By Also_KnownAs

This time, it felt different. My growth. It felt... stronger. Deeper. More complete or something. I mean, when I grew previously it was always after a treatment. I had never spontaneously just grown like this, so I suppose I could concentrate on that feeling rather than the pain that I usually felt.

That was it! No pain! I had felt no pain this time, only that surging heat and tight stretching feeling all over. My muscles felt like they were getting one hell of a work-out and my whole body – my whole being – felt energized, like a guitar string being plucked or a drumhead being beaten. This sort of humming, throbbing, vibration was moving all through me and I could feel myself getting bigger than ever.

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was cum everywhere. I mean, I knew that's what I'd been doing. I just couldn't stop myself, and didn't want to anyway because it felt so fucking great! But seeing it now, in thick strings dripping off the walls and ceiling, and coating my stunned patron's naked bod, I was shocked. How much had I pumped out, anyway? It looked like gallons! It was everywhere, on his furniture and the pictures on the walls and his rug and, well, fucking everywhere. The place smelled… like me. Deeply funky and sexy and masculine, if I do say so myself. My dick was still pulsing in my grip, even if I wasn't pumping any more cream. It felt hard as steel in my hands, slick with cum and red and hot. Finger-thick veins pulsed along its inches, and it had to be two feet high if it was an inch.

I felt slightly restricted and it soon became apparent why. As I tried to straighten, my head brushed the ceiling. The ten-foot ceiling! This was not in the books. Getting this big – bigger than ever, in other words, meant that I either had to go out and wander the neighborhood butt nekkid or stay overnight at this dude's place so I could fit back in my clothes tomorrow morning.

From the look of him, I didn't think he would exactly kick me out on my ass. My firm, muscle-packed, bubble-butt ass.

I had to smile. I had to laugh. I had this giddy, slightly silly feeling inside like a kid on Christmas morning. I looked down at my newly grown body and nearly started coming all over again. My pecs jutted out thick and massive. Fuck, I wanted a mirror right then. I wanted to see what he was seeing, this guy across from me coating with my cream. Looking at him, meeting his gaze, I saw a reflection of what I must look like, how amazing and powerful I was now. Bigger than ever, bigger than anyone, bigger than possible. I felt like I needed to say something, but looking around, and at him, and the fucking mess I made of his place, all I could think to say was, "Sorry, dude."

My voice surprised me. I suppose my vocal cords had stretched along with the rest of me, so my tone was low and deep and resonant from my fucking huge chest. I sounded like a record on slow, like back when they still made vinyl albums. I laughed again because of the sound, and my laughter was a deep rumble. It all sounded weird to me. I wondered how it sounded to him.

From the looks of his dick – which only a second ago was limp – I thought he was pretty much enjoying this.

. . .

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckety, fuck! That voice! It passed through me and shook the walls. He said, `Sorry, dude,' and it pulsed in my head. He was licking my cock with that voice, he was stroking me hard and firm and full. He smiled and his face, his beautiful amazing face, changed and became something godlike and immortal. Whatever the fuck had just happened, whatever I just watched, apparently this wasn't in the play book.

I said, "S'okay," just out of rote. I mean, what was I gonna do, go apeshit? He could fucking break me in two with his pinkies! The man was… was… well, what eth fuck was he, now? Gigantic? Yes. Mammoth? Of course. But more than that, he seemed more masculine and deeply powerful, as if something was emanating out from him, some force of male muscular supremacy I wanted to drown inside. He couldn't even straighten up, and I watched him move to sit on the floor, watching his amazing collection of brawn twist and flex and bulge under his clean and beautiful skin. He seemed to find it all amusing because he kept up this low rumbling laughter.

Finally, as he settled on his butt and crossed his massive legs (how the fuck can he even bend so much fat brawn?) I said, "Are you all right?" I mean, he certainly looked pretty fucking all right, but what the hell else was I supposed to say to this guy?

He nodded and started to move his hands across the vast contours of muscle that now covered his body. He grasped a heavy pec and then tensed it and it bulged so fat it was like it doubled in size. He rubbed his thumb on the nipple and his cock pulsed and jumped in instant response. "Oh yeah," he answered, "I'm good." He looked across at me and then around the room. "Look, uh, forget the charge, okay? No charge. I think you'll need it for the cleaning bill."

Then I laughed. "No shit. I guess this isn't part of the usual package?"

He shook his head. "Nope. Just something extra." He tilted his head, his hands still feeling up the new dimensions of his bod. He caressed the ripples of his tight belly. He rubbed the rounded mass of a tricep. He bulged his bicep into full glory and it was as big as a football. "Damn," he said softly.

I could hardly believe my eyes. Had anyone ever seen something like this? Had there ecer been a man so huge, so powerful, so utterly beautiful before? He had to be over ten feet high, now. God knew how much he weighed. The measuring tape would be useless, it only stretched so far. The guy's chest looked like a small car, with the plumpest, juiciest headlights pointing at the floor. His grin never failed as he explored himself, his touch settling finally on the fat length of meat between his legs, still shiny and moist from his huge load. "What... um..." He looked up. His eyes were electric, his gaze fierce and direct, that smile made his face luminous and gorgeous. "What happens now?"

He huffed out a breathy laugh and a low rumble shook the room. "I guess I'm yours for the night, if that's okay."

"Fuck, yeah, Titan! I mean, yes, no problem."



"Name's Ted. Titan's just for..." He shrugged his mountain range.

. . .

I told him my name, which was totally against the rules. But the fantasy was over, wasn't it? This was beyond the show, now. Something had happened and I wasn't going to fuck around with bullshit. He didn't exactly look disappointed with the situation, and what could it hurt, anyway?

I was beyond huge, even beyond motherfuckin' huge. I was off the scale. I literally couldn't fit inside the guy's pad. Two things were on my mind at that point. One, I couldn't wait for Jason and I to get together. He wasn't into the growth thing, usually, not like my clients. But I know he still got off on it, and I couldn't wait to see his reaction to the bigger me – and to fuck him silly. That was the other thing on my mind. Sure, I'd just blown a load so full and rich and bursting that the place was dripping with it, but I already could feel another load building. My cock was tingling and throbbing, my balls itched with the weight of my need and my whole body was hot and pulsing.

I looked at the guy, standing there still in shock, and I wanted to do him bad. Or have him do me again. Either way, this night was far from over.

I found myself grinning in a most lecherous fashion. My breath was hot and deep and pure, filling my lungs with the scent of my sex. I licked my lips and heard myself say…

. . .

"Let's fuck."

He said it just like that, the muscled giant in my living room. He growled the words in his earth-shaking tones and they resounded through my whole body.

Ted the Titan. He was naked and huge and beautiful. His gargantuan body, overwhelmed with muscle, began moving toward me with slow, sensual grace. Every cable of muscle, every fiber, stretched and flexed and bulged under his skin as he moved. His eyes were feral, his need like a presence in the room that overwhelmed everything, like heat that drenched me.

I was scared. As he approached, his true size became more and more apparent. He seemed to be still growing, but I knew that was an illusion. The truth was more fantastic than that, the truth was that he was bigger than I thought he was. His shoulders stretched wider and wider as he crawled toward me. His arms bulged with fat wedges and balls of brawn, twisting and flexing around each other for space. His chest was two huge globes hanging mammoth with power, the nipples like small dicks planted in the round glory of his pecs.

He was a tiger or a lion or a bear – of course! He was a bear, huge and menacing, muscular and furry. His arms could crush me. His prick would rip me in two. He had enough cum in his heavy balls to drown me utterly.

Holy fucking God, I wanted him so bad.

. . .

I could see it on his face. He was scared of me. OK, that wasn't an unusual situation for me. Sometimes guys didn't really know what it meant to have a Grower as big as me when I maxed out. Now I was bigger than ever. Even I didn't know how this was going to work out. I mean, Jesus. I had an arm between my legs!

I wasn't thinking with my brain, though. You know how that goes, you've been there. You get a need and you want it fulfilled. We were both naked, we were both hard, we wanted each other – you can tell, right? I mean, there's the hard dick but, shit, the guy was practically salivating.

I came toward him slowly. I could feel my own weight, now, my hugeness and my… vastness, I guess. I could see my bigger shoulders bunch and flex as I moved on all fours toward him. I stretched myself along his floor, I moved low like I was approaching an animal I didn't want to spook. I looked at his body, his fine firm muscles, he spent time at the gym and he had a swimmer's build, it's called. Smooth and fine and every muscle visible, but not huge like me. Not bulging.

I wanted to lick his whole body, stem to stern. I wanted to eat his ass out and pull his balls inside my mouth and suck on them like candy. I wanted to plant my prick up his tight hole and feel him contract against my hardness. I wanted to wrap him inside my arms, hold him inside and kiss his mouth, slide my tongue inside and let him taste his own ass.

I wanted to swallow him. I wanted him to swallow me. I wanted us together in every way.

. . .

Titan's face loomed in front of me. Even his features were oversized. So beautiful, though, and I could feel his warm, wet breath coat my skin as he leaned forward and kissed my mouth. It was as if a statue of David had come to life, oversized and hard as marble. His lips were soft but I felt his hand on my shoulder, gripping me hard, his grasp as huge as the rest of him. His thumb met my nipple and I could feel the ridges of his skin against me. Jesus God, he was huge, so fucking huge.

I was helpless, and I had never been in this position before. I felt at first I wouldn't succumb to him, thinking he would overpower me and make me his slave. That wasn't what I had wanted, I was in control of him, he was mine tonight. But something had changed the formula, and now everything was up in the air.

His kiss was needful, urgent, passionate and, well, very good. He knew how to kiss. It helped that his mouth was large, his lips full and ripe. I wondered, absently, what it would feel like to have him sucking my cock. Everything happened so fast, and I didn't have time to cover all the bases before. What did he want? And how could I fulfill his desires?

He broke the kiss and our eyes met and I was overwhelmed again. I felt insignificant in his presence, a child before a man. He licked his lips and smiled and looked down t my body, and my steel-hard prick pulsing against my belly. I was so hard it hurt. I felt like I could start pumping a load any second. He moaned or something, made a deep sound from his chest, and then said, "Can you hold on?"

Jesus! Jesus, was he really worried about that? Jesus! What about his dick piercing me and splitting me open? What about me choking to death on his massive prick? Or drowning when his next huge load fountained out of him? But all I did was nod. I was scared and excited and felt like I was in a dream of some kind. He was so big! So fucking big!

. . .

He was trembling. I felt it when we kissed. Was it excitement or fear? Probably both. My hand could hold half his torso. I could feel his muscles moving in my palm. He was sticky from my cum and smelled funky and fuckworthy. My inner pig was coming out and I could hardly wait to go at him – all of him.

I looked down at his dick and it looked angry, red and ready to spit. I asked him to hold on, because I wanted that thing in my mouth. But I had other things to attend to first.

The boy needed a tongue bath, and luckily my tongue was big enough to finish fast. I started on his chest, pressing my mouth against him and them letting my tongue, hot and wet, drag across his skin. He shuddered and I felt as well as heard him groan. I licked across his skin, tasting my salty seed still there, and pushed my tongue into his pit. He was rank with sweat and tasted like a man. I moved my mouth across his torso and his tight belly, then I asked him to turn around and I started on his back, and then lower.

Mmm, he was fragrant and salty everywhere. I shoved my tongue between his ass cheeks like a pliable, horny dick and he bent and opened himself to me. His back bloomed with muscle as he arched it and his rosy hole practically dripped.

He had a hairy ass and I licked him all over, then pushed inside and began to eat his firm little butt, practically trying to crawl inside. Man, I needed him bad. I could feel that need like a fire inside. I started to slurp and lick and grabbed him so I could get up in there.

. . .

Ted was fucking me with his tongue. That's exactly what it felt like. It was hot. Jesus it felt good. I wanted to cum so bad, I could feel myself at the edge of it so I grabbed my balls and tugged hard. His tongue, his huge tongue, dragged its wetness across my hand and I nearly came anyway.

. . .

I had to be careful, now. He'd grabbed his balls and his whole body went stiff. So I moved my tongue under and up between his legs and drenched his whole undercarriage with a long, hot swipe. His tastes mingled in my mouth, tangy and salty and musty. His hand moved onto his cock and he grabbed hold and held on. I kept at him, daring and teasing him. Then I turned him around quite easily – man, I was fucking strong! I moved my mouth over his hot cock and started to suck with gusto.

. . .

I had to cum! I had to cum! It was there! So much of it! I was a rocket! I was blasting before I knew it! Stars appeared in my eyes, a blackness swarmed in from somewhere, I could feel nothing but his mouth enveloping me and sucking so hard and true that it felt like he was pulling it out of me, emptying my balls, and his lips were everywhere.

. . .

He squirted a half dozen times. I swallowed it all. I wanted more.

. . .

I kept cumming even after it was all gone. I was so juiced! My load was spent but I kept pumping anyway and he kept sucking, and I wanted it to go on and on like that. But I was only human. I couldn't go on. There was too much of him, he was too much, God it was all so good.

. . .

I felt him jerking in my hands, his whole body was cumming and he kept jerking after he was spent. It didn't take long at all. I was still horny as hell. There was no way I was going to be able to plud his ass, my dick had to be 20 or 24 inches and probably 10 around! What hole would accommodate that? Even his two hands would hardly dent the thing.

All that was left was a slow, steady jerk off. So I moved off him and set back against his wall, my legs stretched out in front of me, grabbed my goober and started whacking.

His eyes bugged out. Shit, I wish there was a mirror around so I could have watched myself. What did I look like, sitting there naked and... and then he came over and, oh, Jesus, oh Jesus....

. . .

His cock was huge! Fat and firm and red. Beautiful. I love dick. I fucking love it. And here was the biggest one on the planet, and it was ready for me. So I went up to him, between his legs, and with his spit still on me, I rubbed myself against him, fucking his prick with my whole body.

I wrapped my arms around it and moved up and down it's hot, slick surface. I licked the rim of the head and kissed it and made love to that fucking cock like it was my lover. He loomed over me, huge and muscular, but I was all about the cock. It was my world. He leaned back and closed his eyes and let me do whatever I wanted his his massive manhood.

I felt him swell as I caressed it with my body and rubbed myself against it. It was like having a cock in my mouth as it cums, swelling suddenly, but it all swelled and then he was going off again and I could feel it and hear it and it rained down on me, slick and sticky and warm. His essence drenched me again. I pumped it from him and he shook with joy and satisfaction.

I wondered how long this could go on. •

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