Practical Magic: Livin' La Vida Loca


By Onix

I think it was six months or so after I had first had that drink with Steve at the bar when he told me that I looked so sick I would probably need surgery. We were at the gym, working out as usual, because that's where I spend all my time now that I'm not in school. Most of my old friends are rely wigged out by the fact that I don't give a damn about graduating anymore so I'd rather spend all my time with Steve.

He looked at me and told me that I was probably going to need to have an operation so that I could feel better. I told him I felt fine and he asked me who would know better with his loving smile and I said him. I was so scared I started to cry. He knew I was just a scared little boy sometimes so he put one of his big arms around me to make me feel better. Which was weird cause it made me hard as a rock to have his bare skin against mine. I must have looked really stupid sitting their balling my eyes out until I was red in the face with my cock forcing the spandex of my shorts to bulge insanely.

He told me everything would be fine and that I could recuperate at his house afterward. I asked him what recuperate meant. He laughed really hard and said that I could live with him. I was so happy I forgot all about the surgery. The next day I moved all my stuff, which after all my house cleaning was basically my workout clothes into a room right next to his. It was completely walled with mirrors, that had a nice big bed in the center. I loved it but it did make me feel a little bad. I mean here I was this scrawny college kid with all these mirrors reflecting back my athletic but not-to built body. I mean Steve deserved to live with a guy as big as him, didn't he? I guess Steve was just a nice guy that way huh?

The next day Steve took me to the hospital and signed me in. He stayed with me the entire time and eve held my hand when until the Anastiesia kicked in. It was until he was watching my eyes flutter closed with that adorning proud grin that I realized I had never asked what exactly they were going to do...I mean Christ I used to study doctor stuff right? I mean I should know what they were going do ...

I don't really remember much about the hospital or coming home. Only that it seemed to last forever and I was in an intense amount of pain all the time. It seemed like my whole body hurt. They couldn't have done surgery on my whole body could they?

I spent a lot of days just lying in my bed at Steve's house sleeping or having him feed me and change the dressings on my body. He took care of me with such a gentle touch it was like he was caring for a child. I love Steve so much.

I can still remember the morning that Jonathan started to disappear and I started seeing Julio. I woke up and I think all the pain killers had leaked out of my system beaus I sat up without any pain. I was so happy. I just wanted to get up and take of the bandages that encased my body...but when I reached down to I realized that someone must have done it while I slept....but who...oh yeah I remembered I was staying with Steve and he was taking care of me after my surgery...But why did I have surgery? And why the fuck was I staying with this guy that I just met? I just wanted to get up throw on my clothes and try and find Amanda. I felt so confused. I needed to talk to someone I could trust. But I trusted Steve didn't I? I was so confused.

I got up with effort and my body felt so fucking heavy. It must have been from the drugs they must have made my legs and arms heavy with numbness. I lumbered over to a nearby low built Asian style bureau and opened it only to find faggy spandex work out gear. And not your every day run of the mill fag gear, these were bright blue Singlets and red unitards. How the fuck was I supposed to wear this shit? Where were my jeans and my t-shirts? And from the look of it I wouldn't even be able to fit into this lycra gym queen shit. It was way to big it looked like it was meant for a man twice or three times my size...I slammed the drawer shut and looked up into one of the mirrored walls of the room.

Which is when I started screaming.

There was someone else in the room with me! a big hulking gorilla. He was fucking completely naked and staring right at me! How the fuck did this Spic bodybuilder end up in my room naked as a fucking savage? And the guy was freaky ass huge too! His body was immenxe and moved with the cumbersome weight of a heavy animal. Then It dawned on me....when he moved I moved. A scarey realization dawned on me and for the first time I realized what had happened. It started as an inkling and then grew into terrible truth.

"oh my god" I said but it wasn't my was thicker and heavier sounding more like the guterral pur of some barbarian then my snappish east coast rhythm.

"awake sleeping beauty?" I turnedand saw Steve at the door of my room looking at me happily.

I moved toward him and for the first time I felt myself move. I was huge and I could feel it. My body felt so foreign to me. Like I had awaken treapped in someone elses form. Thew muscle weighed me down and forced my hips to roll across each other like great slabs of meat and flesh. My arms swung angularaly at my sides because my lats forced them to with their sheer expanse. My chest jutted out making me seem perpetually puffed up. I was a muscle beast! And I could feel it! it was too much for me.

I collapsed to the floor with a ridiculous thud and began to sob, the huge meat hunks of my shoulders bouncing up and down comically. I asked him how he did this and he began to tell me quite calmly as he watched my gargantuan pecs bob up and down with my exaggerated breathing. First he said he had the doctor's do some eye work on me that tilted my eye and made my lids heavier that he said was the most important part other than the skin of course. All Latin men have gorgeous eyes that are almost Asian almost African. He then had them give me cheek implants to make give me the high-cheeked sensuality of a Latin man, which he said happily went great with my already strong Irish jaw.

Then they shot my poor lips up with enough collagen to make a super model blush. This gave me the exaggerated sexy ethnic pout that Steve said he was so crazy about.

They even broke my nose and reshaped it to give the flat nostrils inherent to the Spanish races features...

I cried even harder looking at the vascular lines of honey colored skin dissecting my football sized biceps like a highway system. How'd you make me change color! I demanded.

He laughed arch deep full bellied laugh. Oh I've been doing that for months! That moisturizer he gave me he said was a special chemical blend that slowly tinted my skin...that combined with all the obsessive tanning I had been doing gave me the perfect Rudy red caramel complexion that any Hispanic boy would sport.

I told him I couldn't believe all that he done. And he said that that wasn't it and smiled his benign smile. He told me to stand and I immediately complied in a knee jerk childlike way that pissed me off. I lurched the disgusting mass of my body up and he told me to turn around. I did, exposing the wide expanse of my wing like back to the mirror. You know that pesky love handle flesh that you just couldn't seem to get rid of no matter how much we worked out those granite abs of yours? He said. And then I vaguely remembered snippets of our foggy intense workout sessions where he would fret over the side flesh of my abdomen irritated at it's persistence to never go away. Well, he said, I had them remove it. I nodded dully. But he continued. They removed it then moved it, he laughed. I looked over at him confusedly and he pointed at my ass. You had a great ass after all those lunges heavy weight lunges and extremely heavy squats but it wasn't quite the big ghetto booty that a man of your ethnicity deserved, so I had them take all that fat and put it on your ass. He laughed and it was half amused half horned. I looked down at my big butt and saw what he meant. On top of rock hard muscle of my glutes was a thick layer of mocha flesh that was round pliant and jumped from my backside like a woman's would...only firmer. It didn't jiggle so much as it swayed when I walked.

I looked at myself in the many mirrors of my room and only saw a Hispanic bodybuilder not myself. I fell to the floor on my huge tear shaped quads and bent as far over as my massive cumbersome lats would allow me and began to sob.

"aww Johnny what's wrong?" Steve asked in his comforting way.

"I look like a fucking spic muscle fag," I said accusingly.

He laughed and said I didn't look like one I was one!

All I could do was cry and ask how and why over and over, rocking back and forth and feeling the heavy muscle of my pendulous swarthy pec's contract beneath me.

He laughed again his amused chuckle. Think back he said, to that first night.

He told me that he knew I was the kind of cocky kid that deserved to be given a lesson I'd one day forget. He said with a laugh. He patted my hair and brushed my black spiky bangs, "I know your confused" he said laughing..."you always are now...but you see kiddo that first night I gave you a post hypnotic suggestion, that you'd want to call me and get to know me as soon as I left you my card, I also made it so you couldn't read the whole card...I'd let you look at it again now...but you can't read English anymore" He started laughing again and then explained further. "you see the card says Steve Conner's Personal trainer and Hypno-therapist. I hypnotized you with a few simple tricks that first night. The reflection of my watch...the tone of my voice...the expensive and strong drugs I had put in your drink ..."he gave me a crooked smile, "didn't know I did that did ya? I was just going to give you a one night deep dicking to teach your spoiled college ass a lesson but then I saw that see with the girl and the bouncer and knew you deserved much more. Ya see I've always wanted a houseboy but I'm very picky. I wouldn't want just any guy. I wanted a specific kind of man to be my companion, maid and sex slave...and the only way to get that was to make one. And I decided right then and there that you were just the waste of genetic material waiting for me to reshape it body and mind. Nobody was going to miss your arrogant, malignant, selfish ass but you."

He kneeled down behind me and held my massive shoulders in a loving embrace almost like he was cuddling a baby. "It was a simple after that, I started working out with you and every day and re-hypnotized you and made you forget about it. I gave you all kinds of suggestions over the passed months. First I made you get gradually dumber and more dependant on me. That was fun to watch I watched that look of cool condescension and pride become one of dim witted confusion and uncertainty. Then I made you ignore the affects of the steroids on your fact I made you ignore that fact that you were taking massive amounts of steroids at all." He began ticking things off like he was going down a list, "made you quit school, throw away your things break up with your girlfriend, start dressing like a slutty gym bunny....hmm oh and I made you sign you money over to me..." He massaged my wide shoulders and the manipulation of my flesh by his big strong man hands made me instantly hard. As he explained my destruction and reconstruction into his wet dream I began to absently jerk off.

"that's another thing" he said, "I made you gay," he laughed watching my hammy red fist bob up and down on my now dark cock, "VERY Gay." Then he put his hand over mine and increased the friction and speed on my cock and he bit my ear seductively, "and I don't want to worry you but you're a little bit of a slut too." I felt his own cock get rigid and thick behind me and I arched my big ghetto booty ass into his crotch instinctively.

"that's a good boy now get on all fours so I can finally get what I've been waiting for." I paused for a second trying to make sense of the situation.

He was pulling down his jeans as I leaned forward and presented my big ass doggy style, "that's a good boy you knew you were going to do it anyway."

I felt his big cock head at the entrance to my newly remodeled virgin hole. He gave my thick chest a quick heave and then thrust his entire length into me making me squeal out in pain. It was only after that I realized I was crying out in exsctasy but I was screaming "adios Mio" and "Aye Carumba!" in fact everything I had been saying was Spanish… •

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