Destiny Rewound


By Clarence591

Marc had been waiting for this moment. It was the end of the workweek and he saw his boss approaching. Mr. Simmons had stopped at a nearby cubicle shared by two of Marc’s colleagues, Bryan and Peter. The boss stood in the cubicle’s entrance and chit-chatted with the two men. Marc was going to seize this opportunity. He quickly removed his jacket and tie. He undid the top 3 buttons of his athletic-cut shirt allowing the tight, thin fabric to spread open over his thickly muscled chest. He rolled up his sleeves revealing the sinewy tanned forearms hidden underneath. Marc stood to his full 6’ height and adjusted his form-fitting pants. He relished how they showcased his impressive package and hard, round ass. He walked through the maze of cubicles towards his boss, knowing the openly gay man would truly appreciate the beauty of his masculine physique. As Marc got nearer he caught the tail end of the conversation.

“I haven’t been to a carnival in years. I didn’t even know they still existed.” The boss noticed Marc’s approach and nodded in his direction before focusing back to the men sitting in the cubicle. “When I was a child back in Arkansas, I loved going to the state fair. My family went every year. Such good memories”.

Marc stopped when he reached the cubicle’s entrance, his broad shoulders filling the narrow pathway between the short, temporary walls.

“Hello, Marc” the boss said feeling a little uncomfortable with the larger man’s close proximity.

“Marc”, both Bryan and Peter said in unison.

“Boys” Marc replied in a baritone voice as he raised his hand to give a little wave in their direction. But he never took his eyes off the boss, “Mr. Simmons, are you getting ready to leave?”

“Yes, Marc. Is there something you needed?” Simmons answered forcing himself to look directly at the taller man’s handsome face. Simmons wanted to back away from the looming hulk but didn’t want to appear intimidated in front of his employees, so he stood his ground. His face became flush as the blood raced to his hardening cock. Simmons grabbed his briefcase with both hands, holding it in front of his crotch. He had to keep reminding himself he was a professional, the founder and CEO of Chicago’s most prestigious public relations firm.

“I wanted to talk to you about the entertainment position that was posted today”, Marc said as he placed his hands on his hips expanding his chest to expose more of his deep muscle cleavage.

“Of course, I was hoping there would be some internal candidates. How about you two?”, the boss asked looking at Bryan and Peter, “Any interest in the position?”

“Not these two, Mr. Simmons”, Marc quickly said. After he saw the boss turn to look at him, Marc glanced over at his peers, keeping his virile physique facing Simmons. Giving his boss the opportunity to look Marc over undetected. Marc could feel the older man’s eyes scan his flawless form. He slightly flexed every muscle as he talked. “We discussed it and decided I was the most qualified man for the position. Isn’t that right boys?”

The other two men shook their heads reluctantly. Marc had a way of convincing others to agree with him. He had the unique combination of charm and intimidation that only strong, sexy men possessed. Marc turned his head slowly back to face Simmons. The boss was enjoying the view so much he was slower to return the gaze. When his eyes finally made it back up to Marc’s face, it was greeted by a sexy smile. More blood rushed from the head on Simmons’ shoulders to the one between his legs. He struggled to remember what they were discussing. “Okay. Sure, uh, let’s see. Right, right, why don’t you go into my office and I’ll be there in a moment to discuss the job with you Marc.”

“Sounds great”, Marc replied as he moved behind his boss, squeezing his muscular bulk between the man and opposite wall. He put his hands on Simmons’ shoulders as he slowly stepped sideways. Marc tilted his pelvis forward slightly, grinding his manhood into the shorter man’s lower back as he moved by. Simmons inhaled sharply as he felt the mound of flesh indent his weaker body. Marc continued to force his way passed Simmons and headed to the area where the executive offices were, looking back once to see Simmons checking out his ass.

The boss took another deep breath before looking at the two men still sitting in the cubicle. He could see they were a little taken back by Marc’s blatant flirting. “Are you sure neither one of you is interested in the position?” Both men shook their heads again. “Okay then. You two have a great time at the carnival and enjoy the rest of your weekend”. Simmons walked out of office leaving the two men alone. •

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