The First Pump


By ParisPhoto

By this time they had entered the adjoining room. It was full of magnetically-controlled variable resistance exercise machines.

DeLeone: Obviously, no regular weights would work with you. But thanks to the treatment, we think these devices will be sufficient. The bench press machine, for example, provides resistance equivalent to more than 10,000 kg.

AlphaMan: So I'm just supposed to work out?

DeLeone: Have a look at the video monitor. This is the standard circuit you should follow. I will be monitoring you and adjusting the resistance during the circuit.

On the screen an athletic young man in a white tee-shirt and shorts demonstrated the operation of the machines and the sequence of their use. After running through the circuit, the muscle hero began himself. The first go round at high speed appeared quite easy. By the third circuit, the formula had begun to kick in, and at the highest resistance settings the hero was visibly struggling. Time for stage two... DeLeone opened a cupboard against the wall and pulled out a 5-litre jerry can of a greyish liquid. When AlphaMan moved to the thigh machine, DeLeone instructed him to begin drinking. The formula had made the hero increadibly thirsty and hungry, and he downed two jugs in a snap. His muscles now warmed up by the workout, quickly assimilated the available proteins. As he continued the circuit workout, AlphaMan's muscles swelled with a pump fed now by the liquid protein. DeLeone came closer to the straining hero.

AlphaMan: Tough...

DeLeone I would suggest removing your suit. It has already expanded significantly, and I am afraid you may have some difficulties if you wait much longer.

AlphaMan: It... um.. is kind of tight now.

AlphaMan took a break and fumbled at his belt. DeLeone came close and helped unbuckle the belt. The worn out hero pulled at the top of the tights stretched by his expanding glutes. He looked at the Professor to help. DeLeone buzzed in the young assistant who appeared in the video. He explained to AlphaMan that Ben would give him a hand. It took all the strength of the young athlete to help the weakened hero stretch the already too-tight spandex enough to pull it off AlphaMan's pumped muscles, first the tights, then the top, after carefully removing the cape. Released from their elastic prison, the burning flesh of the muscle god expanded even more. The hero sighed with relief. Ben brought him a skimpy loincloth to cover his massive organ.

Even the disciplined Ben could not keep his eyes off the magnificent hero stumbling from machine to machine as he weakened and grew. The hero's organ became more and more visible through the loincloth as AlphaMan's swelling thighs pushed them forward. At a nod from DeLeone, Ben went to wait in the corner. As the hero continued the circuit, DeLeone monitored his performance and gradually reduced the resistance. At regular intervals he had the pumped hero ingest more protein to fuel his muscle growth.

Finally AlphaMan could lift no more, even at the lightest resistance settings. DeLeone had the superhero stop and look at himself in one of the big mirrors on the walls. The hero now weighed more than 350 lbs of throbbing bloated muscle. He could barely move, both due to the induced weakness and the interference of the sheer muscle mass. AlphaMan stared at his transformed body, covered only by his hood and the loincloth.

AlphaMan: What... what have you done to me!?

DeLeone: Exactly what I set out to do. Exactly what you asked me to do.

AlphaMan I'm a freak. I can't appear like this! And I can barely stand. It's too much for me...

The superhero adopted his take-off stance. He rose only a foot or so in the air before landing with a thud. He tried again and again to fly, each time weakening with the effort. He finally landed in a crouch, bent over, biting his lip. DeLeone leaned over and patted him on his huge trapezius muscles.

DeLeone: Now, now. This was all to be expected. Don't worry, it won't last very long.

AlphaMan: My powers...

DeLeone: ...will return shortly, and if all goes well, you should be better than ever.

AlphaMan: A freak...

DeLeone: The extreme hypertrophy will go down, and you should be left with a 1-2% increase in size compared to your pre-treatment state. Come now, you need to relax... A massage will help your deflation process. •

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