Ty's Power (Excerpt): Rob Goes Down in the World


Rob shot again, and makes one more in, and with that Ty shot and missed.

"thats O" Robbie cried aloud, suddenly he felt himself grow back a little bit, his clothes a fitting a little better now.

robbie made his shot from the free throw line again, it went in. Ty shot, but missed on purpose.

"R!" robbie exclaimed again. "dude ty, i hope there isnt hard feelings or anything, you know..."

"no hard feelings im sure" ty replied with a grin.

Robbie could feel his body expand back out, growing back to its original size. his clothes finally felt normal again, and his dick lengthened back to its normal size.

Nervous Sweat dripped from his forhead as Robbie shot again. It went in. Robbie breathed a sigh of relief. Ty shot, and missed, again.

Robbie looked down between his legs to feel his pants tighten slightly, feeling his memeber elongate. Even his shirt felt a little smaller with just 10 pounds more mass. Robbie stood up straight to see how being 1 inch taller felt. not much different.

more sweat dripped across his forehead as robbie took another shot. Ty watched it go in, again. Ty took his turn, and the ball went in with ease. Robbie shot again and made it, and another sigh of relief. Ty made his shot, and it missed.

"i guess thats a S" Robbie said nervously. "go ahead" ty replied in a confedant tone.

Robbie could watch in awe as his muscles expanded and his manhood grew, little did he notice the extra inch in height. Now 20 pounds heavier, two inches longer and two inches taller. His perspective was a little altered now. That shirt was now starting to feel great around him, loosly hugging his now more muscular chest and arms. Even his neck felt thicker, but that wasnt the only thing getting thicker.

Robbie made his shot, hoping it would be the last of this stressful endevor. In bounced off the rim. Ty made a shot, actually trying to get it in, but it missed. Robbie made another shot, but this time, it went in, ty went, and missed.

"thats an E Ty" Robbie said.

"well here is your fifty pounds and 5 inches" Ty replied.

With that Robbie began to sweat, his arms grew thicker, his shoulders more broad, his crotch was burning. His chest pushed outward as he gained more mass. His dick lengthened, and he grew taller. Suddenly Robbie realized he was as tall as Ty now, then taller, and still taller. "what the..." was all he could make out in his dazed state.

"i said you would gain 50 pounds of muscle and 5 inches both ways... on top of what you allready have. And you have allready gained 30 pounds, bringing it to a grand total of 80 pounds and 8 inches."

Robbie was in a dazed state, he could feel the cloth of his shirt now tightly rapped around his chest and neck, and his biceps were growing so large they felt as if they were going to rip apart his sleaves.In fact his whole shirt was becoming tighter with every moment, it almost felt as if he was going to burst right out of his shirt.

Not only his shirt though, his legs no longer had room in his pants,(not to mention his growing manhood)and the pants felt like they were at the ripping point. His crotch was now getting so tight, it was becoming painful, his manhood expanding out to a full 14" hard, and at the moment, it was hard as a rock. But just when it seemed his streaning clothes couldnt take it any more, Robbie stopped growing. His body, now eight inches taller, would have loomed over his old self, his muscles large and built like an young bodybuilder.

Ty was pleased with what he had done, more than pleased though, Even Ty was a slight bit aroused. Meanwhile Robbie was in a state of shock, and Ty decided to leave him there, amused by the idea, Ty nonchalantly walked off the court, leaving Robbie right there... •

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