Journal, The

Day Two


By Braun1

We decided that we were both pretty hungry and had better load up for the sleeping beauties, so we mixed up some more supplements and downed a few dozen protein tablets and Troy started posing again. Flexing those huge biceps was just getting me in the mood for our little prank. I joined him flexing, but he was a pro. Even giving me pointers and I asked if he had competed.

He just laughed and said, "Yeah, I'm the teen state heavyweight runner up." I just shook my head and said, "Not any more. You are the champ in my book." We both laughed and headed up stairs. I peeked in and as we suspected, both Steve and Jake were still fast asleep. Standing at the foot of the bed, I reached down and grabbed Troy's semi-hard cock and whispered, "Man, I just love your cock."

Troy smiled and grabbed mine, smiling to say he felt the same. He whispered, "I can't believe how big Jake looks. And, that this is little Stevie from the gym." Then he just stared at the sleeping giants as if to memorize every detail, all the while his firm grip on my dick never faltered. His rod was now full hard and we were both leaking precum to the point of dripping. With my other hand I stroked his mega arm. His forearm looked like a ham wrapped with steel cables. He flexed it for me and veins bulging everywhere you looked. His upper arm was now in constant tension as he stroked.

His cock was swelling even more and beginning to feel like hot steel as he got closer. I know I was about to loose it and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. His head snapped around and soon our faces were locked. My cock pointed directly at Steve and Troy's pointed at Jake. It soon became too much and we shot.

Ribbons of cum were hitting the guys in the face, on the chest on their legs on the cocks...everywhere. Jake opened his eyes first then Steve lifted his hand and scooping my cum off of his chest, licked it clean. Jake smiled and said, "I see you've met Troy." After the introductions were done. Troy and I looked at each other, smiled dove on top of them, causing the bed to break and all of us ended piled on the floor.

Jake grabbed Troy and started stroking his hard, defined, incredibly smooth muscles. I could see in his eyes that he was in full lust for this young super stud. At that point I lost track of those two because Steve was chewing on my left nipple and all I wanted was more. Steve rolled me on to my back and slid up my body until we were crushing our mouths together and tongue wrestling like hungry lizards. As he ground his cock against mine, I could feel every bulge of his massive frame.

His huge arms wrapped around me tightly and his hairy thighs pressed against my own. Then he pulled his mouth from my own and licked the sweat from my face. He then whispered, almost a growl and yet a plea, "Please, Geoff, make me bigger." He pulled up then and looked me straight in the eyes.

He was so beautiful, his sandy brown hair now fell past his shoulders and down his back, framing those electric green eyes, that danced and sparkled like they had a life of their own. I smiled, "Buddy, if you want it, you know how to get it," and I flexed my cock against his for emphasis.

He moved so quickly, I could almost feel a breeze. His mouth clamped over the head of my massive rod and his tongue was like a pleasure machine. It swirled around the head and dove into my slit, I had to concentrate so as not to loose it too quickly. I was holding my own until he did, what I would have considered impossible, and taking a deep breath, plunged his mouth down over my enormous shaft.

I could soon feel his nose buried in my hairy crotch and my cock being massaged by his powerful throat. I knew I was going to loose it when he abruptly pulled off, panting for air. Steve stood up, and I was shocked. His body was dripping with sweat and he was panting like a marathoner at the end of the race.

He smiled and said, "I don't want you to cum yet. I want this to be your biggest load ever and make me into a monster." There was no denying him anything, and I loved it. Here was the most beautiful hairy man, I've ever known and he was begging for more of me. He lifted me to my feet and then grabbed my cock and led me from the room.

As we were leaving, I looked over at Troy and Jake just in time to see Troy's massive black pole sliding effortlessly into Jake's tight ass. I knew from experience that Troy was going to have the fuck of his life.

Steve led me down to the gym and walked over to the bar. My balls were now aching for release and precum was drooling down the shaft and dripping off of my balls. Steve pulled me close and kissed me again and said again, "I want all you have to give, but I want to be ready, this time."

He grabbed a couple of bottles of liquid supplements, that I hadn't noticed before, from behind the bar and, still stroking my cock with one hand, he raised the bottle to his lips and swallowed the contents. Then he grabbed the other bottle and placed it at my lips and said "drink". I sucked it down completely. Then he drank another and said, "I think, I'm ready, how about you big guy?"

I had to ask, "Steve, are you sure you want to do this?" He smiled, never missing a stroke on my ready to burst cock, "I've wanted this forever, the muscle, the power, the sex, it's more than I ever fantasized..more than I ever dreamed..Yes, to be as big and sexy as you, is what I want, more than anything in the world."

He replaced his hand with his mouth and started stroking my dick. Looking down on his broad shoulders, I could barely imagine them even bigger, but I was too lost in the passion of the moment to give it much thought. If Steve wanted this, then so did I. I would give him all I could. I lost all sense of time as he deep throated me again and again. He was all over me like a sucking machine. His hands moved between my balls and my butt and as he played with my twitching ass, I could feel myself loosing control.

He must have sensed it as well, because he chose that instant to ram his finger up my hole and immediately he found my prostate. I could hold back no longer and began to unload what felt like gallons of cum down his waiting throat. He sucked and I came and came and came. I began to see stars, it was so intense. Lost in the feeling. Who knows how much time passed? I barely noticed when Steve pulled, or rather fell off of me. I looked down just as he doubled over. I couldn't believe it.

His hard rippled stomach was actually distended he had swallowed so much cum that even his powerful abs couldn't stay flat. I was spent and knelt down next to him, trying to keep him from hurting himself as he thrashed about, bellowing in pain. Just as quickly as it started, it stopped and his body went completely ridged. His gut was flat again and I guess he had absorbed all of the power cum. Then he began to shake, just a slight tremor at first, then it was building to more forceful convulsions. Each convulsion seemed to cause him to get bigger. His muscles were thickening. Mighty pecs exploding with power.

His shoulders, already larger than any bodybuilders, got even larger. His neck was now thicker and he was still growing. His waist appeared to narrow or was it just his torso getting larger and larger? His head was soon lifted off of the floor by his expanding back. His legs were getting thicker and huge veins swelled all over his body. His arms were amazing, huge as basketballs, laying along side a torso that was still expanding. His calves were now so thick and cut that, had he still had his previous thighs, they would have rubbed together with each step.

The process seemed to be slowing. His body hair was thicker than ever now and was like a fur rug across his mountainous pecs and abs. At first, it did not appear that his cock was going to join in the growing, but just as I noticed this it sprang to life and was immediately hard, throbbing, swelling. Easily now as large as Troy's and still swelling thicker and longer. The head was now as big as a fist and throbbing a deep purple, slipping out of its cowl, begging for release.

I barely closed my lips on it and flicked it twice with my tongue and was rewarded with an incredible load for the second time this morning. His cock was throbbing in my fists as I stroked and pulled, I wanted every drop he had to give. I drank and drank and was feeling more and more satisfied. I could feel it spreading out all over my body. This was far more intense than it had been with Troy or Jake. I couldn't move. My mouth was clamped on the head of Steve's massive cock and could not move. When he was finally spent, I released and fell on top of him. I could feel his massive tree trunk thighs flexing against my pecs, but still couldn't move.

The satiated feeling was stronger and stronger. I felt myself being lifted and realized that Steve was pulling me up along his body, pressing my body into his. He held me tight and I could feel him swelling, but he had stopped, hadn't he? Damn, it was me that was swelling. He flipped me around like I weighed nothing so he was looking in my eyes.

First, I could feel our massive pecs pressing into one another and then our cocks pressing between two incredible sets of abs. As I swelled, Steve just started whispering and holding me against him. The incredible heat of our bodies was causing us both to sweat rivers. I could feel our bodies pulse with the last of the growth and I realized that while our pecs were a matched set, my feet were lower than Steve's. I was again bigger.

After lying there for a few minutes, I knew Steve would be hungry, but he made no motion to get up lest he push me onto the floor. I stood up rather off balance. It was kind of like being drunk, but this drunk was on muscle, sweat, sex and power. I reached a hand toward Steve and he looked up at me in awe. That wondering gaze of a boy, looked completely out of place on this incredible stud before me. His hair was longer than ever, reaching down his back to the incredibly swollen bubble butt.

The hair on his chest was a little darker and it seemed to get darker as it worked it's way down his torso, to his nearly black hairy crotch. His cock hung almost to his knees and was so thick, you just knew it couldn't be real. His balls were the size of grapefruit and hung down almost half the length of his cock. Standing before me was the epitome of the a male.

Powerful beyond words to describe and sexual beyond anything mortal. Steve leaned into me and kissed me deeply. Cupping his huge hand behind my head pressing gently to add more force to the kiss. He pulled away then and said, in a deep and drippingly warm voice, "thank you, big guy." He moved behind the bar and fixed us both some shakes. As he mixed, I looked over my body.

I was now even more enormous than I could have imagined. I was at least 7'11" tall and had to weigh over 600lbs. All muscle, except for the gargantuan piece of meat that hung between my powerful thighs. Even I was amazed as I flexed in the mirrors. My biceps flexed up as big as my head, and my pecs were like boulders hanging hard and tight from shoulders and traps that would never fit through a normal doors again.

My gut was so tight and hard that my abs and obliques were in constant relief even when not flexed. Flexing my quads and hamstrings brought every vein in my legs to the surface over incredible thick cables of muscle. Steve walked over and handed me a blender full of whatever concoction he had been mixing and grabbing my ass, he said, "the view is just as incredible from back here." We chugged down Steve's mix and I felt I had to have him. Now.

I grabbed his amazing hairy hard ass and squeezed with my huge hands. Kneading it and rubbing my cock against his. We were both hard and dripping with precum. He nuzzled my ear and tongued my neck and purred, "Fuck me, baby, I want you."

Well it doesn't take a load of bricks falling on me to get me going so I lifted him up, just as I had done to Jake the day before, and lowered him onto the enormous head of my prick. His weight pushed him down along my shaft until we were completely locked together. He started squeezing my cock with his tight ass and I started lifting him up, but he stopped me and grabbed on to my neck and began pulling his body up and down my shaft. His muscles were all flexing and relaxing as he used the new power of his body to pleasure my swelling cock.

Just then, his body was rocked with a tremor and he threw his head back and started unloading all over me. His cock shot creamy white spunk all over my chest and face. When his ass clamped down on the base of my cock, I lost control and started thrusting with all the power I could muster. His body was trembling and I could feel the waves of pleasure pulsing through him. My load was building and I knew I was going to explode, so I lifted him up until only the head of my cock was still inside of his tight hole, and then dropped him.

As he slid down my shaft, I lost it, blowing an incredible load deep inside of him. He collapsed against me and we were both sweating like pigs. He threw his arms around me and I walked toward the showers, with him still impaled on my dick. The warm water of the shower seemed to bring him around. He kissed my shoulder and my neck and rubbed his dick against my abs. I could feel small shudders run through his body.

After a few minutes he lifted his head and kissed me. Then he comes out with, "I hope the other guys aren't upset." "Why would they be?" I ask him puzzled. "Because that was the last of the supplements we just finished and we'll have to go for more." I just smiled. Well we'll just have to go to town and stock up, I wonder if that cute guy at the sports shop was working today?

I lowered Steve to the floor and wash him completely, he returns the favor and after we dry off we head back up to see if the other two are interested in a little trip to town. •

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