Journal, The

Day One


By Braun1

We must have driven for about half an hour before we turn down a lane off the main highway. It's paved but definitely a private drive. We drive on and on through the forest and start up the side of a mountain when all of a sudden the trees part and there is this huge gate. Jake hits a button on the dash and the gates open. He is grinning from ear to ear, like the cat who just ate the canary.

Turns out that he is basically this filthy rich stud, all of it inherited and has never had to work a day in his life. We round a stand of trees and there is the largest house I've ever seen. All stone hard, just like Jake. We pull up in front of a six car garage and unload the truck. Steve jumps off the back, I swear he is more, I don't know, sexy than before, I'm not sure what it is, but he is really turning my crank. Jake gives us the tour. The place is a dream come true. Eight bedrooms plus a master that has the largest bed I've ever seen, two swimming pools each with two jacuzzi's, a full gym in the basement with steam room, shower and sauna.

There is a billiard room, dining room, living room, office and a library. With almost a full commercial gym in his basement Jake's got everything you could possible want. I can't believe it and ask "With all this, Jake, why do you bother with the gym in town?" With a sly grin and knowing look in his eye he returns, "I own the gym in town and it is a magnet for finding guys like you two.?" And then he says he going into the kitchen to fix us dinner, that it would take about an hour so why don't Steve and I take a dip in the pool.

I tell Steve to go on ahead and I follow Jake into the kitchen and tell him that there is no way I can wait an hour to eat and did he have any protein supplements that I could chow down on until dinner was ready? He pointed me back down to the gym and said what I wanted was behind the bar there and I should make myself at home.

I found all kinds of supplements and half filled the commercial looking blender with the powder and half with water, mixed it up and sucked it down. It tasted bad, and had the consistency of pudding, but by this time I was ravenous. I chugged down some more water and as I started for the pool I spotted the scale.

Since I couldn't weigh myself earlier, I went over and stepped on. It was one of those heavy duty type used in doctors offices, but much bigger. I slid the height measure up and was amazed that I now measured 6'11", that was two inches taller than this morning. Damn, I was still growing. Then I checked my weight. I kept adjusting it and the balance did not move until I got to 480 lbs. Amazing, I was almost three times the size I was just yesterday.

The gym had an entire wall of mirrors, so I took off my shirt and started flexing. I was looking great. My shoulders looked big as basketballs, arms like bowling balls. Flexed my biceps were huge and hard. My abs rippled with striations and my legs were unbelievable, thick cords of muscle running from my waist to my knees and my calves were more like cows. All this flexing had my veins pumped and standing out in bold relief on my arms and legs. The bulge in my shorts told me it was time to find Steve for a little pre-dinner fun.

As I walked out of the basement I could hear him already in the water. I was wondering what I would wear but figured that my shorts would do OK. The pool was huge like everything else I'd seen here and it was no real surprise that when I saw Steve emerging from the pool as I approached, he was stark naked.

He walked over to me and, without a word, reached down and unzipped my shorts and pulled them down and off. He reached up and took my cock in his hand and kissed the head. Then he turned around, wiggled his butt and dove into the water. When he surfaced, I was waiting for him sitting by the edge of the pool.

He swam over to me with beautiful fluid strokes. I couldn't believe how beautiful he looked and moved in the water. He swam right up between my legs and sucked the head of my cock in his warm mouth.

He looking up into my eyes and I could see his desire, his lust, his craving in those deep green eyes. He held my huge balls in one hand and stroked the shaft with the other. I was in heaven. This beautiful boy wanted me and at that moment I wanted him more than anything in the world. He pulled his mouth off my now almost erect cock and said, "I want to drink you. I want it more than I've ever wanted anything else." I just smiled at him and he went to work.

His mouth was incredible. The way he licked the shaft with his tongue was so slow, hot and irresistible I knew it wouldn't be long before he got his wish. Not wanting to cum yet I reached down and pulled out of his mouth, placed my hands under his arms and lifted him out of the water.

I pulled him up along my body, feeling his abs slide against my swollen dick. I held him tightly as I kissed him firmly on the mouth. It was a kiss that could have gone on for hours. Our tongues wrestled as our lips pressed tighter and tighter. I stood up with him still in my arms and couldn't believe how light he felt or that his feet were dangling somewhere around my knees.

We moved to one of the chaise lounge chairs that surrounded the pool and I laid down with Steve on top of me. He pulled away from my mouth and began kissing his way down my body. His hot mouth leaving a trail down my chest over my abs, licking me all over until he got back to his real desire, my now, more than ready to shoot, cock. He buried it in his mouth sucking more and more vigorously as he could tell I was close. This was one champion cock sucker. His mouth was hotter than ever and I began bucking into his mouth but he held on tightly, sucking harder and harder.

I could feel that this was going to be one amazing load and my dick swelled with the first shot. Steve was ready and started swallowing as fast as I came, drinking nearly every drop of the first several shots, then it was more than even this hungry stud could handle. Cum was soon dripping off of his chin and still he sucked. He licked up every drop from his face and my shaft. Then he crawled back up my body and kissed me again with an even increased passion. I could taste my cum in his mouth. It was a great feeling, him laying on me, and not a bad taste either.

Then the strangest thing began to happen. Steve pressed up away from me and a look, I can only describe as horror and pain, crossed his face. Then he curled up in a ball almost a fetal position and rolled off of me. I was up and catching him before he hit the ground.

He was definitely in pain, but I could not see the source. Tears were running down his face and I picked him up and ran for the house. I screamed for Jake and he came running. I gently laid Steve on the floor in the living room. By this time Steve was having what appeared to be convulsions. His eyes were open and searching.

My mind was racing. Could I have hurt him? Was it possible that I held him too tightly and cracked some ribs?

Then as suddenly as it came, the pain was gone as if it had never been and Steve was just lying there on the floor of the living room with a peaceful look in his eyes.

Motionless like a fallen statue.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

Jake gasped and said, "He's growing." •

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