Journal, The

Day One


By Braun1

The Journal of Geoff Moore

The events of the last few days are so amazing, so mind blowing that I've decided to write down everything I can remember in hopes of understanding it later.

The first thing I should note is that we really have to go back to yesterday when this whole thing started. So, I guess this is really Day Zero. I was just finishing my morning run and feeling both exhausted and exhilarated. As usual, I decided to end the run with a quick steam at the field house and then a long soak in the whirlpool. The field house is a great place these days for observing the prime men on campus.

Spring football practice is in full swing and most of the guys on the team are working out, trying to work off the winter bulk. I, however, could never be confused with any of these prime beef boys as I have a typical runners build, 5'10", slim torso, tight legs, firm butt just a bit if hair in the right places. Just to finish out the description, I have shoulder length sandy brown hair (usually pulled back in a pony tail) and hazel eyes with a slim face and a slightly hawk like nose.

I arrived at the field house covered in sweat as I was really pushing myself to increase both distance and time all at once. Not the most logical method, but it keeps me improving. As I entered the locker room, I could smell that there were alot of sweaty guys there. The aroma of sweating men and grunts from the weight room immediately caused a rise in my shorts and the very familiar tingle in my cock. It was electric. I forced myself to think of exams and term papers, just to keep from going full rod.

Although I had been there during many of the team workout's, spring practice was always different. Half of these studs were doing everything they could to add bulk trying to impress the coaches and the other half were working toward the definition that would set them apart on the summer beachs. I walked past the door to the weight room and there stood the dream man of the team, Brad Phillips. The team musclegod and captain. He was a junior and still had the honor of being the only guy on the team that they wanted as captain.

He was 6'3" with short cropped blond hair, a perfectly trimmed mustache and a body to die for. We're talking everything was perfect. Broad shoulders, firm pecs that stretched the tape at least to 55" with a waist of 30" the taper was dramatic. His legs are like long columns of muscle with 20" calves and 32" thighs. He should have been a bodybuilder instead of a football player, but his two most outstanding features kind of throw off the proportion. He has enormous arms, taped and published in the school newspaper at 23", pumped and flexed, and then there was his less published, but better known (at least to the guys in the locker room) appendage -- Brad sported a cock that would have made a porn star stare. It was at least 8" very thick even completely flaccid and hung below were balls the size of lemons. He said that it prevented any bodybuilding shows because there was no way he was "jamming that meat in a tiny bikini and strutting for some judges."

Brad was just finishing a set of squats. Straining, his huge quads were pumped and striated. Veins covered his legs which were almost completely hairless. His entire body was covered in sweat and the floor was actually wet around where he stood. The 400 lb. bar now firmly back on the rack he turned toward the mirror giving me a great view of is perfect solid ass. He flexed his huge thighs and squeezed his butt.

I thought I would cream my shorts right there and then. He noticed my stare and turned to his training partner and said, "Looks like Geoffs really enjoying the show." I didn't realize it until then, but I had become completely hard and my shorts were tented out like I had stuck a cucumber in there. Needless to say, I was mortified. He just went on flexing and I turned and ran for my locker and the steam room. I figured I needed some place to calm down and a steam was the ticket.

I managed not to see Brad again until I was leaving the gym. He was standing by the door and talking to one of the cheerleaders. You know, big boobs, tight sweater type. He looked my way and started laughing and talking behind his hand. I just knew he was telling her what had happened in the weight room. I couldn't stand it and I ran. I kept running all the way across campus. With this cheerleader the event was sure to make the evening news. Brad was always kind and a real gentleman, I just couldn't believe he could be that cruel.

As I approached the science labs and was rounding the turn for home, I heard then felt an explosion. One of the labs windows was flying out and black smoke was pouring through it like a smokestack. There was a second explosion and then a third. I started to run toward the building to see if there was anything I could do to help, and was knocked flat on my back on the ground as the a fourth explosion rocked the air. I guess I was knocked out then, because the next thing I remember being helped up by an EMT who was trying to ask if I was OK.

All I could hear was a loud ringing in my ears and felt like I was sitting in molasses. There was black foaming glop everywhere. I had been covered with it and the EMT was trying to clean it out of my mouth and nose so I could breathe. I had actually been hauled about a hundred feet from where I last remember standing and that area was now a swamp of this slime. The EMT had cleaned my airway and asked if I was OK. I told him that I felt OK, but just a bit slimy. He smiled at that and it was then that I realized that he was gorgeous. This gorgeous guy had given me mouth to mouth and I had slept through it. Just my luck. EMT Harris then checked me over and said that I looked OK and if I wasn't feeling dizzy, I could go home and get cleaned up. There was nothing I wanted more at the moment. I asked if he thought I should go to the hospital, but he said that if I felt sick or dizzy in the next couple of days, I should go to the campus health center and have myself checked by one of the doctors there.

I walked home, dripping black slop everywhere. When I reached the front door to my apartment I decided to strip right there and make my way for the shower. It took over an hour of showering and cleaning to get the gunk off of me and out of every crevice in by body. Looking in the mirror I could see that the slime appeared to have darkened my hair to a more medium brown and stained my skin a deep tan. I thought, cool, I can never get a decent tan, being fair skinned, but this looked as good as any tan I'd ever seen. I felt hungry and exhausted. It was only around noon, so I decided to check the fridge and basically attacked it. When I was finished, there were no leftovers, cold cuts or bread left. I decided that it was time for a nap. Although I rarely can fall asleep during the day, I felt so tired, I just had to curl up on my bed and in moments, I was asleep.

I slept all afternoon and through the night. My dreams were a combination of exploding buildings and being fucked by Brad Phillips. Brad's huge cock rammed in my ass and stroking deep inside. His huge pecs heaved and flexed as he rode me like a stallion. His sweat was dripping down over his brick like abs, which were pressing against my throbbing cock. I could feel his cock swelling inside me. With each thrust it seemed to get larger and larger. His muscles were pumped and he threw a quick double biceps flex and that was all she wrote for me. I shot load after load all over my chest, his chest, the bed everywhere. More than I had ever cum before. He just kept thrusting and thrusting. I couldn't believe the intense pleasure I felt.

I placed my hands first on his huge pecs, pinching his nipples. Sliding my hands down over his abs I could feel the heat of our passion. Then I began rubbing my own stomach and could feel the immense tool thrusting deep inside me. Again I was hard and I could feel my juice building in my balls. Did this guy ever stop? He reach down with is huge strong hands and stroked my cock. The heat of is hand and the strength of his pounding was more than I could take. I shot again even more forcefully than before and cum was now welling up in my abs as well as being all over my face. I could feel my ass try to tighten around his cock, but it was like trying to squeeze a steel rod.

Brad then did something I did not expect ... He reached down with his incredible arms, grabbed my shoulders and pulled me against his chest. Then he kissed me with the full force of his powerful body. He came inside me with such force that cum was running down his cock and dripping off of his balls. Brad pulled his massive cock out of my ass and shot three more huge streams of cum onto my face and torso. •

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