Side Effects (2000)

The Becoming


`Jan, we got to figure out how we are going to go about this` Jan was woken from his reverie by Mike's words.

`Yes, I'm kind of wondering what you wished for, to get the way you are` Tom said, chuckling. `In fact, I think that right now I`d really like to see what that really is, too` he concluded. There was a `hear, hear` from Theo, and David said `You know those clothes aren't really fooling anyone. Besides, Tom here has a tape measure and I for one would really like to use it on either of you... or both.`

`You have just redefined what male means, look...` Tom said, pointing at his crotch and the slight damp patch that could be seen there together with a respectable bulge `...what you are doing to us!`

'no, I mean, the best way would be if we could...hold on, maybe we could...` Mike started, only to be suddenly prompted by five `What?!`

shouts. Of course, being the fifth, Jan was promptly given an `Et tu, Brutus` look from Mike.

`Excuse us for a sec, guys` Jan said, and shuffled on the floor to speak into Mike's ear. There was a mumbled disapproval from David, but no real complaints.

'Mike, can't you feel the sex in the air? Look at them, they are all past the selfish bit, just their imagination of what they could become is getting them hot for each other, get it, each other! We have all given our hearts to our respective others, would you want something like this, a chance to be each other's and your own fantasy, pass you by? Look at them!` Jan whispered.

`I _know_, hell I feel it myself. It's like... it's like knowing we will always be together makes this... sex game just a game, a good way to get off. But what do you expect, me strutting for them or something?` Mike whispered back. They both looked at the foursome, and found them all staring back. The faces were almost giddy, and Tom was actually openly stroking Marc's now _very_ prominent cock and whispering something in his ear.

`Yes I do, as a matter of fact...` Jan started and Mike already started a `WH...` but Jan stopped him.

`Look, they will want a show, eventually, and I think it's best to give thwm one, and enjoy it. There is so much sex in the air it's a wonder it's not raining cum in this room, and remember what happened when we did it? Maybe if we give them and ourselves a release, it will be easier later when they start growing. You think you'll be able to resist the urges, when David gets to be super-David, or Marc?

God knows what he'll turn into and I'm barely keeping myself from busting my pants over it. I know what your problem is, you are afraid showing that turn on will somehow diminish what we`ve got. Now let me tell you once and for all, it won't, because my love, even when I get that tingle down there, it's about you` Jan said. Their eyes met for a second. There was a distinct murmur in the background indicating that the public was at the end of it's patience.

`OK... Jan... when this is over, just promise me two things, that we won't regret this, and that we'll go somewhere to be alone for a while, OK?` Mike said. There was an edge to his voice.

`OK, now I`ve got an idea. The problem is, who goes first, and sorry, I'm not prepared to decide. Besides, we`d have to do them one by one and I don't think they could keep themselves from changing longer than a few seconds, and we both know there's going to be a reaction.

I know it's gonna turn into an orgy anyway but I want to get this over while we are still rational. And, we can't afford the time to have them come back over and over for more experimenting, because I think we'll have a competition. But Jan, what if we actually wish them to have the _ability_ to change like we do, not the changes themselves, think that would work?` Mike said.

'Mike, you are a genius! It's so simple it just has to work. Well...

I hope it will. Then we could give it to all of them and they could decide their own timing. We could sort of sit back and enjoy...` Jan said.

`Jan!` Mike did the impossible, a whispered shout.

`Yes, I know, I have a dirty mind. And you aint fooling anyone either`.

== * ==

`OK, here's what we are going to do. We have never done this before so we don't know if it's going to work but we think it should. We need to touch each one of you in turn`. Mike said.

`Ow wow, does that mean we get to touch you back?` David asked. There was a chuckle from Tom and Theo, and a very audible sigh from Marc. A look in his direction showed Marc's imagination and reaction to Mike and Jan has caught up with him. Jan saw Tom move his hand on Marc's thigh, only he made the mistake of moving it over the one where Marc's manhood was still growing and had reached well towards his knee. Surprisingly enough, Tom recovered real quickly and actually started absentmindedly stroking the bulge, which produced a barely audible wince from Marc. Tom was obviously enjoying it and Jan was sure this was some kind of little payback between the two.

`You'll have to wait for that a little while... till we get through with all of you` Jan said.

`OK, who's first?` Jan continued. Surprisingly, there wasn't a rush.

It was almost as if everyone waited for someone else. Jan gave Mike a look, this was a very good sign. David and Theo were whispering amongst themselves fervently. Jan only caught a 'no, you go first`

from Theo. Finally, David said, `If no-one has objections...`. There were none.

== * ==

David had to admit the thought of becoming a god, which is the only word that kept coming up as an appropriate description was... almost scary. But he always wanted it. It suddenly occured to him that it wasn't some sort of a very elaborate self-sex wish, but that most of it had become just genuine curiosity eince he met Mike and Jan, and found Theo. He wanted to be what Jan and Mike were - but not if the only man he ever truly loved, and couldn't imagine being without couldn't have it too. It was obvious that Mike and Jan were just that - Mike AND Jan. Somehow, because they were a pair, the way they looked had a purpose, some kind of internal logic to it. He stood in front of Jan and Mike. Once again, their incredible size was breathtaking. For a second, the sexual excitement ebbed. He looked at Mike.

`Just one thing. If it somehow turns out that you can't change Theo, I will not want this gift any more. I...` he said very silently. Jan looked at Mike. Mike said `We understand`. He put his big hand on David's left shoulder, and Jan's found it's place on his right. The thought that came into David's mind was how heavy they were, quickly to be dismissed as stupid. Then, something happened, it was almost a sound, but without a sound. It lasted for a second, almost like a shiver. It almost felt like a very mild earthquake. Then it was gone.

`What was THAT?` David asked. From the faces of Jan and Mike it was clear they both felt it. They looked at each other and smiled.

`David, welcome to the club...` Jan whispered. The feeling of confusion was soon replaced by concern. David turned to Theo.

`I'm not doing anything without you` were the only words he said to him.

== * ==

`Damn, this is not working` Jan whispered. Theo heard him and he was immediately sorry. The look in Theo's eyes became a cold grip which he could feel very distinctly squeezing at his heart.

`Don't panic... OK, Theo, you need to want the ability to change. If you don't want it on any level, it won't work` Mike said quitely, no one wanted panic right now. Theo looked at him with an expression which clearly said `Do you think I'm an Idiot?` without him even uttering a single word. Mike of course didn't balme him for a second, it was stupid to say what he did, but somehow, the silence was a void that begged to be filled with an explanation. And then it dawned to him!

`Jan, of course! It's obvious!` Mike almost shouted, `David, we need you!`

David was again beside them in what seemed like a flash.

`Can't you see, there's three of us now! David, touch him, and give him the gift` Mike said, still sounding cryptically to Jan. But before he could complain, David held Theo's hand and the strange feeling was there almost like a short electric shock. It was such a surprise to Theo, he actually jerked, only to be almost torn out of Jan's and Mike's grip, by being embraced by David. Next, there was a very passionate kiss, accompanied by a whistle from Tom and Mike.

Now, that boy always had a flare for the dramatic, Jan thought. David bowed, while Theo still looked at him in a daze. Then, he looked at Jan and Mike, and smiled. Jan found himself almost moved to tears, it was so strange to see on a grown man the smile of a child who has just gotten his biggest wish fulfilled. The feeling was incredible.

`Guys, you`re next` he heard David say. But the comotion was already evident between Ton and Marc.

== * ==

`Please, I need to do this` Marc said. It was obviously intended to be quiet but stern. It came out quite loud. Suddenly, he could literally feel four pairs of eyes on him. He looked straight into Toms eyes. Once again, he felt a mixture of guilt, shame and a feeling of a lot of time lost. Time that could have been spent loving and instead was spent hurting. Suddenly Marc found himself thinking about the huge erection he was sporting and for the first time in his life he was ashamed of it. He felt the grip of real fear, the fear he would be once again the way he was, a self-absorbed bully who didn't care about hurting people. This was something that had to be done.

'tom. I... I love you. I am... I am afraid. I...` He stammered. It was a whisper, but Jan's senses were very much improved and he heard it very clearly. He was sure Mike heard it too, and he shot a glance at Mike, verifying that he was indeed right. This short look conveyed a lot. Jan had a feeling something was coming up which needed both of them.

Tom nodded barely perceptibly. Marc turned to Jan. `Can I have a word... in private` he said, looking at all the others with an expression of very real shame. He was obviously trying to hide it, and the thought that he obviously didn't have experience popped into Jan's mind. Jan looked at Mike who obviously understood and at David and Theo who had a mixture of puzzlement and `Can we get this over so we can play` look on their faces. He took it as a yes.

`Of course...` he said. Marc went towards the door, and Jan shifted to follow him, contorting to get through it. He made sure it remained open a crack. Whatever Marc wanted to say, he needed Mike to hear.

One look at Mike told him he had caught the hint. Besides, Jan had a gut feeling about this, he was almost sure he knew what it was going to be about.

== * ==

This must be a first, Marc thought. His cock was so hard and so huge now it poked out of the pantleg and tented it to the point where it was barely holding itself together. He had a couple of occasions when his erection would be record- breaking, but this was way beyond that - a manifestation of Jan and Mike's powers, no doubt. It felt like a baseball bat, even to Marc. Days ago, he`d be parading his hardon, and probably stroking it right here in the open, for everyone to see how big it has become, and using a tape measure to put numbers to it too. He might have even pulled out his old vacuum pump to try to get it even bigger and then parade about shamelessly, preferably pumped up to the max, and flexing. He used to love that, putting everyone down with his overwhelming superiority at being THE male. Now, he almost wished it fell off. Of course, his body had other ideas, which was no wonder, considering the company.

`OK, I'm listening` Jan said. Jesus, what a voice!

`I... I don't really know how to say this. I mean, I know you are doing us a huge favor... huh, huge, listen to me!` Marc found himself bitterly laughing at his words. He looked up at Jan, to find a god-like face with mild puzzlement mixed with slight anoyance on it.

Do they know what they are really offering, Marc thought? How could I ever refuse, and I don't want to... oh, admit it, you are afraid you are no better, you will always be that showoff, enjoying hurting other people because of... fear?

`It can't happen if you don't want it. Though I doubt that you don't`

Jan finally said.

`Don't want it? DON't want it? Do you know what you are saying? Hey, look at me! I may be...` he paused for a while `...or have been a jerk but I know what I did and what this is all about, and what price I`ve paid so far` Marc said. `I know this must be hard to beleave, but you have already brought about my own personal chatarsis, and I have learned perhaps the most important thing about myself just last night. All I ever wanted, was to be loved. I know that now. Only I replaced it with sex, pure distilled sex. I know I'm a freak and it didn't help, can't you see?` there was a desperate edge to Marc's voice which he suddenly heard himself. He needed a moment to calm down. `Look, I have made it my life to satisfy a selfish sexual desire. I _know_...` Marc caught himself almost shouting. He made himself whisper.

`...I know everyone wants it, somewhere deep down. And I got it. Look at me! I know the limits and you have just moved them light years further, and are asking me if I want more? I want to be the biggest hungest son of a bitch on this planet, we all do! Look at this!` he said, pointing at his enormous erection. `Right now I don't know weather to jack off over you or kneel and worship you, and just thinking how I could look if this happened to me, how I would feel!?`

he was shouting again. He breathed in deeply.

`You know how it feels, it's like you are on top of the world, no one is better, stronger, more... MAN. You want to get bursting hard and flex and have sex for everyone to see. And I did that. I never thought of anyone but myself, I hurt people. I... I hurt Tommy`. His eyes started to sting. A second later tears welled up and there was no way he could stop them. `And all I really wanted was that someone loved me... and then that someone became Tommy. Somewhere up here`, Marc said, pointing at his head, `I knew it, but this thing here,` he said, pointing at his enormous erection, `wouldn't let me see that..`

he almost sobbed out.

== * ==

Jan was dumbfounded to say the least.

`I... I need to ask a favor...` Marc said. He had again calmed down.

`Wh... what?` Jan said, it was the first thing that came to mind out of a loss of words.

`I'm asking you... well, I have this... instinct about people. How they can look. When... you know, when you see someone and think, if he hit the gym, he`d look amazing...` Marc said. `What does that...` Jan started.

`It's not what you think...` Marc said. What is it that I think, Jan couldn't help asking himself. Marc's continuation however didn't leave time for contemplation.

`Look, I know what I'm capable of. I know I'm a freak, and I`ve always known it. But the way I am a freak is like an addiction. I know I'm not going to be able to stop myself, I'm hooked on muscle, dick, sex. Yes, I know, we all are, but now, with what you are doing... you and Mike seem to handle this so easily, and I know...

don't ask me how, but I know the other guys will be the same. Just promise me, if I go overboard, you will stop me...` Marc said.

`Overboard? And what makes you think I could?` Jan started, but he was quickly interrupted. `Jan, listen to what I'm saying. I have this thing about knowing genetics when I see it. I know it doesn't get any better than mine, but I have a very good idea what my limits are, or were. I am positive that whatever happens with me, you will probably be the only one that will be able to stop me if... if force has to be used. Trust me on this`. Marc said.

Jan thought about this for a second. He made a mental note to get to know Marc much better soon, because this little speach was, amongst other things, more words spoken by Marc than Jan had ever heared before, and it was hinting at a mind that was sharp as a steel trap, but was obviously well hidden. For the moment, that was not very important. He knew where this was going but he needed Marc to say it himself. `Why?` he asked.

`I need you to promise me one thing. Promise me... promise me that you will knock some sense into me if I become so self absorbed...

again... promise you will stop me before I end up hurting someone...

I end up hurting Tommy.` Marc said, almost in a whisper. Jan said nothing, but he felt great relief. His father always said he was a romantic idiot for believing that all people have good in them, somewhere deep inside. They never talked about how it was that Jan knew. But it was a relief to see his instincts were right. In the end we`re all flesh and blood. Still, there was more he wanted to hear from Marc. It came very quickly.

'to tell you the truth, I'm surprised you are willing to give me such a fantastic gift, considering my... past record. I'm surprised Mike agreed` Marc said, almost sounding introspectively. Jan was genuinely surprised at Marc's insight. Before he could say any thing, however, Marc continued.

`Jan... from what David told us, I have a pretty good hunch I am talking to the right person about this. Let me just say this... in my defense, I have finally realized why I was doing what I was doing.

All my life I wanted to be the best so that when I found love, I would... I would have removed any reason to loose it. Somewhere along the line it became only physical, and I was afraid to go any further because... because I just didn't know how to be... emotional, and getting that wrong would have been one reason to loose the love I wanted. I hurt people out of fear I`d be hurt myself. Tommy is the only one who saw that, somehow. I have no idea how. I really don't know how he could ever love me after what I did to him` Marc said. He looked up at Jan again. He was practically pleading.

`Jan, I don't ever want to loose him... I love him... and I... I am afraid I'll go back to the way I was`.

Jan looked down at Marc. He almost wanted to hug him. Somehow he felt it was going to happen later.

`All right, I promise I'll do what you want` Jan said. `But I know what you fear won't happen. You have already cured yourself` he continued.

`I wish I could be that certain` Marc whispered.

`I am. You see, you are right to think you are talking to the right person. I used to be just like you` Jan said. `A long time ago. And for a short time` he added quickly. `And if you tell Mike what I`ve told you, you`re dead.`

Jan of course knew Mike heard it all. It would have come out anyway sooner or later, and Jan was pretty sure Mike would have figured most of it out anyway. He wasn't afraid of it, and it was a minor part of his life, but it was something he didn't like remembering. He made a mental note for thanking David for making him see the light all those years ago, even if he didn't realize it at the time. He looked down at Marc, and couldn't help smiling. Marc smiled back.

`Come on, they are waiting`. Jan said, and went to the door. He felt a hand on his wrist.

`Jan...` Marc said, letting go, 'thanks... I owe you... one more, I guess.`

== * ==

When they entered the posing room again, all eyes were on Marc.

However, only Tom's said `Are you OK?`. It was amazing to Jan how such subtleties suddenly became obvious. Just as obvious as the glance he gave Mike, which said `I hope your doubts are settled` was obvious to Mike, and just as Mikes nod said all that needed to be said to Jan.

Marc went to the bench where Tom still sat, and hugged him. `You first` he said. Tom walked over to where the others stood. Mike and Jan held him by the shoulders and David and Tom held a hand each. Tom instinctively closed his eyes. The moment they all connected, he jolted visibly and opened his eyes, with a look of bewilderment.

`Oooh...` was the only thing he said. The next second he was beside Marc.

`Come on, big guy, you don't want to be left out now, do you?` Tom asked.

'no... but you know how I am. Once I start I won't stop easily.` Marc said, in a serious tone.

Tom reached down and gripped the huge bulge of Marc's cock. He gave it a couple very exaggerated strokes, which left Marc gasping. He leaned over Marc who had sat back on the bench. He then turned over to look at the rest of the bunch who were smiling at him, and leaned over till his mouth was almost touching Marc's left ear, while still deliberately looking at the others, and `whispered` loud enough for everyone to hear `I was counting on you not stopping at all, stud`.

There were sniggers from Theo, and Mike practically blushed.

A second later, Marc was in position, Jan and Mike again holding his shoulders and Theo and David his hands. Tom stood right in front of him and lightly stroked Marc's pumped up pecs, and then his hand suddenly went down. Marc winced and there was a very audible rip.

`Je-sus H. Christ!` Theo said, slowly.

Marc only produced a small wince, and finally uttered 'sorry`. His shorts were still on him but held by a minor miracle, now torn by his erection breaking free. Right now, that erection was swollen beyond belief, and angry red, almost purple, obviously harder than diamond, reaching between Marc's pumped up pecs.

'now that's the spirit... not to mention the convenience` Tom said, with a honest to God Cheshire cat grin on his face, and grabbed Marc's cock. Again there was a jolt. •

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