Journal, The

Day Two


By Braun1

I laid there with my head in Brad's lap for a little while. He just kept running his fingers through my hair and looking into my eyes. I wonder what he saw there? What I saw made my heart open wide. His beautiful blue eyes sparkled and he looked so innocent. His close cropped blond hair had grown out to a funny cute page boy length. The kind that gives you bangs. His teeth were as white as snow as he smiled.

In a way he looked like a child. Yet this was all man. His lips were thick and full and I just had to kiss him again. I then stood up and pulled him up with me pressing our bodies together. My head banged off the ceiling and his came up to about my chin. It didn't matter though. We were in another world. Not a word was exchanged, but we both knew each step, like we had done it for lifetimes.

Brad was amazing, so incredibly handsome and now so huge. He seemed to have peaked at about 425lbs and 7'2" tall. He kept running his hands across his chest and down his abs, through his incredible blond body hair. Squeezing and feeling his muscles. His pecs must have jutted out about 5" like a shelf and the striations were easy to see, even with all that hair. His abs were a monumental eight pack.

His shoulders were amazingly broad and each movement of his hands caused them to flex and striate even more deeply. His hands were big, like Jake's paws. His trademark arms were enormous. There are no other words to describe them. Just take the most incredible biceps and triceps you can imagine, cover them with splits and striations showing every muscle fiber and double it and you might come close to imagining Brad's. His thick forearms looked like a couple of steel wrapped bowling pins. His thighs were hard to see, from this angle, but I could feel his immense new cock pressing against my own.

Soon his hands left his body and he wrapped them around mine. He just stared into my eyes saying, "Damn, Geoff, you're so fucking big. I'll bet you are as much bigger than I am now, as I was bigger than you before, probably even bigger. God this is hot. I can't believe I'm so horny." All I could do was smile. Pressing us together again and raising his mouth for a kiss.

His strong hands soon found my ass and began working the muscle and crack. He began rubbing his hardening cock between my legs and pressing my cock up along his massive torso. I could feel his shaft sliding back and forth beneath my balls and I was soon hard and leaking precum like there was no tomorrow. All this while, my tongue was captive in his mouth.

He purred like a lion in heat and soon pulled away from the kiss, looked up into my eyes again and said, "I still want that cute ass of yours." Well he didn't have to ask twice. I took his hand in mine and walked over to the living room. I just bent over and grabbed hold of the back of the couch, looked over my shoulder at him and smiled.

Well he needed no more encouragement either and knelt down and was soon tongue fucking my ass with abandon. His tongue and lips felt amazingly hot and wet as he worked my hairy crack and slid in and out of my pucker. He was very good at this, it was definintly not the first time for my fantasy man, and in just a few minutes I felt one then two fingers.

I pleaded with him not to wait, just to fuck me. But he just shook his head and with an evil smirk drove another finger in, grinding away and licking my balls at the same time. Then he had four in and was pushing like he was trying to shove his hole hand in there. And he was.

At first I couldn't believe there was any way he could get it in there, but he sure seemed determined. Sweat was beginning to run off of my back and down across his hand, further lube for the job. Then he growled and gave a mighty push and it was in. His whole fucking hand was in my ass and I screamed. This was the first pain I had felt since my transformation and I guess my ass snapped tight around his wrist because he was soon yelling as well.

After what seemed like an eternity the pain subsided and he started working it. In... out... and all around. It was like he had it in to the elbow, but having twisted my neck half off, I could see it was just up to his wrist. He just kept up the pressure and soon I could feel the writhing of his cabled forearm and I knew he had rammed in almost to his elbow. I could soon feel his swelling, flexed bicep pressed against my ass cheek and knew he could go no further. The pressure was immense, but I could take it. All I could think at the time, was man I wish he would fuck me.

He must have known what I was thinking, because at that moment he pulled his arm out and with all the force of his new improved body, he rammed is cock into me to the hilt. I groaned and moaned like I had been body slammed. His cock was now every bit of 22" and thick as his wrist. He ground his crotch against my ass as he churned my guts like never before. I felt his steel plated furry chest press into my back and felt his teeth bite into my traps. He was an animal and wild with lust. I couldn't imagine this was MY wild man.

He reached around my waist and began stroking my steel hard cock with both hands, stroking in time to his thrusts, but then he pulled back and could no longer reach around, so he grabbed hold of my hips and began mind numbing thrusts with the entire length of his cock. He pulled out until my ass grabbed at his mushroom head and then pulling and pushing with his arms and legs, sweat was running off both of us now and I could feel my own orgasm building and I was wetting down the floor with precum.

I guess he sensed my closeness because it was at that moment he drew all the way out of my ass, leaving it for a second, feeling very empty. Then he slammed back in, pressed our bodies together tightly and grabbed my cock in a tight squeeze and pulled. I exploded all over the floor and couch and my ass snapped shut. He screamed again and unloaded with a flood and I was filled with his cream well past capacity and our cum mixed on the floor.

Brad collapsed on my back with his softening dick still deep in me. Panting and sweating we just stayed there, letting the waves of pleasure wash over us. Finally, I could stand no more of that position so I eased him off of me and onto the soaked couch. It broke with the weight of both of us and I started to chuckle.

Brad was still in a haze as I leaned over to kiss my wild beast. I licked the sweat from his face and when I reached his lips he parted them for me to enter. I pulled back and just looked at my animal, even spent and covered with sweat and cum he looked beautiful.

Just then the phone rang, I didn't want to move, but since Mario had my number from my previous visit to the shop and I knew I had taken longer than anticipated, I grabbed it. It was the Troy and was wondering what was taking so long. They had the truck packed and had even made a grocery store run and were more than a little ready to get back to Jake's, so they could really get down to some fun.

He sounded more than a little anxious. I told him that I had gotten 'distracted' by a friend and asked if they could come by the apartment. After some hasty directions, I hung up the phone and shook Brad out of his haze. I told him I'd explain everything on the way to a friends house, but that we needed to get cleaned up and find some clothes to fit because my ride was coming.

He was kind of on autopilot, just doing whatever I told him to do. Watching him almost stagger around the apartment I started to get hard again, but knew the guys would be here in no time. I went into the bedroom and found the clothes that I had bought two days ago and realized that I could probably find some to fit Brad, but I was going to be out of luck. I looked up to see Brad just standing in the bathroom staring at his new body, with his mouth hanging open.

When I tried to enter the doorway was again too small. He turned to look at me and smiled, "Geoff, thank you. I don't know how it's possible, but thank you. I feel great and if this is a dream, then I don't want to wake up."

"I'll tell you all about it later, but now we've got to get ready," I returned with a kiss. He had cleaned up some with some towels in the bathroom, but I was still a mess. So he grabbed a one towel and ran it under the tap, grabbed another and came out into the bedroom and proceeded to wash and dry me all over. He was getting me very hot.

Before I was completely dried, I grabbed the towel away and told him to get dressed. I had laid out some white spandex shorts and a tank top for him and as he dressed he looked pleased with the fit. Flexing a little. Looking great. I knew I was going to loose it if I didn't distract myself. I finished drying and forced myself to think of other things, like how was I going to get back to Jake's naked.

I really didn't care if anyone saw me, I loved this body, but at the same time, I didn't want to get arrested or anything. Brad came to my rescue, he found a pair of shorts and split the seams to the waist and crotch, so I could get them over my thighs (positioning my cock proved a problem, but Brad just said, pull it around your hip, so I did) and a string tank that he ripped up the sides and then once it was slipped on he pulled the sides together, tightly stretching the material, and tied it with small knots at the side.

It looked funny, but it covered enough so I wouldn't get arrested and I really liked the way it left my abs visible. He stood back and looked at me, appraising his handiwork and said, "Good enough to eat." I stroked the side of his face and kissed him again.

There was a knock at the door and I told Brad that, now he would see what I've been up to for the last two days. I ripped the door open and set it to the side, there was no salvaging it anyway. Mario stood there with his mouth hanging open, looking so cute you just wanted to eat him alive.

"Man, if you get any bigger, we'll have to put up scaffolding just to look at you."

"Your no slacker in the size department your self, Mario," I returned, he was evidently adjusting well to his new size. He threw a quick couple of poses and then caught sight of Brad.

His eyes were wide and he actually licked his lips, "Brad Phillips, Oh my god, you're huge. So this is the friend who distracted you, Geoff, no wonder you've taken almost 3 hours."

I couldn't believe it had been so long and my thoughts immediately slammed back to Steve and Jake who must be starving by now. "Guys, we gotta hurry, we've got two incredibly hungry men waiting for us, so let's load up. You can get better acquainted back at Jake's."

Both of them grabbed the sacks I had packed and we headed for the truck. Troy was in lust the instant he saw Brad, but I told him we needed to hurry and get back. He agreed, but his eyes never left either my body or Brad's the whole time we were loading my stuff.

The truck was packed with cases of supplements, bags of food, boxes of clothing and my stuff and I quickly came to the realization that there was no way the four of us could compact ourselves into the cab, jump seats or not, there was almost 2000 lbs of men and one truck. I looked across the parking lot to my totally in adequate car and quickly discarded that idea. Then Brad pipes up and say that he and I could follow in his car. He motioned to a totally cherry, 1967, caddy, convertible with a flaming red paint job. Well, it was worth a try.

I reminded Troy that, if we got separated, he would need to wait for us at the gate to Jake's estate, or Brad and I couldn't get the gate open. He just laughed at me, saying that there was no gate in this world I couldn't open, and I should look in a mirror more often. I knew he was right and laughed out loud and it was infectious. We all started laughing as we climbed into our various vehicles. Brad was already in his car putting the top down, when I got there and he moved the seat all the way back, but it was still not comfortable for him. I stepped over the side of the car, my weight making it sag a lot and he looked at me and laughed again because my knees were almost in my face.

He said, "why don't you climb into the back seat and that way you can at least sit up right." I complied and just for fun said, "Brad, you're the cutest chauffeur I've ever had, follow that truck."

As we were driving to Jake's, I explained the whole story to him. He just listened quietly and nodded every so often. Even in the car we were attracting attention. Once stopped at a red light he even flexed a little for a pedestrian who wandered over to the car and actually felt his incredible arm. Then I stood up and flexed and the guy, took one look and ran, I guess I must have looked jealous or something.

I could also see that Troy and Mario were having some fun flexing for the mid-afternoon crowd on the sidewalk. I continued the story of the last few days when we got out of town and when I got to the part about Jake's idea for a muscle retreat, Brad's head swung around. He had this look of intent interest on his face and I assured him that he could be a part of it, if he wanted. He said he'd show me just how much he was interested as soon as we got there. I was happy he wanted to join us, this was going to be more than I could have imagined.

When we finally arrived at Jake's, there was no welcoming committee as I had expected, so we unloaded the food off of the truck and dropped it in the kitchen. The guys must have gotten hungry because there were pizza boxes everywhere. I counted 20 just in the kitchen and there was a trail of them all the way to the pool. There we found Jake and Steve, lounging in the sun each with several empty boxes next to them and each with a large pizza on their laps, just chowing down.

Jake looked up and then over at Steve, and said, "See, I told you they were fucking around." We all had a good laugh and Troy and I made our introductions. I could see, at once, that Steve had eyes for Brad and the feeling was mutual and Troy was acting very possessive of Mario. I thought to myself, "Good, we're going to get along, just fine."

I hadn't seen Jake walk over next to me, but I sure could feel his rising dick when it pressed into my thigh. He put is arms around me and said,"I sure hope your not worn out, because I'm well fed. Let's let the boys get better acquainted, you and I have unfinished business." He took my hand and led me into the house. •

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