that the people involved in the dining area did this without question as if it was an every day occurrence.


My workout was uneventful and so was Lance's. We went and ate dinner in a normal manner and returned from the dining area with a tray for Tom. By the time we returned we had to clean him up again. This time we physically picked him up out of the bed and threw him in the wheelchair. We wheeled him down to the shower and turned a long drench of warm water on him. We of course had to change the bed linens as well and this was getting to be a pain in the xxx.

Tom had cried out when we picked him up, but he also knew that we had no choice in doing what we did because he had messed the bed as well.

After being showered with warm water Tom seemed like he was moving around a little easier. At least his arms were moving under their own power even if he couldn't stand up without help.


I had been reading and I think Lance had been watching television when for some reason instinct told me I had better go check on Tom.

There had not been a sound at all, but Jerry had walked in to Tom's room and was simply standing in the doorway. Tom was cowered in the corner, ashen white and quivering like an injured puppy. He was terrified and you could see a look on his face of impending death.

Jerry simply looked at us and said: "I wasn't going to hurt him, he's so freaked out that here is some pain killer for him." You give it to him, I think he's learned his lesson.

Terror had bestowed upon Tom one of it's usual effects. We had to clean him up again.

This time we threw him up into the wheelchair again and back to the shower. Though it had taken both of us, Lance and I both were able to handle Tom's weight and it seemed like it was becoming easier.

Tom was shaking real bad by the time we got him back to his room. The terror of seeing Jerry and for some reason shaken him so badly that he started crying when he hit the sheets this time.

What had terrified Tom so badly? •

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