Desperate Husbands

The Beginning


By Clarence591

Ryan was banging his wife, Sara, with everything he had. Unfortunately for Sara that wasn’t very much. As he pounded away, she got more stimulation from his pelvis smashing into her than from his thin, three inch penis. She didn’t say anything even though it was more painful than pleasurable. Sara regretted having suggested he use a strap-on penis extender she bought from the adult store this morning. She didn’t mean to hurt his fragile male ego, but she couldn’t pretend anymore.

Ryan and Sara were high school sweethearts who married right after graduation. Ryan was the star quarterback with a tall, muscular physique. Sara was the head cheerleader with a pretty face and large breasts. He still was attractive, even with twenty extra pounds of fat around his waist. Sara kept her hourglass figure even after having two children. She had never been with another man, so she thought for the last nine years their sex was average. She never understood what other women were talking about when it came to orgasms. She thought sex was supposed to be pleasurable for the man, not the woman. But after Diego, she knew what she had been missing.

Ryan finally came and rolled off of Sara. “How was that?” he asked proud of himself.

“Great honey. You should get some sleep, I know you have a big meeting tomorrow”, Sara replied hoping he would drift off soon.

Sara waited for Ryan’s usual snoring to start. She took the sex toy with her into the bathroom and shut the door. She inserted it into her and thought of Diego, a wave of pleasure took over her body. She had multiple orgasms, biting her tongue to not wake her husband in the next room. Finally satisfied, she returned to bed and slept soundly for the rest of the evening.


Two floors up in the same high-rise condo building, Brittany was trying to get her husband to try a new position. “Come on, Bill. It could be fun. The pills are still working and it would be a shame to waste that nice hard-on of yours.”

“I don’t think I can. We did it once like we usually do. The pills will wear-off soon, and I don’t think my heart can take any more. Just doing it in the missionary position twice a month is tough on me, you know that sugar dumpling”, Bill replied after taking a deep breath from the oxygen tank beside his bed.

Brittany left the bedroom and went into the den to get a drink. She poured herself a bourdon and drank it down. She regretted marrying her husband two years ago, even though she only did it for his money. She never expected the retired army kernel to live this long in his physical condition. Bill was 48 years old but had the heart of a man in his 80s. He still looked like a tough solider though. His head was covered by thick silver hair cut short in a military style. Years of physical training were evident in his broad shoulders and flat stomach. However, the years of sun exposure took its toll on his skin. It looked dry and leathery hanging loosely on his frame. Old acne scars and age spots detracted from his very handsome face. Brittany had needs that her husband’s poor health prevented him from fulfilling. The 21 year old beauty pageant winner had an incredible sex drive. She found only one man that could outlast her in the bedroom. She had a third drink and closed her eyes thinking of Diego. She passed out on the couch with a smile on her rosebud lips.


“I want you to take me, Harold. Carry me in your arms, throw me on the bed and take me. Hold my arms down, force my legs apart and just fuck the hell out of me”, Katrina tried to explain again what she wanted her husband to do. Their condo was right above Brittany and Bill’s place. The two 23 year old newlyweds moved in only 4 months ago.

Katrina stood at 5’ 10” with an incredible athletic body. She was 5 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than her husband. She had been a top amateur tennis player back in Russia when she was younger. When the government stopped sponsoring upcoming athletes, Katrina had to find another way to support herself and her family. Harold fell in love with her the moment he saw her picture in the bride catalog. Harold fantasized about being dominated by a stronger woman. But Katrina needed the same thing from her man.

Harold looked at his beautiful blonde wife wanting to please her. He quickly walked up to her and tried sweeping her off her feet. His bone thin physique didn’t have the strength to lift her fit body. He struggled for several minutes before giving up. “Sorry, my little kitty cat, I just can’t do it.”

“It’s okay. At least you tried” Katrina picked up her tiny husband and threw him onto the bed; his thick glasses falling off as he landed. Katrina crawled into bed disappointed. While she took her usual position on top of him, she grabbed Harold’s thigh and closed her eyes. She pretended she was caressing Diego’s thick forearm, turned on by the power of his magnificent body.


The weight on the machine was 480 pounds. He forced the second set of six reps before his huge pectoral muscles failed. His whole body was pumped after finishing his routine, each muscle filled with blood stretching his smooth skin tighter. He stood up and walked to the mirror. He slipped off his gym shorts, exposing every inch of his 6’ 2” body except his huge cock and balls covered by the greatly extended pouch of a g-string bikini. He knew he was incredible. His diet was on track and his was ripped to the bone. There were only two days until the competition and he never looked better. Last year when he finished second and lost the chance to get his pro card, he was furious. All the competitors and the audience knew he was robbed. The judges thought he was too young and hadn’t paid his dues to deserve the card; regardless that he had the best build. He promised to come back bigger than ever. He kept his promise and added 30 more pounds to his already impressive 265 physique. He was what every heavyweight bodybuilder wanted to look like and he accomplished it at the early age of 24.

That’s the reason he took this job at the fancy condo complex managing the health club. He knew he didn’t need a job to get money, not with is looks. But now he got paid for working out and earned extra money by servicing all the rich-bitch housewives in the building. He could pump his muscles and hump as many women as he wanted without having to leave the building. Plus the ocean front location in Miami’s SouthBeach was the place to be.

He went through his posing routine turning himself on in the process. His cock started to expand pushing the bikini farther away from his body. He pushed the flimsy garment under his balls and wrapped his huge hands around his favorite body part. Both his hands had room to get a firm grip on his 10” cock. He took his eyes off the reflection of his sculpted body to look at his handsome face. He pushed his dark, wavy hair away to reveal his large masculine features. His perfectly symmetrical almond shaped eyes were framed exquisitely by thick eyebrows. The dark brown irises made the whites of his eyes look brighter. His nose was large but absolutely straight and narrow. His sensual full lips covered dazzling white teeth. His flawless skin, naturally tan in color due to his Spanish heritage, clung tightly to his strong chin, squared jaw line and high cheekbones. He couldn’t believe how sexy he looked. No wonder he could have any woman, or man, he wanted. “I’ve got the face of an angel, the body of a god, and the cock of a horse. Diego, you’re one fucking perfect stud” he said aloud to himself. He couldn’t hold back his ecstasy any longer and shot his load unto the mirror.

Diego wiped the mirror off with a towel and squeezed the last bit of spunk from his shrinking cock. He pulled the lime green bikini back over his cock and arranged his package the best he could. Its size and weight pulled the top of the pouch away from his flat, tight waist. He smiled at his reflection still in awe of his own body. It was time to give the residents a thrill. He turned toward the pool and walked out onto the deck.


Ryan, Bill and Harold were playing their usual Sunday afternoon poker game out by the pool. The men all worked for the same aerospace engineering company. Ryan was in sales, Harold in engineering, and Bill used his military connections to lobby for the company at the pentagon. Their wives were a few feet away relaxing in lounge chairs discussing the best places to shop. When suddenly they stopped talking, in fact the whole pool became silent. The men looked at their wives and followed their stares to the opposite side of the pool. Diego had arrived.

Diego’ muscles were still pumped from his workout and his cock semi-hard from jerking off. He knew all eyes were on him so he flexed every muscle in his body. As he stepped into the sunlight his body glowed with masculinity. He dove into the pool and did about ten quick laps to stretch out his bloated muscles. After he cooled down he looked around and saw the buildings most beautiful residents sitting nearby. He swam over to them and pulled himself at of the water. He stood in front of them, pushing his wet hair back away from his face; the excess water running down the hard ridges of his body. He knew just what buttons to push to bring the women to orgasm. Already each woman’s heart was racing, their breathing quickened as they started to rub their legs together. Diego saw Sara staring at his glorious manhood encased in the lime green bikini. He ran his hands over it, then adjusted the bikini’s strings that hugged his slim hips, making his heavy package bounce up and down. Sara moaned softly as a wet spot appeared on her own bikini bottom.

“Aren’t you tired after swimming all those laps?” asked Brittany seductively.

“Are you kidding? I’m a young athletic man at his physical peak. I’ve got the stamina of a marathon runner. I can keep going for hours and hours” Diego replied back slowly in a deep baritone voice.

As Diego spoke Brittany ran her hands over her upper thighs and pelvis. She stared at the water running down Diego’ silky smooth skin pulled taut over his hulking pectoral muscles. His chest heaved slowly up and down as he breathed normally. It was true; he wasn’t out of breath in the least. Diego flexed his pecs, her body shuttered and she came right then.

Diego thought two down and one to go. He focused his attention on Katrina, who was on the verge of ecstasy already. The men had been watching Diego’s interaction with their wives; each man sadly aware that they could never compete with someone like him. Ryan and Bill felt totally emasculated by the bronzed god before them. Harold couldn’t control his jealousy and put himself between his new wife and Diego. Harold hoped that Diego wouldn’t hit a man wearing glasses. Diego towered over Harold. “Get out of the way, little boy. You’re blocking the beautiful lady’s view” Diego said as he put his huge hand on Harold’s sunken chest and grabbed onto his shirt. He easily lifted Harold off the ground with one arm, his bicep bulging even more with the effort. Katrina eyes widened and her breathing became louder. Diego noticed her reaction and started to do one arm curls using her husband as the weight. Diego then grabbed onto Harold’s pants at the waistband with his free hand. Harold’s body was now parallel to the ground. With one quick move, Diego lifted her husband over his head and started to do shoulder presses demonstrating his abundant strength. Katrina shrieked out loud as her hand went to her crotch. She tried to hide the juices that soaked her bathing suit. Diego threw Harold into the pool and put his hands on his hips and turned to the other men still sitting at the table. “Just think I was able to satisfy your wives without having to touch them. Something you losers can’t do while sharing the same bed.” Diego laughed out loud and walked back to the gym. All eyes followed his broad back and powerful ass until he was gone. The women all covered themselves with towels and ran back to their condos to change, without saying a word to their husbands.

Harold returned to the table dripping wet. He sat down and looked at the other men.

“Why didn’t you do something to help me?” Harold asked Ryan.

“What was I supposed to do? He does this kind of thing all the time. He was having a little fun.” Ryan saw by Harold’s face he didn’t think it was fun. “I’m sorry, but he’s fucking huge, everywhere, even the two of us couldn’t beat him.” Ryan said ashamed of his behavior.

“What are we going to do? I’m tired of that guy making me feel inferior and he’s getting more arrogant every week. We have to talk to the building manager again. What he did today was way over the top. That freak is going to take our wives from us, if he hasn’t already” Harold asked while drying off his glasses.

“I know he’s been doing my wife for the past several months” Bill said while looking down at the table.

“What? Are you sure?” Harold asked Bill.

“Yes, I hired a detective and he gave me photographs” Bill answered while looking at Harold.

“Wow, I’m sorry.” Ryan said, “What are you planning to do?”

“I plan on getting revenge like a good soldier should. I’ve got a strategic plan all worked out. I had hoped the two of you would help me. I had this whole speech to convince you; but after that display, I don’t think I need to anymore. We can defeat the enemy if we work together men” Bill said as if talking to his troops in the field.

Bill explained his plan. He was stationed in the Philippines for more than ten years. During that time he saw things that amazed him. Magic was real to the natives and Bill eventually believed in it too. He helped many locals during his time there, sometimes bending the law. He contacted his old friends and called in a few favors. Bill reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, ornate wooden box. He removed the top of the box and exposed the contents; four necklaces consisting of a small crystal hanging from a simple gold chain. Bill put one around his neck and asked the other two men to do the same. “These have the power to transfer physical characteristics from one person to another. You can take anything from anyone or give anything to anyone wearing a matching necklace. But there are rules. First, the person must put the necklace on willingly. Second, we get to make just one request together but individually we get three. You must exchange one thing, take one thing and give one thing to the other person for the magic to work. Do you understand?” The others nodded.

“How do we get him to put the necklace on willingly?” asked Ryan.

“A man like that loves to get gifts in honor of his beauty. I’m sure if he got a piece of jewelry from a secret admirer he would put it on.” Bill said with a sly grin.

“Do you really think this piece of cheap jewelry is magical” Harold asked. His years of studying science made the whole idea very implausible.

“If it does work, do we really want to ruin a man’s life?” Ryan inquired.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. My detective took a lot of pictures when he was on the case. My wife wasn’t the only one bedded by Diego.”

“Sara?” asked Ryan. Bill nodded yes.

“Katrina?” asked Harold. Bill nodded again.

Both men weren’t really shocked, they had suspected it.

“I thought about doing something when I first got sick, but I didn’t feel it was right to make someone else suffer for your problems. But now I see things differently. That man deserves to be taken down a few notches. Let’s see how he treats people when he’s not so perfect.” Bill said with hatred in his eyes.


Diego came out of the shower room and walked into his office. As he put on a pair of skin tight spandex shorts he saw a small box sitting on his desk. He picked it up and read the note, “A small token to show my appreciation of your incredible body. I hope you’ll let me worship you later today. Your secret admirer”. Diego took the necklace out of the box and went to the mirror to put it on. The 22 inch chain hung closely around to thick neck. Diego admired the crystal and how it laid perfectly between his two enormous pecs. He heard the gym door open and turned to see Bill, Ryan and Harold enter.

“What do you losers want?” Diego said as he turned back to the mirror to adjust his hair.

“We want to give you a chance to apologize for your behavior today at the pool” Harold said nervously.

“Apologize for what? For being a strong, sexy man that women lust after? Or for making you look like the pathetic men you are, no wait, I think pathetic males would be a better description, because you don’t have the right stuff to be called men.” Diego said turning away from the mirror and crossing his arms over his chest.

“Why don’t you leave our wives alone? You can have any woman you want”, Ryan said feeling even more envious of the bulge in Diego’ shorts.

“I tell you what. It took some guts for you to come here. I respect you males for confronting me and trying to protect your wives honor. But I respect strength more. So if any of you can curl this bar just once, I’ll leave this place and never bother you or your wives again.” Diego said as he walked over to a bench holding a bar with 350 pounds of weight on it. He picked it up and curled it ten times with ease. He put the bar back and stepped aside.

“You go Ryan, you’re obviously the strongest of us” Harold said aloud.

Ryan approached the bar and put his hands around it. It had been a long time since he worked out, but he knew it was a lot of weight. He tried lifting it, putting every effort into it. His biceps flexed, but he couldn’t budge it.

“Too bad. But I’m in a generous mood today. I’ll let all three of you try it together” Diego said with grin.

The other two men approached the weight standing on each side of Ryan. Ryan counted to three and all tried to lift. The bar rattled around a bit, but the three husbands couldn’t lift it out of the rack.

“I guess that means I’m stronger than the three of you combined. Wow that must make you feel like even bigger losers than when you arrived.” Diego gloated.

“Enough of these games, we gave him a chance to apologize. Let’s do what we came here to do” Harold said as he removed his shirt.

The other two men also removed their shirts. Diego saw that all three had similar necklaces to the one he now wore. “Don’t tell me you males are my secret admirers. I mean I humiliate you time and time again, and yet you are still attracted to me. Sometimes even I am surprised by the sexual power of this body. So what is it going to be, are you guys going to take turns giving me blow jobs.” Diego looked at the men waiting for them to say something. “Well, I know none of you can pump my ass, because you’re too short, you’re too old, and you’re too small.” Diego said looking at Harold, Bill, and Ryan respectively.

“Hey, egomaniac, that’s not why we gave you that necklace.” Harold said smugly.

“Then it must be a thank you gift, to show your appreciation for me satisfying your wives because you are unable to do it yourselves. How thoughtful and it wasn’t easy. I mean your wives are some demanding bitches. Take Brittany for instance” Diego said as he walked up to Bill. “She likes to fuck like a rabbit. I have to get it up 3 or 4 times a night and keep it up for hours. She likes to try all kinds of positions too. It’s a real workout. Luckily I can manage that without taking a single blue pill.” Diego moved from Bill to Harold. “The athletic Katrina, she likes things rough. She actually gets off on a little pain mixed with the sex. She loves my powerful muscles more than I do. She can’t keep her hands off me when we’re together, constantly demanding me to flex for her.” Harold’s face was red with anger as Diego turned to Ryan. “Poor Sara is the saddest case of all. Your wife is so easy for me to please. I just have to lay there on my back. She plays with my cock when it’s soft enthralled by its size. But when I’m rock hard, she mounts me and thoroughly enjoys its length and girth inside of her. I reach spots in her that you never will. She doesn’t seem to care about the rest of me, just my huge cock. I don’t have to do anything, she does all the work. That woman has been so deprived for so many years.” Diego turned his back on the three men and went to the mirror again. “You can’t blame them really. I mean look at me. Every fiber of their being is attracted to my superiority. A woman wants to be with the tallest, strongest, healthiest, best looking man around. It’s the survival of the fittest, passing the best genes on to the next generation and all that stuff. They can’t fight millions of years of evolution. Their lust for me is unavoidable and perfectly natural. I’m sure you inferior males understand”.

“Now” said Harold. The three men grasped onto their necklaces and said in unison “strength” while staring at Diego; each man taking one third of his strength. Diego felt dizzy for a moment, his body felt heavy and out of his control.

Each of the husbands felt a rush of power surging through their bodies. They knew that the necklaces had worked. “Now asshole let’s try this test again” said Harold, picking up another bar with 200 pounds on it from the floor. Harold curled it easily three times. “If you can’t do that, than you have to leave.”

“You’re the stupid asshole. I just curled 350, 200 isn’t going to be a problem.” Diego said while walking towards Harold, wobbling a bit as he moved. He just didn’t feel right. Harold just smiled at him. Diego bent down wrapping his huge hands around the bar and quickly tried to stand up, but couldn’t. He tried again but couldn’t budge the lightweight. He let go of the bar and faced Harold. “This is some kind of trick, this doesn’t count. And you better be careful who you call asshole, little boy”.

Bill walked over to the bar and easily lifted it from the ground, “It’s no trick, it’s quite light actually”. Bill then gave the bar to Diego who wrapped his hands around it again. Bill let go and Diego’s upper body was pulled down to the floor by the weight.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Diego said backing away from the men frightened by his sudden lack of strength.

“Oh, we’re just getting started asshole”, Harold moved forward to keep close to Diego. Diego threw a punch at Harold’s gut and watched as it bounced off him. Horrified, Diego looked at Harold’s grinning face and threw another punch putting the power of his entire massive body into it. It too bounced off Harold doing no damage. Harold then punched Diego in his armored stomach. Diego never felt such pain; he bent forward hugging his gut, lowering his face to Harold’s level. Harold took the opportunity and slammed his fist into Diego’s jaw, sending Diego to the floor. Diego had never been so frightened in his life, what was happening to him. Why didn’t his huge muscles protect him like they always have in the past? He sat on his ass and pushed himself away from Harold until his back was up against the wall. Harold came at him again with Bill joining him. Each man grabbed onto one of Diego’s thick arms and pulled him to his feet. They moved there hands to his muscular chest and held him up against the wall. Each man then took turns pounding their other hand into Diego’s stomach; venting all their built up anger and resentment onto the muscle man. Diego grabbed onto each of the smaller man’s wrist and tried to loosen their grip on him, but he couldn’t budge them. Tears started to run down his face from the punishment his stomach was taking. Diego didn’t know what was happening. His eight-pack had absorbed punches easily from men twice the size of these guys before. But now even when he flexed his brick like abs, they weren’t strong enough to deflect the blows. Bill got tired and had to let go. Harold couldn’t hold Diego’s heavy body by himself and Diego fell back to the floor. He rolled into a ball holding his stomach in agony.

“God I never felt so powerful, me beating up this incredible muscle god. I used to be so intimidated by his buff body, but now I’m stronger than him. All his huge muscles are useless against my strength. I am so horny, I can’t control myself.” Harold rubbed his hardened cock through his shorts. Come on Ryan, we agreed you would go first. Hurry I want to get to my turn“, Harold said loudly.

Diego stopped rocking on the floor and got up onto his knees, still holding his bruised abs. He tried to understand what the men were talking about. Ryan grabbed hold of his necklace and looked at Diego, “I exchange with you our genitals, I take from you 30 pounds of muscle and I give you 30 pounds of fat.” Ryan let go of the necklace and saw Diego’s attention move from his stomach to his groin. Everyone watched as the huge bulge in Diego’s shorts started to shrink. The material became loose around his crotch stretched by his former impressive package.

“No, No, No. Stop it. What’s happening to me?” Diego screamed as his pulled his shorts away from his waist to see his pride & joy shriveling away. His waist started to increase as Ryan’s body fat transferred to Diego. Soon the opening was filled with fat blocking his view of his crotch. The shorts were stretched to this maximum size and became uncomfortably tight around his waist. Diego then noticed his muscles were shrinking.

Ryan felt another incredible rush of energy as he grabbed onto his manhood. It continued to grow without getting hard, its length and girth more than tripled in size along with his balls. He saw his love handles and beer gut disappear and his body filled out with larger muscles. He walked to the mirror and was shocked by the man he saw. He had a better physique now than when he played football in college. His cock was huge and thick, he never felt so masculine and confident. He started to get aroused and didn’t care who saw him.

“My turn” said Bill, still trying to catch his breath, “I exchange with you our cardio-vascular system, I take from you 40 pounds of muscle and I give you my complexion”. Bill was no longer out of breath or felt any chest pain. He felt light as air. His posture improved as his muscles grew larger and stronger. His acne scars and age spots disappeared. His skin became soft, moist and tight all over his greatly improved body. He jumped onto the dip station and pumped his body weight 30 times. He ran over to the pull up bar and easily did 20 pull ups. He hit the floor and did 20 pushups, clapping his hands between each one, in record time. He felt so energized. He ran to the mirror next to Ryan and laughed. He wasn’t out of breath and he glowed with good health. He looked better than he did 30 years ago. His white hair against his perfect skin with its natural tan color looked incredibly sexy. He ran his hand over the rest of his fit, muscular physique. He too became aroused.

“Finally, my turn” said Harold.

“No please, I can’t take anymore. You’ll kill me.” Diego begged Harold.

“We’ll see about that” Harold replied as he grabbed his necklace, “I exchange with you our height, I take from you 80 pounds of muscle and I give you my poor eyesight.” Harold’s body immediately began to expand. His shorts ripped along the seam as his thighs and ass grew. Harold went to the mirror to see his changes happen. Suddenly everything went blurry; he then realized he was still wearing his coke-bottle glasses. He removed them and everything was in sharp focus again. He watched as he grew taller than Bill and Ryan. His body became more muscular by the second. He felt virile and powerful for the first time in his life. He had the body of the men he admired on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. In fact all three of the husbands could appear on the cover now. Each man was tall, handsome, muscular and flawlessly fit. As he stood there naked, his cock became hard like the other men. All the men were horny as hell from the burst of testosterone rushing through their perfect bodies. The men started to feel up each other, caressing the hard muscles and harder cocks. The love fest was interrupted by loud sobbing in the corner. The men’s attention was drawn to the pathetic creature on the floor. Harold went over and picked up the former hunk.

“Leave me alone, leave me alone. Stop, be careful, I feel so weak.” Diego protested while being carried by Harold. Harold put Diego in front of the mirror. “I’m blind, I can’t see anything.” Diego screamed between sobs. Harold took his old glasses on put this on Diego. “No, look what you’ve done to me. I used to be a god but now I’m a hideous monster. Why, why, why, why?” The husbands looked at the former bodybuilder. He now was several inches shorter than any of them. His body was thin, except for the spare tire around this waist. He looked frail with no noticeable muscle tone; the previously skin tight spandex shorts, were baggy everywhere except his bloated waist. His skin was pale and flaky, and hung loose from his body like a deflated balloon. His once handsome face was covered with acne scars, age spots and wrinkles. His beautiful eyes were hidden behind the thick glasses. He cried uncontrollably, while trying to catch his breath. He felt like he was drowning unable to get enough oxygen. The dull pain in his chest made him feel so weak.

Bill gave him his inhaler and said, “I think you need this now. And a man in your physical condition really shouldn’t work out. You better find another job”.

Diego grabbed onto his necklace and started to speak. Harold slapped his hand away and pulled the necklace over his head. “Oh no, you don’t”.

Harold went into Diego’s office to get the small box; he put Diego’s and his own necklace into the box. While there he found one of Diego’s string bikinis and slipped into it. He admired the reflection of his flawless body in the barely there swimsuit as he gave the box to Bill. Ryan and Bill put their necklaces into the box and walked toward the door.

“I can’t wait to fuck the brains out of my wife” Bill said, “then tell her I’m getting a divorce.”

“My wife wanted a husband with a big cock, now she has one. I’ll make her beg me to fill her cunt with my huge rod” Ryan smirked.

“Katrina likes to play it rough, wait till she sees how strong I am now. She enjoys muscle and pain, she’ll get plenty of both tonight” Harold said flexing his bulging biceps.

The three husbands left the gym eager to punish their wives for cheating on them in their own way. Diego just stared into the mirror expressionless not knowing what to do next. There had to be a way to get his body back. •

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