Best Christmas Potion Ever

By Wyvren99

Hi my name is Martin,

While cruising the internet I came a cross a sight that said BEST cHRISTMAS POTION EVER. Whether notty or nice this potion will give you your greatist desires. I decided why not, so I ordered it using my step-dad's credit card. The package showed up one day later, Thankfully my parents were not home so I went up to my room and tore off the the box apart. Inside was a clear botte that just said make a christmas wish. I thought why not and drained the bottle exclaiming I wish to be a muscle man.

As soon as I said that a burning sensetion went from my lips spreding from my head dowm my torso to my cock and ending at my toes my muscles started to increase and my pecs and abs started to show deffinition. I looked in the mirror and saw a 16 year old stareing back i had aged three years. I was glad for the change but a little dissapointed i had wanted to be huge. The bottle which was still laying on the floor began to shine and a warning came up to say that the wish would only be fully fofuled until christmas morning.

The next day was christmas eve and I was growing up fairly quickly. I went outside to the beach and as the sun hit me my muscles started to expand. I was getting older my shoulders were getting wider and my cock went from 6in to 9in. I now looked like I was in college and my mind told me this was normal this was how I always looked like. So I went to my private beachside appartment and celibrated a private christmas eve.

I woke up feeling great my muscles were pumped and i was horny so after shooting almost a gallon of cum out og a 14in dick i put on some patriotic speedos looking for a few good men to celibrate christmas with. •

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