Desperate Husbands


By Clarence591

Diego thought about what happened again and again for over an hour trying to recover from the shock. He replayed every word and action in his head. The entire time he sat there in front of the mirror his eyes unfocused and glazed over. He realized the key was the necklaces they were wearing. The last person Diego saw with the necklaces was Bill. Diego had to get them from him. He went to find a shirt to cover his flabby body. All his shirts were 3XL that used to cling tightly to his massive torso, but now they hung loosely, like a dress on him. Diego used his employee pass key to get into the building manager’s office. He went to the key bank to get Bill and Brittany’s spare door key for their condo. He had to stop every few minutes to catch his breath. He felt so weak and tired, no longer the magnificent athlete he was just hours ago. He got to Bill’s home using the delivery elevator, avoiding contact with the residents. He listened at the door to see if anyone was home. It was silent, so he slowly opened the door and entered. He scanned the large open dining and living rooms, trying to get used to his new glasses. He saw the wooden box on the coffee table on the far side of the space. He moved towards the table when he heard voices coming from another room. He ducked behind the couch to hide.

“Enough I can’t take anymore”, Brittany said walking into the living room.

“I’m the husband; I tell you when you had enough. You wanted a man that could go for hours and hours, well you got one” Bill said in a nasty tone following his wife into the room.

Both were nude and covered in sweat. Bill’s body was tight and toned, his flawless skin glistening in the sunlight that streamed in from the large patio doors. As he walked his fully erect cock swung back and forth.

“You’re hard again. How many pills did you take?” Brittany asked.

“I don’t need pills anymore, baby. I’ve got the stamina of a 20 year old athlete” Bill said grabbing hold of his cock.

Suddenly they heard a large thud from the condo above them and Katrina’s loud voice “Oh my God, Harold, you’re so strong and powerful, take me again. Please flex for me, please”.

“Sounds like they’re having a good time too” Bill smirked still playing with himself.

Brittany walked over to her husband and put her hands on his fuck pole too. “Bill, what’s happened to you? You look so young and handsome. You’re body is so hard and muscular. We’ve been going at it for more than two hours and you didn’t need your oxygen once. You are amazing, this is best sex I’ve ever had. You’re even better than Di…”, Brittany stopped in mid sentence.

“Diego? Is that what you were going to say? Well you can forget him, he won’t be able to service you anymore. He’s not the man he used to be”, Bill said confidently. Diego's blood boiled as he listened to Bill. He wanted so badly to take him down, but he knew he couldn't in his condition so he stayed hidden. “You know about him and me? I’m sorry Bill, I didn’t want to do it; but he was just so fit and virile. And you were so sickly. I couldn’t resist him”, Brittany said moving her hands to Bill’s large chest.

“Oh I understand, but I don’t forgive you. Once I done fucking you like you’ve never been fucked before, I’m throwing you out on the street with all the other whores” Bill said as he lifted Brittany over his shoulder and carried her off back to the bedroom. Brittany was pounding her small fists on her husband’s muscular back to no avail. Bill slapped her hard on her ass, then threw her on the bed.

Diego grabbed the box and left the condo to sounds of muffled screams and moans of pleasure.


Diego left the building and walked along the beach thinking about what to do next. He had to get revenge for what they did to him, but how? He knew there was no way he could overpower the three husbands. They were so strong now and he so weak. Maybe he could use the necklaces on some one else to gain muscle before taking them on. He saw a handsome, young man with a tan, muscular physique running on the beach. There were so many hunks on SouthBeach; it shouldn’t be too hard to find a victim. But he thought if he took it from someone else, they would seek revenge on him and he might end up loosing everything again. He needed a victim that wouldn’t be able to fight back and nobody would care about or help. That’s when Diego saw a small group of homeless men sitting on benches along the boardwalk.

Diego sat on a bench a few yards from the ragged men. He was feeling very tired and out of breath. He put the wooden box he was carrying with him on the bench next to him. Diego studied the men, they looked old with skin no better than his own. But he realized that his looks shouldn’t be his first concern, he needed to get healthy first. The pain in his chest was getting worse with every passing hour.

Just then a young man on a bicycle rode by him and started to circle around Diego’s bench staring at the box. Diego had seen this guy before on the boardwalk, he was a regular called the Bikeman. Diego knew he was homeless too and a little mentally disturbed. The Bikeman was wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt that showed his young sinewy muscles and tight tanned skin. Diego thought he must be in great shape from riding mile after mile on his bike. “How you doing, Bikeman?” Diego asked.

“Okey dokey to the man from Skokie” the young man answered in a sing-song voice, making tighter circles near Diego.

“Why don’t you sit down with me so we can talk?” Diego said with a smile.

“No way to the man from Monterey” Bikeman sang back.

Diego took a necklace out of the box and held it up for the Bikeman to see, “I have a present for you if you do”.

Bikeman rode over to Diego and sat down on the bench after propping up his bicycle behind the bench. “Very pretty to the man from New York City”, he said as he took the necklace from Diego’s hand.

“Put in on over your head” Diego showed him by putting on another necklace.

Bikeman slipped the necklace on and immediately got back on his bike and started to do tight circles around Diego again. “Very pretty to the man from New York City” he repeated.

“What did they say? When they stole my body they all said it in the same way” Diego was softly talking to himself. He grabbed his necklace and looked at Bikeman, “I exchange with you our hearts, no that’s not what Bill said”. Diego thought again, “I exchange with you our cardio-vascular systems, I take from you your complexion and I give you, huh, what do I have to give you”. Diego put his hand to his forehead trying to think, he hit his bulky glasses in the process. “Of course”, Diego grabbed his necklace tighter and said aloud to Bikeman “I exchange with you our cardio-vascular systems, I take from you your complexion and I give you my poor eyesight”. Immediately Diego felt stronger, the pain in his chest dissipated. He took several deep breathes relishing the oxygen energizing his body. He looked at his hands as the skin became tighter and the age spots disappeared. He vision became blurry, so he removed his glasses and smiled. He could see as well as he did before this nightmare had started. As he looked up he noticed Bikeman had fallen. He lay on the ground gasping for air. Diego went to him and helped him to the bench. He picked up the bicycle and leaned it up against the back of the bench. Diego removed the necklace from around Bikeman’s neck and put it back in the box with the other two. He put Harold’s old eyeglasses on Bikeman. Diego now saw a man that looked as if he aged 30 years. Bikeman’s skin was wrinkled, scarred and spotted.

“I feel bad to the man from Trinidad” Bikeman said trying to catch his breath.

“Sorry dude, but better you than me” Diego said as he patted Bikeman on the heaving chest and walked away with the box in his hand. Diego stopped when he came to a storefront window and looked at his reflection. Bikeman’s young, tight skin revealed Diego’s beautiful bone structure. He was stunningly handsome once again. He raised his shirt to see what the rest of his body looked like. The skin was young and tighter, but a shade paler than his arms and face. He rolled down the binding waist band of his spandex shorts and saw even paler skin. “Shit, I’m a white man. I’ve got to find a Latino brother. There’s no way I’m going to have tan lines” Diego said as he rubbed his roll of stomach fat. “And I’ve got to get rid of this”.

Diego continued to walk along the boardwalk looking for potential victims. He came across a young man rocking back and forth on the stoop of an abandoned building. He was very lean, his face looking gaunt. Diego assumed he was a junkie strung out on something. Diego approached the man and sat down along side him. The man stopped rocking and leaned his lanky body back onto the building’s door; his leg bouncing away a mile a minute. Diego and the man looked at each other. The man’s face was dirty and covered with pimples; but he was Hispanic. Diego’s eyes went down the man’s body stopping at the bulge at his crotch. He then looked at his own crotch and saw nothing but loose spandex material. He had forgotten about his tiny cock, Diego looked back to the other man’s bulge and thought this will be perfect.

“$20 to suck it, $50 if you want to fuck me” the man said noticing Diego was staring at his cock.

“I don’t think so, I don’t pay for sex. People pay me and a lot more than $50, dude” Diego said caught off guard by his offer.

“Whatever, man. But this is my area, so move on if you’re not buying” the junkie replied.

“Sorry, dude. I really am interested. But before I buy I like to know what I’m getting. How big are you?” Diego asked with a smile.

“A thick nine inches, the holy grail of cocks” The man replied his eyes avoiding Diego’s.

Diego had dealt with hustlers before, he knew if someone said nine inches it probably was more like seven. But still it was a lot bigger than what he now had between his legs. He wanted to make sure before he stole it.

Diego took out a necklace from the box and held it front of the younger man, “I’ll give you this necklace, with a pure gold chain, if I can just see it.”

The man looked at the necklace; he figured he could hock it for some quick cash. “Sure, but don’t touch it. That will cost you real money, cash only”, the drug addict stood up in front of Diego and looked around. There was no one else nearby. He unbuttoned his shorts and pulled down the zipper. He lowered his pants a couple of inches exposing his manhood. It was soft but thick. It was a good 4” in length and perfectly shaped. Two large balls hung behind it. Diego noticed the man’s skin was a perfect shade of light brown everywhere.

The man pulled up his pants and sat back down next to Diego, “Now give me the necklace”.

“It will be my pleasure. You deserve it, dude. You’ve got a nice cock there” Diego said as he watched the man put the necklace on. Diego grabbed hold of his own necklace, “I exchange with you our genitals, I take from you your natural skin color and I give you 30 pounds of fat”. Diego felt a pulse at his crotch; he looked down as the loose material began to fill with flesh. The heavy roll of fat around his waist was melting away. The junkie was freaking out, as he started to gain weight. He grabbed his crotch and started to rock back and forth in a panic. “Don’t worry man it’s just a bad trip, you’re only hallucinating. Everything will be fine” Diego said trying to calm him down. Diego reached behind the man and undid the necklace’s clasp, removing it and putting it back into the box. The man didn’t notice as he was staring at his expanding gut. Diego walked away quickly and left the boardwalk entering a narrow side street. He looked behind him to see if he was being followed after walking about three blocks. Once he felt safe, he stopped and lifted his shirt to examine the latest changes. His stomach was flat and tight revealing the little muscle he had left on his body. Finally able to pull the elastic waist band of his shorts away from him, he looked down at this greatly improved package and evenly colored skin.

“Much better, now I need to get some real muscle on this body” Diego said out loud to himself.

“You certainly do” a deep voice replied.

Diego turned to see two muscular men wearing workout clothes. They laughed at Diego as they passed him. He watched their hard bodies enter a gym further down the block. “Jackpot”, Diego said with a big smile. •

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