Journal, The

Day Two


By Braun1

I woke early the next morning and glanced at the clock on the night stand. Five o'clock and I was wide awake. I've never been a morning person, but evidently my body was ready to begin the day. I had to piss and the giant morning hardon was staring me in the face, almost literally.

My cock was so big that it stretched up and over my mountainous abs and the head rested in between the beginnings of my huge pecs. I flexed it a time or two and it slapped against my gut with a deep thwack. My feet were hanging over the bottom of the bed and I surmised that I must have grown some again. I flexed my thighs, just to see them bounce and they actually shoved against Steve and Jake away slightly. I thought surely it would wake my giant bed mates, but they were evidently sleeping deeply. I moved them off of me as gently as I could and slid toward the bottom of the bed.

Standing and looking back at them, they were truly the most beautiful men I had ever known. Steve looked to be at least 7'2" and around 380lbs. with all his manly hair in just the right places. His huge cock, at least 15" was standing straight up as he slept on his back. It was waiving with each breath and looking perfect.

Jake must have gotten to 7' over night and looked a little shorter, but much broader than Steve, maybe 425lbs, his dick was no smaller but even more perfectly beautiful as it was completely smooth, where Steve's was uncut and veiny. He lay on his side and had one hand wrapped around it protectively.

I stood there just watching them sleep for a moment, before the urgent need to piss returned and I headed for the bathroom. I must have pissed for about five minutes, gave myself a few shakes and decided not to take a shower as I might wake the boys. I headed down to the gym to see how much more I had grown overnight, as the bathroom mirrors had left alot to be desired.

As I descended the stairs I heard the breathing and grunts of someone working out hard. I knew Jake and Steve were still asleep, so I wondered who this could be. As I slowly entered the gym I peered around the door and what I saw sent an electric shock to my cock.

He was huge, he was black and he was beautiful. Laying on the bench doing heavy incline presses with his chest heaving and his skin glistening he was incredible. I could tell from his face he was young, much too young to be so huge. He had to be at least 240lbs, all beef. He was too into his workout to notice me enter, but as I approached he placed the bar back on the rack and stared.

Lying down the way he was it was difficult to tell how tall he was, but he must have been about 5'11" or 6'. He had on tiny red workout shorts that left nothing to the imagination. He was well hung and as he sat up I could see the full outline of a semi-erect cock being held a bay by a jock obviously straining with its load.

He hadn't said a word but his eyes were wide like a deer in the headlights. His body was almost completely hairless, he even shaved his head. He had a broad, square deeply chiseled chest with large nipples and brick like abs to die for. His legs were huge and flared. He was well cut showing each muscle with deep separation and his arms were more than large.

Pumped mountains hanging from his amazingly wide shoulders. His eyes were a liquid brown with golden flecks and as I got closer they, if not his lips, smiled at me. When I reached the end of the bench, he went to get up and I motioned him to stay right where he was. He seemed to smile as if to ask what I was doing there buck naked.

"Hi, I'm Geoff." I offered as a way of greeting. His hand shot up, reaching for mine and he just said, "Troy." I told him he looked fantastic and whatever he was doing, was surely working. Then he smiled and my heart stopped. Here I was, probably twice his size, complementing his form.

I already had him figured for the silent type, then the floodgate opened and he explained that he was just about a year out of high school and Jake had met him at the gym downtown when he was only 13 and had taken him under his wing, so to speak and told him that he could workout here any time he wanted. Jake had, obviously, provided him with everything he needed to progress. He worked 7pm-3am so coming here to workout after work really was great.

He just kept on talking, but I wasn't really listening. His voice was deep, very deep, and smooth as silk. Then he shocked my socks off. He finally said, "my god, you're huge." Without another word, he reached out and grabbed my steel hard cock and began to stroke it. I hadn't even noticed that I had gotten hard, just from listening to this kid. I let out a loud moan and he smiled again. I could see the bulge in his own shorts growing and helped him remove them.

He had at least a 10" cock. Jake definitely knew how to spot potential. It as amazingly proportioned, long but not too thick. The head flared and was bright burnished red. Now he was licking my piss slit and I was about to loose it. I wanted to hold back so he could have the full effect of what he was about to become. If, that is, I was still producing supercum?. I pulled away from him and reached down and picked him up like he weighed nothing.

I carried him over to a wrestling mat and laid him down. He again reached for my cock and I grabbed his hand and just said, "Not yet." Troy looked disappointed until I reached down and spread his legs. I licked my way from his perfect diamond shaped calves up to his amazingly large balls. The smell of his funky sweaty crotch was driving me mad and I took all of his cock in one swallow. He gasped and grabbed my head. Troy was now fully hard had swelled up to about a foot long and much thicker. I thought he would loose it immediately, but he held on and I started to really work his fine tool. He began running his hands over my shoulders and arms.

I could feel the cum just building in my balls and quickly moved to 69, pushing my dripping cock into his hot mouth. He sucked hard and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. He could only take a few inches of my fat rod, but he more than made up for it in effort. I started thrusting into his mouth and he was deep in mine. He lost it first and shot load after load down my throat. I wasn't far behind and thrust hard into his hungry mouth and came. His lips were so tightly fitted around the head of my swelling cock, that he had no choice, but to swallow or drown.

He swallowed and swallowed and I kept on cumming. It was intense to say the least. I was rewarded by another shot of Troy juice just as I finished. We lay there at peace for a second or two and then Troy was pushing me out of the way and doubling over in pain. It looked even more intense than when Steve had transformed, but Troy was bigger to start with and I hoped he would be bigger to end with as well. I didn't have long to wait as he started growing almost immediately. His breath was ragged and his eyes were bugging out.

He just stared at me and I walked over to the bar and started mixing protein drinks. I filled up every jug and picture I could find and carried them over to the mat. He was already up at least 50 lbs by the time I got back and he was still growing. His body just seemed to be swelling, larger and larger, keeping in his perfect proportion. The first thing I noticed was his cock, it as at least 16" and still swelling and rock hard.

His already chiseled abs were swelling into more like cobblestones, and his chest just kept getting thicker and thicker. His cleavage was quickly turning into a striated crevasse. His pecs were so broad, his chest looked steel plated. His shoulders were already so wide and huge that he would have trouble with regular doors and his legs were gigantic. At least 40" and still swelling. He started trying to talk, between his panting breaths, and just said, "Hungry." It was almost a growl.

I put the first jug to his lips and he grabbed it and sucked it down so fast, I couldn't believe it. He was sweating like a mad man and between swallows he was panting for air. The second jug of protein drink went just as fast and he just kept on drinking and growing. As I watched him lift the jugs to his lips, I could see the completeness of his growth. His arms must have been at least 30" around and he had to have at least a 25" neck, traps that pushed at the side of his head and a back so rippled with thick and sinewy muscle it looked like snakes playing under his ebony skin.

Still growing.

When he emptied the last of the juice he stood up. I almost couldn't believe my eyes. Here was an 18 year old, at least 500lb, 7'6" superman with a 20" cock, that had a smile from ear to ear. He was looking me straight in the eye. It was amazing, neither Jake or Steve had matched me in size, but Troy did, almost pound for pound and this after I had grown for a full day.

I could not believe it when he spoke, his voice was even deeper than before. He looked at me, then at himself in the mirror and said, "Man, this is fucking hot." Almost a tiger purring. And then over and over as he posed like a pro, "I can't believe it, I can't fucking believe it. I've dreamed of this all my life."

As he posed, every muscle was in bold relief. His biceps were so peaked and striated, there was no way he even looked human. His arms were bigger than most peoples heads and his legs looked bigger than tree trunks. But, his most impressive feature was his ass. I couldn't believe how tight his ass looked. It was cut and striated and hard and square and looked like a couple of raging beasts fighting under his skin as he flexed and flexed. I was so hard, just watching this incredible stud, I couldn't help myself and I walked up behind him and pressed my cock up along his crack and back and press my balls under his butt.

I thought I would shoot right there and then, he wasn't just hot looking, but was incredibly hot. As I pressed my chest into his bulging back, I could feel his heat his body. It was hot like a fever. He just kept flexing. I could feel his hard muscle flexing against mine. His incredible glutes were squeezing my balls. I could barely reach around him, he was so huge. When he lifted his arms for a double-bicep pose, I slipped my hands around him and reached for his pecs. It was electric.

His skin was completely smooth, no hair at all. I grabbed his nipples which were huge and hard and his mantra stopped and a moan to give the dead a hardon escaped his lips. I could feel his purring all through the length of his body. He surprised me again, quickly turning around, his fat cock slapped against my thigh and his huge hands grabbed either side of my head and he pulled my lips to his. I swear the electric was on full voltage as our tongues wrestled and he ended up sucking mine into his mouth.

He started to ease down my body, but I caught him under his arms and lifted him for another kiss, and so I could go down on his magnificent cock. I wanted his first super cum all to myself. Knowing how it would make me feel, but more than that, to give him all the pleasure I could. With our bodies pressed tightly together, I slipped down his sweaty torso, sucking and biting all the way.

He was close to loosing it. I barely got the head of his incredible tool in my mouth and he let go with an unbelievable amount of spray. Even I had a hard time coping with such an abundance, but I managed I kept on sucking after he stopped cumming, his moans were louder now and he was thrusting even harder. I could feel his cock swelling again and soon I was rewarded with another load of his tasty spunk. Again, I was in a haze of satisfaction.

My body began to feel warm all over and I knew then that while others might grow from my cum, the only way I was truly satisfied was swallowing their loads. He reached down and hauled me to my feet, as if I weighed nothing and again plunged his talented tongue into my mouth. Only now, he was again tilting his head back and looking up at me. Their cum must also be making me grow. His hands were all over me, feeling every muscle pressing his body tighter and tighter against my own.

My cock was still hard and leaking precum everywhere. Troy began rubbing his body against mine, literally jerking me off with his body. I was ready to explode when he stopped suddenly, stepped back and turned around, got down on all fours and squeezed and relaxed his glutes. Who was I to refuse? But, I wanted to see his face so I picked him up and carried him over to the bench.

For the first time I got a good look at his amazingly small hole. He grabbed is ankles and pulled his legs wide and said, "fuck me." I wasted no more time and plunged into him. Forcing my cock deeper and deeper, I knew I wouldn't last long. He was so tight and hot. He showed now signs of pain, so I thrust in the last 8" all at once. My balls hit his ass with a thwack and I pressed my mouth down to his and kissed him as I ground my spewing cock inside of his tight hole. I couldn't' stop. I was again loosing control of my lust and just lifted myself up and started driving into him, hard and fast. Faster and faster.

He was grunting now with each thrust and humping back at me. His ass tightened even further and I watched as an arch of cum shot out of his cock and splattered against the wall. He shot at least 5 shots against the wall and another 5 or 6 hit him square in the face. His whole body was flexed tight. Ripples of muscle and incredibly deep striations all over. Even his neck was flexed. I blew again and cum was soon gushing out of his ass, running down the bench and puddling on the floor.

I collapsed on top of him and he just wrapped his huge arms around me and held me, both of us panting so hard I wondered if there was enough air in the room to satisfy us. He licked my ear and said, "Geoff, you can work out with me anytime" and we both laughed so hard we fell off of the bench.

He showed me where the gym showers were and as we showered and washed each other, I explained the whole story to him. The explosion, the scene at Jake's Gym, Steve turning into a super hairy muscle stud, Jake's incredible smooth golden mega bod and then we decided to go up an wake the boys with a cum shower.

He couldn't wait to see Jake. Evidently, Jake was more than just his muscle mentor. We dried each other off and Troy told me he was glad he didn't have to work today. I was glad I woke up early enough to find him still working out. •

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