Practical Magic: Livin' La Vida Loca


By Onix

I think all my professors eventually got tired of me skipping class to go to the gym with Steve because most of them told me not to come back to class...that I had failed the semester but whatever. I'll just take summer semester. I mean fuck them I have the money. So I wasn't going to class at all. I was just working out with Steve a lot. And it still seemed like a few minutes but our workouts were hours long. I was getting really into for some reason too. I mean I was buying major amounts of protein, The chemically engineered shit, watching my diet and constantly trying to increase my protein intake. Which is weird cause I really didn't care about it. My workouts genuinely left me so beat that all I wanted to do when I got home was sleep so I'd be rested for tomorrow's workout.

One day we were getting ready in the locker room together and a bunch of my papers from school spilled out of my bag. Steve helped me pick them up and I was amazed at how many angry red D's and F's there were all over them.

He laughed a little noticing my terrible grades and said that I wouldn't be haning those on the frigerator any time soon. I got real mad, but instead of being angry all I could do was get all flushed and ashamed.I got more upset and began stuffing them into my bag while making stuttering excuses and blinking the hot tears of shame from my eyes. Why was I crying? Every time something bad happened lately all I could do was act like a big crybaby...

Steve comforted me and told me it was alright. He said he didn't care If I wasn't that smart. I told him that I was very smart with a sniff. He gave me that sweet I know better then you look and told me that that wasn't what all those grades said. He asked me if a smart boy would get all those bad grades. I sniffed harder almost hyperventilating and shook my head no.

He said well that wasn't so bad was it?

I nodded but as he wiped one of the tears from my eyes I added a pouty sullen but I am smart though...

Steve smiled and said sure you are just do me a favor and look in the mirror for a sec...

I did and saw my red face all sad and upset. You see the reason your upset is because you're afraid of epople thinking your dumb. There's nothing wrong with being dumb just as long as you know your smart...right? He said to me.

I considered it and agreed. It made sense I guess. He told me I had to stop being afraid of being stupid.

Look in the mirror and say I'm stupid.

I was confused and said that I didn't want to.

He looked stern for a second and said, just do it.

I whispered at myself, "I'm stupid,"

Louder, he said

I said in a normal voice I'm stupid.

He smiled happily, now try it in a deeper voice.

I adjusted my voice a tone down, "I'm stupid."

Deeper he ordered and I grunted out "I'm stupid" in a heavy thick bass that made my throat feel thick.

He smiled happily. You see that didn't hurt at all did it?

I saw his point it didn't at all! I began laughing and chuckling at the mirror and repeating I'm stupid like a big child.

Steve watched my amused and then said aight kid let's go work out.

I told him okay and noticed that I was now talking comfortabley in that heavy thick bass...and for the life of me I just couldn't make myself stop...

It was after that that I stopped going to class altogether. I could barely understand what they were saying and all my buddies were acting real weird about how I waould read things aloud and ask so many stupid questions, I tried to tell them I couldn't help it because I was so stupid but they didn't understand...

That' about the time Steve told me it was probably time to get some new work out Gear. I had come in one morning looking around for him anxiously, not feeling comfortable in the gym alone.

He came up behind me and saw me shifting uncomforabtel in his absence. He asked why I looked so uncomfortable and I explained that I didn't like being around all these "guys" without him. He laughed and said that that was probably because i sIuck out like a soar thumb.

I asked him what he meant.

We looked around and I noticed that all the guys were working out in tight clothes that showed off their muscles bu I was wearing layers of Sweats.

He told me that my old stuff was kind of getting ratty and that it made me look like I didn't belong at the gym. He gave me a long steady look and said You want to look like you fit in don't you. I nodded a knee jerk yes and he smiled.

He said he knew I would. So he sent me to this store with a list to give the cashier. He told me to come back after I had my new gear.

When I got to the fitness store. I shyly handed the clerk my list and The guy smiled and got me a bunch of really small speedo looking stuff. There was a big pile at the register when he was done. Most of the stuff looked like the stretchy tight singlets that the bodybuilders on ESPN were always wearing. Didn't I used to not like that for sdome reason? I think I didn't but I dind't pay any attention to it. I just went home and put it on and went to the gym. I noticed I was reall cold though. It flt like I was totally freezing and exposed. He told me I just looked like I took my body seirieosuly.

You want to take your body sierieously don't you?

I said yes.

Your body is the most important thing to you right now, isn't it?

I thought about it, and without school that was probably true...

I nodded and said in my deep bovine voice, "My Body is the most important thing to me."

He smiled, now look at yourself doing these next reps ...buddy...did he say buddy or baby?...

I watched as my body moved unerneath the clinging nylon singlet that I wore. The tight matirial hugged my thighs and made them seem huge and exposed the exaggerated lycra covered bulge at my tight little waist and made the V of my huge torso and back seem impossibly bigger and more defined. But the worst was the way it made my tits spill out the front. My big pec's...were my pec's that big... They were barely covered by the bottom of the singlets top and it made me uncomfortable the way the thin straps crossed over my barely exposed nipple...

"I look like I have tits..." I complained.

Steve laughed.

He laughed and agreeed, yeah he said with those massive huge pecs, your wide ass and those fucking huge thighs covered in all that lycra I can see where u'd say that... but no one is going to mistake a muscle beast like you for any cheap pussy he laughed

I got confused for a sec But steve smiled and said he really like the new gear and I was glad I made him happy. •

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