Ben's Obsession

By Josh

Ben had always wanted to be big. No not just big, HUGE! No not just huge but the most FUCKING MASSIVE MUSCLE MONSTER WHO EVER WALKED THE EARTH! As you can tell he was a little obsessed and Ben, now 25 had from the age of 15 worked out religiously, eaten healthily and slept at least 8 hours a night had plenty of results to show. A naturally large guy Ben stood at 6’4 225 lbs with 17.5 inch biceps and a low 8% bodyfat. In short he had a body that most men would kill for. His chest which he had worked especially hard on filled out t-shirts like two boulders and his shoulders were unbelievably broad.

In spite of this Adonis like body Ben was far from satisfied. He saw pictures of Coleman, Ruhl and Priest and just felt small and pathetic. Why oh why cant I get that big, please make me that HUGE! was his nightly plea to God. A simple soul Ben was unaware that the reason that the aforementioned men were so much larger than him was in part due to the fact they were pumped full of every roid under the Sun and simply that they had been doing it so much longer than him.

Of course it was inevitable that Ben himself would be introduced to roids and he embraced them with vigour. His incredible genetics and unrivalled drive meant that in another year Ben had put on another 45lbs of pure muscle and to anyone but himself he looked fucking gigantic and to be honest, fucking scary! Even though he now weighed more than a fair few professional bodybuilders due to his exceptionally large frame he still didn’t feel huge like he wanted to. He just saw the lanky 15 year old that had been called beanpole at school.

Although with 100% dedication Ben had the genetics to become as big as the professionals by 30 or so Ben didn’t have to wait that long….

Ben stood looking at himself in his Calvin Klein Boxers for about 30 minutes. Whilst others would have seen a colossus of a man posing and flexing, all Ben saw was a pathetic little weed trying to make his muscles look big. He sighed and gave himself another shot of the latest steroid but depression was starting to take over. He looked at his Ronnie Coleman poster with a mixture of lust and hatred. A knock at the door interrupted his sombre musings. He trudged to the door as usual the floorboards rattled under his considerable bulk.

“Hey Ben!” It was Kwami the African-American guy who lived up the stairs. ‘Ben I’m moving tomorrow. I want you to have this to say thanks for being a good neighbour these past few years… “Fuck man!” Kwami said looking up. Have you got even BIGGER since last time I saw you!?” Ben smiled bashfully ignoring what seemed to be a rhetorical question and took the gift off Kwami. ‘Thanks man what is it?’ The totem was made of some dark wood and set with jade. It resembled some sort of ugly elongated rhinoceros. ‘It’s a good luck totem my grandmother gave me. She said it was a carving of an ancient god of desires. Anyway its given me some luck over the years (Kwami had started an extremely successful architecture company) so I hope it has the same effect on you. Anyway drop by my new place some time.’They shook hands and Kwami left leaving Ben with the Statue in his hands.

‘God of desires indeed’ smiled Ben inwardly. The thought was there anyway. Ben was going to miss that guy. Ben sat down on his two seater couch and started as he always did when he was alone to think about getting HUGE! As he toyed with the totem he whispered out loud,’Man I wish I was twice no three times the size I am now!

As he finished his sentence the totems jade stones turned a vivid blue. The stones lit up and directed their glow onto his body. Before Ben had time to freak out he noticed that he felt like he had a post workout pump. Looking in the mirror he saw why and he fucking loved what he saw. Every muscle in his body was swelling and bulging and jostling for position as if each individual muscle wanted to be the biggest in Ben’s gigantic new bulk. He was expanding at a rapid rate in all directions his gigantic arse almost filling the entire couch which was beginning to creak and fall apart under his immense mass. His biceps grew so the watermelons in Ben’s fridge paled in comparison. His pecs which had always been Ben’s weakest group ballooned into shelves of pure solid striated muscle. His legs pushed against each other vying for space to grow in and fill. Ben roared in delight as the couch finally gave into to him and collapsed in a heap of dust. ‘I am fucking HUGE!!’ he crowed. He surveyed his 800lb 6’8 frame flexing and posing for all he was worth. Finally he was HUGE! “Ronnie Coleman will look like a pip squeak next to me!” Smirked Ben, imagining the look on his face as he was stripped of his Mr Olympia title. But looking at the still glowing totem Ben wondered why he should stop now? “Its time for some more size” boomed Ben… •

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