Muscle Worshipper

By Bobaroo

It was still a little early on Saturday night for the baths to be very crowded. Nick liked to get there early so that he would be able to check out the guys as they arrived. Nick walked to the shower area and took a look at himself in one of the mirrors. He was medium height, on the thin side, but tight and nicely defined. His legs were a little thicker than you would expect from the size of the rest of him, because he was a dedicated biker. A thin line of hair ran up from his pubes to his chest, merging into a patch of hair on his pecs. His closely cropped beard was a light brown color, as was his short hair. As he looked at his reflection in the mirror, Nick noticed that another guy was checking him out. He seemed cute, but Nick was going to wait a while longer before approaching anyone.

Nick was there for the usual reason. In the hopes of finding a big man. Not tall - Nick wanted muscle, and lots of it. Ever since he was a kid Nick had been fascinated by musclemen, paying more attention to the Weider ads in the back of comics than he did to the Marvel superheros. He had a collection of muscle magazines and videos, but he always hungered for the real thing. A few times he had been lucky enough to meet up with a guy who was muscular, but only once or twice were they really into showing off. Nick loved the thought of a big strong man posing for him, getting off on how much Nick was turned on by the muscle display. He didn't have to be Mr. Olympia (though that would be great!), he just had to have an attitude.

Nick walked around to the cubicles and when he turned the corner he saw a guy walking ahead of him. Nick's heart immediately started hammering in his chest. The man's back was wide from the sweep of well-developed lats, and tapered down to a taut looking waist. The stud's triceps flexed slightly as his arms swung at his sides as he swaggered down the hall. Thick deltoids capped his torso, and as he turned the corner Nick got a quick look at a broad chest. Nick continued following the guy ahead, and his cock was already beginning to fill out a little.

When he turned the corner he saw that the big man was leaning against a wall, one leg stuck out from the towel that was wrapped tightly around his waist. The thigh was thick and Nick could make out the definition of the slightly flexed quad muscles. Nick continued walking down the hall, his gaze sweeping up and down the muscular body of the man whose impassive gaze was fixed on him. A nicely defined six pack gave way to the thick muscles of his pecs, which were lightly covered with hair. The stud had a goatee, dark brown, and his hairline had receded about halfway across his scalp. Nick guessed that he was a little older than he was, maybe just 40. He was a tad taller than Nick, maybe 5'10", but he must have weighed a good 50 pounds more, and all of that was muscle.

When he was opposite the man leaning against the wall, Nick gave a little smile and a nod. The stud looked at him blankly, then continued to look down the hallway as Nick passed him by. When he got to the end of the corridor Nick stopped and looked back. The muscular dude turned his head slightly to look at Nick, and then he tensed his arm straight down. If Nick had been impressed with the rippling triceps before, now that the horseshoe was fully flexed he became excited. Even from this distance Nick could see the veins in the guy's forearms starkly revealed, and the tie-in between the delts and the triceps was like a chasm between two mountains of muscle.

Nick's mouth was dry. He didn't want to get his hopes up, but this guy was so hot. He started to slowly walk back toward the beefy man, who was still slightly turned his way, now with a little smirk on his face. When Nick was opposite him, the man relaxed his arm, but then immediately flexed his pecs. Nick sucked in his breath as he saw them bunch up into humps of sexy muscle.

"I know you want to touch me," the hunk said.

Nick tore his eyes away from the hairy muscles and looked the man in the eyes.

"Can I?"

"I don't know. Maybe there's another guy here tonight who needs to feel muscle more than you do."

"No way! I am a complete muscle addict."

"I know, Nick," the man said, and smiled.

Nick was startled. How did he know his name?

"You don't recognize me, do you?"

Nick shook his head. Then he looked at the man's face more closely, and said, "You do look familiar, but I'd definitely remember a hunk like you."

"Well, when you met me, I didn't quite look like this. We used to hang out in the chat rooms a few years ago, looking for musclemen to talk to, swapping fantasies about muscle. We even got together twice to watch some muscle videos. Remember Adorsmuscl?"

Nick's eyes widened. "Bill? Yeah, that was a few years ago. Is that really you?"

"Yeah," Bill replied. "After America Online went out of business three years ago I didn't bother signing up with another service for a long while. But I remembered what one of the bodybuilders I used to chat with said to me, "Why not become what you want to have?' That clicked, and I got serious about working out in a way I never had before. Got a trainer to help me out with developing a routine, and I made it a point to get to the gym, no excuses. Found a training partner to help push me. A lot of work, a lot of supplements, and a lot of drive, and this is the result. Not bad, huh?"

"I'd say great! How big are your arms?"

"Eighteen inches and growing. Bet you would like to see what this bicep looks like when its flexed."

"Do you remember our chats? Of course I would!"

Someone came down the hall, and slowed down when he approached Nick and Bill. He was a tall, blond guy, 25 years old or so and buffed. His abs looked chiseled into his body, big nipples on a big chest. His looked Bill up and down, and slowly brushed his hand against his own left pec muscle. He lingered in the vicinity a bit, then slowly made his way down the hall.

"Yeah, I remember our chats," Bill said as he watched the guy go. He turned and looked directly at Nick. "I remember what you dreamed about. Meeting someone like me."

Nick's heart was pounding. "Yeah, you're right."

"Dreams sometimes do come true. How about we go to my cubicle?" Bill asked.

Without waiting for a reply, he reached down and grabbed Nick's ass in his hands and lifted the smaller man up. Nick placed his hands around Bill's thick neck and wrapped his legs around his waist. Bill started walking down the hall, carrying Nick with ease. He laughed and said, "See I do remember our chats. This was always a fantasy of mine too, to be carried around by a big strong man."

Nick felt the powerful trapezius muscles as he slid his hands down, and moved one over to Bill's shoulder. Nick was getting excited by the feel of the solid flesh underneath his hand. He thought of the power that those muscles represented. They stopped in front of a door and Bill put Nick down so that he could get the key that was wrapped around his thick forearm. He opened the door and entered. After Nick followed, Bill locked the door and stood to face Nick.

"We were talking about my biceps, I believe," Bill said, staring at Nick. Bill raised his arm out straight and clenched his fist. Nick saw the cords in Bill's forearm appear. Then Bill suddenly brought his fist toward his shoulder and the bicep muscle jumped and thickened into a hard, round mass. There was a small knot on top; Bill was working on getting a great peak on that bicep.

Nick felt his mouth going dry as Bill took a step toward him. Bill relaxed his arm, then slowly flexed it again, so that the bicep contracted just inches away from Nick's face.

"So what do you think?" Bill asked.

"It's really thick alright," Nick said.

"Yeah, and cut too. Look at that vein crossing the top there. Just waiting for your tongue."

Bill needed no further invitation and his face dove toward the muscle in front of him. He traced the length of the vein as Bill whispered, "Suck it boy." Nick placed his mouth on the ball of muscle which flowed under his lips as Bill relaxed and flexed it a few times. Bill lifted up his arm and Nick's mouth instinctively travelled down to the hairy pit that was revealed. Nick rubbed his nose and face there, breathing in the musty male scent. Nick's eyes were wide open as he continued his exploration of Bill's hard body. His hot mouth moved over to Bill's humpy right pec, and the big man tensed it so that it hardened underneath his lips.

"Suck my tits, boy. Work this big man's chest." Nick felt Bill's hand clamp onto the back of his head and then his face was pressed against the unyielding pec muscle. Nick's head was surrounded by muscle as Bill worked his arm behind his head and smashed his face into the side of his muscular chest, near the armpit. Nick had to gasp for air through his mouth, not wanting to let go of the nipple he had been sucking on, but needing to nonetheless.

Nick reached his hand up to run along Bill's side and around his back as far as he could reach. "Yeah feel those lats. Wide as a handball court," said Bill. He stepped back slightly and spread his lats, which Nick now stroked on both sides.

"God, you are so hot!" Nick moaned. "I could feel your muscles all night long."

"I bet you could, little man," Bill replied. "A fucking stud flexing, posing - you would spend all week worshipping me if you could."

Nick had a raging hard on at this point. His 7 inch dick was pulsing, pressed hard against the towel that he still wore around his waist. He undid the towel and let it dropped. His cock sprang free and stuck out stiffly, a bead of pre-cum glistening at the piss slit.

Bill smirked and said, "Not bad for a small guy like you. Why don't you unwrap my present?"

Nick reached for the towel that Bill was wearing. First he pressed his fingers against the ridges of the abdominal muscles that rose above the low- slung towel. There was really not much give when he pressed harder against them. Nick pulled the towel free from the muscleman's waist and revealed his prick. It was not quite erect yet; Nick watched as it grew longer and thicker. It was a beauty - very thick around with a large mushroom head that was darkening as more blood pumped into the cock. Veins ran along the shaft, as prominent as the veins that ran along Bill's forearms. Nick saw the heavy balls hanging amid a bush of pubic hair. Nick encircled the big tool with the fingers of his right hand, while his left continued to play along Bill's solid midsection.

"Once my body started getting bigger, my cock started getting more of a workout too. Seems that you're not the only guy who likes to feel a hard muscled body. One of the best times was when a guy from my old gym that I used to think was sexy came up to me at a bar after staring at me a long while. We went home to his place and all he wanted to do was worship me as I flexed. I was bigger than him now and he just wanted to be a pig for muscle."

As Bill had been talking Nick had continued to stroke Bill's cock until it was its full rigid length, at least an inch longer than Nick's and much bigger around. Nick looked up from the cock into Bill's eyes.

"I will do anything you want, just as long as you flex for me, pose and show off for me, and keep talking!"

"For starters, get on your knees before your musclegod," Bill said.

Nick immediately dropped down and pressed his cheek against one of Bill's heavy thighs. His hand caressed Bill's calf muscle, which felt like a rock when Bill stood on his toes to flex it.

"You know what to do boy," Bill said coldly.

Nick slid his face across the muscular leg, appreciating the definition of the quads, until he was facing the stiff cock. He opened his mouth wide and started to take the dick in. A drop of pre-cum on the tongue tasted slightly salty as Nick took the whole tool into his mouth. Then he began to suck on the big man's dick, taking the balls in one hand while his other felt along the semi-flexed quad muscle of Bill's right leg.

"Ooh yeah, baby, you like to suck a muscleman's cock. Love to give me head, make this man feel good."

"Mmmmmm," came out of Nick's throat as he continued to work on the rod. He looked up and saw that Bill was looking down at him. Bill's thick pecs jutted out over the rippling ab muscles and Nick reached a hand up to stroke the bottom of the heavy chest muscles. Bill brought his arms up and did a double biceps pose, which made Nick start to emit high pitched snorts.

"Jesus, what a stud this guy turned out to be!" Nick thought. "Look at those fucking arms flexing like that. They must be so strong, the way he picked me up like I was a doll and carried me down the hall."

Nick had the whole cock slick with saliva, and had been jerking the base of it while he tongued the purple head. Now Bill put his hands on the sides of Nick's head and pushed Nick forward all the way on his dick. Nick started to gag a little, but then he was able to get a breath and keep up the suction as Bill grabbed his head and held it in place while he used his hips to thrust his cock down Nick's throat. Nick's nose was being slammed into the bush above Bill's cock every time the muscle man powered his crotch forward. He took in deep breaths of the acrid smell and once more tried to look upward. He was grabbing onto Bill's legs to help keep his balance from the onslaught of Bill's hard thrusts.

"Really getting your face fucked now, aren't you boy?" Bill said. "Big muscleman shoving his horsedick into your mouth, so you get an idea of what power can do. Yeah, take this cock all the way. I said all the way!" and Bill rammed his dick extra hard into Nick's eager mouth.

"Oh yeah man, stroke my balls so I can work up a big load for you. Big load of cum to shoot into your cocksucking mouth. Service this muscleman like he deserves. Oh yeah, feel it dude. Feel my scum getting ready to shoot. I see you watching me, big fucking muscles flexed, know that you love it man, love to suck a muscleman's dick. Shit, feel my nuts tightening up, here if comes! Unh, unh, UNH, aww FUCK!"

Nick felt the first gush of cum out of Bill's cock and made a whimpering noise. He kept his lips firmly clamped around the dick as Bill bucked and squirted more jism into his mouth. Nick was surprised that Bill's leg muscles got even harder as they flexed during his orgasm. As the cum kept squirting into him, Nick looked up again at the rolling ab muscles just above his head, rippling each time Bill shot, his dick now shoved all the way down Nick's throat.

"Shit! Drink my cum, boy," Bill commanded as he pressed Nick's face against his crotch. Finally he released his hold on the prostrate man, but Nick kept the slowly softening dick in his mouth. "Oooh yeah, I knew that you would be a good cocksucker. Here's a little reward for you," Bill said. Then he stepped back so that Nick had to reluctantly let Bill's cock slip out of him, a thread of cum and saliva dripping off it. As Nick, still on his knees, looked up, Bill did his version of a most muscular pose. The muscles seemed to explode on his body: striations fanning across his pecs, the three heads of the deltoid muscles starkly exposed, Bill's dense biceps hardened into baseballs, and everywhere a network of veins lay beneath the thin skin.

Nick grabbed his own cock in his hand and started jerking it. It felt like he had a nightstick in his hand. He was so turned on from the facefucking service he had just given that this final display of raw muscle was all it took to have him shooting his load after fisting his cock just a few times. The cum flew out of his rigid boner further than he had ever shot before.

"You fucking hot animal!" Nick gasped. His eyes were darting everywhere, trying to catch every inch of flexed muscle, and then they lingered on Bill's face. Bill had that haughty smile again, that look of superiority that made Nick's balls pump as hard on the fourth squirt as they did on the first. Bill stood straight up, flexed his right arm, and sticking his tongue out, licked along the hump of muscle as he looked out of the corner of his eye at Nick. Nick moaned as the last drops of cum dribbled out of his dick.

Bill pulled Nick up to his feet, and the smaller man actually felt wobbly from the intensity of the experience. Bill wrapped his big arms around Nick and squeezed him tightly. Then he brought his face down and started a long passionate kiss. Their tongues were swirling against each other, Bill's thrusting into Nick's mouth from time to time. During the kiss Bill looked directly into Nick's eyes.

When Bill released Nick from his grip, Nick raised one hand so that it rested lightly against the hairy pec of the man before him.

"God, that was so hot. Is there any chance that we could meet again? You know this is my major fantasy, and I could give you the adoration you really deserve at my place," Nick said.

Bill smiled and said, "Sure, why not? This was a lot of fun for me too, and being worshpped is one of MY fantasies too. I've got a new ISP account. Send me e-mail at my new ID - Muscls2ador." •

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