Case, The


By Ender

Larry yelped to see Jason standing over him grinning and looking a lot more bulky than Larry remembered him being. “So you finally got here… I was getting tired of waiting for you,” Jason said, trying unsuccessfully, to intimidate Larry. Jason continued, “I thought I was going to have to get another computer geek for this.” Larry broke down laughing and said, “Who are you calling a geek… And knock off the tough guy act… for you it just doesn’t work.” Jason snapped back. “So you can’t see me as a tough guy…”

Jason grabbed the back of Larry’s jacket and lifted the chunky teen and held him a couple feet off the ground like he was a small kitten. “Okay, Okay, I get the idea you’re the man Jason just put me down and don’t hurt me and I’ll do what ever you want…” Larry stammered. “Okay now that you understand…” Jason said quietly as he gently lowered Larry back to the ground. When Larry was able to feel the step under his feet again he stood up and Jason released Larry’s jacket. Still shaken Larry backs away from Jason stammering, “Okay dude what is it I can do for you buddy.” Now realizing that although he had Larry’s attention and compliance he has scared Larry out of his wits and in this condition he was of little use to Jason except as a doorstop. Jason decided that a different approach might yield better result.

Jason start to back down the steps away from Larry and with a sort of forced chuckle in a quiet voice Jason says, “Hey Larry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just playing round… Come on walk with me… I need to talk to you about some thing so fucking big you won’t believe it. Hesitantly Larry begins to follow as Jason continued down the steps turn as forward at the last step and starts to walk toward the street. Jason stops as he reached the sidewalk and turned to Larry who had followed but was hanging at least 8-10 feet back. Jason held out a hand and with a smile said, “Come on Lar, I won’t bit you.” Still uncertain Larry closes to a bit more than arms reach of Jason who started to put his arm around Larry’s shoulder. As he did Larry jumped back out of reach. Jason backed off too and said, “Okay Larry just walk with me please.” Jason turned and started walking down the street. Larry jogged a few step to catch up with Jason and fell into step next to him but well out of arms reach. Jason looked over to Larry with a smile and began to relate the events of the past few weeks in his life.

After circling the block a few times Larry had relaxed and drifted a bit closer to Jason. As they rounded the corner and headed back to the front of the school Jason finished his tale. “No fucking way…there’s no fucking way,” Larry bellowed. “Hey, keep it down,” Jason said quietly, “I knew you wouldn’t believe it, so I brought this.” Jason reached into his pocket and produced a small glass vial with a screw cap sealed with heat shrink band clearly embossed with the Chem Tech Labs name and logo. The vial appeared contain a crimson fluid that emitted a faint glow. Larry could see small symbols etched on to the glass but he couldn’t make them out in the dim light as Jason held it up to him.

Scoffing Larry says, “So what is that suppose to be.” “I’m not really sure yet, but it appears to simulate the adrenal cortex in to releasing massive levels of adrenaline,” said Jason. Still scoffing Larry replies, “So what?” “Well,” Jason said, “the massive adrenaline jolt enhances the performance of your muscles briefly… Sort of like what Bruce Banner was trying to do when he became the Hulk… but you don’t get big, dumb or turn green, just real strong.” Shaking his head and laughing Larry says, “You’re shitting me...” “No, it’s for real… how do you think I was able to pick you up so easy and you’re certainly no feather weight. I brought so you can see for yourself, “ Jason responded. “So you expect me to let you shoot me up with the stuff or am I suppose to drink it. No way man!! No! Fucking! Way!!!” Larry snapped. “No nothing like that. It becomes a vapor on contact with air. All you need to do is inhale a little and in a couple of minutes you’ll be a lot stronger.” Still skeptical Larry stared Jason in the eye and finally said, “Okay, one whiff.”

The pair of teen walked back to the steps where Larry’s bike still laid. They sat down on the steps as Jason peeled back the heat shrink seal but before twisting off the cap Jason stopped and said. “You will need to be careful if your not you may hurt yourself. This will make your muscles stronger but it doesn’t make your bones or connective tissues stronger if you’re not careful you could break a bone or rip a tendon or ligament. You understand?” Larry nodded that he did. Jason held the vial in front of Larry at about chest height ready to remove the cap. “You ready?” asked Jason. Again Larry nodded. “Ok, I’ll open the vial, hold your breath, and when there is a good cloud of the vapor I’ll tell you to inhale,” said Jason, and Larry nodded. Jason removed the cap and quickly wispy tendrils glowing a faint crimson emerged from the vial. Soon an amorphous cloud of wispy glowing vapor surrounded Larry’s face. “Now, Inhale,” said Jason as he recapped the vial. Larry inhaled most of the cloud and held it for a moment before he began to gag and choke. The choking stopped but was followed by a coughing fit that finally passed. “Ok now what? I don’t feel any stronger,” gasp Larry. I told you it would take a few minutes sit down and relax,” answered Jason. Larry sat down, but after 20 or 30 seconds he’s back on his feet ranting at Jason. Larry hops on to his bike and starts to push off but he stops because the handlebars don’t feel right. He looks down, the horizontal handlebars of his “mountain bike are now bent down to nearly vertical. “What the fuck,” cries Larry not believing what his eyes are showing him. Jason laughed, “I told you to relax it would take a few minutes to kick in.” “I don’t believe this,” said Larry. Larry tried to bend the handlebar back into shape with a creak the metal but suddenly there’s pop and the bar breaks off in his hand. Stunned Larry repeats the process with the other side to the same effect. Jason looks on as Larry continues to play with his bike as if it were made of pipe cleaners. Mesmerized with the way the metal seemed to flow in his hands within minutes Larry had converted his bicycle into a pile of bent and twisted bits of metal. Finally he looks over to Jason who grinned back at him. “I take it that you like, “ said Jason. Larry grinned stupidly and nodded. And Jason added, “But I don’t think you will ever be able to ride that bike again,” while pointing at the pile of metal at Larry’s feet. At this Larry snapped out of his stupor and whined, “No not my bike. My folks will kill me.” Jason crossed to Larry and put a hand on Larry’s shoulder and gently guided Larry away from the remains of his bike saying, “Come on Lar I’ll walk you home. We still have stuff to talk about…” As they walked Jason outlined for Larry what little he knew about the vials in the case, about he suspected and what he wanted Larry to help him find out. Larry agreed but insisted that he was to be a full partner in this. At first Jason resisted but after a bit of thought Jason decided that if this was a tenth as big as he figured it could be there would be more than enough for himself, Larry and several others… They were still a mile from Larry’s house when they had come to terms and agreed to start cracking this nut the next morning and they stopped and shook hands on the deal. They had just started walked again when the surrounding dark and stillness was shattered by a searchlight beam and a speaker popped and crackled to live saying, “Hold it right there, boys.” The teens turned to see a large black SUV with Chem Tech Labs Security stenciled on the door. It had a spotlight aimed at them and several large men also in black getting out. The two boys stood like deer in headlights until Jason said to Larry, “Do you trust me?” “I guess,” peeped Larry. “Then run!” spat Jason.

The pair of teens bolted and took off in different directions. After a few moments of confusion the SUV began to follow Larry apparently figuring that the chubby boy was easier prey and would be able to lead them to the other.

Larry was amazed by how he ran. They had chased him for hours through backyards, alleyways and dead end streets and he was still on his feet. He had finally lost them on an unpaved road in the old woods. The SUV had dropped a wheel off the road and broken an axle. Larry kept running until he was sure he had lost his pursuers, and finally circled back to his house. It was after 4:00am when he snuck into his bedroom. Exhausted, sweaty, dirty and badly scratched and scraped from the chase Larry shucks out of his clothes and in his underwear crawls into bed and is asleep before his head hits the pillow.

When Larry wakes he urgently need to empty his bladder. He staggers to the bathroom almost tripping twice on his boxers that keep sliding off his hips. As the unusually copious volume splashes in the bowl again his boxers began their trip to his ankles again. After finishing Larry kicks off his boxers, slips off his tee shirt and steps into the shower. As he starts to lather up, some thing seems odd about how his body feels. As always his cock starts to stir and he moved to service it. As Larry strokes himself he realized that his cock now filled his hand. Looking down Larry was shocked to actually see his cock and balls, Normally he would have need to push his belly out of the way for just a glimpse. His belly was still there but had receded, and the pad of fat around his cock had all but disappeared revealing a respectable size cock and set of balls. Larry grinned from ear to ear. •

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