Mike Gets Huge


By Clarence591

by Clarence591 and Corwin

Kyle brought the water bottle to his lips while looking at Justin. The memories of how Justin tricked him before flashed in his mind. He lowered the bottle without taking any of its contents. "What actually do you have planned, Justin?" he asked again.

Justin saw the skepticism in Kyle's eyes and thought quickly. "I originally planned on using Mike's crème on the Valley Stream players enabling them to humiliate Mike on the field in front of everyone. Then making you to be the biggest and strongest man in school, but if you can't wait, we can change the plan. I'll do whatever you want, Kyle"

"No, I don't want to change your plan. It sounds like you have put a lot of time and effort into it. Tell me how you're going to humiliate mighty Mike" Kyle said as he handed the bottle back to Justin.

Kyle was brought back to the present when the bright sunlight hit his eyes as he exited the locker room. He hoped he made the right decision to trust Justin this time. But now he had to put his full focus into the game and the plan.

The first quarter amazed the crowd. Valley Stream was easily overpowered by the larger, stronger Bayville. Mike's team mates were able to push past the other team's defensive line and sack the quarterback almost every play. While Bayville's offensive team formed an impenetrable wall of muscle protecting Kyle from ever being touched. Their height and strength advantage allowed them to make interceptions and turnovers easily. It was like a watching the current Super Bowl champs play against a team of disorganized junior high students. Soon Bayville was taking it easy on the field. They would joke around by placing their huge hands on the opposing players' helmet and hold them in place with one arm while waving to the crowd with their other. The crowd started laughing at Valley Stream's inferior physical capabilities.

Mike scored 4 of the 7 touchdowns for his team. Once he was able to walk over the goal line with 5 members of the other team hanging on to him. When Donny wasn't playing he was keeping an eye on the terrible threesome. Kyle seemed to be concentrating on the game and Justin was doing everything a water boy should. But Mr. Barker spent most of the game talking with the opposing team's coach. He was laughing and touching his peer, in what looked to Donny like flirting. And even more curious was when Barker wasn't with the coach he was giving the referee seductive glances.

Justin took Donny's bottle with the MNR formula and filled it with Gatorade. He was waiting impatiently for Mike to return from the field. He knew Mike would be tired and thirsty after expending so much energy on the field. His large muscles still generated a lot of heat as they powered his massive body over the goal line. As the offensive team left the field, two of the larger members of the team came over to Justin. The biggest lineman, Tyrone, looked at Justin and snickered. "How the mighty have fallen. Give me some water, boy," he commanded, reaching for the bottle."

"That's for Mike," Justin objected, holding the bottle behind him. Tyrone grabbed Justin's bicep and squeezed. The small boy whelped in pain as Tyrone's stronger hand easily forced the bottle from Justin. "Give it back to me!" he said in his soprano voice, "Mike will need that."

Tyrone held it high above his head watching Justin jump for it like a trained puppy. "Your time of emperor is long over, little boy. You don't tell us men want to do anymore." Tyrone squeezed a third of the liquid into his open mouth, swallowing every ounce.

Tyrone walked over to the bench, carrying the bottle with him. Justin watched as Tyrone seemed to swoon, then fidget uncomfortably. "Dude, what's wrong?" he heard another lineman ask. It was Evan, who was only slightly smaller than the powerful Tyrone.

Tyrone handed Evan the bottle. "Just feelin antsy or something." Tryone stood up, then almost fell on his face.

"Hey, let me help you," said Evan, jumping off the bench and supporting the big guy. He started to lead Tyrone into the locker room. Seeing Justin, he raised the bottle to his lips. Justin watched the sinewy muscles on Evan's foreman bulge as he squeezed the bottle harder, drinking another third of the liquid. Then Evan threw the bottle back at Justin. "There you go, you little pipsqueak. Now go and fill it up for the team captain like a good water boy". He led Tyrone into the locker room.

Kyle stayed behind Mike as he passed Justin and headed to the water jug to get a drink. Kyle stopped and said "What's wrong with you? You let Mike walk right by without giving him the bottle."

Justin stopped staring at the lineman upon hearing Kyle's angry voice. "There's another change in the plan. Tyrone and Evan drank the formula. I couldn't stop them. It's already affecting Tyrone. Evan almost had to carry him into the locker room. You've got to be there when they cum, it's the only way you can absorb their strength. You can't let any of this stuff go to waste, dude".

Kyle scowled, then walked into the locker room. Kyle and Tyron were sitting on the floor just inside the door. They looked confused and disoriented. They were rubbing their bodies and forehead. They stood up and adjusted their cups, which were confining their growing cock and balls. "Hey guys! What's wrong?"

"Feel'n funny. Strange. Kinda whoozy," Evan said.

Kyle walked up to his teammates helped them onto the bench. He grabbed each man under an arm. Eventhough each man weighed well over 300 pounds, they felt light to him. Kyle could feel their muscles begin to soften as he held them. He laid them down on the bench that ran down the center of the locker aisle, their athletic legs straddling the bench.

"It hurts, my cock is so hard, so tight" Tyrone said groggily as he slid his hand into his pants and pulled out his thick rod. Kyle helped by loosening the laces of his pants and pulled them down to his thighs. He then lowered Tyrone's jockstrap, freeing his enlarged ball sack. "That feels so good".

"I know how to make you feel even better" Kyle said as he forced Tyrone's now weaker hand off his cock. Kyle wrapped his mouth around the black man's impressive meat and sucked. Tyrone moaned and ran his hand over his diminishing ab muscles. Soon Kyle was swallowing Tyrone's muscle spunk and watched his cock shrink to half its former size. Meanwhile Evan had undone his own pants and was stroking his paler but just as impressive meat. Kyle was able to get his mouth over the fuck pole just before Evan exploded. The second dose of enhanced cum filling Kyle's stomach. "Thanks guys, I needed that" Kyle said as he felt the effects on his body. His uniform became tighter as did his shoes. He noticed his shirt became untucked due to his increasing height. He ran his hands over his more deeply etched stomach before reaching down to adjust his larger manhood that could no longer he held by his small sized cup. He had gained the strength of about five men, making him as strong as Donny.

"What happened, why do I feel so weak?" Evan said sitting up and rubbing his head.

"Why do I look so much smaller? Where are my muscles?" Tyrone said rubbing his shrunken bicep.

"They're right here." Kyle said flexing his 25 inch arm. "Don't worry guys. You're still stronger than the average guy your age, even stronger than most men your size. Just not as strong as you were a few minutes ago. You boys better go home and let the men play today." Kyle smirked as he walked back to the field. He could feel the increased power in his body and he liked it.

The score at halftime was 77 to zip. As the marching band took the field, Mike and his team mates went to relax in the locker room laughing and joking with each other. Donny noticed Barker was leading Valley Stream's coach and the ref into the teacher's lounge. Kyle tried to avoid Donny and Mike so they wouldn't notice his larger size. He wanted that to be a surprise later on.

The visiting team shuffled off silently to their bus to figure out a way to regain their dignity. As the waited for their coach to appear, they talked among themselves about the power and size of the other team, especially Mike. They wondered what super steroid they were using to get so big, so fast. All went silent when Justin stepped onto the bus. "You're right it is a super steroid. And I have it right here" he said as he held up the bottle containing the small amount of Mike's cum.

"What are you doing here?" asked Chris, the super-masculine team captain.

"I'm here to level the playing field. To make you guys as big and strong as the other team", Justin answered proudly.

"Why would you help us? You're on the other team", questioned Derek, the handsome quarterback who stood beside Chris. They were obviously close friends. Justin assumed they were the Valley Stream version of Mike and Donny.

"Let's just say I've lost my school spirit. Just try it. What do you guys have to lose, beside your state title?" Justin said with a smirk.

"You little asshole. I say we break every bone in his scrawny body", Derek said being held back by the larger Chris.

"That is an interesting point. If this stuff works, why are you so pathetic looking? Why haven't you used it on yourself?" Chris asked.

"I have a temporary condition that prevents it from working on me. But I'll put you all to shame soon enough, believe me", Justin answered without flinching staring straight into Chris' beautiful hazel eyes. "This is your last chance boys before I leave. I'm sure you'll do much better in the second half just the way you are. Maybe you will score at least one touchdown".

"You mother fucking wimp, I swear I'm going to rip your head off", Derek lunged toward Justin again, but was still restrained by Chris.

"Ballsy, get up here", Chris said turning his head momentarily to the back of the bus. The place kicker, the smallest man on the team, walked up the aisle toward Chris.

"I asked you not to call me that", the kicker said in a soft voice.

"Your big balls are the only thing you have going for you, loser. Do you prefer, Rob the Runt?" asked Chris. Rob just looked down and shook his head. "Give him some and we'll see what happens" Chris said as he pushed Rob toward Justin. Justine unscrewed the top and used an ice tea spoon to scoop a heaping spoonful out of the bottom of the container. He only had a quarter cup of Mike's cum for the entire team to share. The small amount wouldn't make them as powerful as Mike, but would easily increase their strength by 2 or 3 times equaling the power of most of Bayville's players.

"It may be a little cold. I kept in the fresh in the freezer last night", Justin said holding the heaping teaspoon of milky spunk in front of Rob. Rob didn't move.

"What if this is a trick and I grow a tail or something?" Rob said meekly.

"Don't be a moron, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Just swallow it, be a man for a change, Runt", Derek said slapping Rob in the back of the head.

Rob looked at Justin and opened his mouth. Justin pulled out the empty spoon. Rob swallowed it, "It tastes like salty pudding, yuck". Derek and Chris looked at each other, they knew that taste. "Nothing, it didn't work" Rob said flexing his featureless arm. Chris dropped his hand allowing Derek to approach Justin. Derek was about to push Justin off the bus, when Rob started to moan. Everyone turned to see Rob lifting his shirt to expose his flat gut, and then small bricks started to appear. Rob looked up and smiled. He then flexed his arm again and watched his bicep grow before his eyes. From behind, his other team mates noticed he was getting taller and his ass and thighs were expanding in his tighter pants. Rob pulled his pants away for his muscular stomach, "Wow even my cock is growing larger," he said, his voice deeping with power. Immediately everyone on the Valley Stream team wanted the super steroid from Justin. Soon Rob was being pushed to the back of the bus as his team mates rushed forward. Rob went back to the back seat and laid down enjoying the feeling of his growing muscles.

Justin was surrounded by the already larger men, but he tried not to look intimidated. "I ask only one thing in return for making you champions again" he said, "and it's something you will enjoy doing too".


Barker was in the teacher's lounge with the Valley Stream coach and the referee caressing his muscular body. Barker had the same physique of many of the players despite his age. The coach and ref were turned on by watching the dominating power of Bayville team. They were horny as hell and the opportunity to be with a man like Barker couldn't be passed up. The coach was licking Barker's musky balls while the ref was pumping his ass.

Barker was enjoying doing his part in Justin's plan. He was to distract the coach so Justin could feed his team Mike's muscle cum, and win over the referee. The plan would mean many fouls would take place on the field, with the ref influenced by Barker none would be called to effect the outcome of the game.

While Barker was a hunk, the other two men were not. Their soft, hairy bodies made it difficult for Barker to get hard. He just imagined he was with Kyle and Mike, a fantasy that played over and over in his mind on many nights. He moaned with pleasure as he kept he eyes closed tight, thinking of the muscle men.


The twelve other members of the Valley Stream team had ingested all of Mike's cum, each receiving slightly less than Rob. The men were sitting in the bus's seats with their eyes closed trying to fight the impulse to masturbate. Most had pulled out their harden cocks and laid them on their stomachs, trying not the touch them. Justin told them the longer they held back the stronger they would become. All could feel their bodies growing stronger and more masculine. Sensual moans echoed throughout the otherwise silent bus. Chris looked over at Derek and saw how more rugged his face had become. His body was more ripped and muscular. His skin was darker and covered with a faint coating of fine hair. His cock was longer and thicker than ever before. Chris reached over to touch his friends beautiful rod as he had often in the past. Derek moaned as Chris' finger lightly stroked his manhood. "Please don't" Derek whispered to no avail. He then reached for Chris' meat feeling its improved size. He looked at his captain and sighed. He had the face of an angel with his dirty blond hair, flawless face, and large pale. Derek couldn't contain himself after seeing such beauty. He shot his large load onto his stomach. Feeling Derek's huge muscles flex as he came, made Chris cum almost immediately. Soon, it was a domino effect as every man came. The entire bus smelled of men's essence.

As the team cleaned themselves up and squeezed their enhanced equipment back into their pants, they looked at each other and laughed. Their super tight uniforms showcased their more powerful bodies. They knew they were just as big as their opponents now. The team hurried off the bus eager to test their muscles on the field. Chris and Derek watched as each man passed them to exit the bus. Everyone was there except the Rob the Runt. "Hey Ballsy, are you still back there?" Derek asked as he started to walk to the back of the bus. He could partially see the nude figure of the man lying on the back seat, but that couldn't be the Runt. When he finally reached the back he saw a vision of maleness. Rob went from a runt to a god. The larger dose combined with his naturally larger balls and extended exposure time allowed him to gain more than any other man on his team. He had the thickest muscles of any man Derek had ever seen nude. Rob's plain face was replaced by that of the sexiest male model. He's already larger than average package was now massive. It was rock hard and throbbing. Derek fell to his knees. Chris walked up behind him to see what was going on. Chris then fell to his knees beside his friend and team mate. Rob saw Derek and Chris looking at him in awe. He sat up, immediately Derek and Chris started to rub each of Rob's muscular thighs. Their hands went to his cock. Rob watched as the two men he had lusted for secretly during the past three years fought over his cock -- each man obsessed with sucking his cum. Rob had held back longer than any of his teammates, and he wanted more. He pushed Derek and Chris away with his new found strength. The men watched as Rob's cock throbbed and his muscles swelled with power.

"Fuck! Look at him!" Derek said, the lust oozing in his voice. "He's bigger than we are!"

The thought that Rob had become bigger than the two football studs was too much for Rob, who couldn't hold back any longer. He shot his load high into the air splattering back onto his sculpted body. Derek and Chris, seeing their opportunity, licked the cum off of Rob. Rob just leaned back and placed a hand on top of each of his worshippers head, enjoying the feeling of their thick silky hair between his fingers and their tongues on his body. Rob raised his arm and flexed it, his massive bicep shooting skyward, growing like a volcano. He raised his mountain to his mouth and licked the jism off it, worshipping his size.

Soon Derek and Chris had cum themselves, but the three jocks quickly recovered. Rob flexed his muscles, knowing he could never fit into his old uniform. He hefted his huge nuts in his had -- they were the size of grapefruits yet hard as steel. "Yo, Chris," he cried, "I think I need your spare gear. Ain't no way this huge muscle bod could fit in my old uniform." Chris looked at Rob, then grabbed his extra pants and shirt. Rob packed his huge hang into a jock strap, then pulled Chris's clothes onto his gifted body, relishing the feeling that Chris' pants were too small for him. He loved the way his bulge was way too big for any cup or protection. As he stood by his two school mates, he realized he now was taller than both of them and way more muscular. He grabbed his huge nuts. He had become the alpha male of the school and intended to show everyone what 'Ballsy' could do. The three men exited the bus just as the coach was returning. The coach mouth dropped open as he saw the shirtless Rob step down from the vehicle.

"My God, what happened to you?" the stunned coach asked.

"Had a growth spurt coach", Rob said in his new deeper voice. "We have to talk. A man with my physical abilities shouldn't be wasted as a kicker. I think I'll make a great tight end, don't you".

"Sure whatever you want?" the coach stammered.

"But coach, I'm the tight end" Chris whined.

"Not anymore, runt", Rob said as he struggled to pull on the borrowed shirt. He raised his arm, and the shirt sleeve ripped, unable to contain the huge bicep.

"Damn," said the coach.

Rob smiled, wondering just how big his arms now were. They had to be at least two feet around, and he felt as strong as a super man!

The crowd was abuzz when Valley Stream entered the stadium. As they lined up in front of the Bayville team it was apparent they were no longer physically inferior. They just smiled as the meet their opponents eye to eye for the first time. The Bayville players looked at each other then at Mike, then to Rob. Had Bayville's monster finally met his match?

Mike looked at Donny, who was distracted by a smiling Justin standing by Valley Stream's team bench. The referee blew the whistle and the second half of the game had begun. •

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