Ty's Power (Excerpt): Ty Buffs Up

Ty, the Muscle God


By Muscl4life

Dustin looked at his giant kid brother, all his glorious over muscular, overdeveloped gargantuan physique filling the entire room with his magnificence. Ty had changed himself into a freaking display of muscle and power- 9 feet tall and 800 hulking pounds body crowned by the sweet, innocent face of a 11 year old boy. Such combination was dazzling beautiful - Ty's smile was simply cute, especially while he flexed his 95 inches biceps or showing off his 140 inches gargantuan chest, but Dustin knew that his brother was in charge, for the rest of his life the best to do was to obey every single wish of his incredible brother. "Ty, what exactly do you have in mind?" Dustin asked in a mix of fear and excitement. Ty looked at him with his familiar smile in his face "It'll be funnier if you find out by yourself!" Ty answered mysteriously and Dustin smiled back at him "OK! But you'll have to promise that you won't shrink me, or my cock, or my muscles whatsoever!" "You're beginning to learn!" Ty said already grabbing his brother by the waist and kissing his furry cheeks. "Now, let's eat!" Ty dragged his brother along and they both ate more than a whole football defense line. "You know, it's a good thing that you have this power, after all how could we afford our food?!" Dustin said cleaning his mouth after eating a turkey leg. Ty belched - "No, problem!" and grabbed another ham with his bare hands. Ty finished his meal and got off the table grabbing Dustin in his hand "Ty, I can walk! Geez, you're gonna carry me around like I was your own toy!" Dustin provoked his powerful brother "Don't push it, little man! I can make you a real toy, and you know that!" "So, where are we going?" "To the gym!" Ty said already leaving their newly transformed mansion "In the NUDE?" Dustin realized as he looked to his own 20 inches cock covered by his thick golden fur and his brother's 4 feet long pole which seems never to go soft! "Sure!" Ty answered smiling - "No one will notice that we are naked, until I want them to!" They arrived at the nearest gym, where Ty had already toyed with many other guys, but now he was different, he was bigger, he was better, he was a MUSCLE GOD among the humans. Ty gently put Dustin on the ground and stood up proud of his body! "Dustin, from now on, you'll be the ONLY one that will keep your mind whenever I come near you! All the others will totally at my mercer, my human playthings!" "What?" Dustin asked already feeling his cock hardening "Look at me, little brother!" Ty said brushing Dustin's hair - "I have gone too far this time! I will never accept lose my mass, my muscle or my incredible powers! I have become more than human!" Ty stood up and showed his incredible physique to his already marveled older brother. "This body you see isn't done yet, I will develop myself even more, until I become exactly what I was meant to be!" "Isn't it dangerous?" Dustin asked afraid of the consequences "I have to take that chance, bro! Ever since I found out about my capabilities, this is what I wanted, deep inside of me, that's my destiny!" "I am with you, bro! Whatever is it you wanna be, count me in!" Ty smiled and kissed Dustin deeply, rubbing his grown brother all over his immense physique. "I know you would, Dustin!" Ty said and looked inside the gym - "Now, remember, once we enter the gym, only you will keep your mind together, all the other men will be my puppets, and you probably won't believe the things I'll want them to do for me!" Ty recovered his confident look and placed his hands on his hips. "You go in there, and start working out like everyone else, and just wait for my entrance" Ty pinched Dustin's butt and his brother entered the gym, barely waiting to see what Ty had come up this time Dustin was really a sight - at 6'11" 360 pounds of cut, ripped muscles, covered in thick golden fur, a gorgeous goatee and masculine side burns he quickly made everyone else notice him preparing to work out. Dustin realized that the gym was crowded of huge, muscular, hot men, and absolutely no women (probably another of Ty's wishes) and all the guys were gazing at him, and he noticed his naked reflection - "That sun of a bitch!" Dustin mumbled as he noticed that everybody was actually seeing his engorged manhood, hanging almost on his knees. Dustin smiled and decided to play along. He looked at the first hottie who was trying to disguise his gaze - "Why don't you take a picture?" he poked the guy in the chest and the hot 5'8" 170 pounds blondie almost fainted - "S-sorry, sir!" Dustin laughed out loud and went to the bench. He loaded 200 pounds for warm-ups, but then he listened a voice in the back of his head "200? What are you? A wimp? You can lift twice that, go ahead! Go for broke!" Dustin's eyes widened - "Can you read minds now?" "Are you gonna do it or what?" Dustin listened his brother Ty's voice in his head, as he loaded more 200 pounds - 400 pounds for bench press, Dustin never lifted so much and the "audience" was already gathering to see him lifting such cargo. Dustin lifted the bar, expecting to feel a very heavy pressure in his chest and arms, but he didn't he could easily do 20 perfect reps, then he loaded another 200 pounds and did another 15 reps. Just then, he noticed a huge gym instructor coming towards him. "Excuse-me, but you'll have to get out, we don't allow such behavior in our gym!" The guy should be over 250 pounds, but still he was way smaller than Dustin, so he decided to heat things up! "AND WHO'S GONNA FORCE ME TO GET OUT!" Dustin yelled and poked the instructor and threatened him. All the other guys looked at each other, pretending that they didn't listen to Dustin' questions. "MAYBE I WILL!" The voice thundered from the back of the gym and Dustin's spine froze - It was TY! The whole gym gasped at the mere sight of the titanic behemoth standing at the back door! He was in a word - FREAKING! Dustin realized what Ty intended and for the first time he trusted his avatar brother. Ty stood proud at the top of his 9 feet tall frame and crossed his hands at his impressive chest. "What's the matter if I am naked, you're naked too!" Dustin said and pointed to Ty's 4 feet long cock and the huge kid came to the light and everybody else gasped in awe with his figure, Ty seemed surprised now, because everybody noticed his enormous cock, and he smiled at Dustin - "Well done, little man!" Ty turned himself to all his admired viewers and FLEXED his enormous cock up and down, and the pole hit his chest violently each time he flexed it. "WE are gonna stay like that, anyone against?" The men remained quiet admiring the two naked behemoth guys. Every single guy was in trance, their jaws dropped, their cocks were hard, and most of them had already stripped. "What did you do to them?" Dustin asked in awe "I told you, they are ALL my slaves now! I am their GOD! Look!" Ty sat at the bench with his legs spread and looked at the instructor who remained still - "Get up on my cock!" The instructor obeyed immediately and quickly he got up on Ty's huge cock! "You over there! Quick!" a huge black man, two Latinos and even a big Indian guy got up on Ty's pole! Ty had FIVE huge men sitting on his cock! And the thing was still hard and bobbing up and down! "Ty! You are holding almost 1000 pounds with your cock!" Dustin yelled admired, he approached the immensity of his brother and touched him, feeling his hardness. Ty was in cloud nine, he smiled and his childish face lightened up with a sudden idea. Dustin's cock grew longer as within seconds and it reached the impressive mark of three feet long and harder than ever. "Why don't we work our giant cocks a little?" Ty said as he flexed his enormous cargo up and down. Dustin looked at the hottie he poked in the chest and the blondie went up on his cock, then he ordered another 200 pounder to get up and he flexed his grown cock and it managed to lift the two big men. "Way to go, Dustin!" Ty said finishing his set. He kept the men on his pole for a while, and the guys quickly started stroking it, almost at the same time Dustin's guys did the same time! "Who ever cums first is the loser!" Ty announced already feeling the enormous pressure on his shaft. Dustin could only moan in pleasure, he had two big guys attacking his cock furiously and he had to keep his pace not to cum first? Ty was really showing off, he grabbed another two guys, one in each hand, and curled them as the other five worked on his giant cock. Dustin could only moan and suddenly he was yelling fiercely as he giant cock exploded in volleys and volleys of thick warm cum. "YOU LOST!" Ty exclaimed when Dustin's spunk hit his nose. Dustin remained cumming for over five minutes, and Ty still hadn't cum. "What was that?" Dustin asked trying to catch his breath! "I... I've wished ... that , oh fuck! Oh, great fuck!... that we had ultra intense orgasms... but I..think I got carried away...oooooohhhhh FUUUCK!!" Ty screamed as his ultra developed cock fountained his precious cum over his five worshippers. Ty grabbed each one of his tiny worshippers and kissed deeply, licking his cum all over their bodies. Ty came for over fifteen minutes and even Dustin enjoyed to drink some of his precious juice. "WOW! Ty, I can't get used to this! You're just amazing!" Dustin kissed his brother's impressive chest and toyed with the huge nipple. "Hey, we are not done yet!" Ty said smiling down at his brother. At that moment he stood up with a mean look in his face "I want ten of you little men grabbing each arm of mine NOW!" Ty yelled and the men quickly reached for impossibly thick arm. Ty smiled and started lifting his arms up and down, each time lifting ten huge men each arm, he was pumping a total of twenty men like he was just warming up. Ty did more than 50 reps without stopping, then he took a little breath and did 75 more reps lifting the little men along with his mighty arms. Dustin saw that and his cock ended up shooting cum and he didn't even need to touch it, Ty's brother just kneeled at his powerful sibling and shoot his precious load, and Ty had a beautiful smile on his face. The behemtoh finally knelled and grabbed his exhausted brother in his arms, brushed his face and kissed him once more. Dustin looked at the muscle slaves, and they were all quiet, charmed hypnotized by the greatness of Ty's physique. "For how long are you gonna keep them like this?" Dustin asked looking at the servants of his brother. "I don't know, isn't it fun having all this men servicing us?" Ty answered showing his beautiful naivety on his striking childish face. Dustin was almost as hypnotized as the men in the gym, but he knew it wasn't Ty who was doing it to him. Ty watched his brother and suddenly he came up with another idea. "Dustin, will you trust me?" and his brother nodded immediately. "Good!" He smiled and looked quickly to his slaves. All of them, who were still quiet since Ty ordered suddenly walked towards Ty. Each and every one of the muscle servants was completely hard, with each cock almost gushing out the precious load. Dustin realized there were at least fifty men coming near them, like flies after honey, the servants didn't care for anything, they all gathered around the boy god, reaching his caring touch, his strong hands or even just the feeling of his muscles. Dustin saw the servants gathering, and soon all of them were surrounding the great muscle master. All of them were jerking their cocks in unison, and Ty had a sweet tender look in his face. He kneeled, nodded and then it started, every slave moaned in pleasure and all of they came exactly at the same second, their groans formed a huge orgasm, and their loads focused Ty's giant body. Every servant delivered his precious man juice all over Ty's mega developed physique. Dustin watched dumbfolded as his brother was completely covered in the cum of over 50 huge muscular men, and Ty was savoring each drop, spreading the thick liquid all over his body. Dustin was about to ask something to Ty, when he realized something was going on. "OHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" Ty exclaimed as he felt the effects of his last wish. He was actually glistening, like he was made out of gold! Ty's muscles expanded once more! They were bulging and growing right in front of Dustin's admiring eyes. The rhythm was hallucinating, each muscle which already was inhumanly immense was growing stronger and more massive! "Ty, what did you wish for?!" Dustin asked marveled at the incredible phenomenal occurring right in front of his eyes. "I wished each slave would make me stronger and more muscular by giving their load!" Ty said looking at his enormous biceps growing freakishly immense - "Each one will make me pack 10 pounds of muscle!" "10 pounds each! FUCK! Ty there at least 50 men here!" Dustin said already calculating how much would Ty grow! "You're gonna grow through the roof!" "Don't worry, I will just pack muscle, not height! 9 feet is a great height! I will be this tall for a while! But as for MUSCLE, I will just say that I've been served for 67 men!" "67! You're gonna gain 670 pounds! OH GOD!" Dustin almost fainted as he looked at Ty standing. If Ty was a muscle freak before, now he was becoming a MUSCLE GOD! His shoulders had to be at least six feet wide! His chest was 200 inches around and his arms grew to 130 inches and his legs were 170 inches, with a nearly 6 feet long cock! "Ty, what have you done?" Dustin said out loud, watching his brother growing to mythological proportions. "I AM JUST FULLFILLING MY DREAM, LITTLE BROTHER!" Ty said in his new voice, so powerful, so warm and sensual, Dustin felt his cock cumming just at the mere sound of his voice. "I deserve this, Dustin!" Ty was bugling all over his body, every muscle was growing insanely huge, ripped and veined, MUSCLE! Ty felt his body enlarging, his muscles becoming so much stronger and roughly powerful. He felt his heart accelerating with each every fiber of his immense body feeling that he was the most powerful being on the surface of the Earth! Then he emerged from the mountain of muscle servants even more glorious than before, Ty was the essence of the muscle! At his 9 feet tall frame weighing now 1470 pounds Ty was so much more massive than before, that he had to adjust his walk, because his legs were now so much more massive now, and his shoulders so much wider, it felt so different. He walked powerfully nearer his dwarfed brother Dustin and smiled a killing smile. "Ty, I can't even see your face from down here!" Dustin teased Ty and the giant muscleGOD grabbed his favorite subject with one hand and made him seat on his shoulder - "What about now?" Ty was absolute POWER! 9 feet tall 1470 pounds, 232 inches chest 146 inches guns, 183 inches legs, 20 pack abs and a 6feet long cock with matching watermelon sized balls! "When are you ever get satisfied with your body?!" Dustin asked feeling the size of his brother's giant biceps. "NEVER! I want to get even bigger, but first I wanna enjoy my improved self a little more! Ty walked out the gym, carrying Dustin with him and every servant was following them at distance. "Ty, how much stronger you are?" Dustin asked and Ty smiled, putting in the ground - "Just watch!" He made an old bus appear from nowhere and he walked towards it! Ty grabbed the front part of the enormous vehicle and he lifted it over his head, then he lifted it with just one arm, pumping it like it was a mere dumbbell! "WHO'S THE STRONGEST MAN?" Dustin asked to the servants of his brother and they all chanted - "OUR MASTER TY!" Ty laughed he threw the old bus away and licked his lips. "I think I am ready now!" "Ready for what?" Dustin asked "You're bigger than the whole world!" "I'm ready to fuck you!" Ty said and Dustin felt himself being lifted from the ground by the BULK of his brother. Ty didn't even kiss him and pushed his enormous cock insde Dustin's butt! The brother was froze, he waited for excruciating pain, but he felt pure bliss, the more Ty impaled him, the happier he was "I won't let you feel anything! And besides look at you now!" Dustin opened his eyes and he was ENORMOUS! He should be over 7'5" tall and weighing over 600 pounds! "I made you big enough to handle me, little brother, from now on you're mine! Like the rest of the world!" Ty said feeling his cock impaling Dustin who just let himself slide into Ty's enormity! Ty roared as he cock finally gushed gallons of cum inside Dustin's butt and even Dustin enjoyed cumming having his muscle GOD inside him!

Dustin opened his eyes and they were back at their huge room. He was lying over his gain god, feeling that he still have the enormous cock inside of him. The he felt Ty's hot breath in his ear and then he waited for the kiss. "My GOD! You've fucked me all night long?" "YEP!" Your butt is incredible! I can't get soft" "Well you better get, because I need to take a leak!" Ty laughed and he carried his brother impaled in his cock to the can. "You weren't kidding, were you? You CAN'T get soft!" Ty nodded and they both exploded into laughter! "Don't worry, if we fuck a couple of times more, maybe I can get a little softer and pull out!" "Come on!" Dustin begged and Ty finally obeyed, he asked the brother to hang on as he pulled out, when he finally did it a river of cum flooded the bathroom. "Ty, you are so powerful, are you sure I can handle this monster?! "Don't you trust me! You're mine now, and you won't ever feel pain with me again!" Ty grabbed him and they kissed roughly. "Time for my morning massage!" Ty ordered and his servants entered the room carrying a huge bottle of massage oil and rubbing his imperial muscles "You can go downstairs and have breakfast, Dustin, I am gonna spend the next hours being sucked dry by every servant, after that we're gonna go have some fun!" "What kind of fun?" "What else! I know how can I fuck 1000 men! It will be fantastic little brother! "After all that fuck, you're still horny?" "Why, aren't you horny too?!" "More than ever!" Dustin replied quickly "WE are gonna live like this forever! Fucking and growing isn't cool?" "Totally!" •

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