Side Effects (2000)

The Secret Is Out


David woke up from a most wonderful dream only to find out it wasn't entirely a dream. He dreamt that Theo and he were lying naked in the sun, and that Theo was giving him a blow-job, which felt wonderful.

Only, in that dream, they somehow both looked much bigger, more muscular than they were, and maybe even more hung, but it was all somehow right. He woke up just as he was about to cum, like he would in almost every sexual dream he ever had, only this time, reality actually continued the dream, and in a few seconds, once he got his bearings, he unloaded with a shout, it felt so good. Theo followed only seconds later, jacking himself off, his lips still on David's engorged cock, not wasting a single drop of cum. Unfortunately, David was too slow to save most of Theo's essence from going to waste, but he made up for it by licking it off Theo's hot body.

Enjoying that special moment after good sex, they hugged each other and just relaxed.

== * ==

There was a muffled moan, followed by a couple more muffled moans, and then another which could not be called muffled any more.

`Well, seems that the neighbors are up` David said.

'that was Tom all right... But then, you were `up` early too - I just couldn't let that big beauty you got there go to waste` Theo said, while they showered together. David lathered Theo up and down, tracing the graceful lines of his body. It was a beautiful body, not huge by any standards, but David thought that in it's definition it could even rival Mike, who gave new meaning to that word. Theo was so beautiful. `David... you are just perfect` Theo said. David almost glowed in the light of the morning that shyly managed to get to the bathroom through the dividing wall of glassy bricks. They stroked each other, lovingly, rinsing. Still, Theo couldn't dismiss the fact that David looked really buffed up. The water made his skin shine and it accentuated his pecs, shoulders and arms. When he moved, his abs would become very visible, and even striations would appear in his pecs. The hot water did nothing to stop Theo from becoming hard again, and the effect was obvious on David too. They kissed, embracing tentatively. They had never done anything like this and it was a game of small moves. Still, just a short time later, their cocks were together, Theo stroked both of them, while David's arms roamed all over Theo's body. Theo looked down, and suddenly realized that David was indeed bigger in the cock department. Once they had compared, and they were practically the same, only now, cock to cock, David was longer by at least an inch, and he actually used to be a fraction smaller, and he was always thicker than Theo but now he was a lot thicker. However, before Theo could say anything about it, David was on his knees and Theo's cock disappeared down David's throat. `Quick learner` went through Theo's head, before he stopped thinking and the electricity that David's tongue made, completely swamped out rational thought. Looking at David, feeling his shoulders and back, was all too much for Theo, and he was over the top quickly.

However, David suddenly let go, and started jacking Theo off. `I want to see you cum` he said, softly, and then, started stroking Theo's cock faster and faster. Theo thought his legs would give out, and felt David's extended tongue just barely brush off the tip of his cock with his every quickening stroke, and then, he let go. When he came to, David's face was literally covered with his cum, and he squirmed because some of it ended in his eyes. Theo quickly helped him out as best he could, rinsing him with warm water, lifting him again into a standing position, nearer to the showerhead. David's cock poked him straight into his thigh and as soon as he saw David was OK, Theo kneeled, and took it into his mouth, deep-throating him, taking it as deep as it would go. The second David's pubes touched his lips, Theo heard David wince, and felt his cock throb, filling him up with a huge hot load of cum. David was always abundant, but even so, this was amazing considering he had cum minutes ago. Theo let go, David's cock plopping out of his mouth. It was in that just cummed state, beautifully big and swollen, but not stone hard any more, glistening with cum and the flowing water. David winced as the droplets played on his sensitive organ, briefly producing a throb in it.

`God, it's so beautiful, and... I swear, you are bigger than you used to be` Theo said. For a few seconds David didn't say a thing, still immersed in the postorgasmic feeling.

They exchanged a few words more during another lather and rinse to clean themselves off again. Finally, Theo decided he wanted the matter cleared. The more he looked at David, the more the differences became obvious. David never before had his shoulders show clear definition, and when he moved, his thighs showed cords of muscle moving beneath his skin. His pecs definitely looked bigger, and so did his arms, and for that matter, his back tapered... not so much wider, but somehow... just more sexy. And his cock was bigger for sure, no matter that David thought that was funny. Somehow, even his face was... more David than ever. Theo suddenly noticed a bathroom scale, in the corner, and decided to solve the dilemma. Something was strange here, but it's not that Theo would ever complain. David always wanted to look more muscular, and he had almost perfect genetics for it, but the fact was, he always compared himself to the wrong people - most of which had at least five more years of going to the gym under their belts. No matter how many times Theo said it, David was always skeptical, but for the amount of time he was at it consistently (which wasn't easy considering the family problems he had endured) David was almost amazing. Now he was much more amazing - not so much that he was bigger, but there was definitely more muscle in him.

`David, do me a favor... see that scale over there, just don't ask me anything, but step on it`.

David looked at Theo, nodding his head in disbelief. `Come on, you know that what you are saying doesn't happen`.

`David, just please step onto that scale`.

`Oh, OK... at least that will be the end of it` David said, and did as he was told. There was a silence as the dial steadied itself.

Then, David looked at Theo, with a look of utter surprise. `...or maybe it won't` he finally managed to utter. 'no, the scale must be wrong`

`Here, let me...` Theo said, and stepped on it himself. They both looked at what it said, and sure enough, it was just what Theo had weighed, actually, even less since he lost some weight. 'that figures - Tom would never use a bad scale`.

David looked at Theo, then at the scale, then back at Theo. `But that doesn't happen! You can't gain 10# by doing nothing!` he said. `Oh yes you can. I know at least two people who can do it.`

`Oh my... you mean, Jan and Mike!`

`Looks to me you could be the third.` Theo said. == * ==

Marc wondered how he never saw it all before. It was amazing to be so blind with 20-20 vision, but that's exactly what he had been. Even now, Tommy's head was on Marc's chest, using it as a pillow, and it was as if it had always belonged there. Tommy had dozed off again, just after Marc had woken him up... by sucking someone else off for the very first time ever. He had woken up hours ago, and thought of his past, the present, and a future with Tommy in it, when he had first seen Tommy as he really was - beautiful. Somehow, he just...

knew what he had to do, and even now the taste of Tommy's cum lingered in his mouth. It was so different than his own, and just...

amazing. Marc laughed inwardly as he remembered Tommy's surprised face. He told him he never had such a good blow job, and Marc admitted that he never thought it would actually feel so good to do it to someone else. But the fact was, he had ample experience, he did it to himself thousands of times, so he liked to think he knew how to pleasure a man. Funny how the fact that he did that to Tommy, filled him with a feeling of pride. There was so much he had been missing all these years. But he was not going to miss out any more. He never believed in love, and now, for the first time in his life, he could actually feel it. Tommy stirred in his sleep, and Marc hugged him.

Tom was not small, and neither was he a boy, but right then, in Marc's arms, cuddled into his huge body, he looked more than ever like he needed protection, and Marc found himself thinking that he would rather die than let anything happen to the only person that he loved in this world. Yes, he thought, that's what it is. He started remembering his past, thinking of the times he was with Tommy, and it almost made him cry when he remembered the times he had hurt him.

Marc had a very good memory, and each vivid detail he recalled showed him how wrong he was, how foolish, how arrogant, abusive, selfish, downright mean and unfair he was and how Tommy endured that, because he loved him, Marc. It was a one-sided crush, that's what he thought, and now, he realized he was afraid to admit it had long ago turned into love. Tommy stirred again, and opened his eyes. He got his bearings, and looked up at Marc. He smiled, and it was like the sun had dawned once again. What a fool I`ve been, Marc couldn't help but think again, not to have seen this, not to have returned it before.

He sighed.

`What is it?` Tom asked.

`Oh... I was just remembering the day when I fell in love with you`

Marc said. Tom looked at him with genuine puzzlement.

`You know, when you first... after we first... well, you remember what you said to me after that? You said: you have such beautiful eyes` He looked straight into Tom's eyes.

`And I'm sure you remember what I said...` Marc continued.

Tom just said a silent `Yes`. That was when the 'sissy stuff` was first mentioned. It was as derogatory as it could get, and there were far worse things said that day too.

`Well, I was an idiot.` Marc said, matter-of-factly. Tom wiggled around, and just kissed Marc's big pec - that was the closest to his face he could reach in this state. They were still on the floor in front of the fireplace, only one bedsheet had miraculously found it's way from beneath them to on top of them. Marc let his head fall back onto the floor, and Tom felt a deep, shuddering sigh go through Marc.

'tommy... I'm so undeserving of that` Marc managed to say, and then, he started sobbing. When he finally let go, he was crying unstoppably. Tom had been shocked when he saw tears the previous evening, but this was almost a torrent of grief. He had never in his life expected to see Marc show any kind of genuine emotion, especially anything like compassion, or remorse, or love, and here he was, crying his heart out. Tom didn't really know what to do, and he only hugged Marc as he best could. In all his size and power, suddenly Marc seemed small and powerless. He was mumbling something in a foreign language, and finally, after repeating it several times, Tom recognised a question put between sobs if he could ever forgive him. He found himself kissing Marc and stroking him, like an injured child. His mother used to say that all the wrong he would ever cause would come back at him, and Marc's wrongs were back with a vengeance.

Marc went on half intelligibly how he was fit to grovel in front of him, and if he kicked him in the face he would amply deserve it, and went on and on asking if Tom could ever love him.

`Oh God, Marc... don't you know I have forgiven you everything even back then?` Tom managed to say. It was a highly emotional moment, and he was on the edge of tears himself. They remained thus, in a hug, for what felt like hours, until their tears became tears of joy, that they had finally made a proper start. When they have both managed to calm down some, they enjoyed the moment, like one enjoys the moments just after a storm. In this case, the clean air was replaced by a clean slate to start things over again, and follow them through as they were supposed to be followed.

`I love you, Tommy.` Marc said. Tom had never heard anything more wonderful.

`I love you, Marc` he said. Marc smiled. For the very first time, Marc's smile didn't look like something overconfident, or arrogant, it just looked happy.

`From now on, I won't ever look back again, and I will work my butt off to make every day I have with you count. Will you let me do that?` Marc asked. Tom hugged Marc as best he could, and kissed him deep, hard and long, confident that finally, finally one of those `accidents` that we`d all want, has happened to him.

`I hope that answers your question` he said, once he managed to force himself to break that kiss. Marc smiled, no, he positively beamed.

And Tom finally felt that everything was right in his life. His only true wish had been granted. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

== * == The door opened, and in it stood Tom, naked, with a towel around his waist. `I guessed it would be you` he said.

`Well, we could hear you were awake and it wasn't difficult to figure out where you ended up` Theo said. David just said `Good morning` The similarity between Tom and Theo was amazing, just like with most identical twins. Theo had his favorite T-shirt on, which hid nothing much, and tight jeans, both were a present from David. If it were not for that fact, the twins would have been very difficult to tell apart.

`Come in` Tom said. They got into Marc's apartment, just as Marc nonchalantly strode out of his bedroom, buck naked. He was a sight to behold. David had never seen a man so perfect in his life. He was enormous, painfully well balanced and symetrical, and drop dead gorgeous, his skin was perfect, both texture and color. David had to admit that Jan was always number one on his list, though looking at present company, Tom, Theo and Mike could easily be models, but Marc was a serious contender for place number one. Of course, the fact that he also sported a horse cock which hung there, half way to his knee, totally soft, without any trace of modesty (as if there was a need for that) helped Marc's placing on that imaginary list immensely. If nothing else, his size (and in all departments), without the good looks would have placed him at place three - there were only two men David knew were bigger or better hung, but those were in a special league.

`Hi Theo... and, David, is it?` Marc said, a towel draped nonchalantly over his shoulders. He stepped right behind Tom, and hugged him passionately and kissed him. `I'm off to the shower... you join me?` he said. David noticed that Marc was actually a tiny bit shorter than Tom, but his size produced an illusion... well, it wasn't really an illusion - Marc was a giant, no doubt about that.

There are very few people who can be giants and be less than 6` tall.

`I'll be there in a minute...` Tom said, his voice holding an obvious hint in it.

`OK, babe` Marc said, turned and strode off to the bathroom, with a gait that clearly said `carried on the wings of love`. Three pairs of eyes followed him, and not only because his perfect butt wiggled in a most sexy manner.

Theo spoke first.

`What happened to him - he looks human!` he said. David didn't know what he meant but Tom clearly did. Of course, David didn't have the chance to get to know Marc before the amazing recent change, Theo did.

`Later, if you don't mind...` Tom started. A second later they heard the water and humming. That was too surprising even for Tom. Theo looked at him in amazement, and said: `How can one change so much...`

in the middle of the sentence he realized... he turned to David.

`Oh my God. David, do you think Jan and Mike... Tom, you told me you all had a... Ohmygod.` David and Theo looked at each other so pointedly, they could have posed for the definition of this classical gesture for an illustrated dictionary of stereotypes.

'tom, David and I have found out something, and right now, there is even more reason for you to know about it. Tom, we need to talk, and Marc must hear it too!` Theo said.

== * == `I don't know weather I should be worried more or worried less` Jan said.

`I know what you mean` Mike said. It was kind of strange talking to a much smaller version of Jan, behind the wheel of the van. Still, much smaller meant about 7` and well over 500# of beef - Jan had literally made himself smaller, but proportionally in all dimensions. The van wasn't leaning over to his side only because Mike was leaning to the other side, crammed in the back, still at full size. It was Jan's turn to shrink in order to be able to get behind the wheel - an agreement they had come to earlier.

`I suppose David and Theo are OK` Jan said. `After all, David sounded fine on the phone, in fact... somehow... enthusiastic?`

`What I find strange is that, get this, Tom and Marc, are there. Did he really say that, Tom _and_ Marc?` Mike asked.

`He did all right. His tone made it abundantly clear those two were considered a pair` Jan answered.

`You know, now that he said it, maybe you are right. Maybe there was something there when we... you know...` Mike said. His words trailed off into silence. Jan decided some things don't change as fast as others - Mike still had a problem integrating into the stud image.

Not to mention a problem with recreational sex, if it could be called that. Jan didn't really mind but he thought his own view of things was a bit more realistic.

`God, why don't they make these things any bigger?` he said, in frustration, instead of a proper comment. He was of course referring to the fact that his shoulder was crunched into the window, but Mike knew it was the frustration of the situation in general. When David called, he invited them both to a `reunion`, that's how he put it, in the gym. It was supposed to be closed till late afternoon. Somehow, his tone, at least Jan said so, made it known that he cat was out of the bag concerning the side effects of being in contact with both Jan and Mike. Neither Jan nor Mike talked about it. Well, not then. But it appeared it was time to do some reckoning. In a way, Mike felt relief now that he could stop being mysterious about what happened to him and Jan.

'thank God the gym's got high ceilings. I can't stand being cramped like this.` Jan's words came to Mike through the noise of worrisome thoughts.

== * ==

It was really fortunate that it was a Sunday, so the street was deserted. Of course, the fact that Marc's gym wasn't really in a very popular part of town helped. Mike almost oozed out of the van barely managing to get through the door without damaging it, and Jan stepped out, needing only seconds to grow back to his usual glory. To say either of them was dressed conservatively would have been a very funny notion. Jan carried his gym bag with spare clothes. Mike of course took every opportunity to notice how Jan's biceps bounded into two clearly outlined elongated bulges whenever he`d swing the bag around although it was for him an insignificant weight - still, some habits are hard to break. Mike used to do that when they were both MUCH smaller, which felt like it was ages ago.

It went without saying that there was probably going to be some play involved, and clothes were the suspected casualties. It was almost strange because the clothes were Mike's idea. But if the truth was now known, it was certain there would be some incredible transformations today, and neither Jan nor Mike attempted to deny the excitement that meant. Watching Jan's clothes go from baggy (which was really special considering how big even this small version was!) to painted-on as he grew, was a major turn-on for Mike. Jan stopped just short of ripping his cut-offs apart with the size of his basket and the muscle- shirt he wore, which he got as a joke item, saying `XXXXXL` on it's back, was stretched so tight there was no doubt it was at least another two Xs too small. To add to that, the bottom ridge of Jan's impossible abs was showing, because the shirt was so stretched width-wise it actually shortened as a result. Needless to say, Mike wasn't lagging in any respect. He had tights which he shortened by ripping off half of the legs. The remaining half had crawled up his enormous thighs and was obviously bothering him because he kept pulling down at them. He had on the remains of Jan's plaid shirt, which he managed to rip further just after they left Theo's apartment the previous evening, getting into the van. The shirt had no sleeves and half of the shoulder area was missing too.

It could be loosely described as the front and back of a shirt, barely held together by the collar and the remains of the stitching around Mike's waist. There was no question of buttoning up anything but the two lowest buttons. Besides, it was so stretched in the shoulder area that Mike's pecs were almost completely exposed. Jan wore the biggest sneakers they could find, but had to take them off before growing back again, because they would be too small. In fact, they kept handing those over to the one who did the driving because both were uncomfortable driving barefoot, and they only managed to get one pair. As a consequence Mike came barefoot, and loved every minute of it. The ground trembled as they bounded towards the gym entrance.

== * ==

Jan first thought it was nice of someone to have had the forethought of unbolting both wings of the entrance door because it sure made entering much easier. Until he saw the quickly sketched sign `Closed for the day because of family emergency`. There was a curious ring to it, and it was also almost proof positive that the secret was out.

Mike had already gone in, only to find the gym itself deserted, but there were voices coming from the posing room, so there was no need to guess where the rest of the crowd was. The fact that they were there seemed very suggestive to Jan, and Mike communicated the same thing with one look in Jan's direction. After all, that was practically the only part of the gym that had no windows, so anyone outside would not be able to see what was going on inside. True, there was the disfunctional sauna, but that was far too small for six people... of unknown size, Jan reminded himself. Who knows what this day will bring in that department.

The unintelligible conversation ceased before they could get close enough to the door. After all, it's hard to make a stealthy approach when you are almost a ton of muscle - every movement is felt in the floors. Besides, they weren't trying to be stealthy in the first place. Mike entered first, followed by Jan, both performing the contortions that have come to be the normal way of entering premises.

The long bench-like protrusion opposite of the mirror wall was occupied by Marc sitting in all his glory, clad only in very tight shorts, arm in arm with Tom. Even with all eyes turned to Jan and Mike, their hands were held together. The scene looked almost unreal compared to the last time Jan and Mike saw those two together, and they couldn't help but lock eyes for a second, a little conversation going on untold. Theo sat over the old bench, hunched on his elbows, and David was hunched over him, his head on Theo's shoulder.

`Oh, hi... we were hoping you`d be early` David said.

`Excuse me, I'm just going to insure no-one disturbs us` Theo said, and David moving off to allow him to get up, quickly went out of the room. Tom just said hi, and Marc stared, his eyes wide open in disbelief. Jan was just grateful Marc was sitting down, he still had to display a reaction to Jan's and Mike's appearance, but Jan didn't really expect anything spectacular - he was sure the rest of the crew brought him up to speed by now. Still, just then, Tom turned to a very unresponsive Marc and whispered `I told you`.

`I hope you don't mind if I sit down, the ceiling is bothering me`

Mike said. Tom just nodded, David said 'not at all` and smiled, and Marc continued staring. Jan joined Mike on the floor, carefully sitting cross-legged afraid his cut-offs won't hold together, but miraculously they did. It was quite obvious the rest of them also got the idea about the shorts because when he lifted his gaze, four pairs of eyes suddenly stopped looking in the direction of his crotch. He only gave a quick glare to Mike who grinned mischievously. It went without saying that the contents of all shorts would get to be revealed today, but Jan didn't really like the idea of an early and still inappropriate start. Be that as it may, both his and Mike's attire was all but hiding their equipment. Theo had returned in the meantime and said nothing. The suspense was hanging in the air as stubbornly as the sun over a desert.

`OK, now I think you already guessed why we are all here` David started. he looked at Mike and then at Jan. Jan suddenly remembered that look from David's younger days, the `I know something you don't and I'm gonna use it to screw you up good` look. He was just about to start saying something to get the ball back in David's court, when Mike cut in.

`Yes, Tom and Marc here can see an incredible change in us compared to what we looked like before, and David probably told you that we can control that at will - and finally, you have all changed in subtle ways too, except Theo. So, now you want to know what the hell is going on.` Mike said., in a very business-like voice. One which Jan had learned to associate with Mike trying to explain something to their administrator back at the institute. He had talked to Mike before they left the apartment and they had agreed not to keep anything secret, but Mike definitely started off much earlier than Jan had expected. It definitely turned the advantage of surprise in Mike's favor, because David and Theo looked at each other for a second, then Theo looked at Tom, and Tom looked at Marc who never stopped looking at either Jan or Mike or both. Jan could swear Marc's eyes were trying to adjust so to keep both under a stare.

`Well, yes...` David spoke first. That look was gone, to be replaced by a look of slight puzzlement.

`Yeah, `change`, now they'll have to find another word for understatement! Look at you?! No human, if you can still be called human, can ever change this much, let alone in days! I mean the last time I saw either of you, you were bigger than anything on this planet but still barely possible, and now you look like... well, three times bigger! And it all happened in a couple dozen hours?!`

Tom almost shouted.

`For the record, when I last saw Jan he was pretty big, I`d have said 240-ish` David added, 'scuse me, but we all know what we like and sorry guys but when I look at them I can barely keep myself from cumming` he added, mischievously, but Mike noticed there was a careful glance at Theo. `And I`ve seen both Jan and Mike change size at will literally in seconds`.

There was a short pause which was broken by Theo speaking up before it started verging on the uncomfortable. `And then there's this business with us being changed. David's never looked this good in his life...` Theo said, turned to David and continued `Well, sorry but that's the truth, not that I`d ever complain`. David nodded.

"I won't even start on what happened here` Tom said, looking at Marc, and positively beaming. Marc turned to him and smiled, and then turned back to regarding Mike and Jan.

`Well, it's nothing dangerous, and we have learned how to control it.

It's an easy matter to turn you back the way you were` Mike said. The second he did he realized the implicit error in his words - neither of them would have changed the way they did if they didn't want it in the first place. Mike and Jan just provided the means. It was obvious everyone loved what had happened and that meant there was no way they would suddenly want it back the way it was - which was required for it to happen. Of course, Mike could scarcely finish the thought.

`Back the way we were??!!` they all said unanimously, even Marc. In fact there was an echo-like quality to Theo's voice which Jan realized was Tom. It was amazing how similar the twin's voices were.

In fact, it was amazing how similar they were now that Jan got to see both at the same time, but also, seeing them side by side, he could notice the subtle differences. What happened next was a veritable cacophony of three voices. David was asking them to explain how it worked, Theo said in disbelief that he can't believe that they think only they would like to look like that, with the emphasis on 'that`, Tom said it gave him what he always wanted and he would never go back.

`OK, OK, I'll explain as best I can, Jan will fill in the details`

Mike said, and recounted the chronology from the accident to meeting Tom and Marc, and then David.

`What we didn't know then is that we can change not only each other because we seem to share the morphing field, but anyone we touch. We are not yet sure but it seems that it's enough for one of us to touch but the changes will be very slight. On the other hand, when we both do, they can be pretty substantial` Mike said.

Without taking his eyes off Jan (that was only because he was the most recent target of his stare) Marc said, `Yes and it's not only physical either`. For a second all eyes were turned to him. 'not that I`d mind...` he said, grinning. Mike suddenly had a thought along the lines `well, so he's human after all` but he immediately felt he was being too hard on Marc. After all, he knew almost nothing about Marc as a person. The only `knowledge` he had were assumptions.

Marc continued, `But just let me tell you, I wouldn't change a single second. In a couple of hours I`ve learned how much I`ve been missing out of life and how much more I would have missed if this never happened` Marc said `I... I owe you, a lot...` he said, and his arm went around Tom.

`You have to know that there is no way we can ever do something you don't want. All involved have to at least agree if not want the change actively for it to happen`.

For a second there was silence.

`Do you mean to say you can change us?` Theo said.

`We know you can, do you mean you will, I mean, do you want to?`

David asked.

Uh-oh, here it comes. Jan looked at Mike and found a `yes` in his eyes, looking back at him. He nodded. For a second there was a pause, and then some gasps.

'that's, of course, only if you want it` Jan said, just to say something. After all, he and Mike were changed as modeled by their own fantasies, and denying they had to do with pure sex would have been completely stupid. After all, all men must have them, only they really never come true. Or very very rarely, Jan corrected himself.

Still, even though so much was really obvious from the stares, and in fact, from the bulge growing down Marc's pants and from a wet patch on David's, although everyone knew what this was all about it was difficult to actually talk openly about the subject. The stares he and Mike were subjected to actually made him feel good, real good.

Good enough to show off, maybe it was vain, but all the acknowledgment felt almost intoxicating, even if nothing was ever said. He could see even Mike had the same feeling in all his still lingering modesty, he must have touched his arms and pecs and flexed his thighs dozens of times, unconsciously. Or at least he was doing a good job of making it look unconscious. Oh, well, hey, everyone likes to be appreciated.

In fact, while Mike continued explaining the ins and outs amongst the chatter of the rest of the `crew` Jan noticed the looks the guys were giving both of them, and each other, and the subtle touches of each other and themselves, and frequent re-arranging of crotches. And, was that bulge in Marc's shorts growing bigger? Imaginations were sure working well right now! In fact, Jan found himself imagining how the guys would turn up and had to stop the tingle in his crotch from becoming something bigger. Much bigger. •

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