Ty's Power (Excerpt): Rob Goes Down in the World

Good Morning Sunshine

By Drakkenfyre

Ty woke up an hour and a half early, just as dawn's early light broke through his window. He jumped out of bed, and stood in front of the mirror. It wasn't a dream, he had half thought it might be when he woke. Ty assumed classic body builder poses as he flexed in front of the mirror. He turned around to admire his back. He hadn't noticed last night that his shoulders had become massive and tapered in a vee shape to his waist. Even his glutes were muscular. He grinned imaging the reaction of his fellow students.

As he pulled his shorts on, he realized how tight they felt. They were now a couple sizes to small. He frowned, then smiled remembering the novelty boxers he'd gotten for his birthday two years ago, they were size XL. At the time it had been embarrassing, which the giver had probably intended, the group had insisted he try the on over his clothes, and they had hung down below his knees. Now they fit perfectly.

His regular school attire was out of the question. Ty selected some previously roomy basketball shorts with good elastic and what had been an oversize t-shirt. They fit, they clung tightly to his new bulked up frame. Strangely his size 6.5 shoes fit perfectly, he'd have to rectify that later, preferably at the shoe store. Talk about custom fit, he laughed.

It was still 2 hours until school started. Ty grabbed his basketball, and headed to the school's courts. He was sure he could pick up a few games, and maybe some revenge before school started.

Pickings looked good, as Ty rounded the gym building. Rob Taylor was shooting hoops alone on the court. Rob Taylor had always been bigger, stronger and richer than Tyler. Bigger and stronger at least until now. He always wore designer clothes that fit perfectly, nothing ostentatious but his clothes subtly screamed wealth. Rob was wearing his school basketball uniform, which meant his clothes were in his locker. Ty looked down at his clothing, Rob looked like his clothes would fit Ty prefectly. Ty looked back at Rob as he approached, there was now a wicked gleam in Ty's eye. •

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