Journal, The

Day Two


By Braun1

Steve and I had some trouble fitting through doorways on the way back up stairs to where we had earlier left Jake and Troy. I mean, after all, we had each just added about 20% to our size. We both had to stoop and turn sideways to fit through and at one point Steve gave me a shove to 'unstick' me, even though it was just playful. When we finally reached the bedroom, Jake and Troy were nowhere to be found, so I called out for Jake and got an answering "down here" from the pool area.

When we I arrived by the pool, it was like a scene from a movie. The air was the cool of a spring morning, but the water was warm, so there was steam rising, making a sort of fog over the area. I was just about to call out again, when I heard Troy's moan and we followed that to the jacuzzi. Jake had his huge alabaster pole buried deep in Troy's hot muscular butt, as Troy leaned over the side, bracing himself with his long massive arms.

Two smooth massive muscle studs, just going at it like there was no tomorrow. Beautiful. Steve put one hand on my shoulder and looked up at me with those big green eyes, and I knew he wanted to join our muscle bros in the water. His huge nearly 20" cock was rising and so was my desire. Then Troy lifted his head to look at us and even with Jake going at him hard and heavy, he stood up and said "Oh, my god!"

Jake momentarily disappeared behind Troy's giant frame until Jake grabbed him by the back of the head and shoved him back into his bent over position. This forced Jake to shutter as Troy's ass tightened and soon he was evidently creaming that ass with an amazing load. Troy's eyes were wide locked on us and evidently Steve and I were a sight to behold. As Jake collapsed on Troy's back, obviously spent, Troy stood up again. His cock was standing at attention and he lost it, showering both Steve and I in ribbons of thick white spunk.

Steve started licking all of Troy's load from my chest. But, feeling that we needed to break this nonstop sex cycle for a moment, I grabbed him and fell into the pool holding him tight. He was not amused, and tried to dunk me a few times when we resurfaced. After a few minutes of this water play we climbed out of the pool, just as Jake and Troy were toweling off from their own version of water play.

We all sat down on two facing lounge chairs and I could see immediately that Jake was more than admiring the changes that Steve and I had gone through. He reached over and began to stroke my incredibly thick cabled thigh and I put my hand over his and told him we needed to talk.

"Jake, I'd love nothing more than to see just how big you could get, but we're out of fuel. There's no more supplements and very little food and you'd be starving in no time." He didn't seem surprised, just disappointed. He looked at me and then at Steve and smiled, "Well, we'll just have to do something about that, won't we?" Without another word he got up and went in the house.

Troy then seemed to come alive. "Man, I can't believe how big you two are. It's so hot. Geoff you must be eight feet tall? And Steve, I can't imagine all that hair, but it looks so sexy on you." Steve was actually blushing a little. I mean, you have to remember, Troy was one nice stud before all of our transformations started, and now was a monster of muscle, almost as big as Steve. I could tell that Steve was very taken with the huge black man. And none of us were really used to being so huge.

I mean, take a minute here to see from our eyes. Jake and Troy were well muscled pumped up studs yesterday. Used to all the attention that it brings, but Steve and I were still just average guys in our minds eye, but the outward appearance was giant fucking stud bears that were now in a constant state of HORNY. Takes a while for one's inner view to adjust.

Troy was sitting across from Steve, just looking at him in lust. Acting almost shy. The desire was hanging in the air thicker than the fog. I could hear Jake coming back, so I told them, "Why don't you guys go get acquainted, and Jake and I will work out how we're going to get more food?"

Steve looked up at me and smiled and Troy didn't need to be told twice. They were up and disappearing into the fog, Troy leading Steve by his instantly hard cock. I hoped that Steve would enjoy his first encounter with Troy as much as I had.

Jake came back and sat down just as the guys were disappearing, "Where are they off to?" "Just getting to know each other? After all, you've had Troy to yourself for years, and I think he want's to try some fur for a change." Jake just laughed and reached over and kissed me lightly on the mouth. "We're building quite a stable, aren't we?" Jake purred. Now it was my turn to laugh, because I was just thinking the exact same thing.

Then Jake was all business. "When the boys finish 'getting acquainted', I want you and Troy to go to town for the supplies. I've got an idea and if you agree, you won't have to worry about anything ever again." Well let me just say I was puzzled, but Jake went on, "I would like you to stay here, with me. I've always had this idea of turning this place," he waived his huge paw at the house and surrounding woods, "into a sort of haven for men like us. Men who want to explore the possibilities of muscle. You know how I tried to mentor Troy and it was working out beautifully, then you fall into my life and it's turned upside down. Fantasy becomes reality and I would like you to be part of that reality."

I start to say something about him not being able to get rid of me, but he stopped me with, "no, just let me finish, then you can decide. There are some other guys I'd like you to meet and grow if that's still possible, and we could go out searching for guys that really want this. For emphasis he throws a quick flex of his right arm, sending the muscle there bouncing into a peak, a mountain is more like it. He goes on, "I don't know what the possibilities are or care if the guys are like Troy, big to start out with, or just regular guys like you were, as long as they want to push the limits. And I want you to be a part of it, well the major part really. So what do you think?"

I was astonished. Jake had just verbalized a fantasy of my own, at least a fantasy I'd been having since yesterday. A small community of studs. Now that would be interesting.

He was just sitting there with his amazing superman, freaky muscle, looking at me with eyes so blue, I knew I could loose myself in them, and deny him nothing. He had this sad look on his face like I might say no. And I knew if I didn't answer soon, he was going to push the idea away. I smiled then and told him that it was a great idea, as long as we took it slow and did it right.

I was really concerned about two things, who would choose the guys and how do we keep everyone from finding out about what I could do. I got this immediate image in my head of being strapped to some cum milking machine for the military to grow giant soldiers, and was immediately wary. Well, the smile on Jake's handsome face was all it took to drive those fears away.

He said that he and I would decide if a guy was really a size freak or wanted to be and candidate and that he would do everything he could afford to keep our haven private. Then he reached over, grabbed the back of my head and kissed me. It was as hard, deep and passionate a kiss as I had ever received. He pulled his body into mine and pressed our bodies together. Just as my dick was starting to lengthen, he pulled off of me and stood up, smiling a wicked grin, and said, "We'd better wait until you and Troy get back from town big guy." I knew he was right, but I wanted him. He stood up, turned around and said, "Follow me".

We walked through the house to what I suppose was his office, it had a large deep wooden desk and the wood paneling matched. It was lined with bookshelves with every kind of book you can imagine. It also had a computer set up behind the desk and Jake sat down and began punching up some sort of finance program. I heard the modem kick in and he started typing away.

It was fun to watch him work on the standard sized keyboard with his now huge paw like hands, he adjusted quickly and soon was keying rapidly. I turned my attention to the bookshelves and saw just about every bodybuilding book ever written. Many of them with the bindings cracked or pages dog eared. One whole wall was lined with them, and I knew then that Jake had been serious about 'always' wanting to be a big muscle stud.

Just as I was pulling down one of the books, Jake turns toward me and says, "You are now a rich man, Geoff, I've transferred $100,000.00 to your bank account and paid off everything I could find." Your credit cards should be here in a couple of days, and our new company is called Haven, Inc. My lawyers should have all the paperwork ready by Monday. So what do you think of that....partner?"

Again I was shocked and the look on my face must have said it all. He just leaned back in his desk chair with his hands behind his head and biceps flexed and smiled like a cheshire cat. I told him it didn't feel right for him to just give me all that money, and he replied that it was pocket change and after all I had given him, it was nothing. He said we would be equal partners in the new company and as soon as I wanted, I could move in.

Then he threw me the keys to the truck and his wallet and said that I should fill up that truck with as many supplements as I could find, and buy the stores out if I had to. He said that I should just sign his name and get anything I wanted. I asked if he didn't want to just go along, and he said that he wanted to get 'acquainted' with Steve as I had been hogging him all to myself. He also wanted to let Steve in on our new venture, if I thought he'd be interested. Interested, damn, Steve would probably give anything to be part of our scheme.

Jake and I then hunted through his bedroom drawers and closets to find clothing that would fit me and Troy for our little excursion to town. Several torn garments later we found a pair of stretch shorts that would fit over my quads and a tank top that didn't rip as soon as I slipped it over my chest. I was still marveling at the sizes when Jake walked up with something for Troy to try and said, "I'll be waiting to rip those off of you as soon as you get back." I told him, "Don't worry, by that time I'll be so ready, they'll probably rip themselves to bits."

We found Troy and Steve just coming back into the house when we went back downstairs, both looking flushed and dripping with pool water. They had evidently taken a dip after getting 'acquainted' and were looking for some towels. We got them dried off and explained the arrangements for the supply run. Steve actually looked disappointed that he wasn't going with me, until Jake reached behind him and grabbed is ass. Then they were off to the bedroom and Troy and I were off to town.

Getting into Jake's truck was an easier step up this time, but I had a hard time squeezing behind the wheel. Troy noticed and said I should just let him drive. So I threw him the keys and hopped into the passenger seat and we were off. Watching Troy's huge arms flex and pop as he drove really had me going after a few minutes and I could feel my shorts getting tighter in the crotch.

His huge cock was pressed tight around from his crotch to his hip. Our shoulders were so broad that even with me hanging my right arm out of the window, our delts were rubbing and squeezing together. I was so hot by the time we got to the sports shop that I thought I would explode. Then I thought of the cute guy who was there yesterday and I almost creamed my shorts. I looked at Troy and asked if he would help me with the clerk and maybe we could ask him to join us for some fun.

He was more than willing as he knew just who I was talking about. The guys name was Mario and he had been a year ahead of Troy in school. "Mario, and he's a blond with killer blue eyes?"

"Yeah," Troy returned, "his dad's Cuban and his mom's Swedish or some such, and believe me he may get his hair and eyes from his mom, but what hangs between his legs is all from dad. I remember he used to be one of the biggest guys in the locker room. His dad is a huge guy, you should meet him." I'd have to remember that.

Troy pulled the truck around to the back of the store and backed it up to the loading dock. We slid out and I for one was happy to be out of the cramped space. I led the way around to the front of the store and sure enough, there was Mario standing behind the counter. He was very hot looking in his skin tight shorts and muscle shirt, showing a well defined chest and shoulders. You could almost see his cut rippled abs through the shirt.

His long dirty blond hair was pulled into a tail and he took one look and me and said "Damn, man, you look even bigger than you did yesterday. What's your secret?"

I leaned on the counter, and flexed a little for him and returned, "Do you really want to know?"

"Hell yes, you are the biggest man I've ever seen."

Just then Troy steps from behind me and also leans on the counter, "Hi Mario, remember me?"

Mario's crotch is now showing signs of extreme arousal, "Troy? My God, you look incredible. Your so huge. How is this possible?" Troy was smiling from ear to ear, what with Mario almost drooling at his body.

"Mario," I said returning his attention to me, "we are in need of a rather large order of supplements, probably all you have and all the real large clothes you can find."

"Uh, sure, man, anything you want." I gave him Jake's credit card and we started picking out cases of supplements and emptying clothes racks.

Mario then says, "There's some more in the stockroom. We just got a shipment of this new supplement in this morning. It's supposed to be the latest thing. It's called 'Liquid Muscle,' and advertised as being very potent."

Troy smiled at me and said, "We'll take it all."

Mario led us back through to the stock room and as I entered, I noticed Troy locking the front door and turning the sign to closed. I just gave him a wink and turned back to Mario. Watching his cute tight little ass squeeze together as he reached for a case of the supplements. I walked up behind him and pressed my body into his back and said, "Let me get that down for you."

When he turned around, I noticed his cock stretching up beyond the waistband of his shorts. "Man, you must like what you see" I said blatantly eyeing his cockhead.

He blushed and said, "Sorry, I just can't help it with all this muscle in here." "Please, can I touch it?" he pleaded eyeing my chest. I set the case down, stood back up and stretched a little.

Then seeing the look in his eyes, almost worshipful, I grabbed his hands in mine and pressed them into my hairy mounds of pecs. He started rubbing and Troy moved in behind him. Soon he was sandwiched between us and his face moved toward my chest. His tongue was hot and very wet as he licked my left pec all over as he roamed my torso with his hands.

Troy reached down and ripped open the case of liquid muscle and grabbed one container, tossed it to me and then grabbed another for himself. I downed mine and heard a muffled, "That's supposed to be enough for two weeks," from my tongue boy. Mario had worked his way into my arm pit as I was drinking and was giving it a royal going over, licking and biting.

I grabbed him by the ass with my other hand and lifted him so I could rub our crotchs together. He was loosing it fast and I didn't want him to cum yet so I broke contact. I looked at Troy and told him to get another bottle of the liquid muscle and give it to Mario. He sneered at the taste at first, but then proceeded to finish most of it before gagging and dropping the remainder on the floor.

Troy undressed, ripping the clothes off Mario. His body was amazingly tight and hard and his, at least, 10" uncut very thick cock was drooling ribbons of precum. He watched in awe as I ripped my shirt down the chest and just left it hanging there and said, "So, you're sure you want to know our secret?"

"Right now, I want you, I want you bad," Mario said as he began to peel my shorts down. My giant cock was more than half hard as he took it into his hands. He was having a hard time balancing at the height of my cock, too short when he stood, and too tall when he kneeled. But Troy came to his rescue, sliding his own huge dick between the boy's legs and lifting him to the proper level.

Mario was too entranced with my cock to notice right away when Troy wrapped his arms around the boy and began stroking both their cocks together. I motioned for him to take it slow because I wanted Mario not to cum until after he had taken all of my load. Mario was amazing. His hot tongue was completely wetting my crotch. He slid his mouth all over my huge cock, drinking up the precum that had begun seeping out. He stroked the length of it with both hands and then started squeezing my balls.

The sensation and situation were really getting me hot. I looked down into Troy's deep brown eyes and let him know I was almost ready to blow, when Mario began licking the huge head of my dick. I nodded to Troy and he reached up and pushed Mario's head down on my throbbing cock. It almost lifted him up with the force of it's throbbing and then I blew. I could feel this one from my toes to my head and Mario was shocked as load after load forced it's way down his throat. I was still cumming when his whole body tensed and I knew it had begun.

Troy held him tightly as I pulled my cock out of his mouth with a pop and finished creaming, shooting my load all over their chests. Mario was just coming out of the pain when I regained myself and Troy had him held firmly. He had laid back on the floor with his huge cock still stiffly standing between Mario's legs. Mario's whole body shook and convulsed and he fell silent.

We waited and finally it started. He was growing. His beautifully firm pecs began swelling...steel plates should look so solid, his shoulders broadened and thickened, deep striations appeared and there was deep separation between his shoulder and his swelling arms. His beautiful firm legs began to swell and his already tight abs began the thicken and separate.

I started to feed him the supplements as he came around. And his growth took off. Troy's massive frame was soon being at least mostly obscured by Mario's own phenomenal development. He drank hungrily and had finished his fifth bottle when his growth seemed to subside. His cock started stretching and lengthening, getting huge, swelling thicker and thicker, like a loaf of very brown french bread and his balls were soon the size of tennis balls.

What little hair he had in his crotch was gone and he was completely bare from the neck down. Troy moved around and waived his huge cock in Mario's face and soon it was deep in side unloading a huge amount of cum down Mario's throat. Mario's newly swollen cock was twitching and swaying and I saw his balls ride up and I dropped on top of him taking his now at least 18" rod down to the balls.

He thrust once and unloaded stream after stream down my throat. I could feel the warmth spreading through my body and even though I didn't feel any bigger, I did feel content, satisfied and warm all over. Troy pulled out of Mario's mouth and laid his huge softening cock between the new bronze mountains that were Mario's pecs. I was just laying there between his huge thighs savoring the warm feeling as Troy got up and started to help Mario to his feet. He pulled him over to a mirror, "So big guy, what do you think of our secret?" Troy teased.

"Oh, god, Oh my god," was all Mario could come up with in his now very deep and sexy voice. Troy just chuckled as Mario posed. He was beautiful. Bronze colored skin with no tan line in site, just squeezing and flexing, mountains of muscle straining under is paper thin skin, stumbling a few times like he was drunk. Troy looked at me, "Was I that out of it the when it was me?"

I just hugged him and purred, "Yes, baby, you were, but you started out alot bigger and evidently could handle the increased size more easily." Mario finally turned around to us and said how much he loved this, how he had wanted to get bigger, but that he just couldn't seem to pack on size. He walked over and kissed me. Then moved over to Troy and kissed him. Passion was mounting in both of them. Soon they were both hard as proverbial steel rods and I pulled them apart for a second.

With my arms around their shoulders I explained, "Guys I need to go by my place and get a few things. You two get the truck loaded and whatever paperwork done and when I get back, we'll all (I was stroking both their butts now) go back to Jake's and see what we can get into."

They stopped and helped me find some clothes, a pair of sweats and a muscle shirt that I had to rip down the chest halfway to get to fit, and then they were back at it. I pulled my hair back into a tail and found a pair of sunglasses that fit. I knew I had plenty of time to get to my place and pack a few things.

I threw some of the liquid muscle in a gym bag, in case I got hungry, and as I turned to leave saw that Troy had already worked his enormous cock into Mario's golden ass and was pumping like a madman in heat. He defiantly liked top as well as bottom. I just smiled at my two beautiful studs and locked the door behind me. •

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