By Ultrabeef7

As I walked up to the door of my apartment I noticed a small box next to the door. It had a card on top that was addressed to me "Geoff". I picked up the box and took it inside.

The plain, brown box contained two small vials one contained a bright orange liquid and was labeled with the number 1, the second vial contained a bright red liquid and was labeled with a number 2. There was no other information, as to who the box was from or where it came from. The only other thing inside the box was a cryptic poem that read :

If muscle growth is what you desire, just one sip will set your body on fire.

Drink bottle one for a hunky physique, drink bottle two and become a freak.

Well, I had wanted to be a hunk for as long as I could remember so I uncorked the bottle marked one and downed the bright blue liquid inside. It smelled like paint thinner and burned my throat as it went down. Immediately I could feel a warmth spreading through my entire body. The warmth quickly increased to a deep fire in my muscle fibers as sweat drenched my clothes. I had never felt such an intense, painful, yet erotic feeling. Through the pain I staggered to the bathroom and clutching the counter looked into the mirror. My body was changing ! Fat was melting off of my formerly pudgy body revealing rock hard muscle underneath. Even my face was changing. My jaw was becoming hard and square, my cheek bones were becoming more prominent. My lips were becoming full and pouty, Even my eyebrows were becoming fuller. My pecs were swelling away from my body like a shelf while a perfect six-pack was forming under them. My arms were becoming thick and vascular and my forearms were widening. My quads were filling my blue track shorts to the bursting point and my ass was growing into a perfect bubble butt. Suddenly the burning stopped and I stood in the mirror looking at the total stud I had become. •

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