Ty's Power



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Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Friday afternoon, three o-clock, the weekend was finally here, but Ty could care less about going home. After grabbing some books out of his locker, Ty headed for his bus to take him home. As Ty started to take the first step up into the bus he felt a generous shove from behind that sent him falling into the steps. Laughter filled the bus as Ty got up and turned to see his foster-brother Dustin smiling. "Have a nice trip?" he asked while shoving Ty out of his way to get to his seat. Ty just ignored him and took his own seat knowing it would only get worse if he tried to do something about it. During the ride home Ty thought about his 15th birthday that was coming up tomorrow and would probably pass by with little notice from his foster family. He had been with his current foster family for over 4 years now and would be lucky to get a cupcake and a present tomorrow since that's what he had always gotten. Ty knew he definitely wouldn't get a huge birthday party like his foster-brother Dustin had on his 16th birthday. Dustin got just about everything he wanted because Dustin was Mark and June's (Ty's foster parents) only offspring. Ty just wished he got half the attention Dustin did from them. The bus came to a stop in front of their house and Ty waited for Dustin to make his way off the bus before he got up so another incident would not occur. He followed him into the house and headed upstairs to his room. Just as he entered his room he heard June yell from downstairs "Get your homework done, Ty!" "Yes ma'am!" Ty replied. He always had to get his homework done first thing while Dustin usually got to wait until the last minute and not get into any trouble. Six Thirty rolled around and Ty had finished his homework and was laying on his bed daydreaming when he heard Mark's car pull into the driveway. As he came in the door June hollered from the kitchen "Dinners ready!" A few seconds after that his foster-dad screamed "Get your ass down here Ty!" At the bottom of the stairs Ty saw that Dustin was already seated and the table with a grin on his face. Ty sat and began eating so he could quickly get back up to his room. The normal dinner table conversation proceeded but Ty never did get to join in. Ty finished up and asked to be excused. "It's your night to do the dishes" replied Mark. He washed the dishes and quickly headed for the stairs. Before he could make it he heard Mark tell him "I want you to clean up the yard tomorrow, the grass is getting a little high and those weeds need pulled." Ty quickly spit out a "yes sir" and hurried up to his room. He closed his door behind him and turned on the small TV he had received when Dustin had gotten a bigger one. After a few hours of TV he was given the lights out order and slipped into bed. Before he dozed off he wished he could have a normal life with a normal family like he did every night.

Ty was awoken the next morning by a pounding on his door. Ty though to himself "Here comes another great birthday!" He grabbed his towel and headed into the bathroom to take a shower. As he was climbing into the shower the door opened and in came Dustin with his towel wrapped around his waist. "Hurry up!" He said as Ty covered himself up with the shower curtain. "When are you going to start growing down there, you still look like a little kid." Dustin added. It wasn't his fault he was a late bloomer, it was his 15th birthday and he only had a little bit of hair down there showing he had just begun puberty not too long ago. Ty just wished Dustin knew what it was like. Dustin just stood there as if waiting for a reply from him when Ty noticed something odd about Dustin. It looked like he was slowly loosing a little of his height and at the same time Ty could see the small amount of hair sticking out from Dustin's underarms shrink back until there wasn't much left. "What are you staring at?" Dustin asked, starting to get a little annoyed. Ty just ignored him as he continues to stare, now looking at his legs as the generous amount of brown hair he had on his legs thinned until there was only a wisp left near his ankles. Dustin was really starting to get mad now and began to advance toward Ty just as his towel slipped off his smaller waist. He stopped in his steps to grab the towel when he noticed his once average dick was now about the size it was when he was 13 and that his hair had almost completely disappeared except for a small amount. "What happened to me!?" Dustin yelped and grabbed his throat because he hadn't heard that high voice in a while. "You did this to me somehow didn't you?" he asked. "Just wait until I tell mom and dad!" Dustin added and headed out the door and down the stair to where his parents were. Ty just hoped that no one noticed he looked any different so that he wouldn't get in any trouble. He stood at the top of the stairs to listen to what he was saying… "But mom, look at me I look like I'm 13 again and Ty did it to me!" "What are you talking about? You are 16 years old and you don't need to go blaming your late start on your foster brother! Now get back upstairs and take your shower." Dustin, very confused pounded up the stairs, just as Ty closed the door to his bedroom, and went into the bathroom to take a shower and look at himself. Downstairs Mark and June were talking about how weird their son had been acting lately. "Maybe we should send him to a doctor, it is taking him a while to develop and it looks like Ty might be catching up to him." said Mark. "Why don't we give it a little more time, maybe he is about ready to shoot up!" June replied.

Meanwhile Ty was lying in his bed in awe of what just happened and wondering if he really caused that to happen and if he did, what else might he be able to do? •

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