Desperate Husbands


By Clarence591

Diego walked to the gym and looked in the window like a child at a candy store. He had never been to this gym and wasn’t’ familiar with their clientele. He saw mostly beach bodies inside, no real bodybuilders. Diego knew he needed men with lots of muscle mass to get his championship physique back. He saw a tank of man heading towards the exit door. The man was very stout, as board as he was tall. His big muscles covered by a layer of fat. His firm but rounded gut protruding further from his body than his chest. Thick fur coated his body everywhere his string top and shorts revealed. As the man left the gym, he stopped to light a cigarette. He was obviously a power lifter not a body builder. Diego thought the bulky guy could easily lose 30 pounds of muscle and never realize it. The great bear noticed Diego staring at him and shook his head as he walked off in the opposite direction.

“Hi, you look very strong” Diego said as he caught up to the man and walked beside him. He realized his next victim was only about two inches taller than he was. “Perfect”, Diego thought.

“Thanks” he replied without looking at Diego.

“I really admire strong men” Diego did his best to flirt with the man. He wasn’t used to having to work to get another person’s attention.

“Kid, how old are you? 16 or 17? Why don’t you go home and give your father his clothes back?” the man said unimpressed by his suitor.

“I’m not a kid, I’m in my 20s.” Diego said trying to deepen his voice to sound more mature, “These clothes are my workout clothes. I want to have room to allow my muscles to grow”.

“It’s good a have a dream, kid. Even an impossible one” the power lifter said throwing his spent cigarette into the gutter.

“Maybe we can spend some personal time together and you can give me advice on how to get as strong as you. Please, I would really be appreciative” Diego begged while grabbing hold of the big man’s hand and sucking his index finger seductively.

The man stopped walking and looked at Diego’s handsome face. As usual, he was horny after his workout and a blow job would feel better than his using his own hand. “Sure, why not. My place is only a block away.”

“Great” Diego answered with glee in his eyes.

Diego followed the burly guy into his second floor apartment. The place was small, dirty and smelled of sweat and smoke. The man locked the door behind him, threw his bag down, and removed his shirt as he walked into the bedroom. After a few seconds, Diego followed him.

“Come on, let’s get this over with. I’ve worked all day and just lifted a ton of weight. I’m tired and want to go to bed. Get your clothes off” the man said sitting on edge of his unmade bed completely nude.

Diego removed his clothes; the man snickered at his scrawny body. Diego removed a necklace from the box and held it in front of the impatient hulk. “May I ask you to put on this necklace? I like to be spiritually bonded to the people I’m intimate with; it will make for a more satisfying experience for the both of us. I promise.”

“I don’t have time for this fruity, new age shit” the man said as he grabbed the necklace and threw it against the wall. He grabbed Diego around his bicep, “You are one puny twink, my cock’s thicker than your arm. But you sure are pretty”. The man pulled Diego’s face to his own and kissed him. The taste of onions and cigarettes almost made Diego sick. Diego was then forced down to his knees and his face pushed into the man’s crotch. The man kept his large square hand on the back of Diego’s head holding him in place. “Start sucking boy, you’re going to have to work a little to get to enjoy this man’s meat”.

Diego started to lick the man’s heavy balls. He put his hands on the man’s furry thighs trying to push himself away from the man’s crotch for some fresh air. The man’s pungent odor was overwhelming. His thick pubic hair was still damp with sweat. Diego thought this must be what it’s like to have oral sex with a St. Bernard dog. The man started to get aroused from Diego’s pathetic struggle. His erect cock was a lot like him, short and wide. While less than five inches in length, it was as thick as a beer can. Diego was only able to get the tip inside his mouth comfortably. “Come on you have to do better than that”, the man said as he grabbed both sides of Diego’s head and forcibly pulled it back and forth over his cock. After a few moments, he picked Diego up by the shoulders and threw him onto the bed. He flipped Diego on his stomach and held him by the hips. Without saying a word, he started to pump Diego’s ass with his cock. Diego felt helpless, unable to do anything to stop the powerful man from doing want he wanted. Diego started to cry. He had fallen far from the pedestal he once occupied. He was a sexual god who people worshipped, his perfect body inspiring awe in everyone lucky enough to be chosen to be with him. He always played the dominant role in every sexual encounter before today. Now he had to beg this Neanderthal to virtually rape him. Diego heard a low moan and felt the man’s warm cream enter his ass. The man pushed Diego off the bed and laid down on his back. “You can go now” he said with his eyes closed, one hand holding his softening cock and the other rubbing the curly hair on his stomach.

Diego walked to where his clothes were and quietly dressed himself feeling like a whore. He then crawled on his hands and knees searching for the necklace the man had thrown away. Thrilled to have finally found it, his happiness increased when he heard snoring. Diego realized this was his chance to get what he wanted. He approached the sleeping bear and laid the necklace around the man’s neck. Carefully he fastened the clasp. He grabbed his necklace and said “I exchange with you our height, I take from you 40 pounds of muscle, and I give you all my body hair”. He stared at his supposed victim and didn’t see any changes. He repeated his words and still nothing happened. “What’s wrong, why didn’t it work? I said it just like the other times. These things have to work; I can’t look like this forever. What the hell am I going to do? “, Diego said to himself in a panic. “Let me think. How is this different from last time? I put the necklace on the guy and said the words in the right order just like before.” Diego’s mind was racing, “Wait, I put the necklace on him this time. All the others put the necklaces on themselves. Maybe that’s why it’s not working. Damn, how am I going to get this ape to put the necklace on?” Diego walked back to the bed and unfastened the clasp. As he pulled the necklace away from the man, it got caught in the fur on the back of his neck and he woke up.

“Why are you still here?” he growled at Diego.

“I wanted to give you this necklace from earlier. It would mean a lot to me if you wore it. And I beg you for another opportunity to suck you off. You are so strong and sexy. You’re ten times the man I am. I promise to do a better job this time, really.” Diego said in a last attempt to get some muscle from this guy.

“You twinks are all alike, can’t get enough of a real man. Sure I’ll wear the damn thing if it will shut you up. Don’t you get tired of yapping? You’re worse than a woman.” He sat up in bed and put the necklace on. Diego helped him with the clasp due to the man’s stubby fingers. “Well?” the man said pointing to his cock.

“Yes sir”, Diego jumped on the bed and straddled the bigger man’s thighs. Diego went to work sucking the man’s balls, popping each one in and out of his warm mouth. He then put the man’s cock in his mouth, his tongue concentrating on the sensitive tip. He was getting no reaction, so he looked up at the man who was staring down at him with an irritated look on his face. “Sorry” Diego said humbly. He put more effort into his seduction. He started to finger the area behind the balls as he massaged them. His finger moved further back entering his asshole. He sucked violently on man’s thick rod, until finally Diego’s mouth was completely filled with hardened cock. Once again the man grabbed Diego, pulled down his shorts and started to ram his ass. Diego softly said the words for the physical transfer.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut the fuck up?” the man said as he slapped the back of Diego’s head, “I have to pretend you’re a real man, instead of a puny boy to get off and hearing your faggot voice doesn’t help”. The man closed his eyes again as he thrust his cock harder into Diego.

Diego stared at this own forearm. He watched as it lengthened slightly, the muscles growing, and the hair vanishing. At the same time the man shot his second load into Diego. He fell alongside Diego’s body totally spent; the effects of a hard workout, two orgasms, and a loss of 40 pounds of muscle. “Now get out and I mean it this time boy. And take this piece of shit with you” he grumbled, between deep breathes, without opening his eyes tearing the necklace off his neck and throwing it in Diego’s direction.

Diego pulled up his shorts, put the damaged necklace back in the box and quickly left the bedroom. He didn’t want the big man to see his improved physique. Diego noticed a large mirror next the apartment’s front door. He raised his shirt and saw a muscular torso. His pecs were hard and square. His abs were well defined and tight. He watched as his egg size biceps jumped to attention when he flexed his arms. He looked down and noticed his shorts were no longer to his knees. His thicker thighs filled the openings better too. He ran his hands over his rounded ass, finally he had an ass again. He now had the body of an athletic teenager. “Another 3 or 4 like this today and I may be able to get my pro card after all.” •

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