Mike Gets Huge


By Corwin

Justin's plan was coming together. As he and Kyle walked to Donny's locker he recalled what had transpired earlier.

Justin had come back to school after leaving the salvage yard. He had found Kyle in the gym.

Kyle was attacking the weights, his desire to be bigger driving him. Whatever was happening the passed few months, he hated it. It was a hatred he felt deep in his soul. He was meant to be the biggest. He was meant to be the strongest. Mike had cheated. Hard work built muscles, and the formula Mike had discovered had given him an unfair advantage. Worse, it had cost Kyle some of his hard earned muscle. It had cost him his place as number one.

The thought of being number three grated on him. He grabbed a bar full of weights and started to curl it. His massive arm bulged as he commanded it to curl the bar. He watched his powerful arm in the mirror, and thought of beating Mike with the hammer. His powerful arm slamming into the muscular hulk, unable to even get his attention. Kyle's hatred built.

A skinny form walked into the room unnoticed. The sound of iron meeting iron hid his approach. He saw Kyle working out shirtless, his manly form single-handedly curling a bar loaded with weight. The bar sagged as the heaviness of the disks pulled it toward the ground. Kyle's arm was huge as he defied the pull of the earth, his body glistening with sweat as he lifted. He changed hands and did a set of twelve before lowering the bar with perfect control. Kyle's eyes never left the mirror as he raised his arms into a double bicep pose, checking out his size. Kyle frowned.

"God," said Justin.

Kyle turned, surprised. He looked at the small figure. Kyle's chest heaved and flexed, and his anger built.

"You have some nerve showing up here!" Kyle made a fist and smashed it into his hand. The crack sounded like thunder. "After what you did! Your fucking plan! You took my muscle, left me fat and weak."

"You got it back," Justin wimpered, backing away.

"So did Mike, and then some. And Donny. Now they're both bigger than me!" Kyle stormed over to Justin, put his hands under Justin's arms and lifted him. Kyle shook Justin violently, "It's all your fault. You got me into this!"

Justin panicked. His heart began to race. He tried to speak, but Kyle was shaking him too hard. Justin felt a pain in his groin.

Kyle wanted to kill Justin, but knew he couldn't. He could at least scare him. As he shook, he felt something, like his grip was loosening.

Justin felt Kyle's hands slipping off his chest. He felt funny, like something was happening. He could see Kyle, and his perfect body. Kyle wasn't changing. Then he realized. He was.

Justin began to feel strong again. Kyle's hands were slipping off of Justin's growing pecs. His shirt was becoming tighter and beginning to rip. His pants felt uncomfortable as his thighs and calves bulged with new power. Justin grabbed at Kyle's biceps, watching as his arms swelled with muscle. Justin squeezed. Kyle's arms felt like steel, flexed hard with his power. But Justin felt the power growing in him again, and he squeezed harder, denting Kyle's muscle until it felt like clay in his hands.

Kyle screamed and dropped Justin. Justin looked like The Hulk, his clothes in tatters from his expanded muscle. "What happened?"

"Mike happened," replied Justin, tossing the rag that had been his shirt to the ground. He grabbed Kyle under the arms. Kyle tried to push Justin away, but Justin just laughed and lifted Kyle. He started shaking him. "How do you like it?" He shook harder. "Never! Never treat me like that again!" Kyle felt like a Barbie doll in his hands. He threw the big guy to the ground and flexed over him. "Grrrr...." he said and laughed.

Kyle tried to back away. He needed time to figure out what had happened.

Justin extended his hand to Kyle.

Kyle looked at it, and grabbed it. Justin pulled Kyle up.

Justin began to feel dizzy. His groin began to ache and throb again. "No," he whispered. "Please..." He felt his cock growing, and fell to the ground as his strength began to leave him. His body convulsed as he began to shoot a load of thick cum.

Kyle just watched. As he saw Justin shrink, Kyle grinned. When the transformation had finished, Kyle said, "Not so big anymore, are you?"

Justin was covered in sweat. "Can't maintain it," he said, somewhat out of breath. "Don't know why... thought it was only once."

"Only once?"

Justin sat up. He started talking, telling Kyle about Donny and Mike at the salvage yard. He told Kyle about Mike's strength, and how he was too strong and how he had been weakening himself. Then Justin pulled out the water bottle.

Kyle looked at it. "How do I know I can believe you?" he asked. "After all that has happened, maybe this is another trick. Maybe Mike wants to add my muscle to his? Maybe Donnie?"

"No trick," said Justin. "You saw how strong I was. Way stronger than you are now. Stronger even than Mike."

"Stronger than Mike?"

"Ya! I heard Donnie say that Mike only had 40% of the strength he started with. There must be the other 60% here." Justin said.

Kyle took the water bottle. "How do I know that I won't become a musclebound freak?"

"Your genetics," said Justin. "Before this all began, you were way bigger than Mike. You can handle it."

"And how does this help you," Kyle asked Justin skeptically.

Justin didn't say anything. "Well," he started. "Something must have happened to me when I drank some of the power-juice," Justin thought. "My body just can't maintain it. Maybe when I'm scared or excited or something, it triggers the transformation. Hmmm...."

"Hmmm?" Kyle said.

"I wonder if Mike is the key. Maybe some more of Mike's cum will make my change permanent? The two of us..."

"I didn't say I'd help you yet. I could just take this..."

"I want revenge on Mike! So do you! Please... even it it doesn't work." Justin started to sob. "Please take it. You gotta destroy Mike. If not for me, then for what he did to you. How he made you feel. Please."

Kyle looked at Justin, then the water bottle. He smiled, and stretched out his hand. Justin shook it.

"OK, you've got yourself a deal. You're the brains, and I'm the brawn. What's your plan..." •

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