Desperate Husbands


By Clarence591

Harold woke up the next morning in the center of a king size bed. On each side of him was one of the beautiful girls he met backstage the night before. At the foot of the bed was the host of the party. Harold thought it was funny the man paying for the room was relegated to the uncomfortable foot of bed. Harold learned during the night he was RichardBlakeman, founder and president of one of the world’s largest sport supplement companies. He was a former bodybuilder himself and in pretty good shape for an old guy. Harold sat up in bed and effortlessly picked up the 120 pound girl on his left and set her down on his right. He slid out of the bed to his left and walked to the bathroom. As he walked he had to step over all the other nude party goers passed out on the floor. Harold straddled the toilet. He started to piss while running his hands over his hard muscular body enjoying the feeling. The sheer size and weight of his cock held it down in place so his hands were free to explore his physical perfection. Harold still couldn’t believe he was so strong and masculine. The powerful stream of urine continued for minutes, his bladder emptying the remnants of the multiple bottles of expensive champagne he eagerly consumed during the party. Harold’s massive bodyweight allowed him to drink more than any other man without getting drunk, he got a buzz but stayed in total control. Harold spent the night dominating the other men in the room; his super strength allowing him to effortlessly defeat all the other muscle hunks in arm wrestling or punching contests. Sometimes he only had to shake their hands; his vice-like grip bringing them to their knees in pain. No man questioned his superiority once subjected to his awesome strength. He demonstrated his power to the women by allowing them to hang from his flexed arms. Harold would do a double bicep pose and two women would wrap their arms around each of his bulging biceps; his potent arms easily supporting the weight of the four women. The displays of dominance turned Harold on as much as the onlookers. He spent the entire night in various stages of arousal. Luckily, there was always a volunteer to help Harold relief the pressure that built up his balls. Every man and women at the party had experienced Harold’s mighty meat in one body cavity or the other before the night was over.

Harold’s bladder had finally emptied. The woman he moved in bed entered the bathroom and joined him in exploring his body. Harold turned to face her. He bent down and hugged her in his beefy arms. He lifted her to his level and they kissed, their tongues playing against each other. He carried her into the large walk-shower and turned on the faucet; the dual shower heads covered their entwined bodies with warm water. She had the honor of enjoying Harold’s first hard-on of the day. His potent cock refreshed and reenergized by a night’s sleep. He slowly penetrated the eager women. The leisurely rhythm of his giant organ caused unbelievable pleasure inside the girl for more than twenty minutes. Her passionate screams awoke the other party goers. Harold carried the women out of the bathroom and placed her on the bed. He had wrapped her in a towel since she was soaking wet, everywhere.

“Is she alright?” the other girl asked.

“Yeah, can’t you tell by the smile on her face? She just fainted. I guess her body couldn’t handle so many orgasms this early in the morning.” Harold said then moved his hand to his still hard cock, “And I haven’t even had one yet”.

The girl looked at Harold’s magnificent body, still dripping with water, lustfully and reached for his huge meat, “I can help you with that”.

Harold threw her over his shoulder and carried her back to the waiting shower. By the time they finished pleasuring each other and finally showered, all the other guests had left. Harold entered the room naked, his body still causing awe in Richard and the other girl who had finally recovered from her session with Harold. Harold walked by them ignoring their stares as he headed to the balcony. He took a deep breath, his massive chest growing to enormous proportions, enjoying the sea air. “I think I head down to the beach to catch some sun. Richard, do you have a suit I can borrow?”

“I don’t think any of my trunks will fit you. But you may be able to squeeze into one of my bikinis”, Richard said staring at Harold’s impressive equipment. Richard went to the bureau and opened the top drawer. He stepped aside to allow the following Harold to see the selection. Harold went through and selected the only g-string bikini. He stepped into it and brought the suit to his waist. Richard watched the back string disappear between Harold’s massive ass checks. Harold turned and started to adjust his package. The girls approached him and playfully slapped his hands away.

“Allow us”, the girls started to cup his balls and pull at his thick cock attempting to make things smoother in the thin material. They pulled at the pouch stretching it to cover all of him. Harold allowed them to play with his manhood; they seemed to be really enjoying themselves. After all the practice last night, he was better able to control his erections. Richard watched, actually grateful for his older age. Unlike Harold it took him a long time to recover from his orgasms, and after last night, he knew he wouldn’t be able to get hard for days.

“Diego, I don’t think you’re allowed to wear g-strings on a public beach. They have ordinances against it” Richard said.

“Those rules apply to ordinary people. If anyone should be seen in a bikini like this is a man like me. Don’t you agree ladies?” Harold said flexing every muscle in his body while placing his hands on his narrow hips. The women showed there approval by running their hands over his hardened body and licking their lips. “Now who wants to join me at the beach?”


Diego was woken by the sound of the running water. He sat up in bed disoriented by his environment. When he saw his reflection in the mirror on the opposite wall, he remembered where he was. Katrina wasn’t alongside him; she must be taking a shower. Diego walked to the kitchen drawn by the smell of coffee. He poured himself a cup, the weight of the pot causing his hand to shake. He brought the cup to his mouth savoring the taste. He heard a knock at the door. He opened the door and was startled to see Bill and Ryan there.

“Good morning Harold. You want to join us for a workout?” Bill asked.

“My God, what happened to you?” Ryan asked noticing the wounds on Diego’s face.

Diego hesitated for a moment, shocked to be face to face with the men that took everything away from him. “Oh yeah”, he said touching his swollen lip, “Good morning to you. I was a….a mugged last night”.

The two men forced their way in making Diego step back into the room. “I’m glad to hear it wasn’t Katrina this time”, Bill teased closing the door behind him. He also noticed the gym bag by the door. It looked familiar; he bent down to read the name tag.

“Are you alright? Did you call the police?” Ryan asked with real concern.

“I’m fine and yes the cops know about it” Diego said realizing how good the two men looked now. Each wore a tight tank top and baggy nylon shorts; the current standard outfit real jocks wear to show off their hard earned bodies. Their lean muscles were quite obvious, along with the significant bulge between Ryan’s legs. But Diego knew they didn’t earn their physiques.

“Why do you have Diego’s gym bag?” Bill asked.

“What? Was it Diego that did this to you? That asshole. I should have never told you I saw him downstairs. And after the way you left Bill’s home so abruptly yesterday, I knew you were up to something”, Ryan commented.

“No, Diego didn’t do this to me. I told you I was mugged”, Diego answered becoming defensive for a moment, “But I did run into Diego last night. I wanted to know if what you said was true.”

“So, did he have his old body back?” Bill asked.

“Yes, he looked more perfect than ever. He makes you two jocks look like chopped liver” Diego said enjoying his deceit.

“Did you see if he had the necklaces?” Ryan questioned.

“And how about the wooden box?” Bill inquired.

“Yes, he had the necklaces. The box is in the bag” Diego answered while moving to sit down on the couch; his weakened legs getting tired from standing for so long. Bill knelt down to the bag again and unzipped it. He frantically searched the bag until he found the box and opened it.

“Where are the necklaces?” Bill pleaded.

“The last time I saw Diego; he was wearing all four of them” Diego answered casually.

“Oh no” Bill said under his breath.

Diego noticed the fearful look on Bill’s face. “Is that a problem?” he asked.

“No, not really. The odds are nothing will happen.” Bill said without thinking, still staring at the empty box.

“What do you mean, Bill? If there is something we should know, you better tell us. This whole thing may have been your idea, but we’re all in it together now” Ryan remarked.

“I know. You’re right”, Bill said as he stood up and walked closer to the other two men. “Everything we have done, or more exact the necklaces have done, can be reversed if one of the original four people who used them wears all four necklaces and says the word, uhm….return”.

“What?” Diego asked almost choking on his coffee.

“I can’t lose what I took from Diego. I can’t go back to the way I was before” Ryan said has he grabbed his enhanced package.

“Don’t panic guys. I’ve got the most to lose if that happened. The person would have to say it in Filipino. And I don’t think a muscle-head like Diego is fluent in Filipino. There’s nothing to worry about. But I’ll try to contact my friend in the Philippines to see if there is a way to deactivate the necklaces without us actually having them”, Bill said trying to calm the other two men.

“Yeah, you’re right. That hulking wet-back can hardly speak English, none the less Filipino” Ryan joined in, trying to make himself feel better too.

“Yeah, he’s a real moron all right”, Diego said trying to cover his growing anger.

“See, like I said nothing to worry about. Diego doesn’t know how to reverse the magic. And it’s not like one of us is going to tell him”, Bill said, “You don’t mind if I keep the box? It’s belongs to me anyway.”

“Sure, whatever” Diego answered.

“How did you end up with Diego’s bag?” Bill wondered.

“When he saw me, he dropped it and ran away. Imagine a guy his size scared of me. I guess after our little fight the other day; I put fear of God in him. I took the bag hoping to learn more about the necklaces” Diego said trying to sound tough. Ryan and Bill laughed at Diego’s story.

“I would have loved to see that big coward running away from you” Bill commented.

“So I guess you’re in no condition to workout today. Are you going into work?” Ryan asked.

“No, not today” Diego answered while standing and heading towards the door. “I’ll see you guys later.” Diego opened the door and the other two men exited. “By the way, Bill. What is the Filipino word for return?”

“Magbalik, it really means return things to their former status”, Bill said, “Why do you want to know?”

“Just curious, that’s all” Diego said as he closed the door. Diego walked into the bedroom, his mind was racing with this new information. He removed his robe and looked in the mirror. He was in good shape, but looked so thin and weak compared to his former appearance. His body was covered in cuts and bruises. Last night he had resigned himself to living the rest of his life looking like Harold, but now he may not have to. All he had to do was to get Harold to say a simple word. But he knew he would never be able to force Harold to say it. Harold would never trust anything Diego told him. Diego needed help from someone Harold trusted. At that moment the shower stopped running. Diego turned to look through the open bathroom door to see Katrina emerge from the tub, her beautiful body glistening with moisture from the shower. She bent forward to wrap her long, hair in a towel. As she adjusted the towel, Diego scanned the feminine curves of her athletic body. It was easy to see why Harold loved her and wanted so desperately to please his wife. Diego had found his ally.

Katrina walked out of the bathroom noticing her husband staring at her. He had a strange smirk on his face. She scanned his tall, muscular form and became aroused. She walked over to him and started to run her hands over his hard chest. “Harry, you’re bruises look so sexy, like you are a champion boxer who has just defended his title”, her hand moved down to his battered abdominal muscles and punched them lightly with her fist imitating a boxer. Diego bit his lip in attempt not to show the pain he felt. He walked away rubbing his stomach and sat on the bed. Katrina followed and straddled his legs, her large, pert breasts in his face. Diego did not react. Katrina pulled his face into her deep cleavage. Diego put his hands on her shoulders and tried to free himself from the soft orbs. Katrina grabbed his wrists and forced his hands over his head as they fell back onto the bed. Diego struggled to move his hands; her strength too much for his weakened body to counteract. Katrina laughed, “You’re not even trying. Do you want me to dominate you again, sweetie?”

Diego continued to struggle, his face becoming red with frustration. “No, get off of me”, Diego blurted out, upset with his inability to defend himself against a woman. This had never happened to him before.

Katrina let go and sat to one side of her husband. “Are you still mad at me because of what happened yesterday?” she asked while removing the towel from the top of her head. Diego did not say anything as he sat up and rubbed his wrist. Katrina continued, “We were having so much fun at the beach yesterday until that bodybuilder showed up. You know how I am attracted to muscular men, I didn’t mean to stare at him and ignore you. I could see you were getting jealous, but he was so big and handsome I had to look. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings”. Katrina caressed her husband’s sinewy forearm. Diego didn’t respond, since he wasn’t there, he didn’t know what to say. “I guess I made things worse yesterday morning, when I suggested you ask your company if you could take more of the drug. I just thought if one dose made you this much taller and stronger; another would make you even more of a man.”

“Drug?” Diego asked.

“Yes, the experimental drug your company created for the military. You said that’s why your physical appearance improved so drastically” Katrina answered surprised by her husband’s memory lapse.

“Oh, right, that drug” Diego said understanding Harold’s lie. He had to tell his wife something since the changes were so dramatic.

“When you stormed out of here and didn’t return all day I was worried. Then you show up with the police. I didn’t know what to think. I’m sorry for what I said. I can love you just the way you are, but I will look at muscular men. It’s only natural, sweetie. But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Okay, my little Har-Har?” Katrina said running her hand up Diego’s arm to his well-toned bicep and squeezed with all her might. She loved to way the hardness of a real man’s muscle was able to resist her woman’s inferior strength. But this time she was able to dent his bicep, it felt so soft. Diego yelped in pain, surprised by the power in her grip. “What’s wrong with you today? There’s no bruise on your upper arm. Why are your muscles so soft and you are so weak? Are the effects of the drug wearing off? Is that why you are upset? What are we going to do?” Katrina said panicking at the thought of being married to a scrawny man again.

“Calm down, Katrina. I have something to tell you that you may find hard to believe” Diego said looking into her worried blue eyes. “It wasn’t a drug that made me taller and stronger. It was magic. I just told you it was a drug because I thought it was more believable. Bill, Ryan and I used magic to improve our bodies by taking muscle mass and height from Diego.”

“Diego?” Katrina inquired.

“Yes. We knew that our wives were sleeping with him” Diego continued.

“Harold, I’m sorry. It just sort of happened.” Katrina tried to explain her indiscretions.

“It’s okay, I understand. Diego is extremely attractive. Some may even say physically perfect, the ultimate man.” Diego was having a little fun talking about himself. “We knew after you had been with a man like him, we could never satisfy you in bed again. So we decided to get revenge and Bill came up with this plan. But something has changed. Diego has learned how to block the magic and actually grow more muscular and handsome than before. I am becoming weaker and soon my muscles will shrink and I’ll get shorter.” Diego saw the horror in Katrina’s eyes at the thought, so he continued his lie, “I may even be smaller and weaker than I was before this all started if Diego has his way.”

“No, that can’t happen. I need you to have muscles and be stronger than me. Isn’t there anything we can do?” Katrina asked apparently believing the story.

“Yes, but I can’t do it alone. Diego won’t trust me or let me near him. But you may be able to. He won’t be able to resist your beauty. He will want to have you again. While it will kill me for you to be with that bastard again, I know that it will mean years of happiness for us.” Diego said using all his acting skills.

“What can I do?” Katrina inquired.

“Diego is wearing four necklaces to protect himself from the magic. All you have to do is have him hold the crystals on the necklaces in his hand and said the word magbalik. That will allow my spell to take effect. I’ll become stronger with bigger muscles and bigger other things too.” Diego smiled at Katrina.

Katrina looked down at her husband’s average cock then gently rubbed his thigh, “Really. How big will your, uhm, muscles get?”

“As big as Diego’s if you want them to be. Imagine having a professional bodybuilder for a husband. Going to bed and waking up every day with a huge muscular man lying next to you. You’ll have a strong, virile man at your beck and call every moment of the day whose only desire is to please you.” Diego said while moving his hands up Katrina’s thigh and kissing her lips gently.

“Do we know where Diego is? If it was you, I know you would be at the beach showing off. And how am I going to get him to say magbalik. I can hardly say it myself” Katrina asked excited by the thought of her husband having a body like Diego’s.

“The beach sounds like the place to start. And I know you will think of something. You can make any man do whatever you want. You are so beautiful no one could resist you. Will you help me?” Diego talked between gently kissing Katrina’s neck, shoulders and breasts.

“Yes, of course. You are my husband. I’ll do everything I can to make you a powerful, muscular man. If that’s what you want” Katrina whispered.

“Thank you, you are a great wife. Now this may be your last chance to dominate me” Diego said playfully. “Once I have Diego’s muscles, I’ll be one in total control.” Diego hugged his wife while kissing her lips once more. Katrina rolled on top of him and grabbed his hardening cock; she twisted it causing Diego to flinch in pain. She wasn’t playing.

“I better enjoy my advantage while I can then” Katrina smiled as she forced herself up, kneeling with one leg on each side of her husband. She forced his hands off her body and held them in place over his head. She was able to control both wrists with one hand. She took the other hand and rubbed Diego’s nipple, causing it to plump up. She grabbed it and twirled it between her fingers. Diego yelled out, she slapped his face to reprimand him for the outburst. Diego had never seen this side of Katrina before. He knew she liked a little pain with her sex, but he was the one who always inflicted it on her. She then pounded his bruised stomach muscles with the side of her fist causing him to gasp for air. She slapped him again. Diego didn’t like this reversal of power, he tried to free his hands, but was unable to break Katrina’s grip. Katrina was really enjoying dominating this man who was several inches taller and outweighed her by 30 pounds. She never was able to do this before. She watched as his larger muscles flexed trying to overpower her, but failed. It made her feel incredibly strong, like an Amazon warrior. She continued to slap Diego across the face; she only stopped when she saw blood coming from the reopened wound on his lip. She bent down and kissed his lip roughly, licking up the blood. She let go of his hands and reached for his softening cock. She stroked it roughly, only stopping to squeeze his ball sack. Diego’s cock started to respond, against his wishes. When she had made him totally hard, she quickly mounted him. She rotated her hips, trying to get as much satisfaction as his 5 inch rod could provide. She squeezed her thighs together, crushing Diego’s waist and hips. He was having a difficult time breathing. He tried to stop her, but she just punched his sore stomach again. Diego knew this situation had nothing to do with him, she was just using him to get off. His pleasure didn’t concern her. She grabbed his hands and put them on her breast. She closed her eyes to fully enjoy the feeling of his large, manly hands on her sensitive tits. Diego tried to inflict pain on her by applying as much pressure as his weakened body could exact on her breasts. But Katrina only found pleasure from his grip. She squeezed her milk makers harder applying the pressure he was unable to do himself, treating Diego’s masculine hands like gloves. Diego’s plan backfired as his hands were being painfully compressed by Katrina’s grip. She let go of his hands and slammed her fists into Diego’s stomach once more causing his pelvis to thrust upward. Diego’s cock rammed deep inside her. She reached climax, cuming more than once. She rolled off Diego and laid next to him forcing her arms around his body to cuddle. Diego cock started to soften slowly, never having reached orgasm. His body did feel like it had been through a championship bout. He was exhausted, bleeding and in pain; his eyes filled with tears. He felt totally emasculated, worse than when he was with the bear. He hoped he never had to go through this again. He turned to look at Katrina. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. At least he had convinced her to help him. She may be his only hope of getting his rightful body back. •

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