Toggle Reality


I shifted my eyes from my monitor to the bay window overlooking the Public Gardens. Ice sculptures from last evenings' "First Night" celebrations still decorated the landscape framed by leafless trees, and beyond, the grey architecture of Arlington Street. I had the day off and some friends had extended an invitation to drive up to Killington for a day of skiing, but I didn't feel like venturing out into the cold, preferring the warmth of my small condo and to pass the time working on my computer. As I returned my gaze to the program opened in front of me, a message box popped up with a notification that a new update for my software was available. How many times, since buying Poser, had the software been updated? When I bought version2, I created "Buddy", a muscular figure that I could spin and pose. He appeared three-dimensional, but was obviously a computer generation. With the next update I had a greater ability to articulate the figure. His appearance could be altered with the addition of standard filters that came with the program. I think it was version4 that enabled me to add more features like hair, vascularity and even clothing (or at least a jock strap and white socks). Instead of standard filters, I could now change his appearance by scanning photos and applying them to the figure, each photo saved to a library that could be interchanged by sliding a bar or checking a box on the software's arsenal of toolboxes. It was at that point that I really started getting into the program. The last update was version5, which included the option of creating a stage to operate the figure, rather than the null space offered in previous versions. That was the best update. I built a room filled with gym equipment, workout mats and posing platforms. One wall was stone and another was covered with mirror. I put spotlights on the ceiling and additional lighting to the sides. I was adjusting these lights when the update notification box popped up, so I saved my work and started to download version 6 (or as they indicated in the message, version6-SE). It looked like a pretty big file, certainly big enough to give me enough time to make a cup of coffee and maybe even twist up a bone. I always seemed to get into my drawing when I have a little buzz on. In the kitchen, my coffee was poured and I had just sparked up when I thought I heard my computer re-start. That was odd, I thought I selected save to file instead of install from server, but figured there was no harm done, and continued to take a couple of tokes before picking up my coffee mug and returning to my study. When I got to my desk, sure enough, the software had self-installed and loaded all of my previously saved files. I initiated the program and was immediately amazed at how different this version's interface was. The toolboxes that were previously hidden within menus were now framing the interface on all four sides, each controlling a different aspect of the stage or object on it. They weren't your standard opaque toolboxes either, appearing more like transparent glass similar to a teleprompter. I could actually see the desktop through the toolboxes. When I clicked on a toolbox, it zoomed to the center of my monitor and expanded to reveal controls that looked like a giant sound mixing board. Dozens of slide bars, radio button and check boxes, many more than in previous versions. The combinations seemed endless. When I hit cancel, the toolbox zoomed back to its original position. I opened my previously saved stage file and again was amazed at how different it looked in this version. It was still filled with weights and benches, the mirror and lights were still there as was the stone wall, but everything looked a little different…a little more real. There was more depth and dimension. Down to the tiniest detail, each object on the stage was more convincing. The chrome bars seemed shinier, the carpet seemed softer and more textured, even the leather on the bench looked more like leather. Maybe the software chose a higher resolution setting, or maybe I was set at a higher resolution, I wasn't sure. One thing I did know was that I really liked this new version. I loaded the buddy figure-file and placed him on the flat bench. I put several plates on the bar and made him pump out a few heavy presses. Then I made him stand up and do a few lat spreads and double bi poses. When I returned him to a relaxed position I noticed his abs were still rising up and lowering. I zoomed in 400% and my eyes were not playing tricks on me, it looked like the figure was breathing. "That's a cool trick." I thought. I put him on the treadmill and made him sprint for a quarter mile. When I stopped him, sure enough, he was breathing REAL heavy. Not only that, but I could see sweat rolling down his pecs. I played with Buddy for another hour, posing him and adjusting the lighting and my vantage point; absorbing the new realism of this latest version of the software. In my search through the toolboxes I came across a switch for voice recognition. I clicked "enable", hit "OK" and a dialog box popped up. It offered two check boxes. One was labeled "toolboxes" and the other labeled "figure/objects". I checked both boxes and clicked "OK". The dialog box disappeared and a deep masculine voice from my computers speaker stated, "Welcome to Poser6 special edition…please state your name." "Gregg." I responded. "Do you have a previously saved voiceprint?" The program asked. "No." was my response. A list of words appeared on the screen and I was prompted to recite each one slowly. A few moments passed and I heard my system's hard drive start. I now, evidently, had a saved copy of my voiceprint. Using voice recognition was easy to figure out. At first I would state the toolbox I wanted to use, say the attribute I wanted to alter and then dictate the new settings. After a while I realized that the application's internal fuzzy logic allowed for a simple command like "increase biceps size by 1 inch" to work as well as reciting menu paths like "Figure properties toolbox > stats > body parts > biceps > +1". As fast as I could speak, I could change his size, appearance and position. I was searching through the various toolboxes, sometimes reading their titles out loud or manually clicking on the ones whose titles were too small to read. I clicked on one marked STATE and a toolbox zoomed to the center of my monitor. Unlike the other toolboxes with their many controls, this toolbox merely had the title "TOGGLE REALITY", a checkbox marked "enable", and a button labeled "OK". What does this do, I wondered. Impulsively I checked the box but when I held the pointer over the "OK" button, no tool tip appeared; I still didn't have a clue as to what this option would do to my file. If it fucks up I can always hit undo, I reasoned, so I hit the OK button. An hourglass replaced my pointer and a progress indicator appeared, showing me how much of the file had been converted. At 98% complete, though, I heard a screeching sound, as if the processor fan was going. At 99% my monitor turned blue like an old General Protection Fault screen, but the text wasn't legible. It was getting brighter, so bright that I had to close my eyes…then I heard a dull pop and I sensed that I was in total darkness. Opening my eyes confirmed that there were no room lights, no monitor, not even the green indicators on my CPU or battery back-up. Just total blackness. The hallway light switch was next to the door to my study, to the right of my desk. If I blew the room's receptacle circuit breaker, the hallway lights might not be affected. The door was only a few steps away, so I got up and, holding my hand out in front of me, I started in the direction of the door. I took six or seven steps, but I still couldn't find the door or even the wall. Certainly the room wasn't that big. I turned to the left and then back to the right, but I couldn't find the wall or any of the furniture that was in my study. Disoriented, I sunk to the floor and wished out loud, "Would someone please turn on a light." A single spotlight on the ceiling switched on and dimly lit the room. It looked as if I were staring into the interface on my monitor with one big difference. I was standing IN the interface. My study, my desk, my coffee cup, even the joint I was smoking was gone. Instead, I was surround by the gym I created in Poser. The stone wall was in front of me with benches and stacks of weights scattered to either side. I turned around and saw the cardio equipment, the workout mats, and the platforms that I would place Buddy on to pose. Behind me was the mirror … and in front of the mirror, on a short riser, was a 6'-4" tall figure. It was Buddy. Not really believing what was happening, I played a hunch. "Increase the overhead spot by +3", I said out loud. Amazingly, the overhead light started to brighten. Emerging from the shadows, standing on the riser, a hulk like figure, muscular, vascular and from all appearances 3 dimensional, looked down on me with an expressionless face. Was this some sort of holograph? I took a step forward. The figure didn't re-act. "Are you real?" I asked. The figure didn't respond. I took another step forward and reached out my hand. There was still no reaction from what appeared to be another being standing right in front of me. Should I touch him, I asked myself. I moved my outstretched hand a little further and came in contact with the back of his hand. It was solid - not a holograph. Strange though, there was no reaction or expression. I touched his forearm and it wasn't just solid, it was rock-hard. I could feel the texture of his skin and the ridges formed by the veins reaching up toward his biceps. I slid my hand over his upper arm and into the crevice between his arm and chest. He still did not react but I could feel body heat. Pressing my palm against the side of his chest I could feel, or almost feel, a heart beat. I circled him, gently touching different body parts, all with no reaction. When I had come around 360 degrees, I looked him square in the eye and asked, "Do you talk?" He was silent. "Do you know what's happening?" He remained silent. I thought for a moment, grabbed the sack of his jock-strap, squeezed, and said, "cough!" To my amazement, he coughed. I jerked my hand off his crotch and looked into his eyes. They were expressionless. "Why don't you answer my questions?" I asked, but in the long moment of silence that followed, I realized I knew the answer. I was asking questions, not giving commands. I raised my hand up in the air and said, "Gim'me a high five!" He reached up and slapped my palm. I looked at him and then at my palm. It was starting to make a little sense. "Lat spread" I commanded. He put his hands on his hip and stretched out his lats. His toes were pointed out and his quads were razor sharp. He crunched his abs and gave his pecs a little bounce, twisting slightly from left to right and back, as if to catch the eyes of a panel of imaginary judges seated in front of him. Hmmmm…not bad, I thought. "Quarter turn to the right, " I said. He turned 90 degrees. "Give me a side-chest." He grabbed his right wrist and twisting his upper body toward me, he popped one of the most vascular side-chest poses I've ever seen. His left leg was supporting most of his weight, allowing him to flex the more forward leg, showing off the incredible size and shape of his hamstrings. His calf was rock hard, diamond cut and the size of his arms. His biceps, held tight to his side, had freaky veins popping out in all directions. "Side-Tri!" I said and he dropped his right arm to the side, moved his left arm around his back and caught hold of his right wrist. He squeezed out his tri, forming and thick horseshoe on the back of his arm. "Quarter turn to the right" I continued. He relaxed and turned with his back to me. "Lat pull down into a double bi." was my next instruction. He swung his arms up over his head and as if grabbing an imaginary bar, he pulled down his arms into a double biceps pose flaring out his lats at the same time. I instructed him to continue to hold the pose for a while. It kind of amazed me that he wasn't showing any fatigue. Certainly holding that pose for this length of time must hurt, yet he wasn't showing any discomfort. I stepped up on the platform behind him and touched the top of his biceps. It was solid to the touch. I stretched my fingers over as much of the muscle as I could cover and squeezed. It was rock hard and, I must admit, rather erotic. "Pump this arm!" I said and he extended his forearm out straight, and then curled the biceps back up. He repeated this movement over and over, making the biceps rise up and harden under my fingers. I turned him around to face me and instructed him to do another lat spread. With his hands firmly on his hips, his chest rose up almost to the level of his shoulders. The lats curled around his back and flared out both sides under his arms. He crunched down his abs and flexed his knees to display the sweep of his steel like quads. I backed up off the stage and lowered my vantage point, which allowed me to look up at the shelf his massive pecs made, casting a shadow over his cobble-stoned 8-pack abdominals. Below them, the impressive bulge of his genitals was very visible through the soft jockstrap fabric. The jockstrap made me curious. I remember in version2 my figure had no genitals, but in version3 I found an anatomically correct option. The filters offered with that version were only "cut" and "uncut" with no ability to change the length or circumference attributes. When I updated to version 4 and was able to scan my own photos and apply those images to the surface of my figure, I had scanned an old John Holmes porn mag; now I wondered what old Johnny would look like in the flesh. I stepped up to the platform and reached into the sack of his jock strap. I felt a thick dick covering a pair of hairless low-hangers. Even soft, it extended down over his balls and curved out to the back of the sack. If he were bent over, I'm sure it would peek out through the straps that encircled his perfect ass and connected to the back of the waistband. I looked up to see if there was any reaction on his face but as expected, there was none. Shit, his face wasn't the thing I wanted to get a reaction from anyway. I placed my fingers around his dick and balls and slowly withdrew them from the side of his jock. Still no reaction from either indicator. I leaned a little closer and pressed my cheek against the inside of his thigh, his balls directly in my line of vision. Slowly I slid my face back and forth on his quad, each time getting a little closer to his hanging, off-center nuts. When my lips finally made contact, I swept out my tongue and left a small trail of saliva around the orbs and up the stretched out sack skin. I nibbled at the base of his cock and slowly slid my lips, in harmonica fashion, down the length of his flaccid johnson. When I got to the head, I swirled my tongue around the slit and slid under the bulbous mushroom cap for a lingual attack to the glans. In the last sweep over the slit, I tasted something. Salt! It tasted salty! My immediate reaction was to jerk backward from the platform. I lost my footing and fell on my back. I was looking up and saw something that made me momentarily forget about the salty taste. Floating close to the ceiling were dozens of transparent glass panels. They looked like toolboxes. I didn't have a mouse so I couldn't click on any of them. I stood up to see if I could read any of them. "Open the environment toolbox, please." I said. A panel dropped from the ceiling and expanded at eye level. I touched the surface and it was transparent but solid. There were no wires or circuits or even any visible means of support, but it was solid and seemingly unmovable. The slide-bars moved when I touched them and drop down menus offered options that could be selected with the touch of a finger. I clicked the lighting tab and found the ambient light setting. I brought up the room light so I could see what I was doing. I looked around the room trying to read all the names of the toolboxes. I stood on a bench to get closer to boxes whose titles were too small to read from the floor. I got back to the center of the room and said, "Please open the figure properties toolbox." A panel zoomed in from my left, but I could still see the stage and Buddy through the transparent toolbox (Buddy was still holding the lat spread). I tapped the "STATS" tab and a control panel with a list of body parts, and a series of slide bars appeared. I said, "Buddy, give me a double biceps pose." Through the surface of the toolbox I watched Buddy oblige. I moved the biceps slide bar up a couple of notches and watched Buddy's arms grow. I bumped the slide bar up again and saw his arms grow out of proportion. He was starting to look like Popeye, with lumps only on the tops of his arms. I backed down the bis and clicked the triceps and the forearms up a notch. Now he had great arms but his calves were looking less important than before. I adjusted a few more things (more massive chest, tighter abs, bubble butt and veins covering places where most mortals don't even have places). He was looking freakier than any of the last few Olympia winners or, for that matter, even the current wannabes. I was about to close the toolbox when I noticed an almost hidden tab marked MALE PROPERTIES. I clicked on it and when it opened I saw that the top dialog box was labeled default filter and "John Holmes" was highlighted. Interestingly enough, the digital read-out under this box indicated the penis was only 12 1/2 inches long and 8 inches in circumference at its widest point. (It flared out a little midshaft and then tapered a little toward the big mushroom cap head. The settings also indicated that the shaft curved downward.) These settings mystified me as I was under the impression that Holmes had a 14" cock. Still, 12 1/2" is more than a mouthful. Under the default filter section was a series of check boxes listing sexual positions and across the bottom were three radio buttons marked, "no climax", "single climax" and "multiple climax". Single climax seemed to be the default setting. I thought about it for a moment, checked a few of my favorite positions and changed the default climax setting to multiple. I tapped OK and the toolbox zoomed back toward the ceiling. Now let's see how "special" this special edition software really is, I thought to myself. "Buddy, do some incline flies." I said. He picked up a pair of hefty dumbbells and leaned back on the incline bench, his balls still hanging out of his jock. I hunkered down between his massive legs and divided my attention between the view of his nuts hanging over the side of the bench, and his massive chest rising up into two swollen mounds of muscle as he arced the heavy weights up and over his head. I leaned forward and touched his abs, slid my hands up to his pecs and massaged his nipples as I nuzzled my face against his balls. I squeezed his pecs when the weights were hoisted up and the muscles were contracted, then I released my grip and massaged the meaty pecs as he was lowering the weight. At the same time I was exploring his dick, his balls and the mysterious places below them with my tongue. I could taste the salty perspiration between his nut sack and his thighs and could smell something almost sweet, like talcum powder. My mouth found its way back down the length of his shaft and once again I was circling the huge mushroom cap and teasing the slit with an anxious tongue. I tasted another drop of pre-cum but this time, instead of jerking away, I coaxed him even more. I popped the head of his dick into my mouth and slowly tried to swallow his soft cock. Getting almost to the base, I slowly reversed direction and wiggled my tongue against the underside of his shaft as he was sliding out. When I felt the huge cockhead behind my lips I'd reverse direction again and power down on the hot shaft. Every few strokes, I'd glance up to see outrageously huge pecs crashing together and parting as he continued to arc the dumbbells up over his head. I felt a stir in the shaft. And again I felt a twitch, it was definitely starting to harden. I deep throated as much of his dick as I could, but the harder it got, the less I could fit in my mouth. I gave a few more good attempts but had to back off and settle for licking the length of his massive tool. "Buddy, switch to alternate incline curls." Buddy lowered the weights to the floor, locked his elbows to his sides, and started curling up the same weights he had been using for flies. His biceps were quickly inflated from the heavy weight but even after 8 or 9 reps, he continued to pound out perfect curl after perfect curl. By the 15th rep, his veins were popping up, coiling like snakes around a blood filled muscle belly, but to be honest, I wasn't paying attention to that any more…I was too busy sucking his balls, tugging at the sac and literally trying to swallow his swollen nuts whole. His dick was hard as a rock and pointing straight up to his inflated chest and endless shoulders. The slit was leaking pre-cum all over his midsection and I reached up to rub the slick canals of man spunk forming between his contracting abdominals. I tugged on the nut sack one more time and he started to explode. He curled both dumbbells up and held the contraction. He crunched down on his abs until I felt like I was massaging a cobble stone sidewalk. And he shot a massive load that hit his chin and dripped back down onto his heaving pecs. I got to my feet and commanded, "Buddy get up and give me a double bi." He stood up and displayed a heroic set of guns, hard as a rock and encased in pulsing veins. I rubbed the cum on his chest up and over his deeply grooved delts, and onto the peaks of his red hot biceps. As he pumped his blood engorged arms I massaged his magnificent muscles until the slickness disappeared, the whole time thinking, 'Wow…I just went down on a binary file!" Well, he had gotten off, but I was still as horny as hell. I told him to do some seated lat pulls and he headed over to the machine while I started to undress. I stripped down to my socks and briefs and walked over to the machine Buddy was working on. I looked down and saw him stretching his arms forward and then pulling back on the cable, lifting a huge stack of weights with strict control. The detail in his back and shoulders was awesome. I sat behind him on the machine and ran my hands over his lats and up to his traps as he tugged on the resisting cable. My balls were rubbing against the small of his back and my dick was quickly starting to harden. I could feel the sweat starting to build up between his back and my chest as his slick musculature pressed against me. "Switch to one arm bent over rows." I whispered into his ear. He got up and moved to a small flat bench, picking up a 200 lb dumbbell on the way. He lifted one knee up onto the bench and then bent over, keeping his torso parallel to the bench. He braced himself with one hand and hoisted up the dumbbell with the other. In strict fashion he brought the heavy weight to his chest, and then slowly lowered it during the negative movement. I positioned myself to get the best view. I knelt behind him with a clear shot of his incredible butt. His buttocks were square and solid and dimpled at the hips. With one knee on the bench and his other foot angled out on the floor, his hamstrings and glutes separated enough for me to see the straps of his jock converging around the prize…his rosebud. I leaned in and tongued the bottom of his hanging ball sac while looking between his legs and watching him pull the heavy weight up to his chest. At the top of the movement I'd switch my vantage point to the side, watching his triceps contract and making the horseshoe in his arms stand out again. As he lowered the weight, I'd shift my attention back to paying oral homage to his swollen nuts and the hairless sac that contained them. I was getting too aroused from the view of his muscles straining and commanded, "Switch positions and work the other lat." He lowered the weight to the floor, repositioned himself and started working the other side of his back. I repositioned myself, leaned in toward his butt and caught the straps of his jock in my teeth. I tugged on them a bit and then grabbed his butt with both hands, spread his cheeks and shoved my tongue up his ass as far as I could go. I licked in circles and then power darted my tongue in at out of his manhole. For a moment I thought he was pushing his butt back against my face, as if asking me to invade him deeper. My dick was so hard, it was popping out of my briefs. I couldn't hold back much longer. "Stop the exercise and stand up." I said as I got up myself. Buddy put down the dumbbell and stood up. I walked over to a smith machine, pulled off my briefs and sat down on the incline bench that was positioned under the bar. "Come over here, we have some heavy training to do." I said, my voice cracking from the lust built up within me. Buddy moved toward me very slowly. He turned and I saw just how perfect his physique really was. The gyms overhead lights highlighted to tops of his massive chest and his rippling abdominals; the same body parts cast mysterious and erotic shadows on the valleys between his muscles. First, I made him straddle me, and looking upward I instructed, "Give me a lat spread." He placed his hands on his hips, drew his elbows behind his back and stretched his lats out and around until they looked like the hood of a huge cobra. I reached up and massaged each incredible bat wing. I slid my palms down each massive contour and let my fingertips follow the grooves up his obliques and across the 8 bricks that formed his perfect abdominals. I leaned back against the bench and gazed upward as this god of muscle flexed and bounced his pecs. I reached up and squeezed each nipple then released my grip and manually worshipped each heaving slab of pectoral muscle. "Another double bi, dude", I said and he raised both arms and squeezed up two mountains of biceps, round and chiseled and chris-crossed with veins. He pumped and twisted his arms making the muscles dance for my amusement. I reached up and grabbed one of his bis with both of my hands, squeezing and massaging it in utter fascination. He concentrated on the one arm, flexing and relaxing the muscle, allowing me to feel it ebb and flow under my grip. He extended the arm and rotated the forearm to display an array of dancing veins snaking up the inside of his lower arm. "Turn around and get ready to do some heavy squats, Buddy." He repositioned himself with his back toward me, still straddling me. He positioned his shoulders under the bar of the smith machine and rotated the bar unlocking the weight. My rock hard dick was directly under his perfect ass, aimed and ready to invade his hole. He squatted down bearing the full weight of the bar and the dozen or so plates it held. I felt a little resistance when I first tried to enter his tight ass, but in a few moments my dick head had spread his hole open and I was inside him by the third squat. He pumped out a few dozen squats, with each rep he slid a little further down my dick until the last rep when I was completely buried inside him. "Rack the weight dude." I commanded and with that, he pressed the bar and all the plates up, rotated the bar and locked it into place, all while still sitting on my cock. "Lock your hands behind your head." I told him and he raised his muscular arms up and locked his wrists behind his head. I slid my hands up his sides, following the contours of his lats. I slid my hands further up massaging his huge delts and feeling the tight bis knotted up in the center of his arms. I slipped my arms around his sides and through the loop made by his hands locked behind his head. I laced my fingers together as if I had him in a full nelson. Now anchored to him, I bucked my dick up his ass, pounding his hole. I slid in and out of his ass while holding tight to his huge muscular frame. Each time I slid in, he'd relax his hole, allowing me the deepest entry. When I would start to pull out, He'd tighten his ass, giving my dick an incredible butt muscle massage. I was more than close now. "OK Buddy, this is the big finale. Show me what you really got!" I said to him, "Turn around to face me, and give me one last double bi dude…this is for the championship!" Still sitting on my rock hard prick, he swung around and repositioned himself, swept his arms up in a single fluid motion and locked in an unbelievable set of flexed bis. I grabbed the twin peaks, squeezed with all my strength and yelled out, "FIGURE PROPERTIES TOOLBOX > STATS >BODY PARTS > SELECT ALL > INCREASE +100%". Welded to my cock, this mountain of muscle started to grow right before my eyes (and under my hands). His shoulders spread wider, his pecs ballooned out over a diamond etched 10 pack, his bis grew into vascular basketballs under my fingers, his quads and hams were squeezing out the sides of the smith machine with details etched from the dimple in his glute to the top of his white socks, and his muscle butt was flexed and strangling my cock mercilessly. Anchored to his flexed bis, I crunched my own abs and piston fucked that hot muscle hole of his for four or five last strokes, and it was over. The funckin' fat lady was singing! I poured my cream up his receptive hole, clawing his bis and licking his pecs. I shot load after load up that mans ass, each shot being as intense as the one before it. When I stopped, I felt completely satisfied and utterly exhausted. Totally spent, I now only had one problem. Impaled on my cock, I still had a 280-290 pound animal virtually locked in a squatting double biceps pose. I slid my fingers up and down his abs and said, "Ok Buddy, you can relax now". He lowered his arms and rose up causing a popping sound as my still semi-erect cock slid out of his ass. "Go stack some work-out mats in a pile over there in the corner." I said. He gathered a few mats and piled them up. I walked over to him and instructed him to lie down on his back with his hands behind his head. I laid down next to him, resting my head against his bicep and my arm stretched across his chest. I dimmed the gym lights and in a few minutes we were sound asleep. Well, at least I was asleep. THE END •

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