Journal of a Scientist


By Shawn Stewart

As Clint carried me into the shower his dick was flopping around his knees. It looked much bigger this time. I'll have to remember to check the nanites program when I get back to my console. Anyway, I reached down and grabbed his massive dong and felt its weight. It was very hot and I felt a surge of energy as I touched it. It started to grow. It was about 25" long and 17" around now. I clamped my finger down on his cock as hard as I could. Exerting at least 1100 lbs/ of pressure. His cock grow hard. "Doc. That feels great. Keep doing it." Clint had a contented look on his face. I couldn't believe it. I was putting enough pressure to crush rocks and wanted me to keep going.

"What ever you say Clint." I issued a mental command to the nanites in me and waited for the results. We reached the shower, Clint was rock hard and I wasn't making a dent in his massive cock. I started stroking while maintaining maximum pressure. He moaned with pleasure as I stroked his dong. I slowly increased pressure as the bots increased my cellular density. I was now putting 1700 pounds per square inch of pressure on his cock and he groaned loudly. He started breathing heavily and his cock began to throb wildly. I had a hard time controlling his hot rod. At it's current size it could easily lift 2500 pounds and my arms would sooner lift me then control his throbbing cock.

"I'm going to shoot!" I had a sudden thought. I stopped stroking Clint and planted my feet firmly on the floor. I started to pick Clint up by his cock. With a deep roar he shoot a huge load as I raised his massive frame above my head. His load hit the wall with a loud splat the reverberated through the wall. So I carried Clint over and put him down for a closer look. The stainless steel wall of the shower had a dent in it about 3 inches deep and over 6 inches wide. "Holy shit! What a load. Look at that wall. This is GREAT! The strength, the power. I LOVE IT!"

"Clint, I'm glad you are enjoying this and buddy you haven't seen anything yet. That wall is almost 8" thick and is made of solid steel. But right now, I want your cock up my ass." His cock had never gotten soft after his last ejaculation. He reached over and picked me up me and positioned my hot hole over his massive member. He slowly lowered my down his cock. The huge pain soon turned into pure pleasure. I felt his head slide past my prostate and I almost blew my load all over his chest. When I finally hit bottom I could feel his huge harry nuts against my ass. I sat there for a while enjoying the felling of having his dick deeply embedded up my ass. Then Clint reaches around my chest with one arm and starts running my body up and down his massive dong. The feeling was incredible. I never wanted this to end. I started to flex my insides and glutes to enhance his pleasure. I had to try to give him what he was giving me. But, he just kept lifting me up and down his 25" cock. After about 20 minutes of this he stopped and looked down at me.

"Doc, I want to try some thing." Then he smiled at me and walked out of the shower with my body being supported only by his cock up my ass. "How thick did you say this wall was again?"

"The shower? 8 inches. Why?" The only answer I got was another smile. He reached under my legs, around his cock and lifted me off his still rock hard cock with one arm. Then carried me back into the shower and put me down in front of the wall between the rest of the lab and the shower. "Stay here," was all he said and walked out. Next thing I heard was a loud grown coming from the wall. A small round area started to dent outwards from the wall about 3 and a half feet from the bottom of the floor and continued to grow bigger. I finally had an idea of what Clint had in mind as I watched the area get longer and wider. Finally the wall started to crack. The cracking got worse as the dent got even bigger. It was about 8" around by now and the tip was almost 12" away from the wall. Finally I could see the color of flesh emerging from the wall. Clint was pushing his muscle prick through 8" of solid stainless steel. His cock finally broke through and I was completely amazed. He pushed his full length into the wall and I had about 17" of solid dick to work with. I grabbed his cock as hard as I could and he started pumping. What a glory hole. Punched right through a steel wall by Clint's muscle dick. After about 10 minutes he finally came again. This time his load impacted on my chest. If I hadn't already been enhanced it could have gone right through me. As it was it felt like I was just punched, hard. Clint came back into the shower room after removing his cock from the hole in the wall. "I'd always wanted to have sex through a glory hole! Just never thought about making a hole with my rod." We both started laughing.

After the sex in the shower we finally decided that we should get back to work. We both took a shower for real this time and went back into the lab. "Okay, doc. What can we do about size?"

"Well, that is phase two of the procedure. The nanobots need to be programmed and then all we have to due is run it."

"How long will it take to program?"

"About 30 seconds. All you have to do is stand on the platform and let me start the sequence." After Clint moved onto the platform I asked, "Ready?" He nodded. "Okay, one second." I started to sequence and waited for my Mac to beep, which it did after about 40 seconds. "All done. We can start Phase two when ever you are ready." •

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