Ty's Power (Excerpt): Ty Buffs Up

One More Round


He looked at his new body and he felt the size of his muscles. Ty loved the feeling of strength that the size of his muscles gave him, and he loved being big, but even more he had enjoyed the feeling of the transformation itself, the feeling of muscles stretching and growing, of becoming bigger and bigger with each passing second. Although Ty was pleased by how big he was, he already longed for even more muscles.

"This was unbelievable," Ty thought. "I wish it could happen again and again."

As soon as Ty had finished his thought, he sensed the familiar wave of heat spreading over his body. He didnít see any difference at first, but still he stepped back onto the scale.

It read 189, which meant that he had already gained five pounds, and indeed his weight was increasing again.


His calves started inflating with even more muscles, and his traps pushed harder against his increasing triceps. He felt the his back muscles growing, and his abs were clearly becoming more defined.


Ty flexed his right arm, and the bulge of his biceps was even bigger than before, and it kept inflating with size, pushing upwards and outwards, stretching the skin of his arm, pumping and pushing, growing and growing. Tyís thighs were growing too, forcing him to adjust his stance a bit while he was watching the change in the mirror.


His shoulders had been broad already, but now their size was increasing even more, competing with the muscles in his neck. Tyís pecs, too, had begun to swell, and they kept pushing further and further outwards. Ty felt his chest and his stomach, and was amazed by how hard his muslces were. He moved his hands over his body and gasped when he realized he had developed an eight-pack in the course of his growth.


Ty kept moving his hands all over his body, examining the bulge of his biceps and the increasing size of his forearms, as well as the firmness of his thighs and the delightful swelling of his pecs. He could feel how strong he had become, and his whole body seemed full of energy. Just when he thought he couldnít take any more, the growth stopped. Ty looked down at the scale.

It read 245.

Ty looked back into the mirror and loved what he saw. He looked like a true body-builder now, his abs extremely defined, his traps pushing his arms away from his body. He flexed his arms, and his biceps bulged high. Again he ran his hands all over his body, feeling the new mass of it, feeling the size of his muscles when... •

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