Farmer's Son


By SeriousFF

My mother and father had left the farm suddenly on Friday morning and was heading to her sisters house 300 miles away. They would be gone for several days and now that I was over 21 felt it safe to entrust the farm to me for that short period. WOW the house to myself for the next several days. I wasted no time in stripping down and heading to the basement for my daily bench presses. I was packing on good weight and bulk, but wanted to get HUGE, unlike the normal bodybuilders. I always had this fantasy of being 400 lbs of pure muscle. I had bodybuilder pics plastered all over the walls of the basement as a remember to me.

I headed upstairs to the bedroom by the back stairs of the kitchen when I heard a knock on the front screen door. I yelled downstairs, I would be there in a moment. As I turned the corner to the door, A strong deep voice said, my car broke down on the main road and he asked if he could use my phone. He filled the doorway as he stood there. He was a easy 6 ft. 7”. I invited him in. As he entered, he ducked and turned his broad shoulders to one side to enter through the door. Damn was he huge…. I said the phone was there next to my father’s chair. I couldn’t help but notice how he loomed over my father’s wing chair. Care for some ice tea, I asked. Sure he said. I’ll make my call brief, he said. I headed for the kitchen with a stiff rod running down my pant leg.

Into bodybuilding I see, he said. I turned to notice he was in the kitchen looking downstairs into the basement, at my pictures. Yeah, I said…been lifting for a few years. He asked if he could try out my weights. I said sure, go ahead. We proceeded downstairs to the basement, as he started to remove his jacket. Don’t want to ruin the jacket he laughed. His shirt was bulging at the seams. He took up his position on the bench, and asked that I start placing the weights on the bar. Adding the 50 lb plates on the bar…he asked for more. I put on everything I had and told him so. Well guess it will have to do. The bar bent under the weight, but he pressed it like it was cardboard. He pressed faster and faster, obviously making him excited. I heard the shirt rip not once but several times. I couldn’t believe my eyes. His arms were growing larger, his pecs were HUGE and covering his face. He moaned in the most hideous manner, his cock grew down his pant leg… like a thick snake, pulsing over and over. I stepped back not believing what was going on. Soon, more ripping sounds…now it was his pants…his cock was free and rigid as could be. It was too huge to even suck and not human in dimension. My cock was about to burst, as I watched this monster lift my barbell with one hand straight out using it as a dumbbell.

Quick, stroke my massive meat, I grabbed his 20” cock with both hands and worked it hard and fast.The veins running up and down his cock were thicker than my fingers. It was no time before he told me to stand back. I stepped back against the wall, he stood up in the middle of the room and belted me with round after round of thick white cum. It ran down my chest and legs and covered my feet. I was in my glory. I wanted to worship this god of a man. He collapsed to his knees before me exhausted. Please he begged, in my car I have clean clothes, get them for me. I rushed to his car and got his clothes. I told him, don’t worry about the sticky mess, I’d clean it up.

Looks like my tow truck is here. I stood in the doorway as I watched him walk up the dirt road to his car. He turned around smiling and said…see you soon. Next time I will see to it your fantasy comes true. •

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