Mighty Muscle Massage


By ParisPhoto

DeLeone signaled to Ben to fetch his fellow assistants. Three other muscleboys entered the workout room and helped the massive muscle giant to get to the massage table along one of the walls.

DeLeone: The massage will help stimulate the elimination of the excess muscular tissue. As the deflation process begins you will feel the need to urinate. I will now install a urinary catherer to allow continuous drainage.

AlphaMan: Don't want that in my penis...

DeLeone: I'm afraid the sheer quantities of urine you will be producing require it.

DeLeone seized the long thick cock of the superhero, applied some semen, and deftly inserted the catheter up his urethra. As with the injection, the unaccustomed pain was nearly unbearable for the strongest man in the world. He convulsed in pain, but his exhausted, bloated muscles did not allow him to lash out as he surely wanted to do. The four boys managed to hold AlphaMan down on the table until the procedure was finished.

DeLeone: It should feel better now. Drink some more and we should see the first of the breakdown beginning. The boys will massage you to help the assimilation process.

AlphaMan: How long... how long will I be like this?

DeLeone: Not long, and you're luckier than most, for you will have no muscle soreness afterwards. Your strength restored, you will be totally invulnerable again and have full motor function.

The four young studs began their expert massage of the bloated muscles. It took all four of them to turn the hero at regular intervals to work alternately on the front and back. As they kneaded the superflesh it released its excess protein matter and a constant flow of urine began to run from the catheter. The hero moaned with pleasure and pain as his muscle tissue was slowly compressed and released. The pouches into which the urine flowed were rapidly replaced, with their weight and time of removal carefully noted. The scales built into the table followed the shrinking process with great precision. At 260 pounds the process began to slow down. After two hours of intense massage the final weight was 245 pounds. Once the massage stimulation stopped, he fell asleep. An hour later he awoke to see DeLeone standing above him. The hero sat up and stretched his re-energized muscles.

AlphaMan: Did everything go well?

DeLeone: Apparently. You tell me. How do you feel?

AlphaMan: Good. Very good.

DeLeone: Why don't you you pull out that catheter? You shouldn't feel any discomfort now.

AlphaMan yanked out the catheter from his thick flaccid organ. He then let the professor make some follow-up measurements. He had added 5 pounds of muscle, and more importantly, his general muscle tone was improved, as were his reaction times. DeLeone handed him his suit and cape which he put on at superspeed. The hero did take some time to adjust the spandex over his somewhat larger frame.

AlphaMan: Thanks so much, Professor. Tell me, will the effects last?

DeLeone: We have every reason to believe so. I would appreciate it if you would give me an evaluation of your impressions after a few days.

AlphaMan: Of course, with pleasure... But is this the end of the treatment?

DeLeone: Well, it can be. You will observe enhanced performance and a general rejuvenation. Of course, you could continue your improvement with further sessions like this one. I would recommend one-week intervals given your rather extreme reaction to orgasm.

AlphaMan:I'll have to think about that one, Professor. But I will be getting in touch with you in any case for a report on this first session.

After a test leap and a last adjustment of his suit and cape, AlphaMan saluted the professor and his team and flew out the window in a flash.

A few days later, the superhero called Professor DeLeone to make an appointment for the following Friday evening.

DeLeone: So you will be coming in for your report on the effectiveness of the treatment.

AlphaMan: Yes of course...

DeLeone: And has it been effective?

AlphaMan: Yes, yes, markedly.

DeLeone: Then I look forward to hearing more on Friday.

AlphaMan: Yes, certainly Professor. And...

DeLeone: Was there something else, AlphaMan?

AlphaMan: Well...

DeLeone: Perhaps you would like to try another session?

AlphaMan: Yes, indeed. I would.

DeLeone: We are as always at your service. Everything will be ready for Friday.

AlphaMan: Thank you Professor, thank you. I do appreciate what you're doing for me.

DeLeone smiled. He had already planned on AlphaMan requesting another session. The increased vigor and mass was a great attraction, and it had been clear that despite all his fears of weakness and becoming a freak, the treatment was something of a turn-on for the superstraight superhero. •

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