Ty's Power (Excerpt): Ty Buffs Up

184 just wasn't enough....


This has been adapted from an interactive story. Part two is a second branch, which occurs after Part 1.0.

Ty stood looking from scale to mirror. His body had swelled considerably, and he was enjoying it; the obvious evidence being his crotch standing hard at 14 inches. Ty flexed a few times in the mirror thinking to himself 'Wow, 184 pounds... No teen gets this far naturally.' He couldn't help but feel that there was something missing though. He was muscled, hung, and could control anyone in the house, what more could he want.

Ty dug for a pair of pants in the laundry basket on his left. He found nothing that could really fit him, besides a pair of his step fathers jogging pants. He needed a pair of underwear, too, since he nearly crushed his baseball sized nuts between his thighs with each step he took. The grey joggers still hung limp on his waist, since Mark was a relatively hefty man. Ty decided to see if the foster folks were still in bed.

The room was still quiet, other than June's light snoring. Ty walked in to check for sure though, causing the pants to shift position and fall to his knees. He hiked them up quickly and thought 'I swear. hat man is going to get so fat, he'll need to wear a tarp.' He then hear a faint pop. He looked to the bed to see mark's already ample stomach breaking the seams of his bedshirt. He was swelling at an amazing rate, while Ty stood dumbfounded for over a minute, until Ty thought the word 'Stop'

Mark had been about 230 pounds that morning. He had also promised to go on a diet. His promise to lose weight was going to take a lot more effort now, as his body had filled out to at least 370 pounds. 140 pounds in just over a minute! Ty thought that he may just need to wear that tarp. Ty stepped out of the room.

Positioning himself once again in front of the mirror, Ty thought about what he could change now. He thought of Mark swelling up like that, gaining all that weight, but Ty didn't want to be fat... yet. He wanted to gain more mass! ' You can never get enough of a good thing!' He said. Now all he needed was a wish to make it memorable. The underwear chaffed him a bit, and it came to him. He said out loud ' I want to gain muscle mass until I burst out of the clothes I'm in!' and just that started to happen. He watched the scale climb up 185, 186, 187. A rate that could take the clothes an hour to shred. 'Faster..' He thought, and the scale jumped. The warm feeling in his body distracted him from looking at the scale, which shot up to 190 automatically. He swelled 3 pounds each second, his chest starting to fill out, and his legs thickening, pushing his endowments out bit by bit. He looked at the mirror as he got even freakier, the scale passing by 206 with a flash.

Ty noticed that the waist of the pants had not even becun to cinch his own waist. And then it hit him, at 215 and not a sign of stress to his clothes, this could take quite a while to happen, he didn't want to get too huge so he tried to strip down. He was surprised to find out that his swelled arms could grab the waist, but with all the strength they had, couldn't push the cloth away from him. He thought the word 'STOP' as he had in front of mark, but to no effect. The wish was so litteral that the clothes would have to burst from him growing, and he couldn't stop growing until they did. He felt the fabric of the bands come across his waist when he hit 230 pounds. He looked like a serious body builder on steroids. He couldn't think of any way to stop the swelling.

'Faster!' he said. The weight came on in sets of 5, making his chest heave outwards, and his thighs coming closer together. The thighs had started to stretch the fabric of the legs at just over 250 pounds, and by 265 the seams started to split and rip from his legs. His ass filled the seat and ripped the elastic band of the joggers in two. By 320 pounds, the pants fell to the floor.

Ty had expected the growth to stop, but it continued. The underwear containing his muscled ass and baseball nuts had stretched even more, though the elastic band had given out on them as well. In a panic, Ty said the only thing that he thought would help 'Faster!'. Hoping that the added strain of cantaining the fast growing body would break the fabric.

With that utterance, his body hit 330 and started running. It swelled in bursts of 10 pounds at a time, and each time the underwear suited to the body. It was so tight that his nuts were being crushed, and at 350 pounds, room down there was limited. 360, 370, 380, 390. The underwear burst and fell to the floor. The scale creaked once more, placing itself at 399, the scale's limit. Ty bent over as best his massive body would let him to peer at the scale, and he knew he must be over the 400 mark, maybe by 10-20 pounds, possibly 30. Mark was lighter. He looked in the mirror at his body. He had no neck, his shoulders were like basketballs, thighs like trees, arms like smaller trees. Was astonished him most were his abs. They had grown larger, fighting for room on his torso. This caused them to bow out at the bottom yet crease inward in the middle. giving him a slanted stomach. Ty could move, barely.

He tried to put his head in his hands, but his massive chest got in the way, and his huge biceps limited the bending of his arms. 'Man I hope I can reverse my wishes...' but he couldn't deny that he liked being so massive. Neither could his crotch. He noticed how small it looked in contrast to his massive legs. ' We have to do something about that... and this time stop when I think it.'

'I wish that my cock would get bigger, a lot bigger.' and with that it started to soften to 9-inches, only to swell once more. It passed 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.... it looked like someone was inflating one of those tube baloons with water. It swelled and lengthened, thickened and drooped, it weighed his crotch down which was a pleasant feeling to him. 'Stop' he thought, as it just passed a little over double its 9-inches. ' Now balls, start growing...' The nuts began to swell out, pushing up his 18-incher. They grew to the size of mini-basketballs, and weighed his crotch down even more.

'This is great' he said. ' I wonder what I should do next?' •

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