Toast to Family… and Friends, A

By Aonghas

Dr. Don and Peter stood there; displaying some very outstanding packages, and Ty just knew that above being lifelong lovers – their sex-life was primo too. Their dicks couldn’t compare with the monsters Ty and his lover Jeremiah shared, but Thai’s friends were certainly suited for one another.

Brice was being very cheeky today and when he pulled down his white briefs to flash the room, Thai snatched them off the cute blonde bartender. His ‘punishment’ was going to be having to go around nude the rest of the day – a punishment everyone was going to enjoy, especially Brice.

After everyone had their laugh, conversations shifted and a few people drifted out of Thai’s office and a few more came in. Ty and Jeremiah seemed drawn to Don and Peter and since they seemed to form a tight little clique, they were allowed some privacy in their own little corner.

Dr. Don looked like he had something he wanted to get off his chest and so the conversation finally drifted off. He started out cautiously, “You know Ty, there are just a few things that I think you should aught to know.”

The conspirators all turned there attention to Don, who was clearly uncomfortable back in the lime light with everyone waiting and listening to him intently.

“I wasn’t sure when or how to tell you, but based on my experience, it’s best to have things out right away. Then the adjusting can begin right away with a solid foundation on the truth. Otherwise things can get really chaotic.”

Peter cleared his throat, and Don knew that he was beating around the bush and needed to come directly to the point. “Because I had to give you the antidote that I did, you are going to more or less be locked into that body for quite a few years.” He hesitated and looked directly at Jeremiah now, “It is only fair that I give You the option of the same, otherwise you will appear to the world as a gray-haired old man with a young black buck houseboy.”

Dr. Don let his words settle in before he continued. Still looking at Jeremiah, “You probably are going to be hesitant to trust anymore changes or take another ‘special drinks’, but I sincerely want you to think strongly about it before you say no. Thai and I really have you guy’es best interests at heart. Please trust me when I say that to you.”

As Don fell silent, Peter felt that he needed say something to assuage any lingering doubts Ty and Jeremiah might have about the process, “You should take a month to talk it over with each other and then decide. A lot can happen in a month. There is just one thing I want to say: I promise that nothing like what happened before can happen like that again. You can trust me, you have two of the best doctors in the world right here, right now, to look after you … you can trust me when I say this to you.”

Ty and Jeremiah looked at each other and squeezed each others hands and Jeremiah answered, “I’ll trust you.” The lovers somehow knew that Peter was not just standing up for his husband, but that he really knew what he was talking about. And, the lovers both knew that he was speaking directly from his heart, open and venerable, without any hidden agenda or desire to hide the past. What was done was done, and Don’s attempt to make it right was heartfelt and sincere.

* * *

As Brice had wandered out to the rest of the party, no one in particular was paying any attention to his naked body. Why would they? Everyone knew him, they had all seen what he had to offer countless times before; and as usual, pretty much everybody there had on their predictable see-through clothes. There was an extremely wide variety of all types for anyone to enjoy and compliment.

Brice’s attention was drawn over to a loveseat back in a secluded corner where he saw Eddie sitting with his brother Ellis quietly talking. Brice didn’t actually want to eavesdrop, but he was alone and really had nowhere else to go or anything to do. What really captured Brice’s interest was the fact that this was one of the most rare times that Eddie wasn’t climbing all over Alex and generally acting like a pervert. He could really see the love of one brother for the other.

Brice heard Eddie, “I really want us to be a family again. I really, totally understand you now and I’m so sorry for the way I treated you before.”

It was almost comical the way the little guy swung his legs back and forth as they dangled over the edge of the loveseat. Anyone could see that Ellis was much, much taller than his brother now and could easily just pound him into the ground and walk away, but he just sat there like the younger brother he had always been, like he was being lectured to again. But this was never Eddie’s thought at all; he was trying somehow, somewhere to find whatever he could of the family love that he felt so deeply in his heart.

Eddie looked directly into Ellis’ eyes and smiled, “You know what they say?”, and he paused. His smile turned into an evil grin as he reached over and grabbed Ellis’ dick and squeezed it, “Incest is Best”, and laughed.

Brice thought to himself, ‘Yeah – there’s the little perv we’ve all grown to know and love’.

Ellis jerked and frowned and at the same time Eddie’s hand flew off his brother’s dick like he had picked up a branding iron from a fire. Eddie immediately began to pinch his own nipples and smack his dick with his little hand. Tears were streaming down his face as he cried, “I’m so sorry Ellie, I was just kidding around. Please… I’m sorry… won’t you forgive me? Please?”, and he as he looked up at his younger brother, he tried forcefully to focus his eyes through his tears. In between his sobs, Eddie tried to tell his brother, “I wasn’t joking around … I really do want us to be family again … but not like it was before … I want us to be better … please, I’m sorry … I love you so much”.

Realizing just how much pain his brother was in, the previously inactive Ellis reached over and put his hand on his brother’s shoulder. The effect was ominous. Instead of comforting his brother and calming him down, it was as if he had beaten him to a bloody pulp. Eddie let out a short, piercing cry as the tears streamed down his face and he pulled himself into a little ball in the corner of the loveseat. He looked like an animated pillow. Eddie had drawn his knees up to his chin and his little toes were digging into the cushion. He was rocking back and forth and trying to pull himself away from the source of his agony: his brother. Ellis didn’t know what to do.

Brice quickly realized what was happening and grabbed Ellis’ arm off of his brother’s shoulder. “I’ll get Alex – I promise, I’ll be right back.”

Eddie was still crying hysterically and Ellis just sat there with his hands in his lap. He was confused and didn’t know what to do. He wanted to help his brother so badly now and yet he couldn’t even reach out to him.

Brice sprinted out to the pool and found Alex leisurely talking with Mike and Mark, completely oblivious to the crisis that was taking place inside, just thirty feet from where he stood. Without waiting to explain himself, Brice seized Alex’ arm and started dragging him inside. Alex’ face reflected both anger and confusion at this abrupt intrusion and was about to struggle against his subjugator when Brice interjected, “Eddie needs you bad…”

Still confused, but now concerned, Alex allowed himself to be led inside. A small group had gathered around the loveseat, everyone trying to see what they could do to help, so Brice had to undiplomatically push his was through the crowd with Alex. When Alex caught the sight of his lover in so much pain, he scooped the little guy right into his arms and cradled him like a precious baby. “What’s the matter honey?”

Eddie stopped shaking in his lover’s arms, but the tears continued to fall. Eddie wasn’t hysterical anymore and with his voice cracking, “… I love you so much ….”, and he let his arms relax. Alex sat down in the corner of the loveseat with his husband in his lap and Eddie’s legs relaxed. As Eddie turned his head upwards to try to kiss Alex, his little feet came to rest on his brother’s thigh.

This time, instead of cringing in pain, a warm fuzzy feeling filled Eddie and his tears finally stopped. Through bloodshot eyes, Eddie forced a smile at his lover and cleared his throat, “I love you so much.”

Alex smiled and cuddled his pint-sized lover, still cradling him in his arms. “I love you too my half-pint and a half.” Everyone laughed, and a comment floated over the crowd from an unknown source, “He must be referring to the amount of cum the little perv can put out…” and everybody laughed again. Now that the crisis was over and tensions were relieved everyone was free to get back to the non-stop party.

Eddie looked up at Brice and smiled. At the same time he blushed. At the time, Brice thought about how good it was to see some colour come back in Eddie’s face. Eddie started out, “Thank you so much for your quick thinking. I owe you. I don’t know what I would do without family and friends.”

Ellis looked up at Brice, “Yes. Thank you. I don’t know what happened to me. I just couldn’t think straight.”

“That’s because you’re gay …”, Brice quipped. They all laughed again. It was obvious that Brice didn’t want things to go all serious again. Eddie pushed himself from his lover’s lap and crawled into Ellis’ lap. He turned his head up and strained to reach his brother’s lips to give him a kiss. Ellis smiled and leaned his head down to meet his brother. Eddie connected and was able to kiss his brother and then say, “Family is everything. Ellis, …”, he declared, “This is your brother-in-law, Alex. Alex, … this is your brother-in-law, Ellis. Now that we are all properly introduced, I expect this family to be a family.”

Responding to his older brother, Ellis smiled, but then seriously said, “I’m going to talk with Thai. We are going to become the brothers we never could be before.”

Brice felt that he was now intruding on family matters which should not concern him. He was definitely starting to feel like and outsider. (In the weeks ahead, he often caught himself thinking about how, if he hadn’t known Eddie and Ellis were brothers, he would have thought they were lovers and Alex a third wheel they were trying to find someone for. You never saw one without the other hanging on each other or at the very least, close by. Alex adapted quite quickly and easily to his new family situation. He seemed to thrive because of it.)

Things had really changed a lot now that the mansion had emptied out and the guys were able to get back into town. A very small staff always stayed on because you never knew when Thai would send someone for a vacation. Unless you had a cell phone, whenever you stayed at the mansion or were his special guest in the house by the sea, you were without communication.

So it was that Mike and Mark, and Ty and Jeremiah felt a little isolated by themselves. There was hardly any point in climbing the path to the mansion. Brice was there, staying on to look after things and some guy they hadn’t had the chance to meet yet. Eddie, Ellis and Alex were there; but they seemed content to stay in their own little world.

A few times a week, Mark, Mike, Jeremiah and Ty would climb up the path and sit in the gaming room with the inhabitants of the mansion and play bridge together. It was during one of these nights that Thai showed up unexpectedly. As the eternal host, he explained that Geoffrey had flown to New York to exhibit his art. He’d stayed with him about a week and Geoffrey suggested that maybe he would like to get back to the bar and his other friends. Thai didn’t feel brushed off, he knew his lover was concerned for all the people who counted on Thai to be there, and he wasn’t. So, ever so reluctantly, Thai came home, leaving Geoffrey to finish off his stay in New York alone. He knew Geoffrey would be fine.

As Thai sat alone in his office, he didn’t even bother to turn on any lights. He was missing Geoffrey powerful bad. The moonlight was filling his office with enough light and he felt so melancholy. There was soft music playing in the background and Thai was almost wishing someone would come in with a problem to solve, to take his mind off his missing Geoffrey so much.

As he sat there looking out the window at the night sky, he thought of how blessed he was to have Geoffrey. As he looked at the silver clouds floating thru the dark blue sky, he thought, ‘this is exactly the thing that Geoffrey would paint for me’. He felt a tear welling up in his eye when there was a very soft tap at the door. He had left it open hoping someone would stop by. Ellis very quietly stood in the dark and waited to hear Thai give him permission to enter.

Ellis couldn’t figure out Thai at all. He was only a some-time patron of the bar and Thai seemed to always be around when he had a crisis, helping him. “Come on in El. Nice to see you again.” And Ellis more confidently walked up to Thai’s desk. He was about to spill his guts all over Thai’s desk when Ty suggested, “Why don’t you sit down and make yourself comfortable? What can I do for you?”

Ellis appreciated just how close he had come to yelling at Thai. He felt so frustrated. Thai poured a little of his wine from the decanter and offered it to Ellis. “It’s not a cocktail…hehehe… just wine.. it’ll help you relax.”

Ellis smiled and took the crystal wine glass in his hand and smiled. He started out, “I see why you didn’t have the lights on… the sky is breathtaking,” as he looked up at Thai’s skylight.

“Yes, if Geoffrey were here, he’d have his paints out by now – he’d never want to loose this moment,” Thai sighed. “Artists are so deep with their emotions.”

They sat there for a short while before Thai prompted Ellis for the purpose of his visit. In part, it was just because he didn’t want to be alone, but he didn’t feel like playing cards tonight either. Ellis spoke from his heart, and Thai knew it. He listened attentively and when Ellis had finished, he smiled. The gist of the soliloquy was that Ellis really loved his brother, now more than ever. However, he really didn’t look like him now at all and Eddie was never going to ‘grow out’ of his hot little body. Ellis was never going to ‘un-grow’ and ever resemble anything close to his beloved brother. There was also an issue about not having a lover himself, but he told Thai that where that bothered him, he wasn’t looking for Thai to do anything about that.

When he finished, he took a big gulp of the wine and a warm feeling spread through his body. Thai was smiling from ear to ear. Ellis smiled when he saw Thai’s pearly white teeth gleam with the reflection of the moon which was now directly overhead. He thought to himself, ‘Thai is certainly one of the sexiest black men I’ve ever seen.’

“I know I can help. Are you sure you want to chance it after what almost happened with Ty?”

“I know that was an accident. I really feel very strongly about this. I’m willing to take my chances, … will you be willing to help me?”

Thai sat back and flexed his arms and then looked over at Ellis and bounced his pecs up and down. “Sure thing bro. Anything you want. You’re wish is my command. I love you guys,” and he poured both of them another glass of wine. “When you want to start?”

“As soon as possible,” came the relieved answer. He didn’t have to argue his point. Thai was in complete agreement with him. After that, the conversation changed and Ellis decided he’d better get back to Alex and Eddie before Eddie started getting too hyper. Thai smiled and agreed. What had he created?

As Ellis hurried back down the stairs to the game room, it felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders. They were going to be a blood related family again and soon.

Without changing the tone of his voice, the ever diplomatic Thai just stated, “You can come out now, he’s gone.”

Brice emerged from the dark behind one of the many potted trees scattered throughout the house. Ellis hadn’t seen him at all and he thought that Thai was also unaware of his presence.

“I’m a fool. I should have known you’d know …”, but Thai cut him off, “It’s okay – no harm, no foul. Whacha gotz on your mind?”

“Well … it’s kinda like …”, and Brice was lost for words. Thai couldn’t see him blushing in the darkness, but he knew the normally brash Brice was really self-conscious over what he was about to ask from his boss.

“You’re not a piece of meat to me, Brice; you know we’re more like friends. Everyone knows that. Tell me what’s on your mind.”

Another long conversation ensued and Thai was forced to lean forward and flip on his desk light. The moon had gone far enough past the skylight that it was becoming gloomy in his office. Thai finally was getting tired and leaned forward, “So to sum it all up, tell me what you really think you want.”

“I’m totally envious seeing the love between Eddy and Ellis and I’ve always wanted to be a big brother. I know it won’t be the same as them, but I don’t know how you can help either.”

“Everything always seems to always work out. I know that by now that you’ve probably met my good friend Blaise,” and Thai searched Brice’s face for some sign of recognition.

“Well kinda. He’s that guy that is always trying to follow me around. I’ve discouraged him completely, I don’t a groupie. He keeps kinda to himself. I’m really sick of him making moon eyes at me.” Brice stated.

Thai leaned back in his chair and gave a deep, hearty laugh, “You mean … he follows you around like a little brother and tries to be just like you?”

Brice was flabbergasted. He had mistaken Blaise’ interest as puppy love. He folded his hands in his lap and just said, “oops”. How could he have been so stupid? How could I have mistaken what I thought I saw? I had what I wanted all along and never recognized it.

Thai interrupted his thoughts, “Are you sure about what you want? You can back out until you can’t back out.”

Brice’s sweet-boy devilishly good looks animated, “Yes Yes, I never thought… you can? … you will? … he will?... it’s okay?”

Thai was smiling at Brice’s over eagerness. He reached over and picked up another crystal wine glass and poured Brice and generous amount. “Here, sit for a while and have a glass of wine.”

They sat and chatted about everything that had been going on the last few months and eventually the conversation drifted off. Brice stood up to go but Thai stopped him, “I do want you to talk to Blaise in the morning. When you can both come to me and show me that you really want what you’re asking and that you are ready for it, I will help.”

“Thanks Thai. I really mean that. Thanks.”

The next morning, Ellis woke up early. He nervously came out of his bedroom and sat down in the adjoining sitting room waiting for his brother and Alex to come out of their room. They had one of the few suites on the attic level. Thai thought it best because it gave everyone privacy, but kept the little family very close together. There was a bond between the three of them which far exceeded whatever little prompting Thai’s ‘mixed drinks’ could ever give. Ellis didn’t feel like eating. He was too agitated by his expectant changes. He sat as best he could, patiently waiting for Eddie and Alex to come out. He heard them. They were wrestling again, Ellis heard the bedsprings crying out their anguish at being resurrected from their calm and quiet retirement. ‘Those two are going to need a new bed soon….’


Ellis giggled. He heard them, “Yeah… I’m alright… what about you?” “Yeah…I’m okay…” “Ellis is probably waiting anyways.”

When they opened their door, little Eddie and Alex came out to find Ellis sitting on the sofa blushing. “Morning bro,” Eddie chirped and padded his way over to the sofa and hopped up into his brother’s lap and gave him a really wet kiss. “We really didn’t mean anything…”

“It’s okay. I know what you meant…” Ellis finished for him.

It was perfectly apparent that the lovers had not finished their morning woodies, as normal; their obscene penis’ were sticking straight out and the men were trying to look at anything other than each other.

“I’m going to get my shower now”, Alex announced and Eddie bounced onto the floor saying, “That’s a good idea. Big day ahead,” and the two disappeared down the short hallway to the bathroom. Ellis heard the water turn on and knew he only had to be patient another half and hour or so.

As a result of Alex shrinking down a little and becoming more muscular, Eddie only had to get down on his knees to swallow his lover’s dick. He really thought about what it would have been like if his would have just been able to stand as tall as his lover’s penis and look the one-eyed snake, eye to eye. As the water cascaded over his body, Eddie felt the warm stream flow through his hair and down his back. Alex was lost in all the feelings his lover drew out in him and was completely helpless to do anything other than stand there bringing joy to his lover. When he felt the surge of his cum filling his lover’s mouth, he was released from his trance and lifted Eddie up and his tongue thrust into his lover’s mouth, greedy to share his seed. The two swallowed together and Alex was again flooded full of lust for Eddie. He sank down to his knees and with water splashing over his back took tool Eddie’s monster dick into his mouth. The water began to surround them and Alex could feel Eddie kicking his feet, splashing as his mouth was being filled with his lover’s cum. As they shared their cum-filled soul kiss this time, Alex began to laugh uncontrollably. He almost chocked as he swallowed his lover’s cum and Eddie began to rub him down, actually helping to clean him off so the cum wouldn’t get sticky and dry on them.

Alex was bent over laughing as Eddie shut off the water and looked up at him, water still dripping down off his hair. Alex stopped laughing, but with a sincere smile and looked down at his lover, “You are really one really sexy pervert and ah luvs ya…. and what they saw about you is right.”

Eddie’s face looked confused, but he smiled. “You really do put out about a pint and a half of cum.” They both laughed and hugged each other as the water emptied out of the tub. Instead of their regular morning ritual of wrapping up in one towel to dry off, they each grabbed one and started wiping down each other, Ellis was waiting. They kissed again quickly, pulled on their shorts and headed back to the sitting room.

Already waiting for them, Thai was there with the trolley and was pulling the silver service from the shelves distributing their breakfast around the table. Ellis was trying to help, trying to find something to occupy his hands whilst he waited for Eddie and Alex to finish up in the bathroom. He was relieved to see them. Then they realized, Thai had brought up four plates, he was going to join them for breakfast. He handed Ellis some pineapple juice and said, “Here, suck that down while we get everything ready. I’ll bet you’re going to be famished by the time we actually sit down to eat.”

Ellis didn’t hesitate for second. He knew what this meant. He looked at his brother in the eye and then winked at Alex. He chugged the juice and smiled again at his brother. He slammed the glass down on the table, actually not intending too, and noticed that his grip seemed to be a little stronger than usual. Thai pretended to keep unloading their breakfast from the trays and set up the coffee service; but he kept glimpsing over to keep a check on Ellis.

The room seemed to grow around him. It was unnoticeable at first, but Ellis could feel it moving just beyond his reach. He was distracted by the fact that he felt his muscles begin to burn. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but just the right amount of warm and tingly. He watched his arms as the blood vessels began to expand. They looked almost like a science fiction movie with the transparent veins of some cyborg. Then he noticed that his waist was getting very tight. When he thought clearly enough to look down, he couldn’t see it. His pecs had swollen up and like a shelf sticking out from his chest. He watched his arms; with every beat of his heart he could see the veins popping out and his biceps swelling to enormous proportions. He felt his neck expand and his jaw changing shape. He wanted to talk, but all he could croak out was some guttural animalistic sounds. He was rooted to the spot but he could sense that his thighs and calves were expanding at the same rate as his arms and chest. He actually experienced the feeling of the arches in his feet as they rose off the floor. His flat feet were a thing of the past. Ellis tried to move his hands, but it was as though he were now a statue: a statue of some Greek athlete carved in marble – a thing that people would travel miles to stand and see and worship for its perfection.

In an instant, it stopped and Ellis felt light and heavy and short and strong all in one mixed emotion. Standing behind him, as Ellis flexed arms, Alex felt that he looked like a magnificent king cobra ready to strike. Thai had finally finished laying out the breakfast and turned to fully look upon Ellis.

Just like Eddie, when Ellis tried to speak, he ended up giggling instead. His voice was almost an octave higher. It was still his voice, but sounded young and high. Eddie reached over to his big, little brother and stroked the soft and sparse beard that his brother now sported around his chin. He looked like a sixteen-year-old trying to grow his first facial hair. Other than that and his scalp, his body was completely devoid of hair of any type. His dick wasn’t as long or as thick as Eddie’s, but he was certainly going to be a slave to rampant teenage hormones. The onlookers watched as the blood began to pulse into his mighty organ. Like I say, it was not as obscenely large as Eddie’s but they were never ever going to be mistaken for anything other than brothers now. And of course, as Ellis would now begin to get older, the thing was destined to grow. Everyone knew, once he had a lover, it was going to be getting long workouts.

Ellis turned around and in his now high, squeaky voice announced, “From now on call me Ely. It’s gonna be too easy for everyone to start calling me Ellie, … Eddy,” and his eyes fixed on his slightly shorter older brother. Everyone laughed. Ely put on the most annoyed expression he could, flexed his muscles and announced, “I’m famished. Let’s eat.”

Brice found himself following the path down the hillside to the beach. He knew Blaise always liked an early morning swim in the sea; and there he was, cute kid with a hairy chest, standing in the tidewater looking up at him. “Hi Brice”, he called up the hill. Brice could see his smile even at this distance. He was already starting to feel ‘a little brotherly’, Brice found himself thinking that his soon-to-be little brother shouldn’t come down here alone: anything could happen.

Brice hadn’t been able to sleep. He had laid in bed tossing and turning all night. He was going to have a little brother. He thought about it as he finished his walk down the hill. Was he up to that responsibility? He’d been an only child all his life. Now there would be someone who would be looking up to him. What was he thinking? Even if he got Blaise to go with him to see Thai, and he probably would, they were both in their twenties. But a little brother you could love without having to have sex with him. And his little brother wouldn’t be expecting him to put out either. They could just sort of, well, be like brothers. Hang out together and kinda watch out for one another. Scare off any creepy S&M guys that were out chasing their tails.

“Hi Blaise”, he said and smiled as he stepped into the water to go up to his little brother. He caught himself, he was putting on his boyish charm to try to seduce Blaise. This is not what he wanted. It was just so ingrained in him; but he didn’t have to play that game with his little brother. There were going to be brothers.

The bashful Blaise turned to Brice and was blushing a wee bit. He almost stammered, “Are you really gonna let me be your little brother? Is it … true? Thai said …”, and then he trailed off. He was definitely an excitable boy; but he had caught himself before he babbled on endlessly at the man he looked up to and admired.

Brice smiled, “Yes. It’s true, if you want it to be. Thai will only do it though, if we go to him together, …well like brothers should.”

Blaise tried to run to his ‘brother’ but fell face first into the water. Brice was laughing so hard he was having trouble helping his ‘little brother’ out of the shallows. “You okay.”

Blaise sputtered and coughed as the last of the water he’d gotten up his nose sprayed out. “Yeah I think so. Yeah, I’m okay.”

Brice didn’t know what else do. He just stood there watching his little brother dripping. Now that they were actually close, Blaise threw his arms around Brice and gave his a bear hug and a short kiss. “I love you for being my brother – it means so much.”

Caught up in the moment, Brice smiled at the cute hairy kid and said, “I love you too … we … ah should be getting back. Thai is probably waiting if I know him.”

With arms over shoulders, the two brothers-to-be started back up the hill towards the mansion. Brice couldn’t think of anything to say. He had thought everything through. Blaise was so excited, he just kept babbling on and on about how great it was to be having a brother and all the things brothers did for each other and that now he would have a family.

The last thought stuck with Brice. He’d always been alone. Even though he was young, his parents were gone and he’d been a street hustler before Thai had picked him out of the mire. He turned it over in his mind again: I’m going to belong to someone now. I’m going to be part of a family.

When they came into the foyer, the house was silent. The few guys that were still around were not out of bed yet – or more likely, in bed ‘for the duration’. Blaise looked over at his brother, “…gay guys… go figure …” and Brice laughed.

The urge was undeniable, Brice found himself putting his arm around his brother’s shoulder as they quietly walked the distance to Thai’s office. He could feel the heat of his brother radiating on his arm. The fuzzy guy was hot stuff.

When they got there, the office was empty. There was no sign that Thai had even been there and left for a minute, that he might be right back. It was just alone and empty and cold.

Blaise started out, “Maybe he forgot.”

But Brice knew better. Thai never forgot anything. Thai was always on time. Thai’s timing was impeccable. “No Blaise, I think he meant for us to wait. Whatever he’s doing must be very important or he would be here.” He thought about it a minute and then said, “We’ve waited all our lives to find each other, a few minutes more won’t matter now.”

Blaise looked heart stricken, but falling into his role as little brother, he deferred to the wider experience of his older brother. He would have to be patient. The minutes ticked by, marked by the grandfather clock. Most of the time it was forgotten, back in its own quiet corner; but now it was the only sound in the room other than the beat of the brother’s hearts. Blaise kept looking over at Brice and smiling and Brice would smile back confidently. It dawned on Brice that Thai was letting them think about it for a while before he gave them what they wanted. He had to be sure because there would be no going back. They would be bonded by blood for the rest of their lives.

“Sorry I’m late guys,” Thai quickly quipped as he breezed by them. “I was having breakfast with Eddie and Ely and got delayed. You guys sure?”

Blaise exploded with joy and cried, “Yes yes yes we’re sure”, but Brice just smiled and shook his head yes.

In the twinkling of an eye, Thai laid out a vial on his desk and looked at Blaise and then he did the same with Brice. “I’ve got to go – I’ll see you guys later –have fun,” and before either one could say anything, Thai had swept out of the room and they were left sitting there alone, looking at each other.

Brice got up first and reached for his vial. He looked over at Blaise who looked as if he was about to start crying. Brice picked up Blaise’ vial then and handed it to his brother.

In a very brotherly tone, “Maybe we should go to my room so we can be alone.”

Blaise just sat there, tears welling up in his eyes, “It’s really gonna happen isn’t it?”

A sudden pang hit Brice. Didn’t his friend want to go thru with it? He thought he remembered Thai telling him that it was okay if he didn’t want to, but if he did then it was going to be forever. Brice quietly spoke up, “Not if you don’t want to. We can change our minds any time until we do it.”

“No No!!”, Blaise cried out. “That’s not what I meant. I meant … oh … it’s real isn’t it?”

Brice smiled, this time easily fitting into his new role, “Yeah bro, it’s as real as it gets. Come on.”

The urge to put his arm around his little brother and protect him from whatever fears he might have had filled Brice with humility. He had a longing to do it, he wanted to protect the guy. As he reached his hand out to help his brother from the chair, he pulled him into a hug and tousled his hair. Then he put his arm around Blaise’ shoulder and started toward the door. Blaise felt the strength of his big brother and looked up at him as they walked and smiled at him.

When they got to Brice’s room on the other end of the house there was no sound from anywhere. Brice paused to check his little brother whose eyes were roaming around the huge, empty hallway. Blaise stood back and marveled at the huge windows that filled the place with light and was about to go over backward when he looked up to stare at the skylight.

“Whoa there little bro …” and Brice caught him as he lost his balance. Looking down at Blaise, “Someone might mistake us for lovers”.

“Nah … when they see us, they’ll know we’re brothers…” Blaise gleamed up at him.

Brice led the way into his room and closed the door. It felt awkward to be standing there with a brother instead of a trick. Brice was lost for words, but effervescent Blaise just sprang up on the bed and bounced around. “Too bad I’m too big to have you hold me after a scary dream and sleep with you”, he chirped.

Brice smiled and said, “You can sleep with me unless I’m with someone – we have a whole lifetime to make up for what we missed and anyone can say whatever they want. I don’t care.” The brotherly and mature tone in his voice surprised him, but he felt that there was something ‘just right’ about it.

“I can’t wait anymore”, Blaise announced and before there could be any more debate of last minute changing-of-the-mind, pulled the stopper out of his vial and upended the drink. Brice knew that sometimes the ‘effects’ took days or weeks and that sometimes they were almost instantaneous. Afraid that he might not be the one to go through with it at this point, Brice swallowed his fears quickly and chased them down with his own vial.

This was going to be a fast one, he could tell. He already felt changes happening to his body, but Brice was totally captivated by what he was seeing happen to his little brother. Blaise’ body hair started falling out. All of his ‘pudginess’ was disappearing and his pinkish white skin was becoming a golden tan. For a split second Brice thought that maybe Thai had thought that they wanted to be ‘bruthas’ like he and Geoffrey, but he quickly discarded the idea when he saw Blaise’ eyes change colour from dark brown to the brightest blue. The boy was totally denuded and as Blaise ran his hand over his body, his dark brown hair fell out in clumps. Then the most amazing transformation started. He watched as Blaise’ lips changed from pink to rosy red and began to puff up. They were becoming the most luscious and kissable lips Brice had ever seen. The boy had cute little chipmunk cheeks and the cutest ears. As the hair on his scalp began to grow back, it appeared to be a light golden blonde, but as it got longer, it turned to creamy white. The effect was very seductive. As the effect was reaching its closing moments Blaise’ pushed himself up on the bed and admired his now gorgeous thighs and calves. They were strong and masculine; but at the same time boyish. The only other hair on his brother’s body was a wisp of hair beneath his chin, (obviously trying hard to grow into a goatee but couldn’t) and a few light golden pubic hairs which only served to accentuate his moderate, but extremely well hung dick. He jumped out of the bed and swiveled his hips around, causing his dick to slap back and forth from one thigh to the other.

Blaise smiled up at his brother with the seductive and playful style of Brice whilst Brice chocked out, “My god – you’re my exact twin!”

“I don’t think so bro,” Blaise laughed at him. “You are an amazing sex god that everyone will want to worship. When I grow up I am so thankful that I’m going to look just like you,” and Blaise jumped up off the bed and raced toward his brother and threw his arms around him. Brice gave into the embrace, it felt so good to have a brother put his arms around you and feel and know that you were loved.

Brice felt that the hug had gone on long enough and he really wanted to get a look at his new self. As Blaise released his hug, and stepped back, Brice saw immediately that he was no longer a hairless smoothie. He wasn’t a bear either, but he had the softest coating of brown chest hair covering him. He felt his face and knew that all his ‘baby fat’ was gone. He had grown a few inches taller, but the thing that captured his attention whilst he walked towards the bathroom was that his shoulders were broader. As he examined himself in the mirror, his beautiful blonde hair had dark brown roots. Because he had lost the fat from his cheeks, his jaw was much more pronounced and his slight goatee had obviously been trimmed back to stand out, not because the hair wasn’t there to grow it. Brice smiled, he wasn’t dramatically changed into one of the muscleboiz, but was just a little bit older. His new maturity only served to accent his masculinity. He was no sweet faced boy anymore – he was all man.

As he turned to leave the bathroom, he noticed that Blaise was smiling his boyish smile from ear to ear almost hopping up and down he was so exited. Brice noticed that Blaise was only a few inches shorter than himself. He felt almost relieved that he didn’t have to play ‘prettyboi” anymore. He didn’t look that much older than Blaise either, maybe five or six years at the most, maybe seven. Whatever it was, he liked it and so did his little brother. One thing was for sure, without question, and that was he really loved his little brother and he knew in his heart that his little brother loved him.

“You know … we really should ought to catch up to Eddie and Ellis … I mean Ely,” and he smiled. “With all the families growing around this place, the lovers are going to have to form their own club for companionship.”

“Nahhh…” Blaise laughed, “but I do want do confuse them. A little.” And he giggled.

The two brothers cooked up a plot. Blaise put on one of Brice’s sleaziest outfits (which he was very famous for wearing) and Brice pulled on an old pair of faded, striped denim jeans. They really felt a lot more comfortable now that his body had shifted into maturity. They really supported his lower hanging balls and thicker penis.

Blaise flounced out to the pool and paraded around for Eddie, Alex and Ely to see. “You’re wasting it on us Brice. We’ve seen it all before. Get a lover and get a room,” Alex directed.

“Make me,” Blaise shouted and started to splash the guys with water. They had peacefully been floating on their mattresses, enjoying a lazy morning in the sun until ‘he’ showed up and Mighty Little Ely was getting pissed off. He jumped off and swam to the side of the pool and really displayed just how many muscles he had as the little hulk pulled himself out of the pool. He was about to march up to Blaise when he heard a voice shout at him from the other side of the pool.

The deep man’s voice shouted, “Just what do you think you’re going to do with my little brother??!!”

The wind emptied out of little Ely’s sails as everybody turned to see Brice standing at the other end of the pool. “Whoa.” •

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