Journal, The

Day One


By Braun1

Sure enough, he was getting bigger and bigger. His body was transforming before our eyes. His shoulders broadened, swelling and striating. His pecs were pulsing, flexing and un-flexing and getting broad and thick, real thick. His arms looked bigger and thicker and his legs were swelling, huge slabs of muscle appearing everywhere on his body.

Pulsing with power his veins stood out in bold relief all over his arms and chest. His legs were soon longer, as were his arms. He was getting taller and thicker. Power was evident he was now pounding the floor with his arms and I could feel the floorboards shake.

His huge arms were bulging with each movement and his thighs were striating. His cock was growing as well, although completely flaccid, it was big. Almost as thick as mine and getting longer. His balls were as big as oranges and his entire body was getting hairier. Thick curling hair was growing on his chest and abs, down through his already hairy crotch and swirling down his incredibly thick legs.

Even the already long hair on his head was getting longer. He had to be at least 350lbs no and the growth showed no signs of stopping. But just as quickly as it had begun it stopped. Then in what appeared to me to be one final power spurt his new muscle bod was more ripped than any bodybuilder I had ever seen. I mean, if he had an ounce of fat on him before, it had gone into hiding.

He was in a word, magnificent.

His, now huge, cock was rock hard and throbbing, several bounces off of his abs was all it took and he shot like a man possessed. He grabbed it with both hands and there was cum everywhere. Soon his dick subsided and he licked the cum off of his hands. He passed out again.

Jake turned to me and with a bit of fear and awe on his face said, "What did you do to him?" I returned, not taking my eyes off of Steve, "All he did was drink my cum." We both examined this huge stud lying on the floor. Steve was starting to come around.

He reached up with his huge paw like hand and rubbed his eyes, like he was waking from a deep sleep and said, "Damn, what you two looking at and where's dinner, I'm starving."

Jake took the lead telling him that we were looking at the finest looking stud ever to grace his floor. Steve started to stand up and was thunderstruck at the sight of himself. He was incredible. As he stood he was at least 6'10" and every movement of his body caused his incredible muscles to bulge and flex.

He was nearly my size, in every way. Then he looked at me and then back to another part of his body. Then at me again. He then asked how it was possible and I spent the next few minutes recounting what had happened to me the day before. Steve kept looking and flexing, he was so hot now it was making me hard again.

He just said one word, "How?"

I told them how I was even smaller than him just a day ago. About the explosion at the science lab and the slime. Now I have this super body and an evidently, supercharged cum.

Jake glared at me and said, "I hope you've got some of that supercum left for me." I just smiled and said, "All we can do is try. I have no idea how it works."

Steve was still a little out of it. Not able to move correctly, then said he was starving and headed for the kitchen. Jake and I just looked at each other and then at the incredible ass that was heading down the hall.

Jake also had a look of hunger in his eyes, but it had nothing to do with dinner. He walked to me and as I reached down to kiss him, he just lowered his mouth away from mine and toward my already hard cock. He said, "I've always wanted to be a freak. The biggest freak I could be. I've tried everything I could to be huge and I sure hope that," pointing down the hall with his thumb, "was no accident."

He took my cock in his strong hand and gave it an iron like squeeze. All I could do was moan. Steve's transformation had me so hot it wouldn't take Jake long to find out. His other hand soon found my balls and he started giving them the work over of their lives. I was soon ready to shoot and he hadn't yet taken the monster in his mouth yet. He then released my dick from his iron grip and plunged it into his mouth and soon had it throbbing. I loved the way his tongue licked every part of my cock and balls.

Balls that were churning at the sight of him. The broad, tan shoulders flexing as his hands reached for my chest and then stroked my tits. As his hands moved to grab my hard butt, I guess I kind of lost control. Soon I was slamming my huge cock into him. Deeper and deeper.

Just as I pulled out, he would grab hold of my hips and pull the monster back down his throat. His strong hands spread my butt and he soon had a finger worked up my hole. I was quickly rapid-fucking his mouth. Once he found my magic button, I could hold back no more and he began to suck even harder. His own cock looked to be on the verge of shooting and he hadn't even touched it.

The explosion of cum down his throat was unbelievable. Each shot felt like an electric shock. I swear I came more for Jake than I had even for Steve. He swallowed it all, every last drop. He quickly pulled his mouth off of my cock and proceeded to lick it clean. I held on to him, not even wanting to think what could happen.

Just as it had with Steve, Jake's entire body spasmed as if in pain. His movement, however, was more forceful with the power of his body. I held him tightly so he couldn't injure himself. He too curled up into a ball.

I laid him on the sofa as he started to relax. His face was angelic, so totally relaxed that he looked like a teen, not a 30 year old muscle stud. Then it started. He stiffened. He was growing.

His already huge shoulders went from bowling ball size to basketball. Wider and wider they grew. His arms from softballs to bowling balls. As they flexed they hit amazing peaks of striated muscle. It was incredible to watch. He was becoming much larger than I could have imagined. His beautiful body was becoming freakishly huge. His pecs were soon even broader and very very thick. His neck was as big as some normal guy's legs and his traps pushed up toward the side of his head.

His already ripped abs became so tight I can't describe it and I swear his waist was smaller. His torso was showing off muscle I had never seen. He kept growing for a long time. His thighs were like a relief map of human, or is that inhuman, muscle. His skin while beautifully tan was now paper thin. Every muscle was as if etched in marble and while had been slightly hairy before, now he was completely smooth. When I say completely, I mean completely.

His once hairy crotch was now almost void of hair. His pits had only a slight covering. His dick was enormous. It was almost as big as mine and just as thick. The only difference was that where mine was veiny his was completely smooth. Like an alabaster pole with a crimson knob. And it was throbbing with each breath, each heart beat. I couldn't resist and covered that magnificent pole with my mouth. He began thrusting and soon his huge pole was buried deep in my throat.

I was stunned when I felt his nuts slam into my chin. I never thought I could take all of that amazing dick. His pumping became frantic and out of control. I could feel his huge dick swell another size larger and then I was rewarded with the most cum I had ever felt, running, no shooting down my throat. Jake's entire body was thrusting that load, and I drank as much as I could get. He was incredible. As he pulled out and I began to breathe again, I felt dizzy, stunned. I noticed that for the first time, since my original growth, I felt full.

Satisfied and incredibly relaxed. I felt like I could take on the world. Like I was the baddest, biggest, mother-fucker, every to walk on the planet. I was charged with nuclear power and I wanted more than anything to just fuck and be fucked. The gleam in my eye must have looked a bit frightening to Jake as he stood up and moved a step back.

I just smiled and said, "Man, that was the most unbelievable cumload ever. Let's find Steve and get you something to eat." He just shook his head and said "Yeah, I'm starving." He was now also incredibly beautiful.

Jake stood now about 6'9" and had to go at least 400lbs. He tried to pull his shorts back on and gave up when they wouldn't come up past his thighs. He just ripped them to pieces and let them drop to the floor. He pulled me to him and we stood there kissing, tongues lashing, pushing deeper until I felt his cock rising again. He released me, slapped me on the ass and just purred, "Thanks big guy, let's eat."

I followed Jake to the kitchen, getting hornier with his every step. His butt looked like two hard basketballs squeezing each other for room. His back was a rippling road map of muscle and his legs, well his legs were so large and powerful he had to do that bodybuilder swing-the-leg-around walk. It was so sexy I felt like just grabbing him and chowing down on his ass.

When we got to the kitchen, Jake motioned me to look over his shoulder into the Dining room, there was Steve finishing off the last couple bites of food. The table was completely bare. He just looked up and his face turned red with embarrassment. He grinned sheepishly and said, "Sorry guys, I was just so hungry I couldn't stop." Jake started to get angry, his grip on the door jam tightened and it splintered with a loud crack startling all of us. I stepped in saying that it was OK and we'd find something else to ease the hunger. Jake was stunned and just stared at his hand. Steve was falling all over himself apologizing as he followed Jake and I back into the kitchen. Steve looked even bigger.

Jake went over to the fridge and very gently pulled it open, as if he were not sure of his own strength anymore. He reached in and grabbed a gallon of milk and up ended it, sucking the entire gallon down in just a few gulps.

He turned to Steve and I and said, "Sorry guys, but I only cook once per meal, so it's everyone for himself." He the broke into a big grin and started laughing saying, "God this feels good." I looked around and then realized that he was laughing at the site of all of us.

He had milk all over his chest, Steve had food all tangled in his hair and on his face and I had the mother of all hardons just swaying in the breeze and all of us were completely naked. We were a sight. All three of us attacked the fridge and the pantry and stuffed ourselves silly.

There was very little in the way of food left in the house when we were done. Jake ate more than either Steve or I and was still hungry and these two were still visibly throbbing with growth. •

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