Journal, The

Day One


By Braun1

I woke in the early morning, not believing that I had slept the whole day away. I was covered in drying cum and realized that I must have shot several times in my sleep. Let me just say, I am not a morning person. Normally it takes a crow bar to get me out of bed, but this morning I had to take a piss so bad there was no putting it off.

I stumbled out of bed in the dark and staggered toward the bathroom. Nothing seemed to be working correctly. I even banged my head on the door jam and stumbled into the wall. I took my normal position standing over the toilet and let loose. Man did I have to piss. I'll bet I stood there for five minutes just, pissing and pissing. When I finally finished, flicked and flushed. I decided I may as well just get the day started and reached over to flick on the light. Still not really awake, I couldn't seem to find the switch. It seemed lower than it used to be.

I stood in front of the sink and when I found the switch I nearly had a heart attack at what I saw. Someone else was staring back at me in the mirror. It took me a minute to realize that it was me. The sheer look of horror on my face was quickly replaced with curiosity.

Some how my hair was now black as night, I had a square handsome jawline, eyes so incredibly blue I must have blinked 20 times wondering if this was still a dream, even my mustache was black and the three or four day beard on my face was completely black. My face was broad with sharp cheekbones. I was truly good looking, stunning. That was just the beginning.

My hair now ran halfway down my back and was very thick and wavy. The light switch should have told me, it wasn't lower, I was taller. Much taller. I hadn't hit my head on the door jam, but the door sill. Standing straight I found that my nose was equal to the top of the door, I must be over 6'6". I started really looking at myself now. I had grown hair all over, no not all over, just in all the right places. I had huge muscles. My pecs were like mountains, I had to bend to look over them. My arms would easily match Brads, I thought, and just look at the size of my hands. How had I not noticed these monsters as I pissed? Then I cock...?? I looked down and grabbed it in one of these incredible paws and hefted a huge piece of meat. At least a foot long maybe more, and so thick that even my new hands could barely get all the way around with it soft. I then noticed my legs. All I could think was WOW. Huge bulging muscles everywhere. Even my calves jutted out in bold triangles of power when I flexed them. Soft black hair covered these two mountainous tree trunks. I was fucking huge.

I bolted from the bathroom almost ripping the door off it's hinges. Rifled through my desk to find a tape measure. I wanted to see just how big I had grown. I measured my forearms, flexing my hands made huge cables of muscle writhe under the skin. They were 16 inches at their largest. I reached down and grabbed my cock, but then decided to save that for last. My arms measured 26" flexed, my chest 65", waist 30", quads 35", calves 23" and I was 6'9" tall.

I grabbed the bathroom scale, but it only went up to 300lbs and I left it spinning. All this flexing had made veins stand out in bold relief all over my muscular body and I was feeling me incredibly horny. Reached down between my huge thighs and grabbed my now huge cock. It felt heavy with blood and was already half hard. I started stroking it and it quickly came up to full measure. I wanted to see how big it was, but didn't want to stop, the pleasure was so intense I thought I'd shoot right away. I didn't. I must have beat it relentlessly for about 5 minutes before I felt the beginning of orgasm, deep in my, now, huge balls.

I stopped and grabbed some lube from the night stand and slathered it all over this huge shaft. Stroking slow and easy, both hands working my new toy, my precum was flowing out and I guessed I really didn't need the lube. I reached the point of no return and could feel the sensation of blast off deep within my body and more cum shot out of my dick than ever had before. I shot not only all the way across the room, but the cum was soon dripping off the walls and ceiling. I came and came. I must have shot about a dozen huge streams. Before my huge new toy got soft I grabbed the tape measure. It was 14" long and 8" around with a head that flared to 9" around. My balls were the size of tennis balls and hung low in their sack. The intensity of my orgasm left me dazed. Was it real or a dream?

I decided to take a shower, as now not only was there dried cum in my hair, but also wet cum everywhere. The shower seemed small and far too short for me, but I made do as best I could. After toweling off and shaving, I realized that probably nothing I had would fit this new body. I rummaged around looking for anything that would fit. I finally found a tank top that used to be too baggy for me, now it was like a second skin. I also found an old pair of my ex-roommate's workout shorts and strained to get them over my thighs. After I positioned my huge cock, it was evident that I was never going to be able to hide anything about my body. I was getting horny again, but more than that I was hungry. After yesterday's feeding frenzy, I knew there was little left in the kitchen, but I was willing to eat just about anything, when I remembered that I had some of that bodybuilder protein powder from when I had tried to put on some weight a few month's ago. I looked at the bodybuilder's picture on the label and then flexed my huge biceps and thought how small he was and how I used to wish for guys like that to let me suck their cocks. Now I was the huge monster and before the day was out, someone was going to suck my cock.

I went through the entire package, mixing and drinking six blenders full, but I was still hungry. I downed the last of the milk that I had and decided that I needed to find more to eat. I knew there were no shoes in the house that would fit so I squeezed my boat like feet into a pair of sandals and as I passed the mirror I flexed a little and damn if I didn't look even bigger. The tank top was straining to contain my huge pecs and the shorts looked like they would split any minute.

I headed for town and store I knew sold bodybuilder sized clothes and supplements. My car seemed way too small and even with the seat all the way back, my huge legs had no where to go, but I made the best of it and arrived a few minutes later in the parking lot of the sports shop.

The clerk at the counter stared at me and his mouth dropped open, I guess I was a site. He was a cute blond with a great ass that I had admired from afar every time I was previously in the store. I told him what I wanted and he said he could easily fill the order but that I should try the clothes on just to make sure that they would fit. It was an amazing feeling. Here was this hot kid that used to never give my skinny body a second look and now he looked me over like he was trying to memorize every bulge. He said that if I wanted I could use the storage room to change, as I was probably too big to comfortably use the regular changing rooms. I said OK and grabbed my selections and he showed me to the door of the store room.

He smiled again and it almost took my breath away. He was very handsome and one buff little stud. Feeling bold I asked if he would like to watch me change, and he said that there was nothing he would like more, but that he would loose his job if he didn't watch the counter. I managed to throw him a smile and a wink and he said I should let him see each outfit. As I tried each item on, I couldn't believe the sizes. Yesterday they would have seemed like tent's but today even the triple-x's were snug across my shoulders and chest. The shorts were filled with my cock and balls and only the largest jock would contain my meat.

The clerk had said that this was the size jock usually used by football players with a protective cup filling up the extra space. By the time I had finished trying on the last of my selections I was incredibly horny and needed badly to get off. My cock was pushing up beyond the waistband of my new shorts and wanted relief, so I pushed some huge boxes against the door and slipped out of the shorts. I grabbed my enormous dick and scratched my amazing balls a few times. That was all it took and I was completely hard. Was my cock even bigger? It sure looked that way from my vantage point. Veins bulged out all around my thick shaft and I stroked like my life depended on it. The pleasure was so intense that I knew I would blow at any second. I could feel my huge balls rising up and soon I was shooting my thick spunk everywhere.

I cleaned up the best I could, wiping up my huge loads with my old clothes, that I'd have to throw away anyway, and then moved the boxes and headed back into the store. The clerk asked if everything was OK and I replied fine, but that I needed to find some new shoes. He glanced at my feet and there was that awe struck look on his face that said "not even if we are lucky". He measured them at size 17 EEEE. He said that he could order me some, but that he didn't think they could be in before the following week. I couldn't go a week without shoes so I asked what were the largest he had and he said size 15 EEE. I took them and crammed my feet into the small sneakers. I thanked him and gave him my phone number so he could notify me when the rest of my order was in. He promised he'd call, and if I wanted he could even deliver them. I told him that would be just great. I handed him my plastic and was on my way with 10 new shirts, 5 pairs of shorts, 5 jocks, the sneakers and 10 bottles of weight gain protein powder. Almost $800.00 and I knew I couldn't keep that up very long.

When I got home I went straight for the kitchen and started mixing shakes. The hunger was almost painful. After I finished off one full container of the powder, enough normally for two weeks, my hunger had subsided enough for me to think what was next. I was feeling really strong and really horny, so I decided to see just what these muscles could do. I flexed a few different poses in the totally inadequate mirror in my bedroom. Mental note: get a bigger mirror. I could swear that I felt bigger than before, but that was crazy wasn't it? Never the less, the rag top I was wearing felt tight across my shoulders and chest so I grabbed the neckline and tore it open, exposing just to top of the crevasse that was the beginning of my pecs. It looked so hot, I reached in and the feel of the hairy hardness was amazing. I felt a stirring in my crotch and said "enough is enough", I am not going to jerk off again today. I'm going to find someone to do it for me. I split the sleeves of the rag top to give my massive arms room and changed into a clean jock and some, what on any other guy would have been, baggy shorts.

I decided that the car was just too uncomfortable, so I walked into town with my duffel bag on my shoulder. I was headed for a small gym across town from campus. I wanted to try out this new body in a less public setting than the field house gym. I had seen this small hole in the wall gym a few times and seen some pretty big guys coming and going, so I figured it would satisfy my desire to both heft some weight and find someone to take care of my ever ready cock. On the way I was the center of attention. I heard several "Oh my god's" and a few "damn's", it was an incredible rush to feel like the town's topic of the day.

As I entered the gym I saw is was just as dark and dungeon like as I had expected. Small desk in front, no attendant, cement block weight room with every kind of free weight you can imagine, and a lockeroom and shower at the rear. All of it was bathed in the dim white light of the buzzing fluorescent fixtures overhead and no windows. The buzz of the lights was soon replaced by some hard pounding rock n'roll so it wasn't all bad. Just then the desk attendant returned. I guess he had been changing the music as he looked like a rock n'roller with better than average muscle. He stared at my chest, arms and then blatantly at my basket.

I just smiled and said, "Hi, I need a workout, how much?" He replied automatically that it was $5 a day or $15 a week or $40 a month. His mouth was actually hanging open. I handed him a five and that seemed to bring him around. He was cute, long sandy brown hair, framing a slender face with green eyes and a tight little body. I would have to guess he was about 5'7" 150lbs. He had a baggy shirt on, but you could tell he spent quite a bit of time in the gym. He had a nice set of forearms and hands and he wore those tight bike shorts that show off everything from the waist down. He had a very nice package, firm little ass and good thighs. Of course, it would take both of his to even come close to one of mine now, but that was OK. He showed me where everything was and told me the rules. It was like he was in some sort of trance. He kept is eyes on me as we walked through the gym and lockeroom. Several of the guys were checking me out and I could feel eyes all over me. It was getting me real hot. Most of them seemed to be leaving and I was more than a little disappointed.

I decided to start with some bench presses. I loaded a bar with 350lbs and positioned myself on the bench. Just as I was about to grab the bar this incredible crotch appeared above my face and in a deep stern voice, "never without a spotter, son". The voice and the crotch belonged to a huge guy named Jake. At least he was huge from this angle. He offered to spot me and I just said "thanks" and pressed out 10 easy reps. This was amazing, it felt like I wasn't lifting anything.

Jake and I switched places and he pumped out ten reps. From this angle I could see that he must have been about 30 and had spent most of that time in the gym, 5'11" and about 240lbs with light, almost white, blond hair pulled back in a tail and very blue eyes. His face was hard to gage as I pretended to strained with the weight, but as he stood up I noticed a ready smile and a hefty shift in his shorts. Jake then says, "OK done with warm-up?" I nod. "Good, let's get on with it." He grabs some more plates and the bar goes up to 400lbs. I easily complete my set and he struggles a bit with his. He asks if I want more and I nod. He grabs some more plates to take the bar to 450lbs.

I look him square in the eye and grab another few and take it to just over 500lbs. He gets a worried look on his face and says "I'm not sure I can spot you with that much." I look around and only the rocker is left in the place beside Jake and I. "Don't worry, I can handle it, really." He looks a little stunned, but after I finish my set I can see a stirring in his shorts. I stand up and take off my shirt and flex my massive pecs. Striations ripple across as they flex and his mouth drops open.

I'm feeling bold and more than a little horny so I say, "I can think of a great use of that open mouth." He immediately snaps it shut and we both chuckle. Jake says he was really finished with his workout when I got here and that he needs a good shower, but if I want he can keep spotting me. I say thanks, but all I've got left is shoulders and arms and I'll be heading for the shower too. I watch as is great ass moves to the lockeroom. Nice hard bubble butt on that man.

I walk over and grab a couple of 100lb dumbbells and easily pump out a few curls. It appears that there is no end to my strength and with no one else around I grab the big dumbbells at the end of the rack. They look like they've never been used. They are marked with a big white 250 and I heft them up and easily curl them as if they were nothing. The pumping does seem to be having an effect, however, my arms look bigger. Pumped. Veins popping up and swelling. I force one of these monster dumbbells over my shoulder and do triceps extensions. Nothing, it feels like nothing.

I walk over to the barbell rack and lift the whole thing off the floor. Grunt. Damn this feels great. I grab the nautilus machine, one with four stacks, over 1500lbs plus the machine and easily lift it. I feel invincible. Muscles swelling and pumping. It was then that I heard an audible gasp. I turn around and there is the rocker. "Damn buddy, you are the strongest son-of-a-bitch I've ever seen," he states with his eyes as wide as saucers.

He looks worried and continues with, "I'm sorry, man, I should have told you when you got here that the gym closes every Thursday between 2pm and 6pm. I'm not sure why, but it's always been that way, so I've got to lock up soon. I'll be happy to wait and let you out after you've showered. OK?" All the while he is talking he is watching my body and most of the time his eyes are glued to my crotch. I must have been half hard and he was more than half. His tight spandex shorts showed the outline of a very respectable piece of meat. I smiled and told him that it was fine and I'd know better next time.

He went up front an locked the door and changed the sign to closed. As he leaned over the desk to put the keys in the drawer I got a great look at his ass. Just what I needed. My cock sprang to life and I headed for the showers. As I entered the locker room I could see steam flowing out of the shower and realized that Jake must still be in there. I quickly stripped and walked for the showers, towel over my shoulder instead of around my waist as usual. This new, powerful body was making me bold. I was horny as hell, and Jake appeared to be the answer to my need. As I walked into the shower I could feel my huge cock slapping against my thighs.

There was Jake all muscle, all blond, so sexy you could just eat him alive. His huge muscles all flexed and tensed. I then realized that he was standing under a shower, with his eyes closed, beating his cock to a pulp. At first, he didn't realize I was there, I just stood and watched. Finally my own cock, now fully hard and being caressed by the water from his shower, was ready.

I laid a hand on his chest and squeezed firmly and said, "Can I give you a hand with that?" His response was first shock and then a smile. He stepped away from the flowing water. I reached down and grabbed his thick meaty cock and slowly, much more slowly than he had been, slowly stroked him. Squeezing precum on my hand and rubbing it all over his cock. He looked up at me and said, "I wanted you the second you came in that door." Now it was my turn to smile.

"And I knew when you hung your crotch over my head while I was benching." He then reached up, grabbed on to my shoulders and pulled himself up my body. I could feel his muscle against mine and it was driving me nuts. I grabbed hold of his tight ass just as he kissed me. His lips met mine and I parted them just a little and he drove into my mouth with incredible passion and skill. Squeezing his ass just seemed to make him loose control even more and he started stroking my cock.

"Man, how big is that thing, it must be better than a foot long?" he asked with a groan. I said that it was more like 14 inches and hadn't been satisfied in a long time. He then started rubbing my cock with his. I was definitely fully hard and swelling. Still holding his butt cheeks, I raised him up easily, kissed and sucked each of his pecs and lowered him again so he was now straddling my cock. The feeling of shear power was intense. This huge powerful man was being fully supported on my cock. I grabbed his hips and used his crack to stroke my own raging cock.

His balls were sliding along my shaft and his cock was rubbing my abs. He just started moaning in pleasure. It was then that I noticed the rocker standing in the shower doorway watching us and stroking his dick. As I noticed before, quite respectable. It was at least 8" of uncut glory with a thick shaft and nice broad head. He smiled and I smiled back and said, "Why don't you join us?".

He moved so fast that he slid the last few feet on the wet tile. I thought he would fall into us, but he stopped just short and immediately went to work on the head of my cock, which was protruding between Jake's thighs. I was lost. I couldn't hold out much longer, but wanted very much to fuck big Jake. Just then the rocker reached between Jake's legs, just below my cock and grabbed my balls and squeezed.

Jake was sucking and biting my nipples and stroking his own cock and now this beautiful young boy was sucking the head of my cock and squeezing my balls. I lost it, giving both of them just a quick warning, "I'm gonna cum," and I did. Stream after stream of cum splashed over the boy's chest, all over the floor and between Jake's legs. For a second I thought it was over - - boy was I wrong.

Jake began squeezing his legs together and thrusting his hips and I stayed hard. Never letting him droop, even an inch. I could tell he was close and he grabbed me hard around the neck, pulled himself up and kissed me, all the while humping my gut with his hard rod. Soon my pecs and abs were covered with his cum. I picked him up further, holding him by the waist and sucked in his still throbbing cock. I sucked in all that was left and licked him clean. This gave the boy his first opportunity to see all of my cock and he took full advantage. Licking and stroking every inch. There was no way he could possibly fit more than the head of it in his mouth, but he was determined to taste all of it.

I looked up at Jake and down at the boy, then back up to Jake and said, "I want to fuck you .... Now." He looked a little worried, but nodded. I looked back down at the boy said, "what is your name anyway tongue boy?". He looked up smiling and around his still licking tongue said "Steve.".

"Well, Steve" I said, "Jake's ass it about to get the ride of his life, how about getting it ready for me?" I lowered Jake so that his ass was right at eye level with Steve. Steve dove in. To say Steve was passionate bout rimming Jake was like saying the Pope is a little religious. I started nibbling on Jakes pecs. Sucking his nipples and Jake was soon writhing in pleasure and begging me to fuck him.

I raised him and began then lowered him toward my still incredibly hard cock and Steve just kept right with us. I could see the look of amazement on Jake's face as my hot steel rod began entering him. I eased up a little, but it was not easy as Steve's hot mouth was all over my shaft as I entered Jake.

Then the boy turned face up between my legs and started licking my balls as he held onto my thighs, hanging there like some sort of monkey. I was quickly loosing it again and press Jake further down on my cock. He wrapped his legs around my waist and started pulling up and down on my dick. The intensity of this hot stud was amazing.

Here I am, with two studs going all out to pleasure me and I'm out of control. Steve moved behind me and is now beginning to try to get at my ass. More and more of my huge cock disappears into Jake and it becomes more apparent that he is lost in lust as his eyes just sort of glaze over and the sweat begins pouring off of his body. He shoots again, stream after stream all over my gut, his ass tightens and I can hold out no more.

I can feel the explosion building and racing along my cock and bursting deep within his body. I must be washing his guts with my cream as soon it is forcing itself out of his ass and there is Steve, just waiting. He is able to lap up some before it runs down my powerful legs onto the tile floor, but Jake collapses onto my chest and I can feel my dick softening inside him. Poor Steve looks little sad that this huge cock wasn't pouring inside of him and I just smile and tell him that there is plenty of time.

I then notice that of all of us, he has not yet cum. I gently set the exhausted Jake down on the floor and grab the boy by his waist. I pull him up and kiss him deeply. He responds quickly by grabbing my neck, sucking my tongue into his mouth and wrapping his legs around my waist. He begins thrusting his cock against my abs, already slick with Jake's cum. I can tell he is close as his dick is rock hard and throbbing. I pull him tighter into my body and am rewarded with load after load of teen spunk all over my abs and crotch.

I finally pull away from his embrace and let him down to the floor. He must be feeling good because now he doesn't take his eyes from their lock with mine and says, "Why don't we get cleaned up, get something to eat and head back to my place. It's not big, but we could get to know one another better."

Just then Jake pipes up "Well my place is big and you would both be welcome." I just smile and nod my assent.

Both guys help me wash up and I squeeze into my clothes and we head outside. It turns out Jake is the only one with transportation so we all climb in his truck. His truck is huge, one of those tall beasts with tires as high as your waist. With Jake and I in the front there is little room left for Steve so he jumps up on the back and we take off. We stop off at a market and he picks up some steaks saying he'll fix Steve and I a meal we'll never forget. Which is great news because I'm starving again. •

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