Best Friends Make the Best Lovers

By Mark Bachu

Alex and Matt were the best of friends. They had met when Matt's mother moved across the street from Alex after getting a divorce from her husband. The 11 year old kids clicked instantly and over the years their friendship grew. They both had the same interests--sports and computers and by the time they were 20 they were closer than brothers telling each other everything.

Alex was always the taller of the two, once puberty hit he shot upwards, and by the time he had finished with Sixth Form he was 6 feet 5 inches tall and towered above most of teachers as well. Of course this height had other benefits, with his massive height you can be sure that Alex was packing a major package, and he wore tight jeans to emphasize the fact…

Alex had quite shortcut black hair, and with his winning smile and smoldering dark brown eyes he could charm the pants of anyone he meet. However, despite his height, Alex had never really worked out, he regularly exercised and played a lot of squash and football but he had a rather trim lithe figure.

Matt was into sports like Alex, however, Matt had from and early age watched shows like the Incredible Hulk and had dreamed of becoming a muscle god, and so once puberty hit be began to work out. His mother had bought him a second hand gym, and it had been put in the extension at the rear of the house, and Matt made sure it got regular use. Matt was much like Alex good looking. He stood at 6'3" himself, and with years of working out Matt was quite physically impressive.

He wore his sandy blond hair in a ponytail, and occasionally let it flow loose when it hung to just below his shoulder blades, and his blue eyes often twinkled with mischief… Alex and Matt were twenty-five, and Alex lived at home with his mother and step-father, in a fairly large house, whereas Matt lived alone, in his mothers home, she having moved out when he was 23 after finding herself a new husband. Both had well paid jobs in the computer industry and had often visited each other till early in the morning networking their PCs, or watching videos.

However, Alex had one secret that he had never told Matt, he was gay, and for several years had lusted after his best friend. Finally after several months of attempting to get up courage, Alex hit upon a way to try and seduce his friend. Alex knew how much Matt enjoyed his weights, Alex had watched Matt work out for years and occasionally join in, but lifting much lighter weights, not wanting to bulk out like his friend. Alex really enjoyed watching Matt work out as he got to see his friend almost naked and pump those muscles, he especially enjoyed it as afterwards they would enjoy a sauna together, only a pair of Speedo's covering Matt.

It had been getting to the stage where Alex although craving the sauna did not go for fear his friend would turn around and see his enjoyment of his friends build. For several months Matt had been encouraging Alex to work out with him, as there was a lot potential in Alex's body. Matt had often told Alex if he ever wanted to bulk up, just to let him know. Alex had not seen Matt work out for several months, know, and knew that his friend was growing bigger, but could not see the effects, due to Matts' tendency to wear lose baggy clothing.

And so the stage was set for one stormy Wednesday evening in late February for Alex to see what the last six-months of regular workouts had done to his friends body, and to try and seduce him. Seeing Matt that night was all Alex could think of all day at work, and he had kept looking at the clock. One of his work mates joked that Alex must have a hot date tonight… Alex just smiled in that knowing way and the subject was dropped. By the time Alex went home he was full of anticipation for the evening's entertainment.

He couldn't bring himself to eat and when the clock came round to 7:00 he stuffed a pair of Speedo's, a T-shirt and towel into a bag. Just as Alex crossed the road and got to Matt's the door, the sky fulfilled its promise and a steady downpour began. Matt opened the door for his friend wearing a pair of tight shorts and a T-shirt . Alex could not help but stare at his friend, who was always so careful to cover up his body, even though he put loads of effort into building it up. Matt just grinned at his mate.

"Yeah ok, I know I know, its just when I'm working out I like to see the sweat on me, and watch the strain." Alex just grinned. The two of them went into the 3rd bedroom, which for years had been converted into a workout room for Matt. A large home gym filled the room as well as full-length body mirror.

"Alright Alex let's see what we have to work with here." Said Matt calm, as you like. Alex had dreamt of stripping before his mate for ages, and now that the moment was here, he found he could not go through with it. "Yeah sure, I'll just go get changed into something I can work out in."

Matt walked out to let him friend change clothes. Ever the joker, Matt quipped that he was sure that Alex was never so scared about undressing in front a woman. Moment's later Matt walked back into the room and Alex was wearing his Speedo's. Matt grinned, " I suppose you just could not resist the urge to have something that tight on." Alex gave a weak smile, too busy concentrating on trying to control his body. Something which he only just managed when Matt began to measure his body all over.

Matt seemed fairly pleased with the results of his investigations into the size of Alex. "Not bad at the moment their mate. I know you play a lot of sports. Now what are we trying to accomplish here. Do you just wanna put on a bit of muscle in a few places or do you wanna get pumped all over?"

Alex replied "Well like you've been saying, I've got height and it would be a shame not to pile on the meat to this ample frame. I wanna bulk up, and big like you. I've gotta say you really have been hiding your light under a bushel, your huge man." Matt grinned and replied by bringing both his arms up and flexing his biceps.

Alex ogled as his friends' biceps grew larger and larger, and admired his friends' washboard stomach. "Yeah I've gotta say, I like my guns, all 18" of them, and the people go crazy over my abs." And so it began. Matt would do several reps on the home gym while Alex ogled and watched, all the time conscious of his friends' eyes on him, and his raging hormones, and was just winning the battle in his Speedo's. Then Alex would use the gym and do the exercise that his friend had just shown him.

This went on for about an hour when Matt called a day. "You've worked real hard, and I can see that your covered in sweat, come on mate lets have a sauna and finish of this workout right." Alex was real excited now, but managed to hide it by pulling on a dressing gown. The two friends ran into the garden to the sauna wearing their nothing but a dressing gown, a towel and both wearing a pair of Speedo's, and getting soaked in the rain.

Matts' hair hung damply about his shoulders, looking for the entire world like a modern Adonis. The two friends lied down in the sauna, a simple wooden construction with two benches. Alex took the lower bench and Matt lay just above and behind him. Alex lay there for five minutes just relaxing, letting the heat seep into his body and finally let his body go. Seconds later his manhood had swelled to its full 10" and its swollen head and most of its girth now outside the Speedo's. Alex didn't care he was too tired. And he knew Matt could not see his state as Matt was above him.

Alex lay there remembering the sight of his best friend in the whole world virtually naked and only inches away from him. Just then a hand snaked down from Matts' bench and brushed against Alex's thigh as Matt pushed himself of his bench. Suddenly embarrassed Alex did not know what to say. He looked at his friends' eyes expecting so see a look of horror and revulsion, but did not. Unable to control his eyes, Alex looked down his friend's tall muscular body and realised that Matt was naked as well, and had a raging hardon too.

Alex slowly reached over and touched Matt's 8" uncut dick. As he did so, Matt leaned over and ran his tongue over Alex's chest, and continued his quest downward towards Alex's massive dick which was already twitching with excitement. Alex reached out and began to pull on Matts' dick and jack him off. Suddenly Matt pulled away and Alex looked quizzically at him. Moments ago it was Matt making all the moves, and now he was pulling away as if he was unsure of what he was doing.

Alex stood up and placed his hand on his friends' chest. "Matt, look I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm gay. I've had feelings for you for ages now…." Alex found the words hard to say, but he had said them. His secret was out, and Matt now knew how his friend felt about him. "Look if you want me to leave I'll understand." Said Alex for a moment not understanding why Matt had pulled away.

In return Matt smiled. "Alex… I'm gay too, I got big cause your so tall, and I felt that I had to be strong before I was able to get you, so that if you turned me away I'd be strong enough to cope with the rejection from the man I love."

With those words out his mouth the two best friends suddenly threw caution to the wind and quickly lost themselves in the ecstasy of a kiss. The two friends could feel each other penis' rubbing against each other. Matt dropped to his knees and kissed Alex's massive member. "Do you know how long I've wanted to see that baby free and big Alex? Years man, and here I am and I'm gonna give you the best blowjob you've ever had."

Alex grabbed his friend's head either side and began to push him back and forth faster and faster on his penis, which with all the attention it was getting, was impossibly growing larger. Soon Matt could feel it pushing the back of his throat and his mouth was wide open. Faster, faster and faster Alex pushed his friend and then his cum filled Matt's mouth.

Alex came and came and after seconds Matts' face was dripping with Alex's love juices. But the fun did not stop there. Alex picked his friend up and laid him on the wooden bench of the sauna and began to stroke Matt's chest with his left and feel his biceps with his right. So close to the object of his fantasy Alex began stiffen again, and Matt ginned and with a mischievous grin, said, "Desert!"

This said, he began to give Alex his second blow job while Alex explored every inch of his friend's ample upper body with his hands and tongue. Suddenly, Alex felt something enter his arse, and realised that Matt had moved him forward, and was but fucking his mate. The two lovers came together in one massive, mind shattering orgasm, and for a while they just lay on top of one another reveling in the sweaty masculine feel of the other. •

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