Desperate Husbands


By Clarence591

Harold was being slowly coated with suntan lotion. Four pretty girls went over every inch of his hard 6’ 3” frame carefully, as if anointing a god with precious oils. They had been enjoying the feel of Harold’s muscular body for over forty minutes; every once in awhile, he would give them an additional thrill by flexing a particular muscle. A crowd had formed to watch the sensual spectacle. A lifeguard pushed his way through the crowd and stood in front of Harold.

“I’m sorry sir, but you aren’t allowed on the beach in a g-string. It’s against the city decency laws” the solidly built man said trying his best to sound authoritarian.

“I doubt you got any complaints about the way I look in the suit. So why don’t you leave us alone”, Harold replied briefly opening his eyes to recognize the other man.

“It doesn’t matter if anyone complained or not. It’s against the rules and I’m obligated to enforce them. Sir, you have to leave the beach or put on something more appropriate” the guard said, his voice cracking slightly.

Harold opened his eyes and walked up to the slightly shorter lifeguard. “Nobody here wants this show to end. I bet even you are getting off watching me”.

“Uh, no way man. I’m straight. I like girls and girls love me” the man responded defensively.

“So you don’t find me attractive” Harold smirked and put his large hands on his narrow hips.

“Of course not. I’m a guy, all other guys look the same to me” the lifeguard replied with a forced laugh.

“Good. Then you wouldn’t mind helping the girls rub the lotion into my skin. They’re hands are too weak to really work it into my hard muscles. A strong man like should have no problem.” Harold grabbed the lifeguard’s hands and placed them on his huge pecs. Harold forced the weaker man’s hand in a circular motion over his mountainous muscles. The lifeguard tried to pull his hands away for a couple of seconds but soon stop struggling. Harold dropped his hands back to his hips, while the guard continued to rub his chest. Harold flexed his pecs and watched the other man’s eyes widen. The man had never felt something so hard, yet velvety soft at the same time. Having spent time in the gym himself, the lifeguard couldn’t imagine how many hours or how much weight it took to achieve a physique like Harold’s. Harold was easily twice his size. The guard moved his hands up to Harold’s shoulders and down his arms. Harold raised his arms and flexed his biceps. The guard lost his breath at the size and feel of the hard peaks. With arms like this, how strong was this guy? Harold lowered his arms.

“Very impressive, our cocks are about the same size now. Of course only one of us is sporting a boner”, Harold said breaking the lifeguard’s trance.

“What did you say?”, the guard asked looking up at Harold’s face. He wiped the drool that was hanging from his mouth. He then noticed that the girls and crowd were laughing at him and pointing at his crotch. He looked down and saw a fully erect cock outlined in his suit. There was a wet spot at his hip where his thick member ended. “Oh my God”, he moved his hands to cover his bulge and ran back to the guard tower.

“I don’t think he’ll be bothering us again ladies” Harold said.


“We found him”, Diego said as he entered the car dropping his binoculars in the back seat. He was having trouble closing the car door using both hands. Katrina reached over from the driver’s side and closed the door for him. They had been riding up and down the beach for the last hour searching for Harold. “He has a crowd around him like we predicted. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I hope I can do this” Katrina said as she checked her reflection in the rear view mirror.

“Just remember the plan and you’ll do great. I have total faith in you” Diego said reaching over to give Katrina a quick peck on the cheek for good luck. But Katrina had another idea; she grabbed the back of his head and kissed him forcibly, her strength too much for him to resist. She was enjoying her dominance over her muscular husband more and more.

“Harry, does the magic you used on Diego work for women too? I mean can it make me more muscular and stronger?” Katrina asked.

“I guess so. But you are already big and strong for a women” Diego answered.

“Yes, you are right. Wish me luck” Katrina said as she exited the car. She adjusted her large firm breasts in the tiny bikini top, before heading for the beach.

Katrina walked up to the crowd gathered around Harold. He was doing pushups while four pretty girls stood balancing on his broad back. “49, and 50. Everybody off” Harold said as the girls slowly stepped off him. He jumped to his feet, his thick pectoral muscles swollen from the effort. Harold swung his long arms back and forth stretching his chest. He started to rub his pecs savoring their hardness and size. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted Katrina. He walked over to her, the crowd parted to make way for him. “Well, if it isn’t Mrs.Bergman. Did you miss me so much you had to hunt me down?”

Katrina was stunned by the masculine vision in front of her. Diego had always been an incredibly sexy man, but now he took her breath away. He looked taller, stronger, more muscular and handsome. Even his cock seemed improved with greater size. She stared at his chest, flexing and bulging at her eye level. Katrina’s breasts were always her greatest asset, but Diego’s were magnificent. While hers were nothing but mere sex toys, his meaty tits made his body immensely powerful. She had to feel them. She reached out and caressed his chest. She tried to grab his nipple that pointed down towards her, but the muscle was too hard, his skin too tight. “Kitty cat, seems to like her bigger tom cat” Harold said smugly.

“Kitty cat? Don’t call me that. That’s what Harold calls me” Katrina said remembering the reason for her trip to the beach.

“And where is your pathetic looking husband?” Harold asked coyly.

“Haven’t seen him. He didn’t come home last night. I was very lonely” Katrina said moving her hand to the necklaces around Harold’s neck.

“Very nice jewelry, can I try one on?” she asked.

“No. These will never leave my neck” Harold said grabbing hold on the four crystals.

“Why, are they the secret to your strength? Like Samson’s hair?” Katrina laughed as she ran her fingers through Diego’s curly locks.

“My huge muscles are why I’m so strong. And that’s no secret”, Harold said bending his arms to make his biceps and chest jump to attention. Katrina reached up and started to feel his hard body, moaning slightly when she was unable to make the slightest dent in his bicep. He was so masculine and strong compared to her husband.

“Make love to me please. Take me now. I want you so badly” she whispered. Harold had yearned to hear those words from his wife. He reached down and scooped Katrina up into his arms. The other girls protested.

“Take it easy girls; you all had your turn” Harold could see they still were upset. “Tell you what, when I get back I’ll let you apply another layer of lotion to my body”. The girls all smiled and started to giggle. Harold walked to the public restrooms and entered the men’s side. “Everybody out, I need some alone time with this sexy woman”. He set Katrina down on the counter between two of the sinks. A man that was washing his hands looked up at Harold and ran out of the room. Harold didn’t see anyone else.

“I’ll leave when I’m good and ready, asshole” the gruff voice came from one of the stalls. Harold walked to the one stall that had the door closed. He stood in front of the door and peered down onto its occupant. It was a large bearded man wearing only a leather vest, his jeans pulled down to his ankles. The biker looked up and saw Harold’s hulking body, thankful he was on a toilet, because he would have shit his pants. Harold put his hands on the top of the metal stall door and ripped it off the hinges. He grabbed each end and slammed the steel door over his knee, buckling it down the center. Harold then raised his arms and squeezed. The door folded like it was made of tin foil. Harold threw it to the other side of the room, it landed with a loud boom when it hit the tiled wall. “I said get out” Harold growled staring at the man, who couldn’t move because he was so frightened, “Now”. The man quickly rose and pulled up his pants. He stepped next to Harold, his back hugging the wall, trying not to get too close to the muscle god. Harold just continued to stare at him. The man almost got by when Harold reached out and grabbed him by his throat. He picked the man up with one hand, “I don’t want to be disturbed, so guard the door fatso”. Harold let go and the large man dropped to the floor, rubbing his sore neck.

“Yes sir, anything you say sir. I’m sorry sir”, the tamed biker walked quickly out the door.

“Now, where were we?” Harold said turning his attention back to his beautiful wife. Katrina sat there with her fingers stuffed inside of her bikini bottom; her abundant juices wetting the counter. “I see you decided to start without me?”

“That was incredible. You are so powerful. Please fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me now, please, please” Katrina pleaded. “You are my magbalik”

“You’re what?” Harold asked.

“My magbalik. It means perfect man or ultimate lover in Russian” Katrina answered following the plan she devised with Diego.

“I like that”, Harold laughed and pulled her hand out of her suit. He licked her moist fingers. “I’ll be the one making all the decisions. You’re under my complete control.” Harold pulled her suit bottom down dropping it to the floor. He then reached behind her and undid the top. He threw the skimpy bra to the floor too. He started to massage her firm breasts with his large hands; his unparalleled strength unintentionally squeezing them to the point of pain. He bent down and sucked on the pert nipple. Katrina moaned with approval. She opened her eyes and noticed the clasps of the necklaces on the back of Diego’s neck. He reached for one clasp with her hands, trying to overcome the feeling of pleasure she was getting from Diego’s work. Harold realized what she was doing and grabbed her wrists. “I said no. The necklaces are mine”. He held her arms up against the large mirror behind her. She struggled to move her arms, but was unable to budge. She could see Diego wasn’t even trying to restrain her, the power of his body easily four or five times of what hers possessed.

Harold continued to suck on her perky tits. He then raised his head, letting go of one of her hands; he pushed the pouch of his g-string aside to release his superb manhood. Katrina eyes grew wide; it was even larger than she remembered. Harold saw her reaction and he chuckled. His cock started to fill with blood; it continued to grow until is reached its full 12 inch length. He pushed Katrina’s legs apart and inserted his penis inside her. His enhanced girth stretching her to new limits. He put less than half his length in her. He slowly gyrated his hips. No one knew his wife’s body like he did. Each stroke stimulated her g-spot. She started to breathe deeply, her skin became flush. Katrina had to have his entire rod inside her. She raised her hips and forced her body closer to Diego’s. Harold felt her move and let go of one hand and pushed her back into place. He continued his hip rotations. Katrina was furious. No one would deny her from experiencing his entire 12 inches. She wrapped her legs around Diego’s narrow hips and pulled herself toward him. His cock was forced deeper inside of her. Harold let go of both her hands and grabbed her hips instead. He easily pushed Katrina away from him; the power of his larger arms too much for her strong, athletic legs to compete against. His cock slid out of her until the half way mark again.

Harold kept up his hip gyrations never missing a beat. Katrina’s body was on pleasure overload, her body was covered in sweat, juices continued to flow out of her unabated. The lubrication made it easier for Harold to do his job in the tight confines of her cunt. He had fantasized about this moment for months and now he had the equipment to execute it. Katrina screamed, she had experienced so many orgasms, it was starting to hurt. She flew into an erotic rage, her arms and fist pounding against Harold's massive chest, the blows easily deflected by his hard muscle armor. Harold continued his rhythmic hip movement unimpeded, ignoring her protests. He didn't even flinch, he just stared at his cock entering his wife's pussy. This fuck session was only about pleasing Katrina; to take her to the ultimate erotic pleasure zone that she would never forget. He didn't want to cum, he wanted to keep his rod as hard as steel for as long as possible. Seeing she was having no effect, she tried to scratch him with her long nails. But his muscles were too hard and huge for her to get a grip in her small hands. Her nails slid off his smooth, well-oiled skin. Katrina couldn’t take anymore, her body started to convulse she was nearly unconscious. Seeing the euphoric state she was in, Harold rammed his entire cock into her and stood to his full height lifting his wife off the counter. Her entire weight supported by his powerful cock. Katrina’s head flew back her mouth opened wide, but unable to breath. Harold saw her eyes roll back into her head. Her body went completely limp. Harold lifted her off his cock. His crotch and thighs getting doused with her damned-up juices. He laid her down on the counter making sure she was breathing. Harold looked down at his wife and knew she was completely satisfied for the first time. He had ruined her for any other man. He looked in the mirror at his perfect body and his still hard cock. He ran his hands across his torso down his thighs and over his ass. He savored the size, weight and hardness of his body. He loved being a real man. He kept thinking about the word Katrina used. He was the perfect man, the ultimate lover. His huge balls spasmed and he shot his load high into the air landing on his wife’s spent body. She ran her fingers along her breasts capturing his seed.

She licked her fingers and moaned, “My magbalik”.

Harold reached for some paper towels and dampened them in the sink. He began to wipe his wives drying juices from his body. After finishing with his legs, cock and waist; he moved to his steel hard pecs. “Magbalik, magbalik, magbalik”, he said over and over enjoying his new nickname. His right hand hit the crystals of his necklaces. He grabbed all four to lift them to wipe his upper chest. While he held all the crystals in his hand, he said “magbalik” again. The necklaces became unfastened, all the chains falling from around his neck. Harold thought that was strange. He opened his hand and saw that the once clear crystals were now black in color. The room started to spin. Harold looked in the mirror; he was shrinking and his muscles deflating. His face was changing. “No, no. Stop. I wish this to stop”, Harold screamed clutching the crystals. Soon everything was blurry. He could barely make out the undefined blob that was his wife’s body. “Wake up Katrina! Wake up!”, he yelled shaking her as forcibly as his little body could.

“What, what’s wrong?” Katrina asked coming out of her erotic stupor. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. She saw her husband standing there with only a g-string bikini hanging at his knees. “Harold, what are you doing here? Why do you look like that? What happened to our plan?” Katrina was horrified, she scanned the room, “Where’s Diego?”

“Plan, what plan?” Harold asked in his squeaky voice.

“The plan to make you bigger than Diego, like we discussed in the car” Katrina answered rubbing her head.

“We don’t have time to discuss this now. I need to get to Bill as soon as possible. I can’t see a thing without my glasses. Help me to the car”, Harold replied trying to think logically. Katrina jumped off the counter and searched for her bathing suit. She put in on and helped her husband with his g-string. His scrawny, pale body looked ridiculous, but that was all he had to wear. Katrina grabbed Harold’s hand and led him quickly to the parked car.


Diego was sitting in the car watching Katrina talk to Harold with the binoculars. He saw them enter the restroom. He impatiently hoped their plan would work. Several more minutes went by and nothing. Then he felt a strange tingling. He looked in the side view mirror and saw his face mutate. It was a combination of his face and Harold’s. He felt his body expanding. He tried to pull off his shirt, but his body grew too quickly, his muscles burst through the lightweight fabric. Diego was thrilled, Katrina must have done it. He put both hands on the car door handle and pulled with all his might as he had to do earlier. But his returning strength was too much for the piece of plastic, it broke off in his larger hands. He reached out the open window and gingerly opened the door from the outside. As he stood his shorts started to be torn apart from his burgeoning ass and thighs. He opened the back door and reached for his duffle bag. He removed Harold’s shredded clothing and put on a pair of his old jeans and a t-shirt. Everything fit him tightly, hugging his massive body, just the way his clothes used to fit. Diego slipped on a pair of loafers and zipped the bag closed. He lifted the bag to his side, laughing at how light it felt again. He could see Katrina and Harold leaving the restroom. He ran to the street and hailed a cab. “To the airport, please”, he told the driver as he entered.


Ryan had to take a leak. It had become one of his favorite activities because it gave him a chance to walk through the secretarial pool in his office. It wasn’t the fastest or most direct route, but it sure was enjoyable. Since his transformation, he had become the office hot guy. Everybody noticed the change. The women asked him if he was on a special diet. The men asked what gym he was going to. Ryan walked down the hall into the large cavern of desks. All the women stopped working to watch him pass. His new athletic cut shirt, hugged his muscular torso; the material still tight over his thick arms, shoulders, and chest. The shirt, like his pants, was loose around his waist. His suit pants were completely filled in the thigh and ass however; the bulge of his cock the envy of every other man. The women’s eyes stayed focused at the center of his body. They watched his man meat stay in place as he legs moved back and forth toward them. Then they enjoyed his bouncing ass muscles as he walked away. Ryan moved slowly, the smiles on the woman’s faces his prize for being the best built guy they knew. Ryan walked to the reception area and smiled at the UPS guy. Ryan felt sorry for the stud; he used to be the number one hunk until the change.

Ryan went to the stall and struggled to lower the zipper of his too tight pants. He pulled out his slightly hard cock and released his piss. Ryan heard the door open but didn’t bother to look up. A man approached and stood in the urinal next to Ryan. “Nice. I knew you were hung like a fucking NBA all-star”. Ryan looked up to see the UPS guy staring at his cock. The man was gorgeous, his muscular build obvious in the tight brown uniform. Ryan started to zip up his pants. “Not so fast there big guy. Can’t I enjoy it too?” Ryan looked at the delivery man’s smiling face, his dreamy dimples Ryan had heard about from the girls in the office were very alluring. The man approached Ryan and grabbed his cock. He kissed Ryan on the lips while grabbing his ass with his other hand. Ryan was about to return his advances, when he felt something strange. His shirt was no longer tight in his chest and shoulders, but in his waist. “What’s going on? Usually a guy’s cock grows at my touch, not shrink”, the UPS driver commented.

“Sorry I’ve got to go”, Ryan said as the lower buttons popped off his shirt; his expanding waist too much for them to contain. He pushed the waistband of his pants down allowing his belly fat to hang over his belt. His pants hung loose from his ass and thighs. The huge bulge from his manhood gone. Ryan headed straight to his office taking a shortcut. He put on his suit jacket to try to camouflage his pear shape. He left the office immediately and headed home. He had to talk to Bill.


Harold and Katrina arrived at Bill’s front door after quickly changing at home. They pounded on it several times to no answer. He tried the doorknob, it wasn’t locked. They entered and found Bill lying on the floor, clutching his chest. Katrina found the phone and called for an ambulance. Harold knelt next to his friend, “Bill, the necklaces have been deactivated. Can we reactivate them?”

“Yes, where are they?” Bill mumbled weakly.

“I have them in my pocket. The crystals turned black when I said magbalik. The man you thought was me yesterday was actually Diego. I switched bodies with him. I’m sorry. I should have told you” Harold tried to explain. Bill nodded his head before passing out.

“How do we do it?” Harold asked shaking Bill’s failing body. The ambulance arrived within minutes and put Bill on oxygen right away. As they were exiting the lobby, Ryan arrived. “What happened to the necklaces?” Ryan asked as he approached Harold who was walking along side the stretcher.

“Not now Ryan. I’ll tell you later” Harold answered.

Bill came to and pulled on Harold’s sleeve. Harold leaned his ear to Bill’s mouth. “Put the necklaces in the box and bring them to me” Bill whispered to Harold between deep breathes.

“Ryan go with Bill to the hospital in the ambulance. I’ll meet you there. I have to get some of Bill’s things.” Harold advised.

“Okay, I’ll see you there” Ryan sat next to Bill as they closed the ambulance doors and drove off.


“So Mr. Jackson, you're at the hospital today because you’ve grown an inch and lost 20 pounds in the last two days?”, the doctor asked while looking over the chart.

“Yes, mon. But that’s not what really worries me. My poker has shrunk too Doctor” J.J. emphasized the area by rubbing his crotch.

“I see. Well, that’s not necessarily unusual. Why don’t you undress so I can examine you” the doctor said and walked to the other side of the room. J.J. pulled his shirt over his head. He rose to remove his shorts. He felt a little dizzy as if he stood up too quickly. “The funny thing is I had another athlete in here yesterday, the hairiest guy I've ever seen, with a similiar story. I think he was a power lifter not a bodybuilder like you. But he said he lost both height and weight. Very strange, but I couldn’t find anything wrong with him.” The doctor was pulling on a new set of rubber gloves when he turned to see J.J. nude before him. “Wow, you are certainly in excellent physical condition, Mr.Jackson.” The doctor reached for a rolling stool and sat down in front of his massive patient. He gently examined J.J.’s testicles and pressed his impressive rod between his fingers. “You say your penis has shrunken. How large were you? Because I’ve helped a lot of men in my 15 years of practice and I must tell you, Mr.Jackson, you have one of the largest penises I’ve ever seen.”

“What?” J.J. said looking down at his crotch. “It’s back, you did it doctor,”

“I’m glad I could help, but I didn’t do anything”, the doctor said still holding J.J.’s manhood. J.J.’s joy was being expressed everywhere in his body.

As J.J.’s cock started to grow in the doctor’s grip, he apologized. “Sorry Doctor, I guess I’m just happy to be back to normal”

“I understand, its okay. And I don’t think anyone would think a penis like yours is normal”, the doctor commented while smiling at J.J. “I would love to perform some tests to make sure it is fully functional, if you don’t mind.” The doctor continued to squeeze J.J.’s hard cock.

“Sure mon. It’s the least I can do to show my appreciation for your help” J.J. smiled back at the doctor. The doctor put his mouth around J.J.’s cock while running his hands over his muscular ass. “Now I know why they say America has the best medical care. It’s so thorough”.


Three floors up in the same hospital was the detox ward, two student nurses were deciding you would do the sponge baths today. “I did it yesterday, it’s your turn Marissa” said her best friend Jodi.

“Yeah, but we switched last week, remember?” Marissa responded.

“Whatever. I see we have a new patient in the ward”, Jodi commented.

“He was brought in last night. The cops found him passed out on a stoop of an abandoned building. He had a police record and was a known male prostitute.” Marissa whispered the gossip.

“Really, he must have a great body”, Jodi giggled.

“No, I thought that too. But the nightshift told me he was fat. He was going through withdraw because he couldn’t earn money to buy drugs. Sorry, but you still have to bathe the lard ass hooker” Marissa said giving Jodi the wash basin and sponge.

“Whatever. Let’s get this over with so we can go on lunch”, Jodi acquiescenced. They entered the room and withdrew the sheets that covered the new patient. “He doesn’t look fat to me. In fact if it wasn’t for his acne, he would be a real hunk.” Both girls scanned the lanky figure in the bed, stopping at the large bulge between his legs. They looked at each other and giggled. Jodi raised his gown to expose his groin area. “Wow, I’m glad it’s my turn. It’s time for your bath Mr.Big.”

“Wait, that’s not fair. I think it may be my turn after all. I want to give him his bath”, Marissa whined.


“I tell you Sister, it’s a miracle. This man was on his death bed less than an hour ago. He was suffering from congestive heart failure. And now, he’s perfectly fine. Not only that, he also looks about 30 years younger and doesn’t need his glasses anymore. I can’t explain it. This had nothing to do with the medical treatment he received, even though I would love to take credit for it.” The doctor explained to the two Sisters from Our Lady of Sorrow convent. They stood in the patient’s intensive care unit room on the fourth floor of the hospital.

“The lord does look after those you can’t take care of themselves” Sister Agnes said.

“Exactly and that’s why I called you. He’s homeless, in addition to being mentally challenged. I don’t want to put him out on the street again. Do you think you can help him?” the doctor asked.

“Of course doctor. We need a groundskeeper and handyman for our home. If God has selected him for a miracle, giving him a place to live is the least we can do”, the nun answered.

“Did you hear that Wayne, the nice Sisters are going to look after you when you leave the hospital? Isn’t that good news?” the doctor asked the patient.

“I feel good to the man from Hollywood”, answered the Bikeman.


“Listen, we're about the same age and I can see you're in great shape; but you can't go around starting fights with other men, especially men who are much younger and bigger than you. It could have easily been you lying on that table instead of him”, the distinguished cop said to Greg in the hospital’s emergency room showing real concern.

“I didn’t plan on hitting him officer. I was walking by the jewelry booth, when I heard them arguing. When I asked the woman if she needed some help, the guy flew into a rage. He came out of the booth and started yelling at me. I started to back away after he pushed me, but suddenly I felt this rush of energy. It almost felt like I was getting taller and my muscles were actually growing. I leaned back and slugged him with everything I had right in his kisser. He fell like a sack of potatoes. Man it felt good, like I was young again.” Greg rubbed his bloody hand and looked at the hulking man lying on the examination table. “Seeing him now, he looks a lot bigger. To tell you the truth I may not have got involved if I realized how big he really was.”

“Well, sir, like I said you really shouldn’t go around hitting people. But you got lucky today. His wife is pressing charges against him. It seems he has been abusing her for years. She was always too intimidated by him to call the authorities, but she said lately she just wasn’t as afraid. Seeing you knock him out, gave her the courage to finally do something. So everything turned out okay. Some may even say you’re a hero, Greg.” The cop put his hand on Greg’s strong shoulder and smiled, “Is your hand going to be okay, handsome?”

“Yes, the doctor said to keep ice on it for a couple of hours”, Greg answered noticing the handsome policeman was still squeezing his shoulder. “Maybe after your shift is over, you can show me what else two men can do together besides fight.

“I’d like that. I’ll meet you at McRooney’s at 6pm”, the cop said as he walked away not noticing the short man who almost ran into him. “Sorry sir”

“I’m sorry too”, Harold said running into the emergency room. He found Ryan sitting in the waiting area crying. “What’s going on Ryan?” Harold asked.

“Bill died a couple of minutes ago. He’s heart stopped and they couldn’t get it started again”, Ryan said not looking at Harold.

“My God. It was so fast”, Harold said clutching the box full of worthless jewelry. “Were you with him when he passed?”

“No, but I think he knew his time was near. He said goodbye to me in the ambulance. But I didn’t say goodbye to him, I told him to hang on, he would be okay. I didn’t want to face the fact he may actually die.” Ryan’s eyes filled with tears again and he dropped his head towards the floor.

“I guess it puts things into perspective. We have been so preoccupied about how we look when we should just be grateful for our health”, Harold said rubbing his friend’s back. “Bill was a good man and you were a good friend, Ryan”

“He told me to tell you something, Harold” Ryan said wiping the tears from his cheeks.

“What?” Harold prompted.

“It was just one word, masigla” Ryan said struggling slightly with the unfamiliar sound. “Do you know what it means?”

“No. I have no idea. Masigla?” Harold said aloud. He felt the small wooden box shake in his hand and get warm to the touch. “Listen Ryan, I’m going to head back home and see if Katrina knows how to get in touch with Brittany. She is still legally his wife, she should be told. Are you going to be alright here alone?”

“Yes, there’s really nothing left for me to do. I called Sara and she'll be here soon to take me home”, Ryan said standing along with Harold. "Of course, I don't know how she'll react when she sees I'm hung like a light switch again." Both men smiled at each other and hugged.

"Everything will be okay, Ryan. I'll see you back home", Harold said as he left his friend.


Diego ran up to the check-in counter by his departure gate. He handed his ticket to the pretty girl behind the desk. She smiled at Diego, while licking her lips. “Yes, we’ve been expecting you sir. Your ticket has been upgraded to first class and your traveling companions are waiting for you in our Flyer’s Elite Club lounge” the agent said while pointing to the far corner of the terminal.

“Thank you” Diego said not sure what was going on. After the last couple of days, he didn’t want anymore surprises. He hesitantly walked into the lounge; he was greeted by a young gentleman with a tray of champagne flutes. Diego took one and continued to walk to the center of the room. He saw two faces he recognized and a huge smile emerged on his face. Todd and Tad ran into his arms.

“Where have you been? The flight leaves in a few minutes” Todd asked while softly slapping Diego’s massive arm.

“Sorry guys. I got held up at security. I was randomly selected for a strip search. About four guards did body cavity searches on me before they released me.” Diego answered.

“Random, I’m sure. I bet you haven’t had that many anal probes since our night together”, teased Tad.

Diego was still smiling, when he was with his boys he couldn’t help himself. His gaze went back and forth between the two; he noticed their eyes were all the same color now.

“What?” Todd asked looking at the impish grin on Diego’s face.

“Nothing. I just happy to see your beautiful green eyes again” Diego answered honestly.

“Funny you should mention our eye color. The strangest things have been happening to us since we met you”, Tad started to talk before his brother cut him off.

“Tad are you forgetting we’re mad at him? He stood us up last night”, Todd said while crossing his arms over his chest and pouting.

“I’m sorry guys. I didn’t mean to. This sponsor invited me to his party and I felt obligated to attend. His company may offer me a multi-year, six figure contract. I couldn’t refuse. I’m really sorry. Believe me I would have rather spent the time with you two” Diego said putting a hand on each of the twin’s shoulders.

“I forgive you and you can ignore him” Tad said, “Let’s drink a toast to the world’s newest professional bodybuilder. It was well deserved”. Diego and Tad clinked glasses. They stared at Todd who joined in with his glass. “You looked so hot on stage, Diego. We both got hard watching you. And we weren't the only ones. There was more wood in that room than a national park”. Tad continued. Diego almost choked on his champagne.

“Tad” Todd said.

“What? It’s true” Tad responded. The three finished the glasses and hugged.

“I am truly ecstatic to see you guys. But what are you doing here; I thought you were staying in Miami for another week?” Diego asked.

“When you told us you had a ticket for today, we decided to change our plans. Is it alright, I know it was very presumptuous of us to change your ticket without asking you”, Todd inquired. An announcement came over the P.A. system saying it was time to board for their flight.

“No this is great. I’ve never been a member of the Flyer’s Elite Club before.” Diego said exiting the doors with a twin on each arm.

“Well, Diego, since we got you into this club will you help us get into another club?”, Tad remarked coyly.

“Me? What club could I help you get in to?” Diego asked.

“The Mile High Club of course”, the twins said in unison.

“Abso-fucking-lutely”, Diego answered while squeezing a twin’s ass in each hand.


“And this concludes the tour of our facilities. I’m really glad you were able to join our happy family, Brock”, the Condo Association manager said while shaking Brock’s large hand. “I’ll leave you to get more familiar with the place”. He turned heading back to his office. “Oh, before I forget. When Diego called to recommend you for the position, he told me to give you a message. He said; don’t accept any gifts from secret admirers. I hope you know what that means, because I don’t”.

“Not really, but that Diego is always kidding around” Brock said pretending they were old friends. Brock waited for his boss to leave and looked around. “This is going to be sweet”. He picked up a 250 pound bar and did some quick curls. He walked over to the mirror and pulled his t-shirt off his body. He did some poses getting turned on by what he saw. “You are one perfect man, Brock” he said rubbing his hardening cock. He heard the door open and saw a nerdish man walk towards him.

“Are you the new health club manager?” the man asked in the squeaky voice.

“Yes, I am. Can I help you with something?” Brock asked a little annoyed having to stop his own worship session.

“I want to look exactly like you” the man answered.

“You and every other man on the planet”, Brock said running his hand over his sculpted, tanned torso. “But I’m afraid it’s not genetically possible for you to look as good as I do. No matter how much you work out.”

“Oh you’ll be surprised what’s possible when you really want something”, the man just stared up at Brock smiling. Brock thought the little guy had a weird confidence about him. He didn’t seem at all intimidated by Brock’s appearance as most men naturally were.

“Well I can help you make the most of what little you got”, Brock said extending his hand to the much smaller man. “My name is Brock, by the way”.

The shorter guy removed his hand from the clear crystal that hung from his necklace and shook Brock’s hand, “I’m Harold, Harold Bergman”. •

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