Ty's Power (Excerpt): Rob Goes Down in the World

Increasing Joshua's Vertical Leap

By Rex Torres

Since it had been raining outside the whole time, Ty figured it would be best just to stay indoors. He had walked out of the gym just a few minutes before, but when he saw the downpour, it only made sense to him to return to the gym until the weather cleared up.

As he sat down on one of the small wooden benches along the side wall, he looked over and watched as several of the kids in the freshman class were playing a basketball game. He knew just about all of them, until his eye fell on one who he had never met before.

The boy had short brown hair and seemed just to be a tad bit on the short side. He played hard, running and passing the ball to everyone and trying his hardest to be as effective as possible, even though he was playing with guys who were slightly taller than himself.

And you can just imagine how much TY just loved the see the golden opportunity to use his powers to help the underdog, the new kid, the little guy. But wait... what if that was not what he wanted? Ty wanted to get to know this kid a little better before he changed something about him!

Since Ty was sitting on a bench that was located right besides the water cooler, he figured that was an easy way to get to know the new kid. He looked at him as he was playing and he could see that he was getting sweaty and tired, trying to get the ball from these guys who were taller than him. Ty willed him to become very thirsty, and decided to wait for his victim to walk off the court. Still, he played a few minutes more, leaving Ty feeling impressed by his character, his passion for basketball, and perseverence to stay in the game as long as possible.

"How perfect" Ty thought to himself, "I can't wait to talk to this guy."

The kid finally walked away from the game and stumbled right to the water cooler. His face was red, his hair was wet, his shirt was all covered in sweat. His short legs were also wet, and his face had big drops of sweat rolling down his cheeks. He took in several gulps of water and looked like he was even ready to return to the game right away, but as he took one step towards the court, Ty willed him to take a seat on the bench, making him site right next to him.

"Hey" Ty said to him, as he looked him in his big, brown eyes.

"How's going, man?" he answered, obviously looking a bit tired.

"I'm Ty, what's your name?"

"Joshua. Nice to meet you, buddy." he answered.

"Wow, you got some good game going out there! Look at you, you're soaked! You like basketball huh?"

"Yeah, well it's fun. It's tough when you're the short guy, though." Joshua replied.

"Wouldn't you like to grow a little taller?" Ty asked, thinking that he already would know the answer. That would be his cue to make this kid grow a bit taller.

"No, I'm tall enough" was Joshua's answer, catching Ty by surprise.

"Well, how tall are you?" Ty asked him.

"I think I'm about 5 foot 4. I like my height, but I just wish my legs were stronger." Joshua said to Ty, who had a surprised look on his face.

"But... why? Why would you want stronger legs? That doesn't help you much when you play basketball!"

"Yeah but wouldn't it be cool if I were the little guy, but my legs were so strong that I could jump high enough that I could dunk, over all the taller guys?" Joshua answered with a smile on his face.

"I guess, I've never thought about that!", was really the only thing Ty could say to him.

"Hey man, I want to play some more before I go home. But I'm pleased to meet you, today was my first day here at the school, I just came from north Florida. I'm a DJ and I got a huge collection of cd's. Do you like music?"

"Yeah, I'd love to see your collection! Do you play at parties?", Ty asked Joshua.

"Absolutely. I'll bring some of my cd's so I can show you ok? I don't know anybody here yet, but you're cool. You can borrow some of them, if you want!"

With that Joshua extended his right hand to Ty, and Ty shook his hand. Ty realized he had a new friend in Joshua, and he was just touched by his friendship and generosity.

Joshua got up and slowly walked towards the court, then he turned around and looked at Ty.

"I'll bring my favorite cd tomorrow, you can listen to it, ok?" he said.

"Thanks Josh!" Ty shouted back.

Wow, Ty absolutely could not resist changing this kid, who offered to lend him his favorite cd even at their first meeting. He liked Joshua already and he thought about all the cool changed he'd still want to make to Joshua's body, but without making him any taller.

Ty concentrated on Joshua's legs, and he noticed his calves started to enlarge, and his thighs were becoming a lot more muscular. Veins were popping out on the front of his legs and the calves were suddenly bursting out of the skin under his knees. Joshua didn't noticed that his legs had become twice as strong, Ty wanted it that way until he saw the right opportunity. Ty waited for the right moment where Joshua has the ball in his hand and was standing just about under the hoop.

Immediately, at Ty's command, Joshua realized that his legs had become stronger. He looked up, standing about a foot in front of the hoop, holding on to the ball with both hands, he made a mighty leap straight up in the air, extending his arms over his head. When Joshua realized that his hand extended over the edge of the rim of the hoop, he dunked the ball through it, and he graciously landing on his two feet like a cat.

"How did I do that?" he whispered to himself, as he stood there, looking down at his powerful, muscular legs.

The other guys gasped in astonishment, wondering how it was possible for this little guy to dunk like that.

Then Joshua looked at the bench next to the watercooler and noticed Ty, with a smile on his face. Ty extended his right arm, indicating a "thumbs up" sign his thumb.

Joshua answered with his own "thumbs up" and whispered a "Thank you" towards Ty, as he turned around to continue the game. And Ty thoroughly enjoyed the fact that he could help out the new kid in the gym, as he looked forward to spending many fun hours going through Joshua's extensive cd collection. What a great friend! •

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