Journal, The


By Braun1

Jake led me through the french doors into his huge living room and across to the office and pulled me down as he sat on the big black leather sofa. He was still holding my hand in his and he raised it to his mouth and kissed it gently. I was, frankly, a little surprised. He was becoming more of a gentle giant each time I saw him. I was definitely falling in love with him.

He was so beautiful, so huge, and I had this deep warm feeling inside every time he touched me. I noticed that he had pulled is long blond locks back into a braided tail that ran most of the way down his amazingly wide muscle knotted back where it was so thick it ended in a huge brush. His blue in blue eyes were checking me out all over and I could help but return the inspection. He was sitting there completely naked and so completely smooth. His skin was like bronze, but softer than silk.

His giant muscles were in constant motion, playing under his skin, even as we just sat there checking out each other's changes. It was only a few seconds, but felt as if I was drooling over each detail from his amazingly square jaw to his at least 20" alabaster cock (which was slung over his bulging wicked thigh), to his calves that were so thick they pushed is big feet, with these very long toes, away from the couch. When I looked back up to his face he was watching me check him out.

He'd caught me and he was smiling. "Are you ever going to stop growing? You're soon going to burst out of even those clothes. Even though you look great in them, I think they cover too much." He reached for the buttons, but I grabbed his hand and told him to wait a minute. He looked puzzled. "Jake, please, in a minute, I've been thinking alot about your idea and as long as we're careful, I'm in."

He laughed. It was a huge full body belly laugh that brought tears to his eyes and it just kept on like he was going to roll off the couch and onto the floor in a minute. "Careful, Careful, God, I do love you... Careful... You are the one who can't go to town for some groceries without bringing home two newly huge boys to our ever growing, what was it you called it this morning, our stable."

He continued laughing and it was infectious because I knew he was right. Ever since that first night when Steve and he had such a reaction of overwhelming growth and sexuality, I wanted more. More men, More muscle, More everything. And I still did. "OK, OK, Jake you are right. I'll be more careful. Its just, I really wanted both of these guys, before the accident and I thought they never gave me a second look, and now, well now they can't get enough. I couldn't help myself."

I was willing to say just about anything, just to get him to stop laughing, and that did it. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Well, my giant cum factory, I hope you're ready because I'm going to help MYself."

I couldn't refuse this guy anything, but I had to stop him again. I told him to hold on one more minute and ran to the truck for a case of the liquid supplements I wanted both of us to have all the fuel we'd need. Jake, obviously, wanted to be my size, and I wanted him to have whatever he wanted.

I decided on my way back from the truck that I wouldn't drink his load, so hopefully we'd be closer to the same size once he finished growing. I wanted to make love to him, not just fuck. When I got back to the den, he was on the phone. My turn to wait. He was teasing me with is muscle, flexing his arms, his legs, his abs, and stroking his huge cock. I decided to play it cool so I just sat down on the couch and ripped open the case and started drinking.

I must have finished three full containers when he finally got off of the phone. He was very pleased with himself over something. He crossed the room and as he did he told me that the call was from his architect and we could start planning additions to the house and a new gym complex on Monday.

I stood up, folded my mammoth arms across my chest, looked down at him. "So, I'm the one who is moving too fast?" I sneered as I arched an eyebrow and tried to look as displeased as possible. Jake wasn't buying it and he reached toward me, took the huge bulge of my cock in his hand and ripped it right through the shorts. In pieces they fell to the floor.

He then reached up and tore off the tied on remnants of the tank top and threw it on the floor. "How's that for too fast?" he chucked back at me. Then he buried his face in my chest and started nibbling on my tits and stroking my now fully hard cock.

"Man if this thing gets much bigger, even I won't be able to handle it."

"Well then, buddy, we'll just have to make you big enough to deal with it."

I grabbed another bottle of the supplement and told him to drink it. Then another. He looked like he couldn't drink anymore and I told him it would make the growth work better if his body was fed first, that it had worked for Steve and Mario, and he downed another. It was dripping off of his chin and he pushed me down to sit on the couch and then very gently spread my legs apart and licked the oozing precum off of my cockhead.

I was in heaven. His mouth was so warm and wet and gentle, I know this was going to be amazing. His tongue left my cock and started all over my quads. He looked up and said,

"Flex, big guy, I want to feel this hard muscle with my mouth. Let me love your giant legs." He returned to his tongue action as I straightened my legs and watched my own quads rip into fine striations muscle split and strained like the skin would burst. He licked and kissed his way up both thighs, all the while squeezing and playing with my balls.

The tension was building as he inched is way toward my crotch. Then, still feeling mischievous, I closed my legs on either side of Jake's head.

"So, stud, want pillars like these? You had better get back up here. I'm close." and I slapped my cock down on his head. He reached up and spread my legs again and instead of sucking me off, he attacked my balls, sucking and twisting and squeezing until I thought I would die if I didn't cum.

He rammed his fingers up my ass. He reached for my chest and started pinching my nipples when I started to feel my load moving up the shaft for blast off. He wrapped something around my cock and pulled tight. Then I felt something brushing my balls, it was like a thousand silken feathers and I was done. I grabbed his head an slammed his mouth over my cock just as I erupted.

"Suck me, Suck me, oh god, suck me." Wave after wave of my life juice was flooding into him. I was lost to the world long enough for him to drink me dry and lick up the excess. Then his mouth was gone, but I still felt something pulling on my dick. I looked down and there was Jake suspend from my dick by is braided pony tail face down on the floor. I reached down and picked him up. He was already beginning to quiver.

His skin was on fire as I lifted him to the couch. His quivering was quickly becoming shaking and then he let out a scream to wake the dead and fell completely quiet, unmoving. Then the waves started again. Violent waves shaking his already huge body to growth.

His legs straightened as every muscle in his body tensed and the arm of the couch flew off and bounced off of the wall across the room. He was swelling rapidly and I started feeding him the supplements. His shoulders pushed wider and wider overhanging the side of the couch easily by a foot or more. His huge arm slumped down on the floor and he kept on growing.

It must have been extremely intense as his eyes were wild and he was moaning and groaning and still he grew. Bigger, thicker, taller and stronger. His cock was also pressing up, first to the top ridge of his abs, then up between his pecs. His shaking was now starting to subside and as I knelt beside him and started to stroke his face, I could see that even his face had changed. It too looked harder and stronger, the cleft in his chin looked deeper, his jaw line was more square.

He was bigger than any man I had ever seen, appeared every bit as big as I was. Which meant he was just over 8' tall and 700 lbs. So solid, so beautiful. I kissed him and grabbed his newly swollen cock. I only stroked and squeezed it twice and he started shooting all over both of us. His chest was heaving with his release.

He reached over and pulled us face to face in a long, hard kiss. I was on top of my magnificent stud, and we were mouth to mouth, pec to pec, cock to cock, thigh to thigh and feet to feet. I finally had a partner my own size.

"So, lover boy, how does it feel to be as big as the 'giant cum factory'?" I purred as I tongued his right ear.

"Feels fucking incredible, mmmmmm, except for the lead weight on my chest." I moved to get up and his strong arms pulled me back. Wrapped around me like the were made for just that purpose.

"I didn't mean you should move, not ever. I want you to stay right here. I love you." He said it, I felt it and we fell asleep just like that.

We woke several hours later, it was just getting dark outside and Steve was pounding on the door, evidently trying to rouse us for dinner. I had to admit, I was hungry and Jake was probably starving. He was still sleeping and he looked so peaceful I wanted to let him keep on sleeping. It was not to be however, because Steve pushed through the door and just stood there looking at us, with desire in his eyes.

"You guys are fucking unbelievable, but Mario has dinner almost ready and I'll bet you need a shower, I can smell the cum from here. Man, you look plastered in it." As I tried to get up, Jake and I had to peel ourselves apart. The cum and sweat had sort of glued us together and it sounded like we were trying to separate a huge piece of velcro, or get up after sitting bare assed on vinyl.

Jake stood up and Steve could see now that he was every bit as big as I was and he turned and went back down the hall. Already telling someone, "You guys are not going to believe this." Jake and I went straight down to the gym showers without stopping to show off his new bod.

We were both covered in dried and drying cum, so we figured we had better shower first. It was a challenge getting Jake through the doors. He hadn't had a whole day of this size to get used to it like I had. Flex here, relax there, duck, push and you're through. He was getting the hang of it by the time we made it to the shower. We quickly washed and dried each other and headed back upstairs to the kitchen. The boys were already in the dining room and when Jake pushed through the door, I actually heard forks drop, glasses break and exclamations by all.

The guys had tried to 'dress' for dinner, but Jake and I were still butt naked. Well, we'll have to find clothes later. I was hungry and we were not to be disappointed. Mario was a terrific cook. There were salads by the bushel, soup by the gallon and a broiled salmon for each of us. He was immediately elected cook, but said, not again without help. Dessert was basically supplement bars and the liquid supplement and we moved to the living room, because Jake wanted to talk.

Jake presented his ideas to all of them, as if he and I had decided that this was the best thing to do. I agreed, so I didn't argue. I could see by the look in their eyes, that every one of them was for it and every one of them wanted to get just as big as the two big boys sitting on the floor.

There was a lust for muscle written all over them. The pairings were just as I had expected. Jake and I were on the floor. Steve and Brad were on one couch and Troy and Mario were on the other. All of us were casually, in one way or another, touching those nearest to us. For me this meant my left hand was firmly planted on Jake's big round hard ass.

He was feeling the muscles of my back move as I rubbed his glutes. Jake surprised me then by charging them each to decide on another man to included in our 'haven'. And he wanted them to decided right now. Everyone seemed to have someone immediately in mind. Steve had a 'friend' from the gym who would do anything for muscle. Troy wanted to bring in his little brother who had always idolized him. Brad said that he wanted to invite his EMT friend Rob, who had also been the guy who saved me with mouth to mouth.

When we got to Mario he was quiet. Jake said that he had to name someone and it should be someone he knew would want this kind of amazing change in their life. He looked up at Jake, "Well, there's only one person I can think of and you may think it's weird, but that's my dad."

Troy almost choked on the protein drink he was gulping. He looked straight at me, "I can't wait, and you guys won't believe Mario's dad is really Mario's dad and," looking straight at Mario, "I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees you, why don't you go call him and get him here now?" Jake stopped them by saying that everyone should call their suggested new members to our club and have them arrive the following morning. Over the next several minutes there were trips to the phone and everyone returned with a smile, except Brad. "Rob can't come in the morning, he's on duty and no amount of persuasion would shake him into calling in sick." Brad looked very unhappy.

Jake just smiled. "Don't worry, Brad, I'll fix it so he can be here."

He walked over to the phone, dialed a number and we heard him start the conversation, "Hello, Mayor Thompson, this is Jake Masters and I need a favor......." Brad was dumbfounded, but happy.

When Jake returned he had that pleased with himself look on his face. He looked at Brad and said, "He'll be here and he's got a week's vacation to enjoy it. Politician's will do anything for my campaign contributions."

We all got a chuckle at that. Jake was definitely getting off on being in control of this powerful crew and suggested that we move this party to the gym.

"I want you pitiful excuses for men to see what this new, improved, body can do.....and so do I."

His cock rose to attention and all of us were soon on our way to what should definitely prove to be a very hot night. •

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