By Ultrabeef7

In the weeks since I became a stud my life has changed completely. I got a job as a fitness model and am doing photoshoots every week. Chicks are falling all over me and I've been getting more action than I had my entire life up to this point. I love being a hunk. My rock hard body is sexy as hell and just seeing myself in the mirror gets me boned. I am happier than I have ever been. And yet, the other bottle is still sitting on my shelf, the bottle of red liquid. I can't help thinking what would happen if I drank that bottle. I still had the poem that came with the bottles :

If muscle growth is what you desire, just one sip will set your body on fire.

Drink bottle one for a hunky physique, drink bottle two and become a freak.

What does that mean ? "Drink bottle two and become a freak". I'm not sure I want to be a freak but the thought intrigued me. If my life has gotten this much better after just one bottle what would happen after two ? I decided to find out. I uncorked the bottle of bright red liquid and despite the rank smell drank it down. Like the first time my body immediately became to get warmer and warmer. It felt as if my muscles were on fire, the pain was much more intense than the first time. Sweat poured off of my beautiful body and tears welled up in my eyes. In horror I watched my perfect fitness model body begin to swell with thick, hard muscle. My pecs ballooned with slabs of muscle forcing my nipples toward the floor. My arms and forearms beefed up into thick bodybuilder size guns. My bubble butt swelled ever more tearing through my shorts, my cock swelled into a 12 inch python and was as thick as a beer can. My quads were as big around as my waist had been. My beautiful trim six-pack waist had been replaced with an eight pack but was all distended like a roid gut. Suddenly the burning stopped. I looked at myself in the mirror. Part of me wanted to cry because my days as a fitness model were over but then a smile spread across my rugged face. My new deep baritone growled "My days as a freak have just begun". •

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