Practical Magic: Livin' La Vida Loca


By Onix

It was a couple weeks after that that Amanda broke up with me and moved out. It all seemed to happen so fast that I barely noticed it. It was weird in the two years we had been dating after all the affairs I had had all the rotten things I had done to her for her to just suddenly leave was unthinkable. She was mine man! I mean I fucking owned her and here she was telling me she was leaving. I tried to stop her, to convince her to stay but for some reason my heart just wasn't in it. I knew that I was terribly upset and din't want her to go at all but for some reason I couldn't really make myself care.

I asked her why she was leaving me and she said it was because I had changed so much. She said I had become so simple I could barely hold a conversation with her. I told her she was crazy. She told me that even if my teachers hadn't flunked me for attendance that there was no way I would have survived the semester because I had somehow regressed to the mentality of god damn six year old.

I told her she was mean. She laughed. She said that all the drugs must be affecting my mind. I was confused what drugs I asked? What drugs, she said..."what drugs? For Christ sake Jon just look at yourself, it's so fucking obvious, don't even try to pretend.

After she had slammed out I went to the nearest mirror and investigated my reflection. Blonde and slim as ever...what the hell was she talking about I mean I looked exactly the same. The phone rang and when I looked towards a flicker of movement from the mirror caught my eye. It seemed for a split second that the image of me kinda of wavered and what I saw was someone else. No it looked like me only...bigger MUCH bigger. The guy looked like a beefy lifeguard from bay watch or something with his big traps and well rounded shoulders. That guy looked like a gymnast...not like me... I've always had that baseball player build.

I told Steve about Amanda leaving and he said it was probably for the best because I never knew how to treat women anyway. And I knew he was right all I ever did was cheat on them and yell at them. Then he laughed and massaged my crotch through the black spandex of my shorts. I threw my headback and rolled my shoulders in giddy pleasure completely oblivious to the obscenity and ridiculousness of his inappropriate touch. "It's not like you could get hard for her anymore anyway." I felt my rod go stiff in his hand and I laughed a loud dumb bark. He laughed too a hardy chuckle as he continued his stroking. I kept laughing the same dumb horse giggle as he jerked me off through my tiny little gym shorts. Unable to care or realize what was happening.

He told me I was such a good boy as he rubbed my happy cock. He laughed an amused laugh and said, "do you know what I'd like to see right now boy?"

I asked an excited happy what underneath his further ministrations... I'd like to see your ridiculously huge body do some jumping jacks, so I can see your big dumb dog cock flop against that hard belly like an animal.

I tried to argue but I laughed that dumb laugh and started doing jumping jacks.

My body flew into motion. All the wieght hefting around me like muscle jello as my big tree trunk legs threw me into the air. My pec's flopped up and down like huge bags of grain and he was righ my dick did flop around making me look silly.

Steve unbottoned his Jeans and began to stroke his own huge cock. I was enthralled by the sight of it and couldn't take my eyes off of it as I jumped and he stroked. He watched my body glisten and vibrate as I jumped up and down over and over again forcing the exagerated muscles to quiver.

"now," he said hot and intent.

"tell me how stupid you are."

I am so stupid. I responded without a moments hesitation.

I am so stupid.

Up and down muscles bouncing

I am so stupid.

Cock flopping, balls jiggling.

I am so stupid.

Now do it in Spanish. He said, leeking precum and bucking his hips.

Me mucho estupido

Me mucho estupido

Me mucho Estupido

I don't remember much after that just being on my knees and a salty taste in my mouth later...

Steve's advice to me was that I should get rid of all the things I owned that reminded me of Amanda. So that night I went home and began systematically throwing away everything I owned. I didn't mean to it was just everything reminded me of Amanda from the sheets and the furniture to my socks and shoes. The only things that really didn't make me think of Amanda were the things that made me think of Steve like my work out gear, my medicine and my protein.

After about to weeks I was sleeping on a mattress in an empty apartment with only workout clothes to wear. Which didn't even seem to bother me at all I thought everything was perfectly fine.

Until one night I had this horrible nightmare. In it Steve and this big bodybuilder were in a truck. They were sitting in the darkened cab, as Steve whispered instructions to the bodybuilder in that soothing tone of his and placed a leather studded collar around the guy's big neck. I could tell the guy was a bodybuilder because he had one of those obscenely huge muscled bodies that just stretched all his clothes and bulged every time he moved. He was wearing some kind of military costume. A green tank top and camouflage pants that made him look like some cartoon GI JOE wanna be. Only the way he walked in his heeled black boots made him seem more like some gay prostitute on a theme trick.

The Guy looked like such a jar-head no though all agression and muscle. The type of guy I'd see at bars and laugh at because he looked like such an OX.

They got out of the truck and went into this big house. There were all these guys there and the big dumb bodybuilder just went to the center of the room and started slurping dick like a circus seal. The guy was an animal all slobbering drool and cum down the cleft of his puffy chest. And then suddenly I could feel the cum and the drool on my self. I could feel the sensation of hot cock between my lips as sucked and teased some strangers cock head. I felt my throat open up to deep throat down to the base like a professional whore. I licked balls, kissed thighs and took dick like a happy little pro... it seemed like hours later when I woke up screaming. I grabbed a protein shake and tried to get back to sleep not even noticing the camouflage pants and large boots now added to closet wardrobe.

I told Steve about it and he told me he was worried about me. He said I was probably too unstable after the whole Break up with Stacey to take care of myself. I tried to disagree but he seemed so right. He told me I even looked sick. It asked him to help me. I practically begged him. He told me the first thing we had to do was get rid of all the stress in my life as quickly as possible. He told me my finances must be really dragging me down. And I immediately agreed. So he agreed to take care of all my bills and stuff until I felt better. I was so grateful!

The next day we went right down to the bank and I signed a bunch of stuff I didn't understand but Steve did. He said it was just so he could take care of things for me. I thanked him over and over again. I'm so glad I had a trustworthy man like Steve in my life to take care of me!

He even gave me this special skin moisturizer that was supposed to help me relax. It was kinda of weird and made my skin tingle and itch but I put it on everyday cause Steve said to. •

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