Ty's Power (Excerpt): Rob Goes Down in the World

Rob goes down in the world

Hey, Rob, up for a little one on one action!" Ty called. His now deep voice booming through the silence of the early morning.

"Sure, dude. Do I know you?" Rob asks. He thinks Ty looks familiar, but can't place him.

"It's Ty, Rob, remember me. I've had a bit of a growth spurt."

"Ty?" Rob scratches his head. It looks like a bigger version of Ty, but no one can grow that big so fast. Of course, Rob didn't really pay much attention to Ty, except when he was hassling him. Was the last time Rob had noticed Ty a week, a month or two months ago. "Man, you've really gained some inches." His eyes drop to Ty's huge bulge, and his eyes bulge, "That's gotta be at least 10 inches you've got stuffed in.." He swallows hard and looks up, he hadn't met to say that out loud. He is now bright red from embarrassment.

"12 inches." Ty smiles. "How you'd like to pack on a few inches down there?"

"Huh?" A greedy look fills Rob's eyes as he stares at your crotch, a rolls the basketball between his hands. "You're kidding right?" but there is a sound of hope in his voice, Ty knows that Rob is hooked.

"Well, there's only one way to find out. How about a bet?"

"Sure, basketball game?"

"Yeah, horse. 10 pounds and 1 inch for each letter. You spell horse and you lose 50 pounds off your build, 5 inches off your height and 5 inches off your manhood. If I spell horse first, you gain 50 pounds of mass, 5 inches in heighth, and 5 inches on your dick. Which I think would make your equipment about the same size as mine."

"HORSE? Ty, you may have more muscles, but I'll shoot hoops around you. Wanna warm up?" He dribbles up and dunks a basket.

"Nah, I'm fine." Free throws are the one thing that Ty has had a lot of time to practice, since his only chance to shoot when he was small was when he'd been fouled.

"Okay, Ty, get ready to add those inches. If you really can." He shoots a basket from the free throw line.

Ty shoots and misses.

"H!" Rob shouts. He feels a slight swelling in his jock. He figures its excitement.

Ty smiles, noticing that Rob has realized that he just gained an inch in height.

Rob misses. Rob isn't sure why he missed. Ty misses. Rob compensates, and gets one in. Ty shoots and makes it. Rob misses. Ty shoots, makes it.

"H!" Ty shrinks Rob back to normal. Rob notices his cock shrink, but puts it down to his frustration at Ty scoring.

"O" Rob drops another inch. His next shot hits the rim. It's only after Ty calls out "R!" that Rob realizes he has shrunk. He trips in his now oversized shoes and baggy clothes.

"Hey, what gives?"

"An inch a letter, you've gotten H-O-R-, so that's 3 inches, and 30 pounds."

"Shit, my dick's only 4 inches long?"

"Gonna be 2 inches when you lose, Robby. Wanna forfeit?"

"No way, Ty!"

Rob makes the next three shots. He is sweating like a dog, as he struggles to make the shots at his new size. Ty casually makes each of his shots too.

Shot four Rob misses. He swallows hard, and looks down at his crotch. He sighs with relief as Ty misses. Ty missed on purpose, he was enjoying this. •

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