Ty's Power (Excerpt): Ty Buffs Up


Looking in his mirror ty could see how scrawny he was. Well, he would change that! The idea rushed though his mind, and now he wanted to get big.

Weighing in at only 125 pounds and 5'7", ty had really wanted to gain some mass, some more muscle, and put on a little more weight, but it had been impossible, until now. Ty, now obsessed with the idea, quickly ran down the stair to his bathroom. There was his little scale, sitting there, unused. He walked across the tiled floor over to it, stood there naked in the mirror for a bit admiring his new manhood, and then looked down at his now massive endownment.

"Damn im hung!" he said aloud... "DAMN IM HUNG!" he cried.

the house was silent. So his wish must have worked. He looked over to the scale, pulled it to his feet, turned it on, and steped up on to it.

"124" it read in large red numbers. Ty looked down and a smile came across his face. He looked back into the mirror at his scrawny self and then back the the scale.

"i wish i would gain sixty pounds of muscle in the next minite."

Ty groaned, a wave of heat spread over his body, over his chest and arms, stomach and thighs, and over his back and neck.

looking past his incredible endownment, ty could watch as with each passing second the number on the scale changed. It was allready at 129...130... then 131 and 132... with each second, another pound of muscle added on to his scrawny frame. Ty moved his hands across his stomach and chest, and across his biceps. He was allready feeling more definition, his muscles allready starting to develope....137...138...139...140....141 He could even see it allready! his arms looked thicker, his pecs (though still small) were starting to protrude off of his chest. His ribs were slowly dissapearing under more and more muscle....146...147...149.... He was really starting to show his gains now, looking in the mirror, he didnt recognize his body! it had allready changed so much! his abs were rapidly turning into a 6-pack, his chest was allready round and firm with muscle, his shoulder looked much broader, and were still widening, and when he flexed his biceps, he saw, they had allready grown to the size of tennis balls.


This sensation was incredible! he had never felt this great before! His body was getting bigger and bigger, with each moment still growing! It was the greatest rush for him, and now in the mirror was the reflection of a young, maybe junior bodybuilder. His arms now so thick and muscular, his pecs round and strong, his abs a clear 6-pack now, and his shoulders much broader. How quickly he went from scrawny to totally built!


just 8 more pounds, 8 more seconds and it would be over! Looking down was alot different now. His legs were much thicker, his large and heavy pecs were starting to get in his view, and his ripped abs distracted him from watching the scale.


it was over.

The warm sensation faded from him, and the scale stopped even at 184 pounds.

Ty stepped off of it now. Feeling the new wieght cought him off gard. He was massive! He had never seen a teenager so ripped! At least, not anyone he knew. His biceps were large and round, as he flexed he could feel his muscles tensing up. There he was in the reflexion. His face was the same, but his body looked like a massivly build massily hung young man. there was no hair on his chest, no tresure trail on his stomach, and no real hair on his thick legs either...

Ty was overjoyed with his new found size, but now he wanted something more... •

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