Side Effects (2000)

Joining The Club Of Giants


`Uh, guys, I... it's a bit difficult asking this, but... is there a place where we...` David said, `I mean, Theo and I, could be more...private?`

Tom whistled and Marc smiled. Mike and Jan looked at each other.

Finally, Theo said: `OK, I guess fair is fair, good of you to ask before we... well, started whatever we are going to... do` he said, looking at Jan, then Mike, and gave a particularly lingering look at Marc. In fact, Jan could swear Tom's gaze traced slowly up the shaft of Marc's immense cock. It was quite obvious that both had some ideas on what was coming next.

Jan knew David and Theo hadn't done much as far as sexual experimentation went, there was a hint of that from David. Besides, in more ways than for the rest of them, this time was special. They deserved some privacy. One look at Mike told him Mike had understood, and obviously, a similar exchange between Tom and Theo communicated the same.

`You'll find the keys to the sauna behind the counter. It doesn't work but it's empty and no-one will bother you there... at least not for a while` Tom chuckled.

`Yes, we'll barge in if everything goes silent` Marc added.

`Just a word of warning` Jan said, `Be careful what you wish for...`

`Oh, come on, can't you tolerate some competition?` David said, chuckling.

'no, he's serious... ` Mike said, and looked at Jan.

`Lets just say that getting the way we are now can be very overwhelming... possibly like nothing you have ever experienced before. When I did it, I was out for minutes and I don't even remember it. Mike had it different altogether. My point is, we don't really know what the reaction will be so be careful. And, I think I should add this: if you want to do the same thing we did, and I have a hunch you do, remember to control your strength. You can still be hurt, even if you can heal incredibly fast, and believe me, pain is still very much painful. You are not indestructible. I learned it the hard way` Jan said.

David looked at Jan. After a second or two, while his eyes suddenly got a mischievous glint to them, he just said: "OK, uncle Jan`.

Jan was quick on the retort. `Oh, yes, and if you call me uncle once again, you will learn it the hard way too!`.

David just smiled. Tom added: `We know you`re going to take out all the stops, just don't trash the place. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!`

Jan's improved hearing just barely picked up a `Well, that doesn't limit them much...` from Mike.

`While we`re at it, what is it that you did, to get this way?` Tom asked.

Mike's eyes met Jan's for a moment.

`We maxed out` Jan said, simply.

'maxed out?` Marc asked, 'maxed out what?`

`I think that much should be obvious` Mike said.

David turned to Theo and for a second his grin had an obvious 'slurp` implied in it. He grabbed Theo's hand and went for the door.

`Don't worry, we'll be back. We wouldn't want to pass the chance to check up how all of you... maxed out` Theo said, risking the door shutting in his face.

== * ==

`You know what, I'm thinking tape measure, right now` Tom said. `I just got to check the growth on my hunk here` he continued, stroking Marc's cock, which looked even more engorged now than some minutes ago. His pelvis was pushing in and out in time with Tom's stroking, a sure sign he needed to get off badly. By the looks of Marc's mantool, which was absolutely huge, it seemed like he had started changing already. Tom, however, played the little torturer, he`d change the timing of his stroking so that Marc's moving actually didn't help him at all.

`Oh, nonono... not before I give you the go-ahead!` Tom whispered to Marc. Marc only grunted. `You owe me for teasing me for hours at a time all these months, and not telling me you wanted me after all` he said, in an ominously sounding mischievous tone. `And what are you two waiting for?` Tom said, then, looking at Marc and Jan. `Come on, guys, give me a hand here... or should I say a bulge?`

Tom found two puzzled faces staring at him.

`Oh, come on, you know what this muscle-bound freak here wanted all his life, time to let him have it in style` Tom said. `First, I think a taste of what he could have is in order, and that's where you two come in` he said, and then added a `please` which actually sounded funny. Then he turned back to Marc who was obviously getting into the stroking in a big way, his eyes half closed and moaning silently, and said: `And you don't dare change till I tell you to`.

`Could one of you guys get my tape measure from under the counter?`

Tom said.

`If you plan on measuring anything, then I think I have a better idea` Jan said.

`Jan, you didn't!` Mike said, incredulously, but with an obvious hint of a turn on in his voice.

`Oh, I sure did!` Jan said, with a big grin on his face. He was out of the room in a few seconds, a small wonder considering he practically extruded himself through the doorframe, and it took only a few seconds more till he was back. With the surveying tape in his hand. When Tom saw it, his mischievous smile became a grin, but one of incredulity.

'Mike, I think it's time to get rid of the clothes` Jan said.

`Oh, goody, that's what I`ve been waiting for!` Tom exclaimed. Marc winced silently.

`David's been telling some pretty incredible stories about you and I think it's time for you to live up to them` Tom said, never faltering with the stroking of Marc's tool which looked about ready to burst.

Obviously, Marc would not be getting any release soon at all. Not if Tom had anything to do with it.

== * ==

Tom's cock hurt with a once in a lifetime hard-on. In fact, he was sure if it lasts a lot longer, it will be a last time in a lifetime hardon, it felt like it would explode, it was so engorged. His tight pants were soaked with his pre-cum, and having even a small spot there happened only when he was really very aroused. This however put a new meaning to aroused. Marc was sitting on the bench, his cock sticking straight up - it was that rigid. Not to mention bigger than Tom had ever seen it, and by inches. Marc had a huge tool, which used to get to 15 inches when totally hard, but it would at best stick straight in front of him because of it's immense weight. Now it was steel-pipe rigid, bigger, and so hard, that when Tom stroked it, and pulled it, Marc's pelvis moved around with it. Marc got an incredible kick out of being measured, and it was only one part of Tom's plan.

He wanted to turn Marc on to the extreme, and get him so aroused, when he started growing there would be no stopping him until he grew as big as he possibly could, and all over at that. The thing about Marc was, he never failed being turned on by himself, and Tom wanted this to go as far as it can, because, truth was, he was turned on by Marc being turned on by himself. For both of them, it was something they both wanted gotten over with. One thing both Marc and Tom had in common was that they were turned on by big, or rather BIG men. Of course, Marc just happened to be BIG. Until Mike and Jan. Another part of the plan was, getting Mike and Jan to show off again. Tom couldn't wait to see how big they _really_ were, and how big their enormous muscles would flex. And finally, the last time they were all in this room, there was a competition going on which resulted in sex so intense it bordered on nuclear meltdown. That was the final part of the plan.

'now, let's see just how long your cock is... since you insist on showing it off` Tom said. Handling the survey tape was such a turn on, because of the implication of what Jan said, that it will be needed. Tom slowly stretched the tape from the base of Marc's tree of flesh to the head, being careful not to touch too much. He didn't want Marc to come until he could do it with the intensity of a tidal wave.

`Wow, you are huuuge... you`ve grown almost 4 inches, it's 19" long!`

Tom said. He turned to Jan and Mike, who stood there, Mike removing his remains of a shirt. It joined the other bits and pieces in the corner.

'not as huge as our friends there... but you'll get your chance`. Tom added, seeing the size of Jan and Mike's organs, still limp, but hanging surely as long as Marc's steel hard tool. God, they can't be completely limp, Tom thought! Just look at the size of them!

`Let's see...` he said, and scampered over to Jan first. Both him and Mike endured the ministrations stoically.

`Well, Marc my man, you got a _long_ way to grow yet, these boys here sport true hoses, and they are totally soft, and still bigger than you` Tom said. `Don't you just want to know how big they get hard, huh?` he continued, and slowly fondled both Jan's and Mike's cock, stretching them downward.

`Wow, there's some potential here` he said, seeing how easily both organs stretched. He yanked Mike's cock, and stretched it out what looked over a foot and a half over it's soft length. It was still soft and sort of springy, clearly able to grow more than the attempted stretch.

`Come on, guys, get into the spirit` he added, `I don't believe this situation doesn't turn you on at all`.

Looking from below, both Jan and Mike looked even bigger than usual, and in fact, they looked so big Tom almost came, but even though he didn't know it at the time, he was already using his newly given ability, and kept himself from cumming. God, look at those cocks, they are so huge, but yet so perfect for someone so big, so male! He remembered David mumbling something about five feet and even now Tom didn't believe it, but he was willing to have it tested. But he wanted them to show off some muscle first. From where he was crouching, his view was full of muscle, huge beyond belief.

`Come on, show this showoff here` he said, pointing at Marc, who was obviously almost boiling with lust. Tom could swear Marc's cock had grown even more. He stood up, reached out and stroked Jan's biceps.

It was so huge his hand couldn't even begin to fit the top of the peak, which prominent even completely relaxed.

`Come on, show me...` Tom said, and wrapped the tape around Jan's immense arm. For a second there was another non-verbal exchange between Jan and Mike. Tom read the tape `Hey, look at this, 44"

biceps... man, would I like to see that pumped and flexed just as hard as it can possibly be`.

`Well, maybe you'll get your wish today` Mike said, slowly. Then, Mike started stroking Jan's abs. It was obvious Jan enjoyed it. `Come on baby, seems we can't avoid a performance. Flex for me...` Mike said. Slowly, Jan kneeled, to give Tom good access, and flexed up his biceps, into a big, hard balloon of freaky flesh. Tom gasped, as it got bigger and bigger, stretching the tape to 50". `Don't forget a pump` Mike added. Jan smiled, and deliberately pumped his arm up and down. As he did this, something happened which almost made Tom loose all control and Marc, still propped on the bench, winced. In a couple of seconds, Jan visibly grew. His muscles attained a complete skin-bursting pump, evident by the skin becoming shiny and stretched.

A myriad of veins sprung out over his forearms and the one over his biceps grew so big Tom later swore it added an inch to it's size.

Jan's legs became immensely vascular, and veins appeared even on his shoulders. Of course, what stared Tom in the face was a biceps which obviously grew and pumped up so big it's impossible peak locked into Jan's forearm, it became so huge Jan couldn't bring his forearm any closer than at a right angle. And in that position, the peak reached straight up to Jan's clenched fist, which also brought out bulges of muscles in his forearm.

`` Tom could only say. 56" fully pumped and flexed, it looked like a huge egg of some kind, split, and so peaked it threatened to burst out of the skin. It was bigger than most chests on bodybuilders Tom had seen, and he`d seen plenty. Once the incredible numbers were put to the visual impact, Tom realized how big Jan and Mike really were. Their immense height and incredible proportion actually only hinted at the enormous amount of muscle on them. Tom's mind was accustomed to putting numbers to bodies, by years of looking at them and being in the iron game, but the proportions of Jan and Mike literally overflowed his sense of size. A quick mental calculation came up with either of them outweighing him almost 10 times! That in itself nearly brought him over the orgasmic peak right there, but somehow he resisted.

'show him` Jan said, to Mike. Tom turned to Mike only to see an even more incredible transformation. Mike just redefined the word pump. Where Mike was incredibly defined before in an inconspicuous kind of way, if that could be said of someone so big, the incredibly sharp lines seen whenever he moved, became blatantly obvious. However, Mike was much less vascular, he almost looked like a tan statue come to life, pure perfection and incredible power, embodied in polished living steel. Then, Mike produced his own one-arm biceps flex just below Jan's, to give a good comparison.

`Oh... my... oh... my...` Tom stuttered. For a second Tom thought he would black out. Mike flexed with such force he shook, and his biceps looked just as big as Jan's, only it peaked so blatantly Tom was sure it would just fly off Mike's arm. It was a diamond hard split ball with another bulge on top that stuck out three inches. The shape defied description, it was the peak of biceps peaks.

`I have to touch it, this can't be real!`, Tom whispered incredulously. `Isn't there something you should do with that?` Jan pointed to the tape. Tom felt like in a dream and managed to wrap the tape around the biceps of bicepses, his hands trembling. It indicated 53". Then, he saw Jan first kiss it lightly and then lick it, full mouth. Mike moaned audibly.

`Come on, stud, let go` Jan said. His hand hefted Mike's hose of a cock and it was obvious Jan's own was on the way to an erection.

The next couple of minutes were a blur. Jan and Mike moved, posing a lat spread each, competing to see who could get over two yards wide, and then produced a succession of poses. As they did that, their immense hoses lengthened visibly, until they almost reached the floor but still looked less than half hard. Tom looked at Marc, whose eyes were wide open, and his cock was now sticking up what looked like over two feet in length. Marc's gaze went from Jan to Mike to Tom and then to his cock, and it had a look of incredulity verging on I'm-loosing-my-wits. Tom could understand that completely. The two biggest studs on the planet were now openly engaged in foreplay, stroking, flexing, groping and licking. In a second Tom was beside Marc.

"I said no growing` he hissed.

`I can't help it` Marc winced, `It's so hard it burns` he added. Tom realized it was probably growing because it was the only way to get release from a hard-on literally on the verge of bursting. It was time.

`OK, then, now let's see if you have muscles that top those!` he said, and pointed to Mike and Jan. The two obviously heard well what he said, because Jan said 'now this I really got to see` and Mike only mumbled a `you bet`.

`Come on babe, grow` Tom said. With a look of almost relief, Marc did... something. It was just a feeling that something changed, at first, and then he really started changing. He started growing, slowly at first, and he got off the bench and sat on the floor, his cock still sticking straight up. Then, he really started growing, in unison with Jan's and Mike's cocks, which had gotten hard enough to stick straight in front of them and were still getting bigger by the second. But not as fast as Marc, and, also Tom. Tom literally tore through the skimpy clothes he was wearing. The remains of Marc's were off in shreds a second later, only because they were so much bigger to start with. Tom held his steel hard cock, which was now visibly growing, and pushed himself into Marc. He wanted to rub his cock into the growing muscle, everywhere, fuck every crevice, soak every huge bulge with his precum. He was dimly aware that the process had made his cock into a long snake, which oozed like a faucet, slicking up Marc's ballooning body, while it still grew - Tom tried to reach every nook and cranny of Marc's body, and Marc kept expanding, so there was more and more to reach for.

`Yes, grow baby... grow those pecs` Tom mumbled. Then he shouted `Bigger... come on`. Suddenly, it was like Marc was some kind of a balloon and someone opened the valve from trickle, to full.

`Oh, yes....` Tom moaned. Marc only winced, not moving at all, as he literally blew up. Mike later said it looked like a lifeboat inflating from a compressed air bottle. Jan and Mike were stroking each other, in their own sexual frenzy, watching intently as Marc kept on bulging, his skin distending over bloated and still swelling shapes of his muscle.

== * ==

Mike cursed under his breath in bewilderment. In seconds Marc had...

literally inflated, like some kind of muscleman-shaped balloon. It brought Mike's cock to fully hard with a snap, no matter the control he was trying to impose. Jan was not far behind. He could feel Jan's hands roaming his body, and was aware of his own hands doing the same to Jan. It was difficult to move, their cocks now became almost five feet long masts of steel hard flesh, sticking up in an arc right in front of them. Yet, Marc continued inflating. His pecs grew and grew, until they looked almost like some kind of beach balls made of muscle, sticking out and up. His arms also grew, his lats grew, his abs, his legs. Tom kept cheering him on, almost shouting, `Bigger, bigger...` and then `Come on, give me more`, rubbing his own python-like organ into the ballooning flesh, stroking it, and with every one of Tom's shouts Marc grew in jolts, moaning in ecstasy, while Tom's hose of a cock lengthened so it could reach more of Marc's body. And, that body was slicked up with Tom's precum, and with Marc's which oozed from the only seemingly unaffected part of Marc's anatomy, his cock. Or rather, less affected - now a yard long, it was sticking straight up, like some kind of a periscope in a sea of muscle. The precum produced an obvious trail as it flowed down the immense shaft. In a matter of seconds, Marc's growth surpassed anything a human could imagine, and that's having Mike and Jan in mind. In an instant frozen in time, Mike realized something else - Marc didn't become taller, or at least if he did it was imperceptible compared to the growth of his muscle. His pecs protruded what looked like a foot in front of him, immense globes of muscle. His arms became at least the size of his thighs the way they used to be. His abs looked like a collection of smaller balloons, and his legs were so big they were pushed apart. Wide apart. His lats held his arms, that now had a taper worthy of Marc's ex-back to them, the biceps and triceps were so big. They stuck out almost straight, and that was incredible having in mind how wide Marc had become. Everything on Marc was so big it bulged and blatantly stuck outwards. And yet, Tom urged for more, and Marc provided it, growing even more massive!

Tom's hands alternated with his cock darting all over Marc's still expanding muscles. For all intents and purposes, Marc was one huge sexual organ, an enormous sex muscle, and he was getting as close to having a full body fuck as possible.

`Bloat up... yeah, as big as it can get and then even bigger!` Tom was moaning. Mike suddenly felt Jan's hand on his cock, and the last shred of control was lost. He cried out, letting sex take control of his mind. It made Tom turn around only to see two mountains of muscle, with cocks reaching to the ceiling, become even more incredible by their cocks getting longer by a foot a second. Some edge of Mike's mind continued being able to just record everything as it was happening. He felt his cock become as huge as it possibly could get, hurting hard. It became longer than Mike was tall, and Jan's incredible organ did the same, falling forwards, bridging the gap between where they... kneeled? Mike suddenly realized they were kneeling, overtook by the moment. The immense heads of Mike's and Jan's cocks suddenly were held by Tom's hands.

`Use him!` he heard Tom cry. Mike felt Jan's arms all over him and had no idea what his hands were doing, he just felt his pelvis thrust in time with Jan's, rubbing the huge heads of their flagpole cocks into Marc's still growing muscle. Marc looked like a caricature, his muscles so big now he was truly muscle bound. His shoulders were so big that together with traps they practically enclosed his head.

Could he possibly move at all? Out of the middle of this mass of ballooning muscle, still somehow sitting on the floor, now propped to the bench in the far wall, Marc's long, but in comparison to his mass, thin pole protruded. A thought occurred to Mike that much of it's length was swallowed by the thickness of the muscle around it, but he barely had time to even realize he was thinking. He saw Tom grab the head of the organ, and shout: 'now grow your cock, make it huge, humongous` Tom commanded. A second later, it was like he was unrolling a hose. It kept getting longer and thicker by the second. In what looked like only a couple of seconds it became at least as long as Jan's and Mike's and continued getting even longer, yet it somehow drooped, like it was half hard.

But not for long. With an almost blood-curdling, and incredibly deep and reverbrating intonation, Marc roared as it suddenly spasmed, growing hard so fast it shot out right between Jan and Mike who were still holding each other, literally a mast of chocolate colored flesh. Tom screamed in ecstasy, and fell back, his hose starting to spew cum, getting larger and larger with each spurt, as well as Tom himself. He was cumming and changing all at once. But it was too late for Mike. The last thing he remembered was hearing Jan unload, he had already gone too far. Looking at Marc's balls become the size of two footballs and literally spasm as he started cumming caught in the orgasm of orgasms, he heard a sound of thick milky cum splashing onto the mirror on the opposite wall. His last thought was one of regret that he couldn't see Tom changing, and then it hit him with the force of a tsunami.

== * ==

'so, what do we do now?` Theo asked.

The question was a bit of a surprise, even though it was exactly what David was asking himself. Oh, it wasn't that he didn't have any ideas, far from it. In fact, as far as from it as one could possibly be. It was really exactly the opposite. David had fantasized about this kind of thing so many times, his problem now was more about wanting to do everything, and not being able to decide how to start.

One big part in that was that after that episode with Jan and Mike, he had learned once for all that sex was easy. But this was Theo, and it was supposed to be special. Just pulling all the stops and getting off seemed... vulgar? Even worse, David could feel his newly acquired power. It was enough to want to feel stronger, and he would feel it.

He knew full well that the feeling is not just a feeling. The sauna was a medium sized room with a large metal door that was seldom used, and didn't really want to budge easily, but he had moved it with ease, he could barely feel the resistance. He had also hugged Theo the first thing after that door closed behind them, and lifter him up, completely effortlessly. He couldn't really see any difference in his looks as they went by the mirrors in the weight room, or they were too subtle to be seen. It wasn't surprising as it seemed that they had both somehow agreed not to do anything unless they can do it together. One thing which frightened David was getting too involved with that feeling of power.

David's imagination had often provided him with scenarios of wild muscle sex and now suddenly he saw clearly that there was often an element of domination in them. Now, knowing that all of those dreams could quite literally come true, he was more than a little afraid of it. He wondered how Jan and Mike dealt with this. Tom and Marc were an even bigger mystery as he just didn't know that much about them.

Besides, Marc was so much bigger than Tom - at least up to now - that David's mind somehow already assigned the roles. It was an unfair assumption, he knew - but he used it instead of solid knowledge, because for the moment it made his problem smaller.

Finally, although he couldn't imagine not wanting to do a sexual act with Theo, they just never did that much together. They rarely had a chance, so far. David was really very inexperienced, and he never truly talked to Theo about that, or what Theo's experiences might be.

Well, he did, but never in depth. He was afraid he`d do something wrong.

`I'll bet you I know what you`re thinking` Theo said. `You are afraid... and so am I. And you know what, it's really stupid - why would we be afraid of each other?`

David looked at him. They were sitting side by side on the lowest bench in the 'sauna` which was basically just a room with tiled walls and a series of wooden bench-like platforms along three of it's walls.

`I'm not afraid of you. I'm afraid of me` David said.

`Why? Do you want to hurt me? Do you think you could?` Theo asked.

For a second, David almost lost his temper. It sounded as if Theo was mocking his innermost fears, but suddenly, he realized Theo was right. They would never want to hurt each other. In fact, even if they would, as David understood what Jan and Mike told them, it would really be impossible - by the very nature of the gift they now had.

At that moment David also realized that there might be far more to that gift than just the physical aspect of it. He didn't have much time to dwell on it though.

`Come here` Theo said. David shifted closer, and Theo embraced him.

`Were here, alone, and there is pretty much nothing anyone can do to separate us` he whispered softly. 'so why not just forget the world, and concentrate on us?` he added.

David nodded, looking into his eyes. Theo again leaned over, and started whispering into David's ear. For a moment he was distracted by the shape of David's earlobes. They were just so sexy! He almost burst laughing as he never ever in his life thought anything like that before, but it was the truth. So, he leaned towards David's ear, and whispered: `I know this is all quite new... so let's just play it by ear`. Then he kissed David's earlobe. `And by other things...` he added. David just giggled, and started kissing him back. Seconds later, hands started moving. Slowly, tentatively first, than more and more frantically. Theo suddenly found himself wishing to give those hands more to roam over, more to feel. There was a rush, almost like a shudder, with an orgasmic quality of it's own. David gasped, his eyes closed. His face looked almost angelic. He was just lovely, both in the way he looked, and in the feelings he stirred up in Theo. That feeling was back again.

David suddenly opened his eyes, and just said: 'theo...`. Theo licked David's lips, then his neck, and then his pecs. His quite obviously bigger pecs. He just said `I know...`.

== * ==

The bench had become too short by about the third orgasm. The first happened while they were just lying there, Theo on top of David. As the seconds passed, and the kisses flew as often as did their hands, both of them saw each other change and refine, grow and shape to become more of themselves. They were literally shaping each other, exploring each other's dreams by making them real, in small steps.

Their eyes stayed locked, and that was enough. By the time the second climax came, there wasn't any part of their bodies they had not explored, by sight, touch, taste, change. Their rampant erections kept growing together with their bodies. There were no words, because none were needed. There were probably sounds, but they were not heard.

By the third orgasm, they had engaged in a veritable flex fest, groping, squeezing and flexing every body part. A simultaneous flexed biceps, becoming more enormous by the second, while being licked and groped to abandon, brought up that third climax.

The fourth happened on the floor, brought on by a combination of a suck off and self suck never seen before. By the time they came to the fifth, David had gotten his first fuck, performed by a creature from his wildest fantasy, who also happened to be his lover, and it reached places a normal human could not hope to reach, or immagine.

The sixth was all about returning the favor, seeing Theo's eyes roll up, and his enormous body buckle even under David's own enormous body, both of them still growing. The seventh orgasm took care of the ceiling paint by virtue of an impromptu competition as to whose dick would grow long enough to reach it first, while they lay on the floor - after which they discovered the ceiling was actually too low, which soon produced orgasm number 8. Orgasm 9 was about taking turns at a full body lick while the other was performing a full body flex.

Number 10 was the result of a completely new perspective at everything as they both made themselves shorter, retaining all the enormous mass, just to be able to fit in the space between the benches on the floor - because they did, after all, promise not to trash the place. After that they lost count. •

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