First Treatment


By ParisPhoto

Once again, the hero arrived by the window. DeLeone explained that he had to ask him to provide some fresh semen for the injection. Seeing the hero's concern, he reassured him that they had prepared a time-release formula so that only one injection would be necessary for each session. Once again the hero turned to the corner, exposed his giant cock and began to jerk off. Once again a phenomenal quantity of jism was produced and collected. AlphaMan wiped himself clean and sat on the examination table as he had the previous time.

DeLeone: No, no. The treatment injections must take place in your buttocks. But don't worry. I will find a spot that will not be exposed to outside attack if you are in action after the treatment. Please face the table and lean forward. That's good. Can you please spread out your gluteus muscles so I can have access to a safe location?

The hero stood with his tights at his knees and pulled apart his thick glutes. With a cotton swab DeLeone applied a small amount of the hero semen in the ass crack then began the injection. The quantity was large, and the time-release formula made the liquid quite thick. Even for a patient more accustomed to pain it would be most unpleasant. AlphaMan began to grunt, and DeLeone could see and feel the muscles tighten and strain.

DeLeone: AlphaMan, please relax. You will find it much easier to take.

AlphaMan: I know, but it is taking so long.

DeLeone: I'll take a break so you can relax. Let me massage the injection site to help the penetration.

DeLeone removed the syringe and began working on the massive glutes. The hunk hero moaned with relief from the end of the pain. DeLeone could feel the heavy buttocks relax under his ministrations. He applied more semen to the opposite side of the crack and injected more of the formula. The Professor tapped the hero's buttock to indicate it was over. AlphaMan pulled up his tights.

AlphaMan: So when does this take effect?

DeLeone: In a few minutes. Let's go to the exercise room to get ready.

AlphaMan: Exercise?

DeLeone: Yes. The formula will allow you to get the workout of your life. Surely you realize that your superstrength prevents you from getting a real anabolic workout? You're just too strong. Thanks to the injection, you will finally be able to... how do they say it?... get a "pump". •

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