Mike Gets Huge


By Clarence591

On the way to the game, Donny stopped to pick-up Mike. Mike was still too tall and wide to fit comfortably in the passenger seat, so he rode in the back again. It also meant the two didn’t have to converse. Both felt a little awkward around each other after last night. When they arrived Mike headed for the locker room to change with Donny following behind as usual. It seemed natural for Donny to take the subservient position and walk several paces behind the muscle god. Donny didn’t mind, it gave him the opportunity to view the movement of Mike’s powerful ass.

Donny stopped before entering the building when he noticed Mr.Barker’s car pull into the lot. Barker and Kyle got out of the front seat, then the back door opened and Justin appeared. The threesome was having a serious discussion near the car, with Justin doing most of the talking. Kyle noticed Donny watching them and said something to the others. The other two men looked up at Donny. Mr.Barker smiled and waved as he made a comment to his companions. The other two waved at Donny and smiled. Donny waved back and entered the building to catch up with Mike. In his gut, he felt something was wrong.

Donny found Mike talking to a mutual friend, Jim, who was on the basketball team. Mike had been walking around barefoot for the last several days since none of his shoes fit his larger feet. Mike called Jim last night to ask if he could borrow a pair of sneakers for the game. Mike had hoped since both were now about the same height, 6’ 8”, their feet would be a similar size. Mike tried on Jim’s size 14 EEE footwear. They were very snug on Mike. “These will have to do. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with huge clown feet” Mike said with a laugh. Then he shook his friend’s hand. “Thanks Jim”.

“Anything for you, dude”, Jim said admiring his school mate’s physique up close for the first time. Jim took the opportunity to move even closer to Mike and hug him, running his hand over Mike’s thick back, shoulder and bulging arm. The embrace lasted longer than Mike expected. He pulled away from Jim and smiled at him. Jim blushed, grateful his extra long shirt covered the expanding bulge in his pants. Jim left saying “Good luck in the game today”. Donny felt a little jealousy watching the exchange.

“Now, let’s see if my uniform fits”, Mike said turning towards Donny. “Are you alright? You have a strange look on your face.”

“I’m fine. I didn’t know you and Jim were such good friends” Donny answered jealously.

“What?” Mike asked surprised by Donny’s attitude.

“Nothing. I’ve got to get dressed myself. I’ll see you on the field”, Donny said realizing he was acting foolish. He needed to get away from Mike so he could think logically again.

“Okay then, I’ll see you later dude”, Mike responded in his confusion.

When Donny arrived at his locker, Kyle was already standing in front of his own locker. Donny’s was directly across the aisle from Kyle’s. Kyle looked into the mirror hanging on the inside of his locker door watching Donny’s reflection. He carefully notated the combination as Donny opened his locker, writing it down on a small piece of paper. Kyle continued to watch as Donny put his backpack into the locker and started to undress. Donny would be the alpha male at any other school. His pop idol looks combined with his tall, muscular physique made him breathtakingly beautiful. Donny slid his flannel shirt off of one boulder like shoulder and then the other. His hair’s golden highlights complemented the tan skin that covered his broad back. Kyle watched as Donny’s triceps rippled with power when he undid the button on his tight jeans. He lowered his pants revealing his smooth, flawless ass and massive thighs. It was obvious he liked to go commando, even when sunbathing since there were no tan lines. Donny removed an athletic supporter from his locker and stepped within the narrow straps. He bent down to grab the garment stretching the back of his thighs forcing the muscles to flex. Kyle let out a slight moan at the sight of Captain America’s exposed, vulnerable ass. He thought the sound was echoing around him, but soon realized every other man in the aisle was spying on Donny too. Donny pulled his jock into place, the tight straps accentuating the round shape of his firm cheeks. His cup fell out of his locker onto the floor. Donny turned around to pick it up and now faced Kyle. Donny inserted the cup into the supporter’s pouch, compressing his huge package into the extra-large piece of plastic. After adjusting his equipment for comfort, he looked up and noticed Kyle was watching him in the mirror. “Enjoying the show?” he asked.

“In your dreams” Kyle said trying to sound macho. Everyone else in the aisle started to move again as if they hadn’t been watching Donny either.

“Whatever”, Donny said as he put on his football pants and tied the laced fly. After a few moments he added, “I saw you speaking with Justin and Barker in the parking lot. What were you talking about?”

“Not that it is any of your business, but Justin wants to be the team’s water boy”, Kyle answered as he continued to change his clothes very slowly. He didn’t want Kyle to see his erect cock.

“You’ve got to be kidding. I hope you told him no. You can’t trust him. He’s up to something and that can’t be good for anyone”, Donny said.

“Especially for you and mighty Mike”, Kyle said with a smirk.

Donny grabbed Kyle’s arm, “I know you were friends once, but remember what he did to you, the team, and Amy. Justin only cares about himself. You must realize that after everything that’s happened over the last week.”

“What I realize is how you set me up and how you used the both of us for your own gain. I blame you and Mike for what happened to me not Justin” Kyle said shaking Donny’s hand off of his foreman.

“Okay, I set you up to save Mike, true. But I didn’t do it alone. I had Barker’s help, your other close friend. And that was the second time Justin took away your muscles. How about the first time? I had nothing to do with that. You must have a really bad memory or you’re still under the control of Justin’s dick” Donny said his voice getting louder.

“What I remember is Barker bringing Justin’s cum over to me because you and Mike were purposely ignoring me. If it were up to you, I would still be a 500 pound fat man. At least Barker helped me get my muscles back. Muscles that I truly deserve unlike you and Mike”, Kyle yelled not backing down from the larger stud.

“You’re crazy man?” Donny said turning away from Kyle to face his locker again.

“Am I? You know if it wasn’t for those chemicals, I would be the most muscular dude at this school. You would be nothing but a scrawny geek and Mike would be a fat slob. I’m the only one of us to have the superior genetics to gain muscle mass easily. I’m the natural born athlete.” Kyle yelled louder, the pent up anger finally being released. His emotions were running so high, his eyes were tearing and his voice wavering. “But now I’m third best, instead of my rightful position at the top”.

“Yeah, you should be the alpha male”, Donny said grabbing Kyle’s small size jock from his locker and holding it up against his own much larger cup. “It takes more than big muscles to be a true alpha male”.

Kyle ripped his jock away from Donny and turned back to his locker without saying a word. Donny knew he wasn’t helping the situation. He also knew a lot of what Kyle said was true. But there was no going back now and he wouldn’t want to. Donny took a deep breathe and said more softly, “Look Kyle, you have a great physique. And you are right; you do have some natural advantages. But you wouldn’t look as good as you do right now either without the chemicals. You would’ve had to work-out heavy for years and follow restrictive diets and take all kinds of supplements to achieve that body. You’re a 17 year old boy with the muscles of a 24 year old professional athlete. You have a seven year head start on all other natural athletes in the world. Think about what that will mean when you go to college next year. Take advantage of that, man. Be thankful for what you see when you look in the mirror, like everyone else in this room. Don’t focus on the fact you aren’t as big as Mike or I. It’s your obsession to be better than Mike that caused most of your problems. Don’t let envy or Justin poison your mind. You know Justin only wants to become the water boy to somehow get revenge on us”, Donny said sincerely.

“Whatever man. There’s nothing I can do about it anyway. After all it was Mike’s idea. And whatever Mike wants, Mike gets. Right?” Kyle said turning his body to look directly into Donny’s eyes. Donny could still see the deep seeded anger there.

“Did I hear my name?”, Mike said as he approached the two men attracted by the yelling. Both men looked at Mike in awe. He managed to pull on his old football pants over his thicker muscles, the stretchy material clinging to every inch of his lower body. He could only get them on by removing all the padding. He would have to do the same with his jersey. But he knew he didn’t need artificial pads anymore. He had natural padding, his super dense muscles. As all eyes focused on him, he flexed his naked upper body. He never looked more masculine. He knew he was everyone’s ultimate football locker fantasy. “Is everything okay over here, guys?”

“Yes, we were just discussing Justin. He wants to take your advice and become the team’s water boy. He feels it will help him make mends for what he did to the team when he was under the influence of all those chemicals. He wanted me to ask you if it was okay Mike, since you are the team captain” Donny spoke as if reading from a script.

“I guess so” Mike said to Kyle.

“Thank you, Mike”, Kyle responded as he turned to face his locker.

Mike looked at Donny who was shaking his head no. “What harm could it do?”

“I still don’t think it’s a good idea”, Donny said.

“Stop worrying. Listen while I’m here, could you tie my laces? I’m afraid I’m going to snap them if I try it” Mike asked Donny.

“Sure” Donny said. “I remember when you had to wear these pants at their largest size, now I can’t pull the laces tight enough to fit you’re slimmer waist.” Donny said forgetting all his concerns now that Mike was near him. He looked down and saw the large outline of Mike’s manhood in his skin tight uniform. “Shouldn’t you be wearing a cup, Mike?”

“I don’t think they make one big enough to contain me. Plus I think we’ve proofed I don’t need one, remember?” Mike said pulling up on his package trying to make his pants stretch more to accommodate his mass.

“That was before you lost 85% of your strength, Mike” Donny whispered with some concern.

Kyle quickly turned around at what he overheard. “You’re loosing your strength Mike. I guess I was right, you aren’t meant to be the school alpha male after all”.

“I’m making myself less strong to be in more control. No one needs to have the strength of a thousand men.” Mike answered without even looking at Kyle.

“When I had that much power I was able to control it fine. In fact I was able to control you too”, Kyle gloated.

Mike looked down at Kyle trying to contain his temper, “That was then and this is now. I’m still stronger than you and every other man in this room, combined. I’m willing to have an arm wrestling rematch with you to proof it”. Mike crossed his thick arms over his chest putting his left hand behind his right bicep to make his appear even larger. Mike saw Kyle’s eyes look at the massive mound of muscle and swallow hard. Kyle said nothing. “No? Then how about another stomach punching contest, you seemed to enjoy it last time.” Mike unfolded his arms and put his hands on his hips. He crunched his abs forcing the deep ridges between each muscle to grow deeper. He ran the fingers of his left hand over his armored gut. “In fact I’ll let you hit me anywhere and if I even feel it a little, you’ll be the winner. But if I don’t, I get to hit you back.”

Kyle was intimidated at first, then realized that Mike wouldn’t hit him with all his strength. He was too much of a good guy for that. “I accept”, Kyle said. Mike stood there with his hands on his hips again. Kyle widened his stance and pulled his arm back. He twisted his body and threw a fast uppercut, his fist following the deep crevice between Mike’s huge thighs, hitting Mike hard in his balls. Everyone gasped and looked at Mike’s face. There was no reaction. Kyle looked shocked. How could Mike not feel that? He put everything he had into that punch.

“I should have guessed where you would hit me. Only a woman or a coward hits a man in his balls” Mike said in disgust. “Now it’s my turn”.

“Mike”, Donny said grabbing Mike’s arm. Mike looked at Donny and put his larger hand on top of Donny’s. Donny let his arm drop. Mike walked up to Kyle. He made a fist and put it against Kyle’s muscular stomach. Mike looked at Kyle’s panic stricken face. He opened his hand and forced back his index finger with his thumb. He then released the single finger, flicking Kyle’s abs, never taking his eyes off of Kyle’s face. Kyle bent over in pain. He grabbed his stomach and crumbled to the floor gasping for air.

“Are you still questioning who the school alpha male is?” Mike asked looking down at Kyle.

“No” Kyle mumbled without looking up.

“Good. I’m glad we’ve settled that matter once and for all.” Mike looked up at everyone staring at him. “Let’s get ready men. We have an important game to play today”. Mike walked back to his locker. All eyes were on his ass as he left, the two muscular globes fighting each other for space in his tight pants. When he reached his locker, he made sure no one was watching. He then shook it left leg to loosen his balls and relief some of his discomfort. He did feel Kyle’s punch, for the first time in days he experienced a twinge of pain. He pulled on his tight shirt and tucked it into his pants. He reached farther down to adjust his manhood. He cupped and lifted his jewels before heading out onto the field. He thought again about wearing a cup, but he couldn’t even if he wanted to. He knew that no other man would purposely hit him in his balls out on the field anyway, certainly not with as much force as Kyle had done. Donny quickly finished putting on his gear. He ran to catch up with Mike along with the other members of the team. Kyle was left alone in the locker room. Suddenly a voice broke the silence, “That was fun to watch, but not part of the plan. We have to stick to the plan, Kyle”. Kyle turned to see Justin standing at the end of the aisle.

“I know. But it was a perfect opportunity to quicken the pace of the plan a little” Kyle said.

“I’ve worked out every detail perfectly. No more improvisation please”, Justin spoke while walking up to Kyle. “Did you get Donny’s combination?”

“Yes”, Kyle gave the notepad with the combination to Justin.

“Very good. Now go out there and show Valley Stream who is the best, and best looking, quarterback in the state”, Justin said while squeezing Kyle’s ass. Kyle put on his helmet and jogged out onto the field. Justin could hear the cheering crowd as he opened Donny’s locker and removed the water bottle containing the diluted MNR formula. “And the crowd goes wild. Well hold on to your hats, folks. This game promises to have lots of surprises”. •

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