By Also_KnownAs

Oh, ho, ho, man was this dude into it! I could tell by that tone in his voice. I'd heard it before coming out of my own augmented throat. I felt a rush of pleasure course through my whole body, because I knew I'd feel his fantasy too.

See, a thing I found out once with Jason is that sometimes, I get big without thinking about it. I remember the first time it happened. We were fucking, his fine prick was plugged in and he was screwing me good and hard like I like it, slamming into me, I was on my back with my legs over his shoulders and he was leaning over me going in deep, so deep, and we were at it for a long, fine time and then he comes, his hot cream inside me and I cream at the same time, squirting a thick load all over my own chest.

I'm not concentrating on doing anything but enjoying the ride. My eyes are pinched shut, I'm shouting "Harder, harder!" and he's saying quietly, powerfully, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll hurt for days. You're gonna feel my cock in your ass until the day you die, motherfucker. Take all of me, all my thick, hard inches," and then we're done and he collapses onto me and I realize he's a lot smaller than he should be and I open my eyes and I'm fucking huge! Mammoth! Muscle everywhere, fat and broad and pulsing, thick veins feeding all that power, covered in cum and sweat and he says, "Shit, Ted, that was awesome!"

And I go, "Yeah, and look what you did!" And his talented artist's hands start to explore my muscled bulk and he's like, "Why'd you do that?" and I said, "I didn't!" But I'm so charged up, so huge, he starts feeling randy all over again and somehow, some way, we go again!

It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, when I'm able to surrender to the fuck, it's the most amazing feeling. It had never happened with a client, but I was thinking maybe, with this guy, just maybe…

When he turned around and displayed the awesome muscular detail of his back, I nearly came again. He was nothing but bulges everywhere, across his traps, down his lats, every fucking inch crammed full with male strength. He paused and seem to collect himself, and every muscle tensed and flexed. He was showing me his control, flaunting his body's perfection like a prize. I approached him and put my hand on the sleek hardness of his back and pushed him down.

His rosebud opened to me. It was red and puckered and, like the rest of him, perfect. I was drooling precum and I rubbed the hard head of my dick against his hole, leaving a shining slickness. I fingered him, pushing inside, feeling the strength even here, as well as a yielding invitation. His ass seemed to open to my touch and then suck my digit inside. He was hot and wet in there and I felt a jolt of excitement manifest as orgasmic pleasure in my cock.

I pushed in two, three, four fingers. I tickled his prostate, pushing and rubbing against it until I heard his deep rumble of approval. I sniffed him off my hand and then pulled him open and shoved inside.

God, it felt so good, so real and right and beautiful. He had the ass of a God, a welcoming snugness that grabbed hold and pulled tight. He was so deep inside, open for all of me and then he was surrounding my prick and sucking against it, soft moans of delight escaping his throat.

I ran my hand across the mountain range of his back and said, "You're going to feel it everywhere, Titan. I'm going to fuck you huge. So fucking huge." And I started to slide in and out, shoving my inches inside him, feeling that heat again but this time it was surrounding me and coming from me and I was making him grow.

He was good, I'll give him that. Not as big as Jason, mind you, or as huge as an Auggie with cock to spare. I was outfitted to welcome a dick three times his size with no problem, but I knew what he wanted. He wanted to feel huge, and he wanted to feel like I was the object of his gifts.

But I waited. I relaxed. I gave in. I wanted us to share something. I wanted him to fuck me bigger, just as he wanted to. I wanted to surrender to him and let him take control, and be what he wanted me to be.

So I brought him in and tightened up, using my complete muscular control to fit him like a glove.

But I knew he was already close. His cock was hard as steel and white hot with need and passion. His hands danced across my muscles with devotion and desire. I tried to concentrate only on the fuck, only on his cock, on the deep pleasure I always received no matter who was driving, and what tool they were using. I could always make it feel good for me, but I wanted it to feel good for him, and let him have everything he was paying for.

He fucked my hard and true. Deep and full. I swallowed him and sank into that well of pleasure all men have when they allow themselves to swim in it. I closed my eyes and ran my hands across my own body, reveling in my size and strength.

I could feel it begin as I sank into the ocean of my own power. I did not grow – he made me grow.

Holy shit! I could feel it! I could really feel it! That same thrumming heat and pulsation of muscular development that I'd tasted when he allowed me to put my hand on his arm was happening again, but this time I was doing it! I was feeding him power and strength and shoving his body to more and bigger muscles!

It was different than before, and I knew it was me who was doing it this time. I felt it within me and I gave it to him and as I watched, he was growing. Jesus Fuck it was so sweet, so true and beautiful to watch his body start slowly, so slowly to swell. The muscles of his back were bulging and flexing and I could feel it like thunder inside me, because I was doing it. My cock was doing it. I was feeding him what he needed and now he was getting bigger and bigger.

I couldn't cum. I knew that would be the end of it, this feeling of power and strength pulsing through me into his body. I had to keep fucking his ass and drown in the pleasure of it and make him get bigger still, so big he'd break down doorways and shatter the floor with his passing and tear the doors off cars and be so big, so, so big that nothing could stop him. Pure perfect masculine muscular strength.

He grew inches bigger. Everything swelled with size and power, I could feel him grow, I could feel it everywhere.

Was it happening? What was happening? Something was happening.

God, so big! He was a God. A God of muscle and sex and power. How big was he now? How big would he get?

Stronger and stronger. His shoulders stretched and bulged, round masses doubling in size and rising like bread dough, the skin stretching across his building mass.

His voice grew deeper as he grew larger. His moans of pleasure were so powerful I could feel them in my chest. I could see his arms swelling beyond anything I dreamed of, fat with round, firm power. His ass expanded with more muscle, his legs like tree trunks. He threatened to pull me off my feet as he grew taller, as his legs lengthened, but he bent his knees to keep us together, and he kept on growing.

Then I felt something slapping my thighs and realized it was his balls. Huge! Round, heavy beauties swelling with his seed and dropping lower in their sack, big as eggs, then big as apples! Jesus, I wanted to come! Jesus!

I lost track of time. I lost track of everything but the man's fat dick inside me and the deep, powerful waves of orgasmic pleasure enveloping me. I spread myself open to him and swallowed him up with my ass. I wanted him inside deeper, I wanted all of him.

Oh, God, what was happening?

Bigger, you fucker! Bigger and bigger!

Ahhh, Jesus. Jesus, Jesus. Oh, fuck. Oh, yeeeaaahhhh…

I looked down at what I'd done. He was… he was superhuman. Power and strength and physical beauty stretched across his mammoth body, he bulged with it, he was swollen with it. No one had ever been so big, so powerful, so muscular. No one. Ever.

I wanted badly to come. So, so badly. I hurt with my load. My balls ached. But he had to get bigger! He kept growing, he wasn't stopping! I was doing this! So much muscle, so fat and firm and huge and strong. Jesus, what must it feel like, to be so… powerful?

Ooooohhhhh, fuuuuuuck….

I came. I had to. I plunged in deep and I felt my whole body come. And when I unloaded at last, giving him my male essence, his growth exploded!

What had been a slow, steady, amazing development suddenly turned into an eruption of muscle! I came in his ass, shoving a flood of white heat into his bowels and his whole body was not merely inches bigger, but was blooming with muscle by the foot.

If I wasn't already coming, I would have creamed even harder. I shot myself inside him, spent, and pulled away as he straightened.

If I thought he was amazing before, nothing prepared me for what my eyes were beholding now. Not merely a giant, but something bigger than that! He had to duck to prevent his head from hitting the ceiling. When he turned around, it seemed like there was nothing but muscle in the room. His muscled back did not begin to prepare me for the onslaught of powerful beauty that hung off his torso and shoulders. His waist was impossibly small and tight, and then there were his six perfect abdominals, big as oranges, leading up to a chest so huge, so muscled, so thick and powerful that I was getting hard all over again.

But my attention was drawn away from the spectacle of his amazing pecs by what was arching up from between his legs. Good God, what a cock! It looked like a third arm, it was so fat and fine and firm. The head was a deep purple and it was clear that he was about to erupt. His gaze was intense and hungry and he was gulping in deep breaths. Two huge balls hung below the giant tool, heavy with their burden. His arms, overwhelmed with brawn, hung at his side and as I watched, I could see his cock plumping and extending and then, suddenly, without him stroking it and me just standing there, he was pumping out a thick, steady stream of pearlescent cream. His whole collection of muscles tensed and bulged bigger still, if that were possible, and his load splattered against the ceiling and splashed down on us both, and the floor and walls.

He came like a fountain, so powerful I could hear him erupt. His prick launched a fat volley and his body tensed again, his hands clenched into fists, and another copious flow fountained from him, again hitting the ceiling and again dropping down on my naked form and his, thick hot drops and streams drizzling all over me.

Again and again he came, each blast as thick and powerful as the first as if his body had been holding this all in and was only now capable of thrusting it free. A dozen heavy explosions of thick cream and then another half-dozen after that, his dick swelling and receding with each release like a pump. His balls gradually decreased in size and his breathing slowed as his huge frame expended the last of his load and the whole room reeked of manscent.

I'd never felt anything like it. It was like an orgasm on top of an orgasm, the deepest and most fulfilling pleasure I ever experienced.

I felt him come in me and something seemed to snap, and I lost control for the first time in a long time. I was pushed beyond some inner wall and my body responded by exploding with muscle – more even than I had ever managed to grow on my own.

I could feel it so deep and true, my newfound size. I was exploding with power, my muscles suddenly shoving against each other for room and expanding fatter and harder, superheated and supercharged. My dick felt tight and heavy as it suddenly extended and swelled inches more than it ever had. I knew I was becoming someone vast and amazing, bigger and stronger than anyone else had ever been.

He pulled out of me and I continued to expand, straightening slowly as I felt the heat and power dissipate and sink deep inside me. I looked down at my huge body and felt a rush of sexuality and an erotic thrill that coursed and pulsed inside like a living thing that seemed to gather my newfound masculine power into a glowing white hot ball and deliver it to my cock.

I turned around and saw him there, sweating and panting, his eyes round and his dick wet and slick. I don't know what I looked like to him, but I could see on his face both his astonishment and wonder and thrill at seeing me and what I had become – was still becoming.

That electric shock of male force was building and building. I felt strength on top of strength, my arms now so huge that I was uncertain I could lift them, my chest nearly too large to see beyond. Everything tingled and throbbed and that power, my power, my ultimate power, was surging up my huge prick and I was erupting, feeling an orgasmic rush so deep and hard and true that the house shook with it. I was blinded by it, feeling something as powerful as I now was gushing from me like fireworks.

I came and I came and I came. I came all over the fucking place. I was a fountain, a volcano, a fucking fire hydrant gushing power and strength out of my dick in thick, full floods of hot cream.

Something was happening. •

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